So This is Happening…

Well, as I sit here on officially the first day of our “self isolation from school” (still in my pajamas way too late in the day) I find myself doing the one thing that makes me feel better…writing.  I have always been someone who journals and have found that getting things off my chest onto paper really does help me process things.  I am CERTAINLY no “writer” but I regularly blogged during other stressful times in my life and now I find myself wanting to do it again.  I hope that my musings might entertain you or at the very least give you something to do – and most importantly give ME something to do.

As someone who loves my people and hates being isolated this might, just might, make me feel better…so play along OK?

So as soon as I found out that we were going to be self isolating I did what any normal I-crave-routine person would do, I made a schedule.


Perfectly normal…right??  I appropriately titled it “Isolation Schedule” and have very…normally… scheduled every minute of my day.

And in full Amy-like fashion to fill those minutes I also came up with a list of things that I would like to do while I am in isolation.


Perfectly normal…right??

**Please note that in my desperate attempt to make a complete list I have put knitting on there twice, as well as games…apparently I love games.  I realize that some of those items might take a bit longer than the current isolation time frame, like learning Spanish, but I AM a quick learner.**

First item…puzzles.  I do love puzzles.  It is the perfect thing for me to do during isolation because I don’t have time to do them when we aren’t bunkered down in our houses.  So I ordered one off of Amazon and started it yesterday.  However, within the first 10 minutes Moby, my dog, ended up with a piece in his mouth.


You can’t tell…right??

Well, of course, this cute boy is forgiven.  However every time I have the box of pieces in my hands he sits and begs for one…ha ha.


I have not started learning a second language, but I’ll keep you updated on the rest.

Here are some things that are making me happy right now.

My favorite cup!!
My other favorite cup!!
Some of my favorite people…thanks Jasen for the pic.

Also I enjoyed dancing to this Fitness Marshall video today.  Maybe you need some blood moving too!!  It’s kinda fun!!

So, friends let’s keep in touch.  PLEASE save me from my isolation!!!  In an attempt to facilitate this I have included a question of the day…let’s get together in a not so together way!!

Q.O.D. – What is on your “Isolation/Extra Time On My Hands” To Do List?  What do you want to accomplish over this hiatus. Post your comments below…2 extra credit points for each comment you comment on (Just kidding Weston…this is just for fun)



Truth is…I miss everyone.  Truth is…I am a little scared.  Truth is…I am going to run out of sweatpants soon.

Love y’all more than I love my puzzle-piece-chewing dog!!

Mrs. R.

53 thoughts on “So This is Happening…

  1. Hey Mrs. R! Hope your isolation time is going well! My isolation schedule is me catching up on rest, reading some of the Kite Runner, and getting ahead in my online AP Stats Class! I’m really missing my choir family and school but I know we will be back together in no time!!

  2. Being forced to be out of school reminds me of the things I actually like about school: the social interaction, time outside of my house, the people, my friends, music, you, etc.. It’s day 3 and I’m already feeling it for sure. All I want to be doing is hanging out in the choir room, saying hi and hugging everyone. But instead I’m stuck here watching the clock, playing Sims, contemplating life, and yearning to make music with you all again. I definitely need to make some sort of loose schedule for myself, or I’m gonna go insane lol. ALSO THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME OF THOSE DANCE VIDEOS I AM GONNA DO THEM EVERYDAY. Sending every ounce of my love to you and your family, including silly and naughty Moby. I’ll probably continue to bother you over text, so I apologize in advance lol. Love you to the moon and back ❤

  3. Hey Mrs. Rolniak!! Miss you and 3rd period very much! Not gonna lie I’m a bit scared and worried for the next couple of days or weeks but I’m sure everything will turn out just fine, we just have to remain calm and have hope. In my not to make me bored to do list is to make tik toks, catch some sleep, and learn a new language!

