Hey, Remember When…

I know I haven’t written in a hot second.  I really wanted to try to keep up with this blog for many reasons, but lately that just hasn’t happened.

Truth is I haven’t been in a good place.

I seems that flossing every night, making my the guest room bed, journalling every night, staying on a schedule, being thankful, and all the other things that I do to make me feel like I have everything put together isn’t quite doing the job.

I have quickly realized that doing those things doesn’t always keep away the despair and hopelessness.

In fact, being someone who, by default, is happy, positive, tenacious, a go-getter, isn’t aways a guarantee that those traits will come to the rescue when despair and hopelessness comes to break down the door.

There are simply just going to be those days when they break in and cause some emotional chaos.

However, in the midst of their ransack I got a text from a student.

(I will change the names to protect the innocent…)

“Hey Mrs. R….I’m driving home from Santa Barbara and we are passing a bunch of orange trees.  Reminded me of when “Carla” and I were convinced that oranges didn’t grow on trees aaaaaahhhhhh good times I sure do miss them.”

I am going to tell you that text brought me right back to the choir room and that discussion.  We were laughing and carrying on trying to be convinced that oranges grew on bushes.

I laughed and laughed.

For that moment on Friday do you know what I wasn’t doing…feeling hopeless or full of despair.

Then later that night I got this…


Jasen dropped me off a little gift...

…nope no hopelessness or despair.

Unlike flossing, making the bed, and journalling, remembering and acts of kindness always drive out hopelessness and despair, 100% of the time.

Even when those memories and acts of kindness make me a little nostalgic, they always evoke the emotions of love and joy.

The true enemies of hopelessness and despair.

Yes, I will still floss, and make my the guest room bed, and journal, because those little things are tools to keeping my sanity, but I will not put so much hope in their ability to protect me from “those days”.

Yes, I will still feel hopeless and full of despair from time to time.

But now I have a few things to fight it with.

Go out there and share some memories…you’ll see that I’m right.


Love y’all more than orange bushes.


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