Enjoy the Ride

Hello my people!!  This is day 2 of our “social distancing” and unfortunately mine just got a little worse.  Rich had to go to work yesterday, as they are just about to slim down their manning, and found out that a co-worker was in the same building with someone who tested positive.  So out of…here goes those words…an abundance of caution…I have self isolated to our guest room and am being very careful.  This is not something that I am good at.

My life is all about people.

I love my people!!

I love being around them, laughing with them, singing with them, hugging them, taking care of them, and most of all living life with them.

Not going to lie…this is going to be tough for me.

However, I am constantly reminded of a key chain (turned into a bookmark) that Rich gave me for Christmas.

IMG_3494He gave it to me because he knows how hard I try to live in the moment and enjoy all the things that life has to offer.  He never wanted me to forget that all so important mantra.

I don’t want YOU to forget that all so important mantra.  No matter your circumstances there is always something to get out of it.  You have to find that reason for JOY!!!

Don’t let your circumstances define you.  Don’t sit idle, use this time to better yourself.  As singers there are things that you can do to get ready for the next thing…whatever that may be.  I will be sharing some of those ideas soon.

In the meantime…

Join me tonight for this Facebook Live Event from Choir! Choir! Choir!.  They are having a sing-along.  “If we have to be alone we may as well sing together”  They have a list of songs they are doing and PDF’s of the words.  I actually can’t wait!!!

I shared the link to this event on my Facebook page.

It is tonight at 8:00pm edt so 5:00pm our time right??

Yes, telling time and doing math is still tough…I’ll add it to my list.

No Birthdays today…

Fitness Marshall Video of the Day:

**Please note that on my youtube it has an error message before it plays…it does eventually play just be patient.

Q.O.D. – What are you doing to “enjoy the ride”?  Share videos or pictures too!!

Now go make the most of this time, go make the most of each other (in isolation, of course), and go make your bed!!

Love y’all more than being on a bicycle on a sunny day.

Mrs. R.

23 thoughts on “Enjoy the Ride

  1. Hello!
    What I do to “enjoy the ride” is to paint and create art in any way I can. I’m a naturally artsy person and with staying at home, I just can’t do nothing. I will sing, paint, sketch, just whatever and it makes this isolation much more fun. I also try to connect to people in any way I can!

  2. HEY Mrs.Rolniak! To “enjoy this ride” I usually watch silly tik toks that get me to laugh for hours and if not I’m usually trying to figure out how to do a tik tok dance which usually takes me a while to figure out. Besides tik tok, I’m always spending the hours and mins reconnecting with friends from school!

  3. Hey Mrs. R! These blogs are literally keeping me from going crazy so thank you for giving me something to do! How I’m enjoying this ride is watching tons and tons of TV and movies that people have recommended to me as well as making myself sit in front of the piano for 30 mins to an hour a day just to get back into playing. I’ve probably learned like 3 tiktok dances already which is a lot for me since it takes forever for me to learn dances. I’ve also been also talking to a few friends and catching up with them as well as working on this musical project with my family which is really cool since we’re all in isolation right now. I hope everyone’s doing well! Sending you guys so much loveee!!

      • OOH if you have Apple TV+ you should watch The Morning Show its literally so good! I also started this one show on Netflix called Schitt’s Creek which is pretty good. A really good one is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which is like a musical comedy its absolutely amazing! I’ll let you know if I see any good movies, so far I binged all three Pitch Perfects and The Breakfast Club, and some other stuff. Have fun and much love to you! ❤

      • SANJANA!!! I am obsessed with Schitt’s Creek. I watch a couple of episodes everyday!! I love Dan Levy (David) and watch all of his interviews on youtube. Can’t wait to check out some of those other ones!!

  4. Good morning! I just woke up lol. My head felt like it was going to explode last night from all of my worrying and overthinking, so I had to take advil and melatonin in order to calm down enough to fall asleep. It’s gonna be rough. So far, my plan for today is the following: go shower, eat breakfast (except it’s lunchtime so do I call it lunch??), do a daily dance video, hang around a little bit until 3- Ben Platt and some of his friends are having a livestream dance party where we all listen to the same radio station and dance together- and then the choir livestream at 5, and then gwen and I are going to go on a bike ride! hopefully after that i can get a group of people to facetime or something.

    I’m so sorry about Rich and the guest room… but chin up! Can’t wait to hug you very soon 💕💕💕 I’ll bother you later lol 😘

  5. I’ve been in the house since Thursday and everyday I’ve been waking up really late and watching tv.

  6. Hi Mrs. Rolniak!!! I baked a cake, did some of the fitness marshal’s dance routines, took care of my neighbor’s cats, and I learned a dance routine from this dance teacher Guy Groove who is doing online dance classes on YouTube now, since dance companies are closed! I got to FaceTime friends today so that was really fun, and it was great to see everyone’s smiling faces🤗🤗I miss you all!!!

  7. I’m spending lots of time with my family to enjoy the ride! Penny just came home so i’ve really been catching up with her! Later we’re gonna watch all of the choir shows together to catch her up!! We watched “Friend Like Me” and at the end she just sat there with her jaw dropped. She LOVED it! I miss everyone in choir more than anything! I cannot go 15 minutes without texting someone from choir! Miss you bunches!!! (also if you’re looking for a cute movie to watch, Little Manhattan is a very good one) 💞💖💗

  8. Hi Mrs Rolniak! (And everybody😁) I have had the very best time ever! JK I am bored out of my mind and ready to be able to get out of my house for over an hour! I miss singing every day too! My family does not like it when I sing out loud in the house (even tho I sing quietly) I miss y’all and can’t wait to be back (hopefully soon😁)

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