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208 thoughts on “Hey There

  1. my least favorite song is the “Despacito Remix” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber. the song is super overplayed and i’m sick of hearing it. also, the version without Justin Bieber is so much better. i feel the remix version is so overrated and people just listen to it because of Justin Bieber. he doesnt even know spanish !! the lyrics don’t bother me it’s just the fact it’s always on the radio or in any store i walk into. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UO0v5ESUo

  2. The worst song I’ve ever heard is “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorius. I find everything about this song completely annoying. The lyrics have no substance whatsoever. The singers voice is so auto tuned it sounds like Siri is singing it. The worst part of it is that the beat is a bit catchy so once you get it in your head you can’t get it out, leaving you with the sound of a prepubescent robot echoing through your head for the rest of the day. So all in all its definitely the worst song I’ve ever heard.

  3. my least favorite song is the “Despacito Remix” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber. everywhere you go the song is playing! Justin Bieber doesn’t even know how to pronounce the words correctly and singing with the people that do know how to pronounce it sounds like he is uncertain. Also, Justin Bieber made it a popular song…well because he is in it!! here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UO0v5ESUo

  4. I think the worst song ever is “Different for Girls” by Dierks Bentley. I think this song is highly offensive, it basically says that guys can just be fine and have no emotion after a break up, but that girls are emotional and take very very seriously. One lyric says “It’s different for girls when their hearts get broke
    They can’t tape it back together…A guy gets drunk with his friends…Fast forward through the pain, pushing back when the tears come on” which is first of all invalidating guys to have emotion after and breakup and secondly saying that it’s impossible for girls to do anything but cry and mope over a breakup. The way a person deals with a breakup has absolutely. toning to do with their gender and i think it’s completely ridiculous to think that way.

  5. My least favorite song is “Last Text” by Jacob Sartorius. The song is awful. First off his ‘singing voice’ is pretty terrible. It kinda just sounds like he’s just speaking the lyrics for most of the song. Secondly the really weird are awkwardly squished into each line and make the rhythm weird and really annoying to listen to. The link to this song is: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yjnEi8gMlIA (it’s the lyric version so prepared to be creeped out)

  6. My least favorite song is Friday. Where do i begin with this song? I would first like to point out that she does not open her mouth up at all when she sings, making it impossible to understand what she is saying. Secondly, she has a very spread out voice and sounds very nasily (yes i know i spelt that wrong). Finally, she uses way too much autotune when she sings, making herself look and sound horrible. Thank you all for listening to my rant about Friday.

  7. I’m not sure if have a least favorite song but I very much dislike any weekend song. I don’t like any of those songs because to me they all sound the same and are very boring. There’s nothing in them that makes me stop and get to really listen and enjoy them. I do not like the lyrics and don’t find any meaning in them. This is why I don’t like any songs current by the weekend.

  8. I can’t think of an older song that I hated but recently a man named Jake Paul has created a song called, “Its everyday bro” and is on so many levels terrible. If garbage was a sound thats what I would probably describe it as. First off, the song consists of multiple rappers each having their own little part and as each and every one start and finish their verse I think, “oh there is no way this dude can mess up the song as bad as the last guy”. But trust me they manage to do it multiple times. But, I don’t think that he actually wanted it to be good. He made it to get people like me to talk about how bad it was and get views. Somehow it managed to get 122,605,365 (since I just refreshed the page) and that is what makes me even hate the song more.

  9. The worst song ever in my opinion is Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious. The song has no substance whatsoever and is just horrible to listen to. The song is literally about letting some girl wear his sweatshirt, why does anyone need to hear a song about that?! Additionally, his voice to so highly pitched and obviously auto tuned, it’s so annoying. Just to add to that, the tune is so catchy that is gets stuck in your head and then as soon as it’s out, something gets it back into your head. It got stuck in my right now just by typing it. Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IvxRsDpXPGo

  10. The worst song ever is “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul. This should not be classified as a song because Jake Paul is not even a real artist. He’s just a Youtuber who thinks he’s funny even though he’s just dumb. I believe this song should be demolished from this Earth for it resembles complete cringeyness and lacks every aspect a quality song requires. The rhythm does not make any sense, the words have no real meaning, there are no dynamics, the melody does not really exist, and it basically should be classified as horrible rap. Please enjoy listening to this horrific and mind numbingly stupid song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA&feature=youtu.be

  11. In my opinion the worst song ever is, “look what you made me do,” by Taylor Swift. To me this song has no structure and no flow. Normally in music you can generally guess what the next verse will be or atleast the tune but in this song, no matter how many times I hear it, I could not tell you what comes next.

    • I completely agree. I despise Taylor Swift due to the fact that she is trying to be a pop star when in reality, she will always just be a country singer. She doesn’t even have that great of a voice.

