A Whole New World

My brain hurts.

Before this week I thought a Google Slide was one of those dances you did at weddings.

So to get myself prepared for my magic carpet ride with Aladdin I have traded binge watching  House Hunters for binge watching 4th grade teacher’s Michelle Ferre’s Google Classroom vlogs.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 6.37.02 PM

I know what you are saying…

Amy!! you are not a 4th grade teacher!!

I know, I know, but she is absolutely adorable!!  Everything in her life is color coded and her classroom closets are full of labeled bins.  She loves a perfectly set up classroom, refuses to keep cardboard game boxes and puts all her games in nice plastic storage boxes, and loves The Office merch.  I’ve got sucked into watching her set up her 4th grade classroom, her leaving-work-on-time-for-a-month challenge, and her cute cats Zora and Luna.

I am now hoping her and her fiance Billy vlog their upcoming nuptials

(Plus she tells you at the end of each video to put on your positive pants.)

Where have you been all my life Michelle Ferre??

Did I mention I am stuck in a 120 square foot room??

All that aside she has taught me how to use Google Classroom, and for that I am forever grateful.  Maybe, just maybe I’ll be an expert before I retire.

That is very optimistic…

So, the first day of online classes have come and gone.  I feel like it has gone OK.  I found myself constantly saying “Well, let’s give it a whirl” , “Do I click this?”, & “Ooops”

Here is some feedback from my students:  Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Billy – “I tried multiple times to use the Google Classroom code but it says it’s invalid”


Jim – “It says the host has to unmute you”

Carol – “I was signing up for Flipgrid and I noticed that womens and vocal had the same code…that can’t be right, can it?”

Suzi – “I keep trying to upload my assignment in many different ways but it says it isn’t found…not sure why?”

Bob – “I’m completely frozen”


But most importantly I heard

“I’m scared”  “I miss my friends”  “I miss choir”  “I realize that I took so much for granted”  “I love you guys”  “I can’t wait until we can be together again” “I’m sad” “I am alone”  “I need a hug” “Has it been an hour already?” “Everything is going to be OK” “We love you too”

And I got to provide them all with about an hour of community, support, friendship, laughs, assurance, and commiseration.

It felt really good to see their faces, hear their voices, and get to reassure them…even if it was only a little bit.

And yes…I figured out how to unmute Karen.

Love y’all more than Zoom!!

Mrs. R.

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