Facing Fears

Our blog assignment this week is to pick a moment in your life where you conquered a fear.  It could be as small as killing a spider, or as large as skydiving.  The point is that you overcame your fear and accomplished something you were afraid to do.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 15 points and is due Monday October 28th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than statues…of course!!

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93 thoughts on “Facing Fears

  1. One fear that I conquered recently was getting gas by myself. I know that getting gas is part of growing up and something all drivers need to know how to do. I have been driving for awhile now, but never got gas at the gas station alone. My brothers and I share our car, and when they are home from college, they end up getting gas for the car. Now that they are back in college, I had to learn how to get gas by myself. My fear was messing up the buttons, or somehow ruining the engine of the car. After FaceTiming my dad at the gas station, I finally got it right! I conquered my fear and have gotten gas many times since.

    • I used to be scared of this too (I sorta still am)! It’s intimidating when you’re in between two big machines. I did mess up one time and it was bad, but I learned from my mistake and now I am less scared. It’s scary, but the end result lets you adventure and leads to fun 🙂

    • Honestly going to the gas station with a bunch of people judging you if you’re doing it wrong is so stressful. I totally had this fear at first and still don’t completely enjoy doing the process alone! Driving is something very difficult for everyone at first but I’m so proud of you for conquering this fear!

    • It is gala riots that we both share this fear. I am so proud of you for finally doing it by yourself even if you had a little help on the phone!

  2. A big fear of mine used to be driving. When I first got my permit and was waiting for the instructor to show up for my first lesson, I was super nervous. It didn’t help that it was raining outside. I had gone out with my mom and my dad to empty parking lots and practiced a couple of times, but, other than that, it was my first time driving. However, once we got in the car and drove around my neighborhood, progressively making it out to more and more public streets, I became much more comfortable. Eventually, the fear and nerves went away and I came to enjoy driving. Now, I LOVE having my license and being much more free to drive myself where I want, when I want.

    • Driving is so scary at first! Especially because the only experience we really have when we are young is Mario Kart or arcade games so we are convinced that we will be bad drivers in real life lol. But then it all goes away and it is so fun driving! I hope you take the opportunity to do some exploring and get out of your comfort zone 🙂

  3. As many of you probably have discovered, I am quite shy and introverted at times, so I’ve been working on “putting myself out there” despite the fear I have of what others think. At the end of summer, I walked into a bunch of stores to apply for a job, and I ended up getting hired at Trader Joe’s, where I have to be outgoing and interactive with people. It’s been 2 months, and I am now a lot more comfortable talking and working around people. I think this actually helped give me the confidence to rap at the Talent Show, haha! “If you want to do it, go for it!” ❤

    • That’s so great! It’s helpful in the long run to put yourself out there, even if it is scary. And thank god it gave you the guts to do the Showcase, because you rocked it!

    • Your talent show act was so fun, you made everyone in the audience smile. That is such a great way to socialize and get to know people in this community.

    • Your talent show act was so fun, you made everyone in the audience smile. That is such a great way to socialize and get to know people in this community.

    • I can understand exactly how you feel because I’m also such an introvert and I have a lot of trouble talking to people not awkwardly. I’m so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and it’s a really brave thing to do!

    • Having watched you and looking up to you throughout middle school and high school I’ve noticed you blossom into someone even MORE amazing than you already are. You have become such a confident and amazing girl!!

  4. I used to be so scared of singing solo in front of other people. Like. Terrified. In 9th grade I took a class called Vocal Arts, where basically we would have a unit on a certain type/style of music, learn about it, and then sing a song from it in front of the class as a masterclass. I took the course to get over this fear, because I knew that if my choir experience was going to continue, I needed to get over this crippling fear.

    On my first masterclass, I was extremely prepared. I knew everything, but I couldn’t do it. I broke down in front of the whole class the second the piano started playing my song. I tried again and again, but I couldn’t stop crying and shaking. Finally, my teacher told everyone in the room to get up and skip around the classroom and do funny dance moves.That way, I didn’t have the pressure of this seeming like a big serious scary thing and nobody was staring at me. Finally, I was able to sing the song (through tears and it sounded bad because of how upset I was, but i sang it nonetheless). For the rest of that class, I got more and more comfortable singing in front of people, which helped me get better as a singer and as a performer. I’m still scared of it , but every time I do it I get a little bit less. Facing the fear head on was such an important thing for me to do, and it has all paid off in the end.

    • This is so inspiring, Jasen! Especially since now you are an amazing singer and performer- I’d have never guessed you had that fear! 🙂

    • It’s funny that I always wish I could have your confidence as a singe; you never let this get in the way of your performance! I hope that I can learn to at the least “fake it till I make it” when preforming.

