The Tao of Yahtzee

I had the privilege of playing Zoom Yahtzee last night with some of my favorite people.  Now granted this paled in comparison to the full on Yahtzee games that the chaperones played sitting around rickety tables on rickety chairs and laughing until we were wheezing all the while trying to keep quiet because the students were TRYING to learn music.

How dare they put a damper on our fun!!

Now contrary to popular belief the Daurios did not get me hooked on Yahtzee.  Granted I never had specialized Yahtzee games or Yahtzee merch, but I did love the game growing up.

In fact, when I supervised middle school Counselors in Training for a summer camp each summer we always sponsored the Yahtzee booth at our carnival.  I made large dice out of big blocks and the kids would get three rolls to try to get a Yahtzee.

Man would we all scream YAHTZEEEEE at the top of our lungs when that happened.  So much fun.

As I am playing Yahtzee last night I realized that this game teaches some great life lessons.

  1. Everyone starts each game with a blank slate.  The possibilities are endless when those 5 dice are put into your hands.
  2. You get to practice adding in your head.  Now granted no one is as good at this as Michelle Daurio, but Rich comes in a close second.  I am horrible at this so I get to practice…or ask Michelle.
  3. Sometimes you just got to let the universe do its job.  For instance, I believe that you never TRY for a full house.  If the universe wants you to have one it will give you one…sometimes more than one…which is not very helpful.
  4. Sometimes you can start with a garbage hand and then suddenly you have rolled a Yahtzee.  You can’t give up on a crappy start.
  5. Sometimes you need to believe in lucky mints.  My husband has this mint that he deems as lucky.  Whenever he needs a bit of luck he pulls it out…and oddly enough sometimes it works.
  6. The seemingly luckiest person in the whole wide world has streaks of bad luck every now and then…and it is perfectly OK to relish in that bad luck.
  7. The power of a buffer should never be underestimated.  If you roll at least 3 of each number on the top section of your scorecard you get a bonus 35 points.  Let me tell you…you work very hard to make sure you have a buffer so that you get those dang 35 points.
  8. Never give up on a Yahtzee.  You should never write off the good luck that you can suddenly get.  Yahtzee is the LAST place you take a zero.
  9. Life always gives you a Chance.  When things go bad there is always a place for a second Chance.
  10. This game can remind you of how much you love and need your people…and the power of laughing until you wheeze.

Love y’all more than 5 6’s



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