The In-Between – Throwback Thursday

This post from awhile back really inspired me today so I thought I’d share it with you on this Throwback Thursday.  It goes with my theme of finding the positive in this situation.  I hope it gives you some inspiration today too!!

I promise tomorrow will be a little lighter…

I have to make this quick this morning as I have been asked to teach an intermediate high school choir a 30 minute lesson on sight-singing.

And then I will give them a coupon for a free root canal.

I also fell running this morning.  So this means the cute dress that I picked out to wear will need to be replaced by something that doesn’t show my newly skinned knees.  Plus it will take me longer to shower as I will need to stifle my screams so I don’t wake the entire house.

Yesterday I was poking around on a food blog that I really love called Sprouted Kitchen and I hadn’t been on it in awhile.  She just had a baby and I started reading some past posts.  She always starts each post with a little bit about what is happening in her life before she gets to the good wholesome food she touts.

The one post started out with her telling us about a story she read called The Day I Started Lying to Ruth about a cancer doctor who lost his wife to cancer.  She quoted a quote from the article that caught my attention.  He writes “It was a warm night for early June, the beginning of the winter in Argentina. People crowded the sidewalks, returning from work, stopping for dinner. All the everyday stuff that fills our lives, neither adding particular meaning or taking it away.”

All the everyday stuff that fills our lives neither adding particular meaning or taking it away.   I knew what he meant but it really made me think.

Most of our lives are filled with the in-between stuff.  The stuff that happens in-between holidays and vacations and job promotions and goal achieving.  But I would venture to stay that those moments, when given due credit, do add particular meaning to our lives.  Whether our days are filled with a strict routine or something else I am certain those seemingly insignificant moments are many.

I knew that I probably shouldn’t read that article.  But I did.

And after I had a real good cry I thought long and hard about the in-between moments that fill my day, especially these days.  I thought about sitting in the car with Rich when we are running errands or picking up kids and how he always places his hand on my leg.  I thought about sharing ice cream with Bella and watching her make faces at the “cutest baby” (she has no idea) that was sitting next to us.  I thought about reading a post on Facebook from someone I care about and spending a moment thinking about that person and sending them good thoughts.  I thought about watching Bella collect things on the beach and remembering her as a toddler coming back from walks with pockets full of “treasures”.  I thought about the smile Sarah gave me when she took a bite of my chocolate chip pancakes.  I thought about boxing up a package to send to Andrew knowing he’ll be so happy when he gets it.  These things just go by the wayside sometimes to my bigger thoughts about the future, unfairness, and loss, but they are the present and the present is really important too.

I challenge you to put your mind to the in-between things today.  Focus on them.  Enjoy them.  Share them either here in the comments or on my Facebook post.  I guarantee that by doing that you will trigger others to do the same and to be mindful right along with you. Or get a journal specifically for that and each night try to remember some moments to jot down.  I bet it will enhance your life if you try.

I don’t recommend reading that article unless you have a box of Kleenex ready, but it will make you appreciate a whole lot of things you didn’t before.  I guarantee that.

I am off to try to get some high school kids I have never met to enjoy sight-singing.  That will not be an in-between moment but I am sure I’ll have plenty of others to report.

More Later


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