  12. I know a few songs that I really don’t like, and a lot of them are Justin Beiber songs. Sorry to all the JB fans out there! One of his songs that I really dislike is “What Do You Mean”. It is the worst song because it gets stuck in my head all the time since it’s catchy, but I wish it wasn’t. Also, it is sung by JB and he just doesn’t give off a very good vibe. I’m sure he’s got a great personality once you get to know him though. I have never actually heard the whole song. I first heard it when my friend Mark sang it and got it stuck in my head forever. Also, the lyrics are just explaining how boys think, and the reason why they don’t understand girls. I’m hoping that one day I can get the worst song ever out of my head.

  13. The worst song of all time is Lifestyle by Young Thug. I love rap and can tolerate the typical booming bass and vulgar lyrics, but I cannot stand this song. Young Thug’s high pitched, screechy, and whiny voice makes the whole song intolerable. On top of that, the way he raps sounds like someone is violently choking him so basically all of the lyrics aren’t able to be understood. The entire song is complete trash I have no idea how anyone could genuinely like that song. Although I hate Lifestyle, I’m glad it exists because people made hilarious vines out of it (the spongebob ones are the best).

  14. The worst song I have ever heard is Cash Me Outside by DJ Suede The Remix God.First of all,the lyrics are disgusting.The fact that she is 14 years old and acts like that is beyond me. The song is a remix of the things she said to her mom when she was on the Dr.Phil show.This has to be one of the stupidest songs I’ve ever heard because it has no meaning or purpose.Also,her voice sounds like a rat.and who let DJ suede call himself a “remix god”? That title needs to be revoked.

  15. The worst song ever would be “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. I consider this to be the worst song because it’s very repetitive and the lyrics are not creative. I personally feel like Jacob was struggling to hit some of those higher notes too. Auto-tuning doesn’t fix everything. “You can tell your friends we’ll be together till the end,” sorry Jacob, a little too predictable.

  16. The worst song I’ve ever heard is ” it’s a small world” by the Sherman Brothers. Everything about it is annoying. It wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t have dolls singing it, every time I hear it I just picture the creepy dolls staring at me. The auto tune is awful, and it’s so repetitive. It’s just the same lyrics over and over. I get they were trying to be cute but saying the same sentence over and over isn’t very stimulating.

  17. The worst song ever in my opinion is “Look at me” by xxxtentacion. Where do I even start with this song. The Rythm in this song is the only thing that I find relatively decent. Otherwise the song basically consists of words that can are very unclear in the audio so that kills any sort of story told through the lyrics. The song is also very angry and disturbing if u actually look up the lyrics and let me tell u , it’s not a very pretty story. The only parts I can actually understand are when he says ” ehh, yuh” which he proceeds to do for about a total of a minute. This song is overall very obnoxious and annoying and is very hard to listen too. I would give it a solid 1 out of 10.

  18. The worst song ever is definitely “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. I believe it is the worst song because it’s really generic and the lyrics are so cliché. I personally believe Jacob Sartorious couldn’t even hit some of higher notes to his own song. The auto-tuning doesn’t even help it just makes him sound worse. Here’s the link to this garbage https://youtu.be/IvxRsDpXPGo.

  19. I actually like *most* of the music nowadays, even if they’re classified as “bad”. yeah, some are annoying, but they grow on you and the artist worked really hard of them. but if i had to choose one, it would be the little Einstein’s theme song or the new ‘techno’ music with the random beat drops (ie. chainsmokers 🙄). the music is was very overplayed at the time, and the einstein one was VERY ANNOYING WHEN PEOPLE AT SCHOOL KEPT SINGING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN BECAUSE I HAD TO SING ALONG !!!!! buttt, the trap version is real good, so .. (‘:

  20. In my opinion, the worst song is Friday by Rebecca Black. I think this because the lyrics have absolutely no meaning. Also, the song is very repetitive and has very little words or thought put into the song at all.

  21. Ok so for this assignment Im going to say Rebecca Black’s Friday is the worst song, but I feel like there are songs out there that are even worse (hard to imagine i know), I just haven’t found a song worse yet. It’s really a terrible song because it’s auto tuned to such a dramatic effect that it’s not even an artistic choice, but a lazy way to cover up the agonizing vocals provided by the one and only Rebecca Black. On top of that the lyrics to the song are so bland and unimaginative that there is nothing creative to the song whatsoever, and it doesn’t even have an element of interpretation- it’s just flat and blunt. I think largely due to the auto tune Rebecca sounds very nasely, and as if she had plugged her nose while singing the song, which makes it very hard to even make it through the first chorus of the song, let alone make it to the end. Finally everytime I hear this song, it gets stuck in my head for ever and it semi makes me want to bang my head against a wall until I black out to have some sort of relief from the torture of hearing her voice repeat over and over in one continuous loop in my mind.