    • Wow! This is so inspiring Jasen! Although I love being on stage, I am still super insecure about my voice. Well said!

    • Yes Jasen! I can relate so much. I used to be so nervous to sing in front of anyone, but choir has helped me out of my shell so much!

    • An improv teacher told me “to get out of my own way” and I try to do that every time I sing but I’m always getting in my own way. You’re doing great!

  5. Growing up, I was really shy as a child and would always keep to myself. I always hated hearing “get in a group” or “speak with a partner” in classes. It’s not like kids bullied me. It was just difficult to make real friends. My teachers would always try to push me to be friends with the other kids but I just didn’t like the idea of talking to complete strangers. This fear happened until a girl in my History class heard me humming. It was Aine Fitzharris whom I love and adore. She pushed me to do choir for the first time. I had no idea what choir was about or even how to read sheet music. But when I joined, I was welcomed with the friends I have now and had an incredible teacher named Mrs. Rivas. What. An. Icon. Choir helped me become the loud and honest person I am right now because I felt safe and accepted. Looking back, if I never joined, I would probably be the shy little girl I used to be and have no friends. BUT LOOK WHERE I AM NOW BABY!!!!!!

  6. One of my two biggest fears is not something tangible or something most people would honestly admit to. My fear of being let down or almost “cheated on” in a sense by a friend or family member is something very real in my life. In friendships I am not afraid to dive into a person to get to know them and spend time with them, but I am afraid of being let down or someone taking advantage of me or my efforts in that friendship. I am not afraid to emerge myself in another’s life or story, but I am afraid of the vulnerability being taken advantage of that is created by broken barriers in a relationship of some kind. I think everyone has this type of fear on some level and that is why commitment can be such a big stress for some people. As a way to conquer this fear, I continue to immerse myself with people and be real with them instead of worrying how the relationship could be broken down or destroyed.

    • i share this fear too, but if someone can’t handle who you really are then you shouldn’t waste your time with them. People should be real with everyone, even if it doesn’t “mAtCh TheIr VIBe”

    • Yes I totally agree! I think we all have this fear, however some of these friendships will be amazing and they wont let you down!

  7. I’m afraid of trying new things. As high schoolers our life is so controlled by habit, up at 6, school at 7, homework at 3, sleep and repeat. I thrive on the regularity of life because it means I don’t have to really be present or in touch with my surroundings; where I am and who I am with is the same as yesterday, the same as the day before, and the one before that. It scares me to abandon my habits and have to readjust, but such things that can be so rewarding. In an effort to try something new, I broke my morning habits the last Wednesday of August (and now every month). My brother and I get up early, pick a coffee place: whether it be Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks, or Coffee Bean, and go. If I stuck to habit, I would not have been able to get some delicious coffee and talk with my brother. Even as my only “something new,” it has certainly put into perspective the opportunities I should take advantage of in the future.

    • I think that this is incredible that you were able to pinpoint something you wanted to change in your life and actually make a change to better yourself.

  8. Throughout my life, I have always been nervous about not being liked. I would constantly ask my friends if they knew of someone who didn’t like me, and I would obsess over it. I would change the things I would say around people because I was scared that they would think I’m weird or annoying. Oftentimes, I will not interact with people because I don’t want to say something awkward or uncomfortable (sometimes ignoring the person entirely, not the most friendly way to approach life). Although I still have some similar issues, I have started to accept myself more for my quirks and occasional awkward comments. I have also learned that not everyone will like me, and I’m ok with that. I can’t expect to be friends with everyone, but I can try to be myself and friendly to the people I do meet. I hope as I get older I’ll be able to completely overcome my fear :))

    • I honestly 100% relate to this. This really isn’t an easy fear to get over but having really amazing people in my life helps me see that it’s okay not to have everyone like me.

    • You do an excellent job of hiding any fears you might have of interacting with people. You are easily one of the most authentically friendly people I know.

  9. My fear that I’ve overcame just recently has actually been riding a bike. Ever since I was little I tried to ride a bike but I always fell. I never focused on what it would be like to actually ride a bike smoothly, and I only envisioned scraping a knee or twisting an ankle. Even though my only insentive of getting on that bike was a 20$ bribe I think it’s important that everyone takes that leap, reward or not. The real reward is having courage, which is hard sometimes, but achievable if you work for it. :))

  10. I’ve always been afraid of high school. Everyone always told me that once you got to high school everything you did would matter and that it would determine your college and your whole future. I heard my friends telling me about the extreme workload and how they never had any free time to do other things, and that the teachers weren’t as forgiving as they were in middle school. Of course, now that I’m actually here I’m realizing that that’s not true. Sure there’s more pressure and more work, but I’ve met some really amazing people so at Westlake as well. I wasn’t sure of how choir would be in high school but it’s now one of my favorite classes, and most of my teachers are pretty good this year. Now, I don’t know why I was ever afraid of coming to high school because it’s really not as bad as people make it out to be.

