Small Acts of Kindness


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Our blog assignment this week is to choose a small act of kindness, do it, and explain what you did and how it might have affected the day of your intended target.

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This assignment is worth 10 points and because of the time needed to plan and execute is due Monday September 23rd at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love random acts of kindness (but just barely).

Mrs. R.

113 thoughts on “Small Acts of Kindness

  1. My first year at a different high school, I had a group of friends but I wasn’t that close with them since I was new and it was only the first week. I saw a girl sitting alone and I asked if she wanted to sit with me and my “friends”. After a week I decided to move friend groups because I got more comfortable with other people I met in my classes so I ate lunch with them, and the girl came with me. Now, about 3 years later, she’s still friends with them and stayed friends with them after I left and came to westlake. I’m happy she stayed friends with them and I helped her find people that she could be herself with 🙂

    • Prescilla, that is so nice that even in the midst of your friendships changing, you helped another person and acted as their anchor when they were lost at sea.
      I had a very similar experience in sixth grade, sitting next to a girl who was alone at lunch. With my friend, I agreed to join her at the barren lunch table. I remember asking, “Do you want to sit together tomorrow?” after the first day and I could barely hear her little mumbled “sure.” I learned about a year later that her brother was sitting with her for the first week of school, but he forced her to go make friends that day, and we were the first people that she talked to! Seven years of friendship and she is someone that daily reminds me of the goodness of my life and stands by me on my faith walk. Kindness seems to always rebound:)

    • I think that’s something a lot of people aren’t willing to do and are too lazy to do. I have so much respect for you becuase you probably don’t know how you’ve changed her life and that’s awesome

  2. Almost every time I get in line for something, I usually let someone go ahead of me first. I do just to be nice. I bet it makes the person happy that they get to the end of the line a bit faster xD.

  3. Last year was rough for me on a number of levels, and it affected my demeanor and my treatment of both myself and others. During Idyllwild, Aly Brook responded that her pet peeve is when people rant about their day and never simply ask, “How are you?”
    This prompted some self-reflection: I am someone who is so self-focused that I can’t even ask a simple question, I thought. I promised to myself that this school year, no matter how clouded with school work, college applications, sports, volunteering, personal affairs, and family matters, I WILL be the kind of person that asks, “So how is your day so far? Can I do anything for you?”. Aly has taught me a lot about how to be selfless not just in this comment, but in her endless affection for everyone around her. Today I texted a friend who has a hard time acclimating to Westlake’s environment, about her day, and I hope that even the small question can be enough to know someone DOES REALLY care.

    • I love that you considered this personally after talking about this with Aly. I remember having a similar discussion at another summer camp this past summer with my church and it is something I have learned to be very conscious of as well. You do a wonderful job with checking in on people and genuinely wanting to know how they are and I admire that about you a lot.

    • It matters a whole lot just to ask others how their day was, and it can even start a long conversation about school and where you work, and your favorite coffee drink at Starbucks:) I love being asked that, especially when it’s someone I don’t really know, and that can boost our relationship

    • I love this so much!! I’m totally guilty of just starting to complain without even considering someone else’s life so this is really inspiring to me!

    • You are so thoughtful, Hadley! Yes, just a simple, genuine greeting and earnest concern for someone can help them remember their importance and “spiral up” 😉 the rest of their day… and even pay it forward!

    • HADLEY, you are an absolute ray of sunshine. I absolutely love every word you said in this comment— I think so often taking a second to stop and listen to someone else for a change can actually help us escape temporarily from our own problems. As a society, we need to learn how to be better listeners because sometimes just a moment of time and feeling of being heard is all that one needs to get through the day with a smile.

    • Omg Hadley!! You are the most selfless person! Anyone who meets you should be so thankful that they have you in their life!

  4. Yesterday I was talking to one of my besties (Tess) she’s been a little stress lately so I got her candy and made her a letter telling her how amazing she is and i dropped it off at her door step and waited till she found it. I hope she liked it because it made me happy making it. If you don’t know Tess you should definitely go talk to her cause she is the best. I appreciate you so much Tess!! I hope it made your day!!! love you 🙂

  5. Yesterday I wrote a small note of encouragement to each of my immediate family members. The encouragement was either a general statement of positivity or about something specific going on in their day to day life. I also included a polaroid I had taken in the past that either reminded me of that family member or was a picture of them that I love. It’s amazing to encourage your friends but we sometimes forget our immediate family, that we see regularly if we are lucky, deserves and needs that encouragement as much as friends we do not spend as much time with do.

