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Most of all just choose to be happy and dare mighty things.


All My Love

Mrs. R.

208 thoughts on “Hey There

  1. Well, you’ve been a busy bee. Such a lot of fun changes here…I don’t think I knew you were not returning to your old job, but congrats on the new one!

  2. Song review

    The song that was played on the video seems most like a jazzy a cappella version of Somewhere over the rainbow. Though I have to admit that the original version is a bit better than this one they still worked hard and it was very interesting nonetheless. One thing I didn’t like about this choir was that the altos and Sopranos overpowered the sound of the other singers including the soloist. But one thing I did enjoy, is that this was the lovely harmony that was placed into it and hard work that was needed, for the song is not exactly easy to do. I learned this first-hand so I can understand why they were out of key. this song is hard.

  3. 1. Freshman year was my first year of going to a public school
    2. My sister is in freshman choir and I’m so excited for her!
    3. I’ve never had any pets 😦
    4. I’m super happy to be apart of the women’s family this year!
    5. Julia Zhong is the bestest friend I’ve ever had

  4. 1. I have a birthmark in my eye
    2. I am a vegetarian
    3. I’ve never had any pets
    4. As a child, I learned indian classical music
    5. I take French as a language

  5. My favorite tv show is Andi Mack
    I do soul cycle
    I love Disneyland
    I hate camping
    I hate waking up early

  6. 1) Anytime I’m with Jazmine E I usually get hurt 😂😂
    2) I’m Colombian 🇨🇴
    3) I’ve never been to Disney land
    4) Favorite color is red/Maroon
    5) I’m a really weird person 😂😂

  7. 1. I love video games.
    2. I’m a cat person
    3. My favorite color is orange
    5. I’m a VERY weird person.

  8. All the choirs at Westlake High are so amazing and dedicated! I’m so happy that I moved here and was given the chance to join the family! One Breath!

  9. Five random facts about me are
    • Everytime Adriana R is with me she somehow gets hurt😂
    •I have about 17 burn marks from a curling iron😂
    •My favorite color is purple
    •My number one ultimate crush ever is Channing Tatum
    •My favorite comedian is Kevin Hart😂

  10. 1. I only have two cousins
    2. I have two twin dogs named Maddy and Murphy
    3. I have been doing choir since I was in kindergarten, this is my 11th year!
    4. I have never been out of the country
    5. I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals and musical theater in general

  11. Five facts about me☺️:
    1. My birthday sometimes lands on thanksgiving
    2.I’m a dancer
    3. I have a huge fear of spiders
    4. My favorite animal is an elephant
    5. I have been to 4 states out of the 50 in my life

  12. Five Facts About Me:
    1. I have a dog and 2 cats
    2. I’m vegan (which means I don’t eat/use any animal products like meat dairy and eggs)
    3. I play guitar and Ukulele
    4. I have been in choir since kindergarten
    5. I was born in Santa Monica

  13. 5 facts about me

    -vegan 🌱
    -i kissed a cow and i liked it (;
    -Zayn is mine
    -i’m in love with the tv show Supernatural
    -i’m into 90’s clothing

  14. Five Random Facts About Me!
    1.) i have played softball since i was 4
    2.) i have never been out of the country; i have been to 6 states
    3.) i like cold pizza
    4.) i like soft cookies…but i like the dough better. 🙂
    5.) i share my birthday with 5 other people

  15. 1. I have a hamster named Willow
    2. I do not like cilantro
    3. I have been in choir since 4th grade
    4. I have been to Colombia over 5 times
    5. My favorite color is yellow

  16. 1.My middle name is Faith.
    2.I have five concussions.
    3.I have four dogs.
    4.I go to church every Sunday.
    5.I love cheese.

  17. 1.My favorite food is mac and cheese with cut up spam in it
    2.My favorite color is blue, specifically aquamarine
    3.My hobby is collecting vintage clown figurines/ dolls
    4.I love listening to music whenever I can
    5.The one thing that makes me happy the most is clowns

  18. 1. I’m half Canadian
    2. have been in choir since kindergarden
    3. I have been to Israel
    4. I have a dog named Bernie
    5. Over the summer I go to sleep away camp for 2 months in Canada

  19. 1) my dog is named Romeo.
    2) my cat is named Gato (cat in spanish)
    3) I absolutely love Disneyland and everything about Disney.
    4) My favorite book is “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”
    5) My favorite movie is “The Big Sick”

  20. Five Random Facts about me:
    1.) I’m from a family of 11 kids
    2.) I love Beyoncé
    3.) My favorite color is purple
    4.) My favorite dessert is brownies
    5.) I was born exactly on my brother’s birthday.

    • OK we are the same on Beyonce and purple…I could definitely get behind brownies as a favorite dessert and both my kids were due on the same day but were born exactly a week apart.

  21. 1. I’m terrified of moths
    2. I have a Hamilton obsession (I can proudly say I know all the words to Guns and Ships)
    3. Love on top by Beyonce will forever be my favorite song to belt
    4. I am a major klutz
    5. The beach is my home

  22. -i hate spiders
    -loveeee gushers and sunflower seeds
    -dogs are amazing
    -blue is my favorite color
    -im part argentine

  23. 1. I love playing softball
    2. This year is my first year of choir
    3. I love dogs
    4. Rollercoasters are my favorite
    5. I love makeup

  24. -I really like raw toast
    -Red is my favorite color
    -Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite combination
    -I love cheesecake
    -I listen to literally all types of music

  25. 1. I like to eat pickles
    2. I love the Dodgers
    3. I love Disneyland
    4. I love chocolate chip waffles
    5. I love sleeping

  26. 1. I love outdoor activities like rockclimbing, ziplining, and high ropes courses.
    2. I play the piano, guitar, and violin, but not very well.
    3. There are nine people in my family, and I am the very middle child.
    4. I have broken two bones and gotten stitches all just on my left arm/hand.
    5. Whenever I think of Thousand Oaks it reminds me of old people.