    • This is very true Charisse! I was scared that I wasn’t going to make any new friends and just be stressed, but I am so glad it obviously didn’t turn out like that!

  11. Since I was 10, after a experiencing a traumatic experience at California Pizza Kitchen, I have been afraid of birds. That’s right, birds. They fly, they are scary, and I don’t like them. Anyways, right after lunch, I have yoga. Therefore, during my walk from the choir room, I unfortunately experience walking past a group of about 50 crows, snaking on leftovers from lunch. Thankfully, I have conquered walking past them for about 45 days. And honestly, I am getting used to them being in my path, so I say I am slowly, but surely, getting over my fear! Here’s to 135 more days of finally getting over my fear!

  12. One time I faced a fear was when I first worked the drive thru at my McDonald’s job. I worked at McDonald’s over this past summer, which was quite an experience! Throughout my time there, I worked several different positions, such as table service, counter, and the feared drive thru. From the first day I was given a tour, I knew the drive thru was going to be my tallest mountain to scale. From the extremely fast paced nature to the unreliable and hard to understand headsets, I was absolutely terrified of it. I was scared of mishearing an order and messing it up, or holding up the line trying to fix something. The pressure was always high. The first time I was on drive thru I was just taking cash and transactions, while a more experienced employee took orders and walked me through the process. It wasn’t too bad, because I had some help. However, my guide’s shift ended before mine, and my manager had no one else available to take his spot. I had to take orders and cash all by myself! I had never even taken orders on the headset before, let alone at the same time as cash! Frightened beyond belief was an understatement. I was so overwhelmed by the seemingly endless flow of orders and cars at the window and switching back and fourth between them. However, by the end of my shift, I had it down pretty well! It wasn’t perfect, but I did it, and that’s what matters. It was only up from there. By the time I left the job, I worked the drive thru all by myself with ease. All it took was a little practice and determination.

  13. A few of my friends know this but for the longest time, I was irrationally fearful of movie theatres. To preface, every since 2nd grade, I’ve had a huge fear of death and after the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I’ve feared movie theatres without my parents. I’d say in the last eight years I’ve seen maybe 6-7 movies at a theatre because it takes a lot of courage for me to go to them cause I’m constantly anxious. However, this summer after binge watching Marvel movies, I decided I needed to go watch Spiderman: Homecoming (it’s because of Tom Holland). So I went with Meg and Tess and I had a blast. Sometimes I regret being so scared of theatres because I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot growing up, but I’m glad that I finally feel comfortable at them. In fact, I watched IT without any adults last month. I know it seems kinda stupid but it was a big deal for me so I’m glad I overcame my fear.

    • This isn’t stupid at ALL! I always get a bit anxious at the movie theaters, constantly checking the doors, but once you get used to it the fear dissipates.

  14. One fear that i try to conquer every year is a fear of heights. I really didn’t know that I was afraid of heights until i went to this camp that i go to every year, starting when i was 8 or so. There is this amazing ropes course and at the far edge of it, a tall telephone pole called “the leap of faith”. It doesn’t look that intimidating until you climb all the rings to the top and you have to slowly find the courage to stand on your own two feet. Once I was able to do that the whole thing starts to shake and it scares me so badly every time. To top it all of you have to jump off the pole in hopes of catching a ring, suspended in the air many feet in front of you.I do this every year, and each time i’m equally scared as i was the last time, but every time once i manage to jump off i feel so relieved and like i can take anything on!

  15. One fear I had for years was going on rollercoasters. That all changed in 8th grade when the entire grade went to Magic mountain as an end-of-the-year activity. I remember being too terrified to go on any of the rides, but my friends said I could just stand outside the line alone by the entrance if I didn’t want to go. Since the line for the first coaster, Goliath, was 2 hours long I decided to go into the line and get on because I didn’t want to be alone. After the first drop, I soon realized that my fears were for no reason and rollercoasters were really fun.

  16. For the first choir show of the year I had to hold my own part, which was really scary to me. I’ve never had to hold my own part choir before. I used to listen to the song everyday before the show so I wouldn’t mess it up. I got extremely nervous the day of the dress rehearsal because I had to preform in front of my peers. After I got through with that I felt much better about holding my own part in a song.