    • Tess I love this so much! I think I’m going to do this later so thank you. I think the polaroid idea is really cute and smart.

    • It is important to remind people you are there for them no matter what and what they mean to you so this was such a great idea. The note really lifted me up at a time when I was stressed so it meant a lot to me!! ❤

    • That is such a sweet idea Tess, I love it! You’re the best. Sometimes we forget to say how thankful we are to the people who mean the most to us. I think I’m going to do this this week for my people

  6. My friend was very upset and stressed this week so I had an idea to send him a funny text every couple of hours to make him laugh. He had a lot of tests that day and told me that he definitely did better because I put him in a good mood so that made me feel good! Just sending a simple text like “I love you, have a great day” can make someone’s day or even week so I highly recommend!

    • That’s so sweet of you, Alexa! I totally agree- helping someone switch into a positive, reassured mindset can really make a difference!

    • i totally agree! It really does make someone’s day and you never know, they might need that little bit of encouragement or kindness

  7. I complimented someone at school I don’t know and I could tell one small action brightened her day. she had seemed stressed out and it took barely any effort on my part to try and make her day a little better!

  8. My friend recently went through a break up from a relationship that she’s been in for 2 years (that’s quite long for high school!) and has clearly not been feeling the best lately, so this week I brought to her house a little bouquet of flowers and a framed picture of a great memory of us. It was so uplifting to see her happiness from the little surprise! 🙂

  9. The act of kindness I did this past week was give strangers compliments. I think this is one of the most simple acts of kindness, but it can really make a huge impact on someone’s day. I believe more people need to compliment each other. It can build up a person’s confidence in themselves or even make their day. It could be about someone’s outfit, about their smile, about anything! At work, I complimented a girl and her mom, who were wearing matching outfits to a birthday party. As soon as I complimented her, the little girl had a huge smile on her face. I know many people think compliments in their heads, but never verbally say them to the other person. Trust me, seeing it make the other person’s day is truly awesome! Writer Brad Montague once said, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” This is my favorite quote because it’s a daily reminder for me to say hello to someone or compliment them, because it’s the little things that can have the biggest impact.

    • Its the most simple act of kindness, but the best part about that is that I love that you always manage to do it everyday!

    • There is so much wisdom in this, Aly. I know I’m personally guilty of being too scared to compliment strangers sometime, but you’re so right that just a few words can put the biggest smile and have the greatest impact on someone’s day. You are one of the sincerest human beings I’ve had the honor of knowing, and it warms my heart to hear that other people get to experience your kindness.

    • You have such a positive attitude every day that it motivates me to be more positive. I really appreciate being around that brightness.

  10. For my act of kindness this week I wrote my friend a little note. She wasn’t having a good week so I tried to make her feel a little better! Even the small things can make someones day a whole lot better:)

  11. A few days ago we had an in class essay in my AP English Literature class. There was a kid in my government class that I don’t really talk to panicking because he didn’t have a working pen. He was only asking the immediate friends around him for an extra pen but no one was giving him one. I went up to him and asked if he wanted to borrow one of mine and he seemed so grateful that I went out of my way to help him. Even though it is super small, I can now totally appreciate how someone just overhearing a conversation can join in to help.

    • Everyone wins when we do nice things for each other and imagine how much nicer the world would be if we all just kept paying it forward?

    • Dang Brandon, reading this, I appreciate you, as I almost never have a writing utensil of my own, so I’m always asking other people to use theirs’. This is awesome because I’ll probably now ask you for pens or pencils when I need one.

  12. A few days ago at my work we had a bunch of smoothies and drinks people forgot to come pick up, so instead of throwing them away I went around and gave them to Whole Foods employees. They were all so thankful saying I made their day and they really appreciated it. t really shows how big of an impact something so small can have ♡

    • Baylee, this was such a wonderful act of kindness. I smiled reading it since not only did you brighten other people’s day with the smoothies but also you did the environment a service by not filling it with even more unnecessary waste. Two in one!