  22. The worst song or songs I believe I have ever heard are any songs by the chainsmokers. They’re one good song was roses and that gets old after about 3-4 listens. The chainsmokers write every song about the exact same thing. Why it’s so hard to be loved and about drinking champagne. Also the people in the song are always trying to get away from their parents. The vocals are always the same guy who does not change anything about his voice whatsoever because most of the song is just the breakdown that starts in the middle. The song usually consists of 3 chords and some boring but catchy melody. The chainsmokers live (so I’ve heard) are 100x worse and have no capability of singing whatsoever. They are the worst band I’ve ever heard and they should stop making music all together.

  23. Calvin Harris’ “Summer” is one of the worst songs to me only because there was this one year it played everyday repeatedly on numerous radio stations and it says “when I met you in the summer” over and over and over and it gets old and it’s really funny to me and also there were so many remixes of it that just made it 10x worse.

  24. My least favorite song is Friday!!!
    This song should never have even been existed! It is so awful in soooooo many ways! The lyrics are super random! The vocals are irritating! It’s just overall such an annoying song!

  25. My least Favorite song is Closer by the chain smokers. They have good beat but they don’t aren’t the best singers. In one of the performances you can hear that the man is not hitting the right notes or is off key. In the music it seems flawless and then i saw the amount of auto tune it had. All singers use auto tune which is normal but you shouldn’t use it knowing your a terrible singer and have a chance to sing it live. I only like the beat but maybe with different singers it would make it better.

  26. My least favorite song is “21k” by Bruno Mars. Its actually kinda funny cuz he used to be soooooo good but now his songs are getting a little obnoxious. his old albums had some of my favorite songs but now when i hear one of his songs on the radio i just switch the channel. his songs used to be so amazing and i could listen to them forever but now i feel like his songs are much less instrumental and a lot more techy or computerized if that makes sense. so ya its pretty much my least favorite song.

    • I agree that his songs have changed a bit in like-ability over the years however it’s not that the music is bad, it’s that the songs are so well received that each song is played 20,000,00 times a day. And that can get real annoying, real fast.

    • I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad Bruno Mars song in my life. It’s literally just the fact that they’re played constantly so people get annoyed with them. But that song slaps and I love it, I just would love it more if it weren’t played so often.

  27. I think the worst song is “sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. I think because first auto tune is extremely annoying when it’s used the whole entire song😡 Uuuuuugh!!! Also what makes it even worse is that when you see the video of him sing without auto tune he sounds like garbage. Well he sounds like even worse garbage than he did with auto tune. Lastly many people probably agree with me because there are about 350,000 more dislikes to likes on the “music” video for that “song” on YouTube.

  28. The worst song I think I have ever heard is “Timmy Turner,” by Desiigner. I’m not gonna lie I actually love that song. It goes hard. But I just feel wrong when I’m rapping curse words to a song with the title of a very lovable character from the animated Nickelodeon show, “The Fairly Oddparents.” I honestly love my guy Desiigner but this song is definitely off. It literally has nothing to do with Timmy Turner. For me, the title ruins the whole song.

  29. My least favorite so is despacito by Luis Fonsi,daddy yankee ft. Justin Bieber. This is my least favorite song because it’s way over played everywhere. I used to like it then it became really popular and my family started to listen to it. People were always singing the song. It got really annoying. Also people that didn’t speak spanish tried to sing despacito. It was funny seeing them trying to pernouce the words,but then when the didn’t know how to say a word they would just say burito.Thats why i dont like the song despacito.

  30. I don’t really plan new year’s revolutions for myself because either I forget or I’ve already started reaching my goals so I guess I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions

    • Actually I guess some of my goals are to keep getting good grades and stuff and it used to be to become more social and make new best friends but as I said I’ve reached all the goals that I can think of off the top of my head

  31. One goal I have is to go to bed earlier. An obstacle is that I procrastinate my homework, forcing me to stay up late. My second goal is to watch less YouTube, but it is so addicting. My last goal is to become rich, but I have to work.

  32. My least favorite song is dark horse by Katy perry.
    It’s so repetitive and irritating. It feelings like it goes on FOREVER AND ITS SO OVER PLAYED.

  33. Also, my goals are probably to procrastinate less and sleep more. I stay up so late to do my homework because I keep putting it off and sometimes (most of the time) it never gets done😂. I’ve been working on it more and more and it has definitely gotten better, I think I need to get at least 8 hrs of sleep to function so I’ll finally be able to do it.

  34. I think that one person and one voice can make a difference. Although many things sometimes take an army, it only takes one person to speak their mind and potentially change everything. In the most obvious case, people like MLK completely alternate our way of life. He spoke his mind, and also spoke for essentially an entire race. Without people like him, many things would not be done. So yes, I think that one person and one voice can most definitely make a difference!

  35. My least favorite song is “Cant Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. It is so overplayed and annoying.

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