  17. It sounds lame and rediculous, but throughout my whole life I was always afraid of being alone, especially at nighttime. Even when I would go upstairs to change into pajamas, I would yell to my mom or dad and ask them to talk to me so I knew I was okay. I would have to be with someone constantly. I never asked to have my own room when I was younger because I was always way more comfortable sharing a room with my older sister anyways. I remember the first time I was left home alone (I honestly think my dad only left for like 15 minutes to go get me Taco Bell hahaha) I was TERRIFIED. I remember when my dad came back I was totally fine! I had been worrying for no reason at all, and from that point on I want that stressed or nervous to be alone as much. I still don’t really LOVE to be alone (of course i prefer being with other people) and it’s honestly still something i’m 10000% working on but don’t worry, I can change into my pajamas without having to talk to my parents now😂

  18. I have been extremely afraid of heights for most of my life. When I was in Hawaii two summers ago, we went ziplining. Jumping off of the ledge was one of the scariest moments of my life. I volunteered to go first because I thought I was being brave. I closed my eyes and I jumped. I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I felt so incredibly free and at peace.

    • OO this sounds like so much fun! It’s amazing that you were able to conquer this fear of heights since many people are unable to.

  19. So my fear that I overcame was a little bit smaller than others might’ve been. I don’t really enjoy meeting new people one on one I tend to just keep it in my circle, especially when it’s for a non school related event. So a friend of mine had come back to college recently and there was a party so all these older friends could see them. Now, I’m not SUPER close to this person it I’d consider them a friend but I definitely did not know a lot of the people at this party. But I decided to try to use the opportunity to talk to other people and make some friends and I had a great time. I met a lot of cool people and actually really enjoyed myself so I kind of got over that fear of new people and rejection and decided to try and be social.

  20. This is super weird so if someone actually reads this beware… I have OCD and I’ve had OCD for basically my entire life. Don’t ask me why but I have this weird fear of fruit and squishy type foods. Nobody understands this fear, neither do I, but I can’t touch fruit without cringing or feeling nauseous. My brother one time decided to play a trick on me and put grapes in my sink which is the fruit I’m the most “afraid” of. I screamed and freaked out but eventually gained the courage to throw the grapes away myself. To most people, this is stupid but to me, someone who has an intense OCD over food and spilling, this was a major accomplishment. I am still working on my weird fear but hopefully this encourages others to write about their strange fears/ phobias.

  21. I am absolutely terrified of heights. I don’t exactly know the psychology behind it, whether falling is scary or just being up so high is the fear itself. There have been two instances where I have openly faced my fear, this thing called “the leap of faith” and funny enough the Disneyland Ferris wheel. Now I’m going to be honest, the Disneyland Ferris wheel had me screaming like a baby, I have videos to prove it. However, I would like to think that me getting on the ride was an accomplishment. “The leap of faith” was unbelievably scary, it’s this activity where a bunch of your friends are holding the string to your harness and you jump off a ledge of about 45 feet (with a harness thank goodness). The goal is to trust your friends with your life, and even though I trusted them for everything else, your faith in them seems to dwindle when you are up on that ledge. I was absolutely petrified, but for some reason I jumped anyway and it was almost fun. The rope slipped a little and I dipped and I am not kidding when I say I cried HAHA. But I faced my fears!

  22. My biggest fear was change. Any type of change terrified me and I always wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I confronted this fear by going to this school. I left all my friends at TO to come here and honestly it is one of the best decisions I’ve made 🙂 I’m in an incredible choir and I’ve met some amazing friends and I have stepped out of my comfort zone in other factors too and I’m not afraid of any change 🙂

  23. i was so scared to come out to my parents… my whole family is super supportive of everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and my own brother is gay, but i was still scared. Ever since i was little i knew, and it didn’t occur til bout seventh grade that i was apart of the community. As a kid i wasn’t taught was gay or bi or pansexual or any of that, so i thought it as normal and it wasn’t a big deal! i soon realized it is normal but its not the usual thing. i came out to my friend (you know who u are) in th grade and slowly but surely started to be comfortable with the person i was. i was out to some of my teachers, my coaches, my siblings, and all my friends and some of their parents. EVERYONE knew… except my parents! so i came out over summer when they were in italy because they saw something on my instagram and texted me and blah blah blah! but ya yay!

