Over Compensating Is as Over Compensating Does

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down with Friday…

Wait…it IS Friday right?  Oh, yeah, it is…phew.

I seriously had to check before I sat down.  This is insane.

But let’s be honest, we might well just call all of the days Friday.  It doesn’t really matter what day it is and it might make us feel better!!

So I thought I’d start out this blog by updating all of you on my crazy circumstances.  I know what I am doing to stay healthy might sound a bit…let’s say…much for some of you.  To be totally honest that “some of you” was me last week.

I am no longer that person.  I am now Over-Compensating Amy.

OK someone needs to come up with one of those grids that gives you your Quarantine Name.  You know like your elf name, Wu Tang Clan name, or your stripper name.

Mine would be Over-Compensating Amy.

I have lived without a spleen and have been immunocompromised for over 22 years.  The ONE thing they have always told me is just don’t get pneumonia.

I am scared of pneumonia.

Covid-19 has some associations with pneumonia, it messes with your lungs.

So Over-Compensating Amy’s fear of pneumonia has put me into our 160 square foot guest bedroom.

When I say “guest bedroom” it simply means the only room in our house that isn’t assigned to a person.  The really only thing about this room that can remotely label it a bedroom is the fact that it has a futon in it.

This 160 square foot room also has: camera gear, a cello, two guitars, a shelf of old books, the family printer, kitchen items that don’t fit in our kitchen, and a dresser full of picture frames, old computer stuff, and curtains.

Now it contains me, and all of the things that I need to live, eat, sleep, and now as of yesterday run an online choir classroom.

I am so glad I watched “Swiss Family Robinson” a few weeks ago.  I can fashion anything out of a whiskey barrel.

I also have, right next to me, the downstairs bathroom.

And by bathroom I mean a half bath with no shower, but I am very lucky to have a bathroom so close.

Before I go on I want to make myself perfectly clear.  I could be in a far worse a situation.  I am very lucky to have what I have and will be JUST fine.


So to be thankful today I thought I would share with you 5 of my Quarantine Essentials.  I certainly have more than 5 but these are pretty important.

  1.  My stash of tiny Anti-Bacterial Hand GelIMG_0648

This isn’t even all of them.

“OK Amy are you SURE you need ALL of those tiny bottles of hand sanitizer?”  “What are you going to do with ALL of those crazy smelling hand sanitizers?” “They are just going to sit in the bathroom drawer and take up space”

Who’s laughing now…sucker??

2.  My Cleaning SuppliesIMG_5791

Seriously, if you need to know ANYTHING about the effectiveness of these products on Covid-19 I am quickly becoming an expert.

Here are some fun facts:

  • You need to spray enough of the spray on a surface to stay wet for 10 minutes.
  • You need to use enough wipes to keep the surface wet for 4 minutes.
  • Wet Ones don’t kill the virus but they make good barriers for when you have to open a door or push the button on your Keurig.
  • Gloves are helpful but you have to STILL remember what you touched.
  • The painting by my daughter is just pretty and makes me happy!!

You’re welcome.

3.  My Puzzles…crossword and otherwiseIMG_8478I love puzzles, all kinds.  I never get to do them because I am SO busy usually.  So this is keeping me sane.  I showed the picture to Bella, my resident illustrator, (from 6 feet away of course) and she immediately criticized the person who did it.  “Wow that illustrator really was sloppy with their photo shopping abilities.”

So be on the lookout for a Bella original puzzle, she’s bored and now challenged.

3.  My Computer (and a sneaky hand sanitizer)IMG_4241

This computer is OLD, not much storage space left, and runs very slow.

She will now become the Tom Brady of my Online Schooling…I just hope she will work for less money.

And finally…

5.  My Crocs

IMG_0971Sure they are adorable.  I mean look they have my name on them, a couple of flowers, a cup of coffee, music stuff, ice cream.  But when Audrey McDonald and Baylee King got them for me a few short months ago they never knew that these shoes-of-doctors-and-nurses-and-hospital-workers would become my way to keep my feet virus free.  I can wear the all day and then wipe them down or throw the into the washing maching.

Croc’s new slogan “Stuck in a pandemic…have we got the shoe for YOU”

So there are my 5 Quarantine Essentials…

Q.O.T.D. – What are your 5 Quarantine Essentials?? 

So in honor of all the birthdays today LIZ KASTNER and this weekend JACKIE KUNCEL AND BROOKE SALLIN my Fitness Marshall song today is Birthday!!


It’s a fun one.

And if you have to over compensate for a while to feel better, then go ahead.

It’s really OK.

Love y’all more than my cool Crocs…but just barely.

Mrs. R.


11 thoughts on “Over Compensating Is as Over Compensating Does

  1. Hi Mrs. Rolniak! I love your quarantine essentials! The crocs are amazing🤩
    My 5 things I need are:
    1. My scrapbook I just made! Looking through the photos, memories, and smiling faces puts a smile on my face! I keep finding more pictures to add to it 🙂
    2. My phone/Netflix! I am binge watching tv shows and movies!!
    3. Board games to play with family
    4. I am finding myself redesigning old clothes I don’t really wear anymore, so scissors and old shirts
    5. FOOD/snacks haha. I am loving this trail mix I have at home that has m&ms, peanut butter chocolate chips, nuts, and raisins!

    I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all❤️

  2. Hi Mom, my quarantine essentials? all my electronics and david fraley! glad your puzzle in going well and glad you like my painting. love and miss you so much see you soon !!!!!!

  3. Here are my 5 essentials
    1) the couch
    2) my parents bed (I put those 2 because I’ve been laying on them both since quarantine started)
    3) TV
    4) Food of course
    5) cross word puzzles
    6) my phone 🙂
    7) My water bottle (sorry I felt like I had to write all of them lol)
    P.S. my dog is snoring REALLY loud and it’s funny and obnoxious at the same time 😂😂😂

  4. 1. my phone
    2. my computer
    3. chocolate
    4. my dog
    5. my headphones
    (6. this blog)

    I couldn’t survive this without these things ugh

  5. 1. my phone
    2. my computer
    3. chocolate
    4. my dog
    5 my headphones

    I couldn’t survive without these

  6. Hey Mrs Rolniak! My quarantine essentials are:
    1. my phone
    2.my laptop/tv so i can watch netflix 🙂
    3. any box mix to bake because i love to bake and experiment with gluten free ingredients
    4. my airpods
    5. COFFEEEEE/my new starbucks cup that my friend got me for my bday

    hope everyone’s day went well ❤️❤️

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