Spring Break Wrap Up

This past week was our well deserved, much anticipated Spring Break!!

Yes…y’all heard that right.  My last day in the classroom was March 13 and then we had Spring Break.  What was I supposed to do with that?

If anything has become crystal clear through this month (besides the fact that I need more sweatpants and hair ties) is that my identity is very tied to me being a choir teacher.  I do love my roles as wife and mother (and daughter, aunt.etc…) but I was born to be a choir teacher.

As I was saying goodbye to my Freshmen last Thursday, trying to fight back the tears until they were all gone, I realized how much I miss being a choir teacher.  Now when I say I miss it, it isn’t like I miss my bed, or sushi, or going to the store, or jeans, or Starbucks I miss it like I would miss sunshine or air.  Just typing this paragraph makes me tear up.

I was feeling lost…again.

But then Shirese Spaniol sent me this video.

Those faces…what amazing human beings.

And then this appeared at my doorstep.  The lovely ladies of Womens Chorale strike with my favorite things…letters and notes from them, Reeses, and school supplies!!

They really know me!!


And then THIS appeared at my doorstep.   The Batemans made me treats!!

(they did not bring the GoGo Squeez, that came from one of the dorm rooms that moved back home)


These were just the things that I needed.  It reminded me that even though I am not in the choir room, these are my students and they need me.

The little things really do add up to make a big difference in someone’s life

Now for a little Bella fun.

She came to visit me during Spring Break too.

And we made a video.  She really makes me smile!!

Now go out and do that little thing for someone.

You just never know what a difference it will make.


Love y’all more than sushi and Starbucks.


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