Shower the People You Love with Love

Man, the world really stinks right now.

Now granted most of our lives could be a lot worse but, as I tell my students, that might give you perspective but it doesn’t always make a crappy situation feel any less crappy.

When you feel a certain way all the logic in the world doesn’t take that feeling away.

You know what does help?

A little bit of love.

This bit of love comes in many forms.  It could be simply reaching out to someone and telling them how much you care.  Sending someone a letter in the actual mail (because some people still like opening those letters).  It could be buying someone’s drink behind you at Starbucks.

In the drive through of course because…you know…6 feet.

It could be smiling at someone and saying hello, even sitting in a parking lot through a window.  It could be pictures of puppies, or landscapes, or YOU on social media sites.

Or…it could be what some of my students did for me.

My yard was filled with signs from my students!!

I was overwhelmed.

I read them and sat and cried happy tears.

Each sign probably took the kids from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (although some of them totally took more than that)

However, the small amount of time made a such HUGE difference in my day.

So maybe it shouldn’t be shower the people you love with love.  It could simply just be sprinkle the people you love with love.

Because if everyone sprinkles the people they love with love they will end up getting a shower!!

So go spread some love today (and tomorrow) (and the next day) (and the next)

Love y’all more than hearts on my door!!


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