  24. One of my biggest fears used to be singing in front of people as a solo or just in general by myself. In middle school there were just so many people who already had amazing voices, and I felt like I wasn’t that good and I didn’t want mess up in front of everyone and be judged. So basically I would literally just not even sing a word if anyone was around me and if no one else was singing with me. However, eventually I had gotten more solo opportunities in middle school and transferring to high school. I would basically force myself to step out of my comfort zone so I could get better at singing solos. Definitely one thing that helped me overcome my solo fear were quartets. Having to sing a whole part myself in front of the whole choir made me nervous, but definitely made me get used to performing in small settings and preparing to do things on my own without help from another person. I still do have stage freight very now and then when performing by myself or in quartets, however, I have definitely become more confident once I have practiced more and realized how many people are there to support me!

    • Everyone is there to support you and audiences always want to see you do well. If I get stage fright I think I can either go on stage, show everyone how nervous I am, and make them uncomfortable OR I can fake feeling confident and try to perform to the best of my ability. Practice definitely helps too!

  25. I had a “fear” I guess but more of an insecurity. I used to be overweight when I was younger and that was just something I was constantly insecure of and afraid that people were making fun of me behind my back. As I got older I realized that people were not, but more importantly I worked towards not caring even if they did. It took a lot of time and effort but I finally got to the point where I had enough self confidence that I wasn’t afraid of other people’s irrelevant opinions or thoughts of me. It has poured over into my overall self confidence and it’s defiantly a positive thing overall. 🙂

  26. One very big fear of mine was being able to drive after I had gotten in my first car accident. I was never scared of driving until then, but I think it gave me some PTSD of it happening again or just driving on the same street. It was a terrifying experience so it wasn’t something that was easy to forget. I waited two weeks to drive after it happened but it was very nerve racking getting in the car that first time prior. Slowly I able to drive confidently again but it was something that couldn’t escape my thoughts for awhile. It was hard to make something like that to stop replaying in my head. It made me more cautious of my surroundings without even noticing it which was one good thing. I got very lucky that little harm came to me from it but it left me emotionally damaged more than physically. My parents also had a fear of me driving after and so I think it was a battle for my whole family to deal with.

  27. A fear that I am currently conquering is being comfortable/ talking with people. I have social anxiety. May seem small or not very important, but I have always been quiet and the listener in conversations. I despised talking because I was scared and shy… even asking the waiter for a fork or spoon was too much. I would be the person to stay at home instead of going to football games and parties, and I still am that kind of person. But recently I have been moving out of my comfort zone, and talking to new people and just being me. Even going away for the weekend to visit GCU in Arizona helped me with my fear, because I had to make new friends, and talk to proffessors during my stay, without my family around. I am still working on this fear, but I can say with confidence that it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

  28. One fear that I had for a long time was staying home alone at night. During the day I was perfectly fine with staying home alone, but once it was night-time I really just couldn’t do it. I didn’t know what it was about night-time that made it so much scarier, but whenever I had to stay home alone at night I needed someone else to be with me, whether it be my sister or a friend. Of course now that I’m older and my two sisters have other after school activities and sports that they need to go to, sometimes I don’t really have a choice. I had to learn to overcome my fear by trying to find out what about staying home alone made me scared and then tried to fix that problem. I started out with facetiming someone while I was alone and that helped a lot. Little things like just turning on the tv helped too because it would create a background noise so that it wouldn’t be silent. Over time I learned how to deal with my fear and now I’m not scared of it anymore.

  29. Around my close friends and groups of people I know, I’m a very outgoing person. But, when it comes to strangers and new people I’m very shy. Last weekend my mom and I went up to Washington to visit a college. The morning of my tour I was really scared because I knew I would have to talk to people I had never met and be around college students. It made me really nervous but once I got there I realized it wasn’t too bad. Im pretty worried about going off to college and having to meet new people and put myself out there but this experience helped me.

  30. My biggest fear is insects. Especially spiders which I like to call creepy crawlies. I’m the person who flinches when a fly passes near them. If there is a bug in my room or in the bathroom or anywhere in general I will come get someone to get it rid of it. At the beginning of this year I had to collect rollie pollies for my bio class and I had to make my father find them for me because I didn’t want them near me at all. Yes I know I’m being dramatic😂. Recently if I find a bug I will try to get it on a piece of paper and leaf and move it outside, usually in panic. I know this doesn’t sound like much but I think it’s a really good start to getting a little more comfortable with bugs. But like maybe never spiders.

  31. It took me a really long time to get my driver’s license. I finally got it on my 3rd driving test attempt, one day before my permit was going to expire. I thought at that point I had nothing to lose. I’ve always been an intellectual person and thrive when faced with intellectual challenges. Learning to drive was a physical challenge that I couldn’t really think my way through, and that made me fear it. After I failed my test twice, I kept delaying my test because I feared failing it again. Once I finally learned to relax and get out of my head a little bit, I passed! I think it’s really easy to fear the unknown and avoid what we are not comfortable with. But I think embracing the unknown and being a little uncomfortable is ultimately what helps us grow and learn.