  13. Hi guys! So this week, I decided to give all my family members little notes around the house to keep them going through their day. Sometimes, life can stressful, so to cheer them up, I decided random positive and uplifting messages could give them a boost of confidence. I have two younger sisters who are 9 and 12. The littlest, Hadley, even started writing kind notes back to me, which made me feel even better! I really enjoyed this assignment, and it allowed me to realize how being kind and giving back is so simple and easy that literally anyone anywhere could do it!

    • That’s such a cute idea! It’s such an amazing example of how little acts of kindness can truly make an impact on someone

    • AWWW I love this!! It makes me so happy that your kindness is already spreading to others around you. Hadley has a really great role model with you being her older sister.

  14. Earlier last week, I had been incredibly stressed about taking my ACT because this would be one of my last shots to improve my score and impress colleges. My best friend Max not only comforted me with words of affirmation but also took the time out of his busy schedule to FaceTime me every night for the whole week to help me study. That was such a touching act of kindness on his end that I wanted to do something sweet for him since I’ve learned in the past few months how especially important it is to reciprocate the energy and selflessness others provide you. I think so often I forget that I’m not the only person with such a busy, sometimes overwhelming life, and to know that people put their life on hold to help you really warms my heart. So, on Monday, I surprised Max with a handwritten card and a bunch of Kit-Kat bars! I remembered that those were some of his favorite candies, and I wanted to show that I put a little thought into the gift. Plus chocolate makes everyone happy. Max gave me the BIGGEST hug because he wasn’t expecting such a gesture, and I hadn’t expected such a gesture from him in staying up to help me pass the ACT! Kindness truly is a gift that keeps on giving, and I’m smiling just recalling these little moments.

  15. There is the very shy yet sweet girl I’ve known since kindergarten. And when i say she’s shy, i mean it. We have History together and she seemed very sad and i tried to make conversation with her, but she wasn’t very involved. So later that day i texted her and told her if she ever wants to talk to someone that I’m here, or if she wants to sit with my friends and i at lunch that she was welcome too. Also Last weekend i had gone out with some of my friends and we went out to dinner! Both of my friends had enough money, but i decided to pay for their meals! Obviously not all acts of kindness involve money but i decided to cover their meals 🙂

    • That is so sweet. As someone who has been in her position before, it is people like you who reach out and act with kindness that make things better.

  16. So usually my math teacher asks us how we’re feeling on the subject, makes sure we know the content, and never gets frustrated with us and no one ever really says anything when she asks. I really felt that good teachers should never go unnoticed so told her after class all the things I appreciate about her and her class. I hope that It made her day and made her feel appreciated.

  17. This week, I made cookies for ACA, although I was planning to bake cookies for everyone in vocal, I ran out of cookie dough. It was nothing big, but I felt good to see smiles on other’s faces as they receive a cookie. I like to be kind to people, but I know that I get worked up over little matter in my life that take my focus away from others. I occasionally become impatient with my peers, but I try to show compassion on others and be patient with everyone. I hope through these small acts of kindness that we may brighten other’s days, and become a program that truly gives back to our community and peers.

  18. I had done little acts of kindness these past two weeks, like this one girl in my history class was having a super rough day so I made her sit down and talk about it and vent it out to me so she could feel heard. I then gave her a hug which made her feel so much better and it felt great since she was going through some really really rough times. I try to say hi to someone I usually don’t talk to much just so they can feel heard. However, this assignment just spoke to me because a week before it was assigned, I had just asked Mrs. Rolniak for permission to do a drive for feminine hygiene products and I never thought that today I would be here saying that I organized that drive. Her little act of kindness made a huge impact on me and I hope my little act of kindness makes an impact on these homeless shelters. Just hearing that the tenors of Vocal would donate just warms my heart and honestly, I teared up because I didn’t think I would get a positive response so quickly. I also want to shamelessly promote this cause because it is something I really, truly believe in and just that small little thought in my head turned into the first-ever drive for Periods with Pride CA and that makes me so happy.

