The Good Old Days

Welcome to March 56th…

I mean seriously it seems like we have been at this for months but in reality our last day at school was only a little over 2 weeks ago.

As I have been settling into my new routine I am honestly feeling like I am back in college living in a dorm room.  I mean my guest room is about the size of my dorm room so all I need is 2 more desks and dressers, a bunkbeds, and two strangers.

So here are a few other things in my current situation that remind me of being in college:

  • I don’t drive my car
  • I eat all of my meals on a tray.
  • I am sleeping in a really uncomfortable bed, with a cute Target comforter.
  • I have a very small desk with not much storage (except a milk crate sitting next to me)
  • Since Rich is still having to go out into the real world I am having to be careful with surfaces he has touched.  So, I am having to go to the shower in my robe with my shower caddy and my shower shoes.
  • I am sure I have gained the freshmen 15 all over again.
  • I am back to watching TV on a very small TV.
  • No closet space.  Now granted the reason for that now is that my closet in this room is cluttered with a crock pot, a wok, an ice cream maker, and boxes of I don’t know what.
  • I think I am actually using the bulletin board from my college days that I uncovered from the garage.
  • I only have a few outfits that I wear, mostly consisting of sweatpants and sweatshirts.
  • I have random dishes and snacks lying around my room.


Plus, I have this really cute guy living in a room on the second floor.

Love y’all more than my college days.


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