My People

I love quotes.  I often look at quotes for inspiration.  So in this blog today I found lots of quotes about family:

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces”

“Families are like branches on a tree.  We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one”

“Family, where life begins and love never ends”

“The love of family is life’s greatest blessing”

Those are all fine and dandy and touching, but the one that seems to fit me the most is:


I am the oldest of four children.  I have two brothers, Ryan and Greg and the youngest is my sister Kate.  Whenever we all get together it is absolutely crazy.  I live the farthest away in California.  My brothers stayed in Iowa and my sister lives in Arkansas.  We always try to get together at Christmastime in Iowa at my moms house.  When we do get together it is absolute chaos.  We laugh until we can’t breathe.  We quote stupid movies and finish each other’s sentences.  We are so loud that our spouses end up in another room rolling their eyes at us.  We play board games, that Kate seems to always win, we eat favorite foods from our childhood that mom graciously makes for us, and we tell stories about our dad whom we lost too long ago.

I love every freaking second of it, and I always leave lamenting that I live so far away.

My nieces and nephews are growing up too fast.  I told the story of my both my brother’s kids Tyler, Sami, and Joseph and our adventures at Incredible Pizza, but my sister has two kiddos too.  Abby is in fourth grade and is so stinkin’ smart, just like her mama.

We all got online last night and played Jackbox together and I am telling you it was the highlight of my quarantine (which I know isn’t saying much).

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 7.30.18 PM

We laughed until we couldn’t breath, and Kate won.

Some things never change.

Next time I want to include the Iowa folks, but that might make our spouses have to go into another room.

I’m going to leave you with this on this Friday.

This is Mason, he is 4 years old.  He is Kate’s little boy and Abby’s little brother.

He has my heart.

He is a performer through and through.  For Christmas my mom made him a Greatest Showman outfit with the Top Hat and cane.


This first video is him singing “Come Alive” (before outfit, hat and cane came along so he is using a toy saw.)

He is also a big fan of John Denver so here is him singing “Take Me Home Country Road”.

I just love his cute southern accent.

I just want to eat him up!!

“If you meet my family you would understand”…

…how blessed I am.

Love y’all more than a great John Denver song.



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