  4. Hey Mrs. Rolniak! I hope everything is well with you. So far, I’ve done a tiny bit of SAT practice and watched a ton of movies (I finally watched The Breakfast Club after putting it off for so long). One thing I wanted to do for a long time was play some piano again. It’s been about a year since I stopped taking lessons so I just dusted off some of those old piano books and started doing a bit of sight reading, and I realized how much I miss playing piano so hopefully that kills some time. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually miss school and doing work so I might actually read my book for English. I really miss everyone in choir and I hope we will be back like really soon!! Much love to everyone 🙂

  5. Hi Mrs. Rolniak!!! Reading your blog post made my day!! I miss everyone so much and miss singing our songs with everyone🥺. I LOVE THOSE DANCE VIDEOS AHHH! I am going to do one every day!! My isolation schedule includes sleeping, watching Netflix, playing with my dog Marley, baking, painting, and just hanging out with family. I am praying that we get to go back to school soon and see everyone! Love you all so much🥺❤️❤️

  6. Hello :)!!!! Hope u and everyone reading this is doing well. Ive been thinking about this topic all day ! It’s so hard being at home all day 😖😖 not fun not fun but I know for sure I want to clean my room, and I mean DEEP CLEAN my room. It’s been something I needed to do for so long and finally I have no choice but to face my problem hehe. Anyways have a great ready if your day yall

  7. Aww Hi Mrs. Rolniak! I hope your day is getting better and that your schedule works!♡ I am not a schedule follower but on my to-do list is to clean my room, learn Spanish, learn more ASL words, and to read a bunch of books. No school made me realize I miss doing activities with other people even if I didn’t want to and it makes me miss my choir class’ atmosphere. I love how you write about this to express yourself, so I just might too. Also there is no toilet paper in like ever store!! >:/ Anyway love you lots and hope everything gets better!♡ p.s. you and your daughter are soooo cute!!

  8. Hello!
    I am not really one for lists and I don’t like making lists if they are like a daily agenda.(I don’t like the idea of deadlines that to do lists imply). I usually plan to spend time catching up on homework that I procrastinated last week when I was sick, paint and sketch (I’m working on a painting that I like to call grape man lol), play video games with some of my friends, clean because cleaning with show tunes can actually be fun, oh I also need to babysit my cousin, and finally get as much rest as I can get because I tend to stay awake too long at night! I really miss everyone and I can’t wait to sing with everyone again! I miss interacting with people in general too!

  9. Hi Mrs.Rolniak! It’s only been a weekend and I feel like it’s already been a week! Your blog made me smiley which I appreciated:) I have spent the weekend with my family just trying to chill out and I went to the beach when it wasn’t raining which was nice! I started writing a new song so hopefully that will end up being good. I miss class though! I miss my women’s girls🥺 I hope everyone will try and have a good week though! Love and miss you all💗

      • Hi Mrs. Rolniak & everyone, glad to hear y’all are making the best out of the situation! I think it’s really nice to have time to reflect & be able to do what we normally wouldn’t have time for! Dance videos are the best! If any of you are interested in ballet, pro dancer @tilerpeck has been going live on her instagram at 10am to give a free ballet class from her kitchen/living room 🙂

  10. Hey! So yeah I’m not a list person, I am more of a in the moment person. I’ve been reading a lot, and baking, and am working on my internship stuff from afar. My highlights of the day have been taking dance classes from one of my favorite choreographers. He changed up his classes so he can do them online live with us. Getting ready for his next session at 1:30 today! Although I miss being around everyone, I’ve taken the time to focus on me a little, and my fam. Miss y’all too much for words❤️

  11. Hi Mrs. Rolniak!! thank you for my birthday mention it made me smile and made it feel a little more like my birthday in all this chaos<3 my day consisted of being in my pajamas and my mom making dinner and a cake so overall not a terrible day, and now after trying to make lists and realizing i’m not a list person i’m using my time by catching up on sleep, online shopping for things i can’t buy and won’t ship anyways, and practicing guitar. i miss you and everyone so much and thank you to everyone for my socially distanced birthday wishes it was definitely one of my more memorable bdays!

  12. Hi Mrs Rolly, I’m sad I didn’t get to come see you after out door school and I miss you and everyone so much and hope to soon you super soon. 💛

    • You were on my mind so much the last week. You would have been such a positive presence in our sad last few days!! Hope you had a great time at outdoor school. See you soon!!

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