  32. I was really scared to audition for my first ballet intensive. I was very nervous and could barely sleep the night before. Even though going to audition was scary after word I felt more comfortable audition for other things. Learning how to audition for things will help me later on in life. Even though it was scary I learned a important life lesson from that audition.

  33. I don’t know about y’all, but spiders creep me out. They’re cool creatures but definitely not in my bed or my bedroom. A few days ago, I was sitting on my bed and this black blob of ickyness ran across my blanket as fast as an eight legged arthropod can run. Naturally, I jolted up and exclaimed, “ewwww” while quickly scanning my room for something useful to kill it or get it out of my bedroom. The best weapon I found was a 1/3 full blue Gatorade water bottle. After taking the cap off, I swooped the spider into it, closed the cap, gave it a headache and shook it a little bit, and then said goodbye while sprinting and throwing it into the recycling. I learned that the littlest triumphs are the most rewarding.

  34. A fear that I’ve been conquering by force throughout high school is presentations/socratic seminars. Throughout my four years of highschool Ive tried to avoid presentation/socratic seminars as much as possible! Im the person who’s voice goes 3 octaves higher. My body can never manage to stop moving and usually my back is towards the audience. I always get points docked off for looking at the floor and my heart starts racing extremely fast. But I just did a presentation for english not to long ago and I didn’t get as nervous as i usually do. I actually looked up which was a big accomplishment for me cause if you’ve been in one of my classes YOU KNOW I HATE PRESENTATIONS. I’m honestly proud of myself because I know its a skill that i will need in the future and I’m sorta getting there:)

  35. So, for my fear I conquered, I think it might be how I’ve become more comfortable singing in front of people. Is that a good thing for those who now have to listen to me sing? Not necessarily: but that’s not the point. Anyway from 8th grade through middle of 10th grade especially in the high school section of that time, I stopped singing around people and in public. For example if I was singing in the halls as soon as someone would walk by I would stop in fear of someone telling me to stop first. Also when I was in the car listening to music when literally nobody cares how they sound, I would either give a light whisper or make no sound at all because I was afraid of being judged by my peers. However middle freshmen year, someone in the choir program who is reading this right now had supposedly said to done other people that I could sing which when the word got back to me, it gave me sone confidence. And then I tried trying out for a solo my sophomore year partially because of that and more people said i didn’t sound like 💩, so I continued to start singing out more and more often which led me into trying out for vocal my junior year, and weirdly enough I got in. After that though and the progressive growth of confidence with some help from a bit of positive feedback, I’ve become much better about singing out and whenever, without giving too much of a darn, though I’m still constantly in fear that I’m making people’s ears bleed. So if I am, sorry! But I’m happy that I regained my confidence and partially broke my fear, though it definitely still haunts me in some ways. That’s it, the end.

  36. So, for my fear I conquered, I think it might be how I’ve become more comfortable singing in front of people. Is that a good thing for those who now have to listen to me sing? Not necessarily: but that’s not the point. Anyway from 8th grade through middle of 10th grade especially in the high school section of that time, I stopped singing around people and in public. For example if I was singing in the halls as soon as someone would walk by I would stop in fear of someone telling me to stop first. Also when I was in the car listening to music when literally nobody cares how they sound, I would either give a light whisper or make no sound at all because I was afraid of being judged by my peers. However middle freshmen year, someone in the choir program who is reading this right now had supposedly said to done other people that I could sing which when the word got back to me, it gave me sone confidence. And then I tried trying out for a solo my sophomore year partially because of that and more people said o didn’t sound like 💩, so

  37. To preface, I used to be TERRIFIED of disneyland rides. For example, when I was younger and my parents were in the process of forcing me to go on space mountain for the first time, I started crying and freaking out so that we didn’t have to go on it (Eventually my parents had enough, and I was dragged onto the ride and hated every second of it). Now that time has passed, I have started to build up the courage to go on more rides other than Winnie the Pooh or the Haunted Mansion. For these trips, I had my closet friends to help me through them. I finally conquered all four mountains including space mountain (thanks to Aly for letting me hold her hand the entire time).
    A week ago, I went with one of my best friends to Disney to celebrate our birthdays. This time around, I went on all of the “scary” rides mentioned before, and I was proud of myself for doing them with ease. But then, my dear friend talked me into going on guardians of the galaxy: mission breakout and for some reason I was okay with it. Until I got in line. It said it was a short wait, but it felt like forever. I kept trying to take deep breaths but felt like I couldn’t catch my breath, and as we inched closer to the lifts, I started to check my own pulse (yes, I am that dramatic). We sat down in our seats as I anticipated the ride to start. The rest was a blur. I don’t remember much other than gravity doing its thing, closing my eyes for half the ride, and tearing up my throat from screaming. At least the Jackson 5 was playing. At last, the ride came to an end, and I felt my breath coming back to me even though I was shaking so hard that I started to laugh. Looking back, I’m glad my friend pushed me out of my comfort zone because I proved to myself that I can handle more than what my brain says I can.
    Also, I will admit that I would ride it again!

