The One Where David Plays My Crappy Piano

True to Amy fashion after my little pity part yesterday I snapped out of it and turned into my usual perky let’s get stuff done self.

And until that ominous email at about 5:00 “stuff” consisted of my puzzle, listening to iheart 80’s, a crossword, and downloading a pattern for knitting a hat…beginner level of course.

YOU get a hat, and YOU get a hat, and YOU get a hat…

You think I’m kidding…

Plus I had some help in this mood switch…

Bella and David came to visit!!!

IMG_7660Ok…I realize it looks like David is trying to tell you, with his eyes, that he has been kidnapped, but I assure you he came freely.  Even though it was hard, I stayed 6 feet away or wore my mask.  Bella also brought me my favorite iced coffee (which I throughly wiped down with a Lysol wipe).

It was Creme Brule flavored…yum!!

These two make me smile.  They are both far wittier than I am, which made it really hard to be depressed.  Have you ever heard him laugh?  It’s the best.

Then David just had to play my crappy piano.  The piano in my house is my piano from my childhood…moved several times…and very old…just a little twangy so be nice.  I should have known that by having David over my crappy piano would get played.

There isn’t a piano that boy doesn’t want to play.

To be honest he makes any piano sound good.

Then we got THE email and I sprung into action.  I know that May 4th is a long ways away and is optimistic, but have we met??? I made lists of stuff that I need to do.  I have lots of ideas I tell you!!  I am once again hopeful.

They let us go to school today and grab stuff we might need for this “distance learning”.  I felt like Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk”.

This movie is a comedy I promise.

I looked so silly with my mask on and arms full of notebooks, my pencil case, my box of Kleenex, and anything else I could get my hands on as I walked out.

It was so weird being back in that empty room.

I got back on the Fitness Marshall train this morning and really enjoyed this one!!

It’s fun!!

Try it!!!

No really put it on and DANCE!!!!

No Birthdays today, so pick one person and send them some love!!! OK??

Q.O.D. – In light of all these TikTok dances if you could choreograph one song for our choir what would it be??

Mine would be Beyonce’s Love on Top…

Joey would have to help me…

I’d give him a hat as payment

Love y’all more than hope

Mrs. R.


14 thoughts on “The One Where David Plays My Crappy Piano

  1. I’m so glad you all could visit with each other! (they are so cute 🥺)

    Today for me is good so far! I got to see you, I’m currently eating UBATUBAAAA, and I’m gonna go on my daily walk with my mom later when she finishes her work!

    I’m thinking so hard about the QOTD but i dunno! Maybe Drive It Like You Stole it from Sing Street or New Romantics by Taylor Swift? That’s a tough one!

    • I am gonna try to take the doggos for a walk this afternoon too!! I need to check out Sing Street. I keep meaning to do it but…I’ll try to find the time…ha ha

    • My tik tok has been acting really weird. Every time I try to do a song, it mutes it and the trendy tik tok songs aren’t my favorite but I can tell you that my favorite song is carried me with you by Brandi carlile 💖💖💖💖

  2. This post made me smile!! Miss you and David and everyone so so much! Yesterday I listened to Remember Me (and practiced of course) because I’m convinced Vocal will get to perform it at the May concert:))! I think the song I would choose would be Super Far by LANY.

  3. Hey!! So currently, I’m actually at the edge of going crazy because schools closed until May and I’m so sad that I can’t see anyone for forever 😭 but a song I would probably choreograph is maybe like No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande or some OG Britney Spears song. I hope everyone is doing okay 🥺 sending you guys some positive vibes😩❤️

  4. Hi Mrs Rolniak! Hope you’re doing well. It’s already the 4th day and I’m going crazy, can’t believe we won’t be going back until May 4th, I think I might just go insane. I’ve learned how to do embroidery and I think at this point, I’m so bored, that every piece of clothing I own will probably be embroidered by the end of this break. As for the QOTD I might choose any Ariana Grande song to choreograph, she’s amazing. Sending lots of love 💗

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