I’ll Tell My Ma

So things around here have kinda gotten mundane.  That’s OK for the most part, but it just doesn’t give me many things to write about.

BUT I started my blog again for lots of reasons, mostly so that I could keep focused on what I DO have…and that has been working (for the most part).

So, my choir parents have been posting fun performance memories on Facebook and forcing me to walk down a memory lane that I was avoiding because it made me sad.  But as I was forced down memory lane by said parents it made me suddenly become appreciative of what I did have and what I still have.

So I decided to have a stroll of my own on my computer and found another gem from last year.

This is Womens Chorale’s performance from last year’s Judge’s Invitational.  This is one of my all time favorite choral songs for treble voices.

And woo pig sooie this one is hard.

To add some context to this about 2 week prior to our Judges Invitational Festival they performed this at the prestigious CMEA State Festival that they were invited to.  So while they were learning an entire set for our March show choir concert they were learning 3 pieces for their festivals.

Man…they were good.

So let me give you a little background on this piece.  It is for four voice parts and three body percussion parts.

You see the first challenge right?  4 vocal lines and 3 clapping lines.

Yeah…did they shy away from that challenge??

Heck no.  They ate that challenge for breakfast…or at least a late morning snack.

Add in all the phrasing, dynamics, and all those blasted words.

Again…did they back down.

Nope…they freakin’ killed it!!

So without further ado.

Please enjoy Womens Chorale’s performance of the Irish Folk Song “I’ll Tell My Ma”

I couldn’t have been prouder.

You’re welcome.

Love y’all more than Irish Folk Songs!!


4 thoughts on “I’ll Tell My Ma

  1. I remember this! I was so eager to learn it I didn’t even wait to learn in in class I just taught myself during my TA period for Westlake Singers😂 Such a fun song!

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