Weekend Update

I wish Norm Macdonald was doing this weekend update…I guarantee it would be a whole lot funnier.

But this weekend was rough…

I wish I could say that I was always able to be positive and upbeat about this crazy situation, but this weekend that just wasn’t the case.

A year ago I was on cloud nine.  Vocal Ensemble and Womens Chorale was at the Forum Festival’s Judges Invitational and took home the highest honor, the Sweepstakes Award.  It took a year of earning highest awards at a qualifying festival to even be eligible to enter this past year’s invitational.  To win the top award at this event both groups had to score high enough to have a combined score that was higher than any other high school’s groups, both instrumental and choral.

They did it, and it was a true honor.

We were supposed to go back to Anaheim this weekend to start that process all over again.

We didn’t go.

This video makes me tear up.  First because I was so darn proud of these kids. Second, because I was so upset we couldn’t go this year.

I needed to watch it and remember how blessed I am to be at Westlake High School, and to be working with these amazing kids.


My goodness y’all.

We also got word that we will not be going back to school this year.

Wow…kick me when I am down Universe.

It hit me that this might go on a little longer than I originally hoped.

So I realized that I need to try to make the space I am currently in a little more livable.  Especially since Sarah, my step-daughter, has had to go back to work at Target as an essential worker.  This means more of a risk for me.  So…I cleaned out a few drawers, moved the cello and two guitars up to Andrew’s room, rearranged the furniture, and went in to school to get my mini fridge and microwave.

Yay!!! Dorm room complete.

As I am doing all of this I feel like I am living in an IKEA showroom.  I know I should have really paid more attention to the “small spaces” section.  I mean they have furniture  like the tents in Harry Potter.  Looks normal from the outside but when you open it up and you have a bed inside a drawer, a kitchenette under the top, and a dresser underneath.

Truly magical.

So Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I worked really hard to make this space a little more livable and comfortable.

With the addition of a new mini Keurig and an electric tea kettle, the space is now complete IMG_6005You are lucky I am not a hermit by nature because I am so set up that you might not see me again…ever.

Rich even cleaned up the patio so that I could have a comfy chair and a small table so that I could sit outside when I want.

So I think I am good for the long haul.

Honestly hoping it isn’t too much of a long haul.

Sunday was a very busy planning day our new “distance learning”.  I am not good at the technology.  It takes me a hot minute to do all of this online learning stuff.

So, with the help of a few good long walks, by the time I went to bed Sunday night I realized that:tough-situations-build-strong-people-quote-1

At this rate I am going to be freakin’ Hercules by the time this is all over.

But, I really believe this!!  You can have bad days and ups and downs but ultimately it is our attitude that gets us through the tough situations.

I think dinner is ready…I hope it is Swedish Meatballs!!

Love y’all more than a new Keurig!!



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