  27. 1. I did choir all 3 years at los Cerritos
    2. I’m a dancer
    3. I have one sister
    4. I have a cat
    5. I love being with my friends

  28. 1. I absolutely hate spiders and most bugs of any kind.
    2. I like to run
    3. Soul cycle is so fun and I love going at 6am
    4. I used to live in San Diego
    5. I love to bake cookies so everyone will eventually have one of mine

  29. 1. I love running
    2. I take 40 min showers because I end up singing
    3. I love cooking
    4. I can put my leg over my head
    5. I’m a rock fan

  30. 1. I love baking.
    2. I love to play video games.
    3. I’m about to move again.
    4. I barely found out i needed glasses.
    5. My favorite color is red

  31. 1.I have never been out of the country
    2. I am on youtube a lot
    3. I need music loud in my car
    4. Daft Punk is the best
    5. Im a senior

  32. (Girls Fc)
    1. My favorite musical is Wicked
    2. I am from Minnesota
    3. I am terrible at baking [No matter how hard I try]
    4. I used to play hockey
    5. I work well with children younger than me

  33. 1. I have a Havanese-Silky Terrier mix puppy
    2. I have a total of 8 siblings (4 half, 4 full)
    3. I have a small collection of dreamcatchers from different festivals and Canada
    4. I own 6 instruments
    5. I absolutely love kids and working with them with a passion

  34. 1. i like dogs
    2. my screen saver is someone else’s dog
    3. i happen to be a buddhist
    4. i am really bad at engash
    5. i nibble nibble on pencil pencil

  35. I am a big Taylor Swift fan but, her new song “Look what you made me do” is not as strong as her others. I think she has a great talent of not only singing but dancing. In this last song she has not shown her full talent. In this song, she talks on a rythym and does not have any impressive words on high notes or talent in this song. I think that there is no story behind this song. I think this could be a lot better. Hopefully her stuff after this is better.

  36. My least favorite song is most girls by hailee Seinfeld. I don’t like how she says “I want to be like most girls” to me, it just sounds like she’s insecure. I think people should be happy with who they are and not want to be like other people. Unless they are famous or something so yeah😊

  37. at first when we were assigned this blog I could not think of one song I didn’t like. I’m the kind of person who likes all types of songs and music. However, kind of ironically, at cheer yesterday some girls started singing “swagger Jagger” by Cher Lloyd. And I though to myself “wow this song is perfect for my choir assignment!’ soooo here is the link to the song on youtube.–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdbyG2MrBHk . It is such a purposeless song and I cant stand the fact that the song is about “swagger” lol!! In addition I don’t like her voice in this song, because I think she sounds whinny..

  38. The song that I absolutely despise is Gangnam style by PSY!!!!!!!! It’s a large irritation of mine. First of all, it is in Korean, second the translation of the song is so bad and I REPEAT a large irritation, and it’s very repetitive. Its also one of those songs that if you hear it once it will stay in your head forever and ever and it will never leave ugh. Kind of wish it was never invented. I don’t believe that song should have gotten as big as it did! Don’t even get me started on the music video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0

    • I would completely agree, truly one of the most irritating songs ever. Even more annoying was the fact that it was craze for almost an entire year, and became SO overplayed.

      • I totally agree. I remember that it was a HUGE hit in six grade, and now it’s never played anywhere. Also, he made another song which was even worst.

  39. Song Review
    I was brainstorming some songs for awhile with little success, but nothing I listened really could be deemed the worst song. Today, however, my brother was ranting on about his day, and then out of the blue, he starts humming the chorus of “Barbie Girl” by Auqa and I instantly knew what I wanted to write for the blog assignment. The words of the chorus “Barbie Girl” are such an ear worm, meaning once you hear them, they are engraved on your mind endlessly lolling over and over again: “I’m a Barbie girl, in a barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation.” Not only do I hate the repetition of unexpressive words, but I also find that this song, once seeming to be innocently about a doll, now appears extremely sexual. After watching the music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A, I recognized the numerous choice words of the song, and it literally spoiled my childhood (hahaha). Such phrases as “undress me everywhere ” or “You can touch, you can play, if you say, ‘I’m always yours.'” truly embody my point. What is more, the lead vocalist, Lene Nystrøm stays in the high-pitched range for the entire song, the sound produced is so far from good technique, it almost hurts me to listen to it. I have not heard any other music of hers, but I feel that Nystrøm, to become famous, must have a somewhat decent voice. No vocal skill or talent is really expressed in this piece!! Personally, “Barbie Girl” is a horrendously excruciating song to listen to due to the addicting tune and repetition of the chorus, the sexual aspects incorporated, and the poor representation of the main singers possible abilities.

  40. Now I don’t even listen to this song any more, but I was looking through my old playlists and came across it. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Nh8XViPuGZpPfAdcmcr5t?si=pnDzhd8T. The song is by Jack&Jack and has no purpose to the music industry. They start out the song with a reference to a famous person and a famous movie line . It is considered a party song and says that people should live the wild life. The artist is now not known for anything, but maybe for their vines. This is just one example of a bad song.

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