  38. My entire life I’ve been performing from choir to musicals to solo work. I always became nervous when it was just me alone on stage. I was always nervous people were judging me in bad ways because when your the only thing on stage they practically are. Ever since I did the choir show case though, I’ve had a new confidence. I honestly am not sure why it changed but it did and I’m grateful for that!

  39. A fear I’ve had and have being trying to conquer is just the concept of talking to new people and just making new friendships. Mostly all my friends I have now have been from elementary school and middle school and some as I’ve been in high school and I get to meet their friends and become friends with them. But I’ve never been out of my way to become friends with other people. But recently this year I’ve been trying to get out of that comfort zone and try to at least talk to people around me in my classes and get to know them. It definitely hasn’t been easy but it’s something that I am actually proud of doing. But it was kind of late to do now that I’m a senior and I won’t be seeing these people as much any more *insert sad emoji*.

  40. I have a fear of dancing. It’s a weird feeling because I consciously know I will have fun if I dance but something stops me from just going for it. I get in a situation where everyone looks uninhibited and happy dancing but I feel paralyzed, like I’m the most awkward person in the room. I have avoided many dances but when I have been in a dance situation I tell myself what a teacher once told me “get out of your own way”. For homecoming, I tried overcoming my fear and would run the “get out of your own way” mantra through my mind every time I felt I should be joining in and it worked, I ended up having a great time.

    • Hey Nathaniel, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I just want to say that you are an incredible dancer. I absolutely love having you as a partner because I know that no matter how difficult the moves in the routine, you will always be positive and encouraging. I hope that the same happiness you have in choir/ on stage can translate to other school dances.

  41. To preface, I have an anxiety disorder that makes me afraid of many things. The one thing I CAN say I overcame is my fear of having a steady job. When I was 16, I got my first job at Taco Bell. I was so excited to finally be making my own money and have the opportunity to buy whatever I wanted. I began to train and started learning how to handle the ropes. Everything started to feel a little bit like a routine, until I started actually working and not just training. I began working the register and can vividly remember at least three specific times where I messed up someone’s order like CRAZY. It was extremely anxiety inducing for me and absolutely awful to get through. All of these factors made me terrified to come into work every time I had a shift. Due to all of my mess ups, a bunch of personal things began happening in my life. This all began to pile up until I completely broke under pressure, and my entire life spiraled down. I ended up leaving the job and never going back, even though I only worked there for a few weeks. For over a year I was absolutely terrified to get another job. Finally, I ended up forcing myself to apply for an interview. I ended up getting the job, and I have been working at The Stadium ever since. I can proudly say that I conquered my fear of getting another job, and this time I know I can stay with this occupation.

  42. I have always loved singing but one of my biggest fears used to be people around me actually hearing me sing. Although I am not completely as confident as I would like to be, being in choir and learning to not be afraid to sing out has really pushed me to face that fear. I think I got to the point where I didn’t want to be afraid anymore and decided to not care what anyone else thought. I use this mentality everyday and it helps me so much. It also helps to apply this approach in other aspects of my life where I feel unsure!

  43. My biggest fear was change. Any type of change terrified me and I always wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I confronted this fear by going to this school. I left all my friends at TO to come here and honestly it is one of the best decisions I’ve made 🙂 I’m in an incredible choir and I’ve met some amazing friends and I have stepped out of my comfort zone in other factors too and I’m not afraid of any change 🙂

  44. I use to be scared of the dark… like a lot and I would avoid being In the dark as much as possible all the way until I was like 8, mostly because of a really scary story that I was told by my dad that was passed down to him by his dad and so forth. It was a story about this one demon thing that would follow u Whisper to u and kill u if you ever were alone in the dark and we’re thinking about it. I’m gonna stop there cuz I don’t want to scare anyone…… so anyways one day in 2012 I think,🤔 maybe 2011….. I decided I was sick of being so scared every time the sun went down that I decided to put an end to in by sleeping in the office room in my back yard. If you’ve never been to my house just imagine a bedroom sized shed 120ish feet away from a house…….. I started by building a fort of pillows inside, then I filled it with nerf guns and pop-it’s (which at the time I thought were strong enough to fight monsters with). I finished setting everything up around 7pm just before the sun went down, (oh by the way I had a cheap set of night vision goggles and a bunch of cameras set up for extra security. As the sun went down I retreated to my fort and played angry birds to pass the time. Around 1am I was at the peek of my scaredness due to a drop in temperature within my fort. I decided to give up at 2am after hearing wispers coming from behind the shed, so I ran as fast as I could out of the shed across the grass and through the sliding glass doors of my house, went I caught my breath I cried out for my grandma yelling it’s gonna kill me, she immediately jumped out of bed and came running to save me when she got to me she was very disappointed that I had not made it the night in the shed but she gave me a very very important word of advice

