One Foot In Front of the Other

No this isn’t a post about one of my favorite Walk the Moon songs…

…but if you haven’t heard it go listen.  It’s a bop.

This is about my nephew Joseph whom we lovingly call JoJo.

He is 13 years old now, practically a grown man, but in this picture he was about 7 (he’s the one on your right).  His cousin and my oldest nephew Tyler is in the middle and Tyler’s sister Sami is on the far left.  Now Sami and JoJo are only about 6 months apart, and since they all live very close to each other have grown up as almost siblings…twins in fact.

It is absolutely amazing to see those two in action.

Fiercely loyal, and fiercely a whole bunch of trouble.


This picture was taken at a place in Iowa called Incredible Pizza.  We would go there when I was in town because all of our children (6 at the time) could play and us adults could sit and chat, and eat pizza!!

This place had this harnessed rope course that ran on the ceiling above everything else.


Tyler and Sami had done this one before, so of course they wanted to do it again.  And gosh darn it if Sami was going to do it JoJo was going to as well!!  The only problem was he had never done it before and it WAS a little daunting.

But before you knew it he was harnessed in and put at the end of the line.

However…about half way through the course JoJo got spooked, and wanted down.

Now my initial instinct was to tell Bella to hold my earrings so I could climb up there and help him down.

Trust me many McDonald’s Play Places have been a witness to what I will do when my child is stuck, being picked on, or just plain not listening to me.

I realized I couldn’t do that for JoJo.

He was harnessed in so he was safe, he had all of us cheering him on so he was supported, but he was the only one who could take those steps in a that precarious situation and get to the end.  No one could do it for him.

His eyes started welling up with tears.

His dad, standing below him, calmly talked him through each step, and we all started cheering “Go JoJo go, go JoJo go”.

He took one step, wiped his eyes and took another.  Slowly but surely he got through it and jumped into his mama’s arms.

Now who do you think got more out of that ropes course; Sami who breezed through it or Joseph who struggled and persevered?

I am telling you the rest of the evening his chest was a little bit broader.

He now knows that he can tackle obstacles, even ones that scare him a little,  with just one step at a time.

And of course, a little support from the people in his corner.  We all need to learn that lesson.

With our new adventure of online learning that we start today I know what JoJo was feeling about half way through that ropes course.

Thankfully, JoJo showed me how it is done.

Love y’all more than PIZZA!!

Mrs. R.

Q.O.T.D. What obstacles have you overcome? How did that make you feel?




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