    the dark is only scary if you aren’t shining bright, so shine bright And you will never be scared

    I think it’s a metaphor for saying it’s all in your head but anyway……..

    I marched back outside and found nothing. No demon, no monster waiting to eat me, it was all in my head.

    • I was bored, so I am reading these, and I love this story, David. Your grandma seems so pure and sweet. I hope that the story still does not make you scared:)

  45. One fear that I conquered was the other day when I was standing in close proximity to butterflies when they were being released in my AP Enviro class. I have had a deathly fear of them ever since I was little and it has never gone away, so that was a pretty big thing for me.

  46. Ok, this is a very weird story… when I was about 11 or 12 my parents rented out the first Percy Jackson movie because I had just finished the book. So there I was sitting on the floor with a glass of milk per usual having a real swell time and the scene with Medusa comes on and suddenly I was filled with dread. I look down at my glass and thought to myself what if there were snakes in my milk? I knew even back then that it was completely illogical but still, it’s not like you can see through it so the possibility was there. For the rest of middle school, I didn’t drink a drop of milk out of fear that snakes would bite my face. I never really conquered it as much as I just forgot 🙂

  47. A big fear of mine (still something I struggle with) is sharing how I truly feel about situations that are emotionally intense, especially ones where others may not understand how I feel/never experienced what I’m going through. My fear is that people will judge me for how I’m feeling or won’t know how to react since this applies to emotions I generally never show others. Since it’s difficult for me to express with my own words what I’m experiencing, I have turned to music to adequately capture how I feel without the pressure of telling other people directly what’s going on. As a way to overcome this fear of judgment, I have shared some of my songs with others as a way to show what I feel in a form that is easier for others to react to and digest, while being deeply personal at the same time. This is something I struggle with constantly, but i’m working on it!

  48. For my entire life I’ve been terrified of being a disappointment mostly in regards to my family. Not only do I set extremely high expectation for myself, but there are already existing ones unintentionally set by my two successful older sisters and parents. Both my parents and my sisters went to amazing colleges and my sisters are both on the path to amazing careers. I have always been terrified that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same things my family did. The idea of being the only one in my family who wouldn’t be able to do the same things used to terrify me. However, I recently talked with my sisters and my parents about how this was always a major concern of mine and they all had thoughtful things to say. Overall, they told me that I shouldn’t have to feel any pressure to do or be anything I don’t want to be. Just because my family went down a certain path, doesn’t mean that I have to and I’ve learned to accept it. Although it is still difficult to not think about the expectations, I have much improved from the way it used to effect my daily life.

    • I know you all may find this weird but for I don’t know how long, I have a fear of people touching my elbows. For some reason it’s a place we’re people some how accidentally touch sometimes and I when they are touched I feel like my bone is being touched and I just get the worst, most uncomfortable feeling ever. Over the summer I went to a church camp and we played Teapot tag, and basically the whole point of the game is getting people out by tagging them on their elbow. It was a struggle to play but it helped normalized the feeling and now I still get that feeling a little bit, I don’t freak out that much. It’s a work in progress and I know that one day that my elbows can be touched and I won’t freak out.

  49. I’ve been scared of going up to people I don’t know and introducing myself because it just feels awkward to me. However, when I went to camp, I literally knew like one person so it was necessary to talk to people I didn’t know. I made a lot of new friends and now I’m a lot more comfortable introducing myself and starting conversations! Yay!

  50. So since, I don’t know how long, I have a fear of people touching my elbows. For some reason it’s a place we’re people some how accidentally touch sometimes and I when they are touched I feel like my bone is being touched and I just get the worst, most uncomfortable feeling ever. Over the summer I went to a church camp and we played Teapot tag, and basically the whole point of the game is getting people out by tagging them on their elbow. It was a struggle to play but it helped normalized the feeling and now I still get that feeling a little bit, I don’t freak out that much. It’s a work in progress and I know that one day that my elbows can be touched and I won’t freak out.

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