  19. I was truly excited when we were given this particular blog assignment. It gave me two whole weeks to really think about how I can be kind to those around me. As those two weeks went by quickly, and as I sit here writing this now, I realize that I had it the wrong way all along. Personally, I feel that the whole point of kindness is that you shouldn’t have to think about it. Kindness is second nature. Kindness is instinctive. Kindness is a lifestyle. During these past two weeks I racked my brain to try and think of ways to be kind to people so I could write about them for this blog. All of my kindest acts that I ended up doing in these weeks, and in my whole life for that matter, were done without thinking about it. No ulterior motives. No looming assignment. Just kindness. One of my friends didn’t have enough money to pay for dinner while we were all eating out. I wasn’t thinking about this assignment when I gave him enough to cover the cost. Every single compliment, every smile, every wave, every word of encouragement, every hug. This assignment didn’t even cross my mind as I did any of those things. And I think that’s really the beauty of it. Kindness blossoms where selflessness is planted. True kindness can’t be done with yourself in mind. Kindness is about thinking of others before yourself. So before I started writing this and was figuring out which act of kindness was worthy of the blog, I realized that all of them were. Because everything done for someone without thinking of yourself first is truly the greatest act of kindness.

  20. Approximately three weeks ago, I received a message from my former middle school choir teacher. She had always been incredibly kind and helped me get over many hurdles. She had asked me to come in and assist her Men’s Ensemble with music and such, but to also set an example of what a good choir member should be like. Immediately I was flattered by this, but simply hearing the words “Middle School” caused me to panic. It brought back painful memories of the past I wish were best left forgotten. I started to create my response and give some stupid excuse on how I can’t help her, but half-way through typing I stopped. I realized that I was being yellow-bellied about the situation and felt honor-bound to help her because after all, she helped me. So, I deleted the message that I was currently typing and instead accepted the invitation to help. I still become anxious whenever I return to rehearse with them at the school, but what gets me through it is knowing that I did the right thing.

    • Nathaniel I truly appreciate your for of speech as an example, the term “yellow bellied”! Anyways I’m sorry you had a tough time in middle school because that was me in elementary school, but I’m glad that you had a positive relationship with Mrs. Hague, because for some people such as I, had a very annoying and angry tone with her. She was and is rude to me but it wasn’t nearly as apparent until I was out of her class, as she’s more admirer about disrespecting me now. For example I tried recruiting the lil middle school kiddos at All district last year, and each time she shunned me away. The first time she did it I was annoyed, but then she did it again later even though there were 5 other WHS kids doing the same things as I. Oh well, I try not to bark on the past😂! But I hope you had fun with the Haguelings

  21. This week for my act of kindness, I texted my friends some simple messages telling them why I love them!! I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my friends have been really stressed between school, friends, and any extracurricular activities that they’re involved with. I decided that some small pick-me-ups were just what they needed. Sending these messages to my friends made me feel really great. A lot of the time, people do not realize how incredible they are or how much of an impact they have on your life. It made me happy to remind them how much they mean to me and so many others. I hope it made them feel happy too!! I really mean it when I say that every single one of you has impacted me in a positive way. Whether it’s waving to me in the hallway, giving me a hug, or simply smiling at me, these things do not go unnoticed. I really love all of you and hope you realize how important you are in my life. Thank you all for spreading kindness not only in the past two weeks, but every single day.

    • Aww I love this Lucy! I know how good it feels to send or receive and words of appreciation through a text or even in person so this is such a sweet idea!!

    • Receiving cute little pick-me-ups is always such a great feeling. It can honestly help so much. It’s so amazing how something so small can mean so much.

  22. I loved this assignment! I do agree with what Garrett said above: that these acts of kindness should almost be second nature. What I did these past two weeks was sit and talk to any person I saw that was alone during lunch, or after school. We should never leave anybody out, or ignore them, instead, just introduce yourself and see where that conversation goes. I met sweet girls who are ballet dancers, lacrosse players, and amazing guitarists! I really enjoyed getting to know each of them, and I hope that they enjoyed my company, or felt less stressed or anxious about anything they previously had going on in their minds. Aside from all that, I did another act of kindness. There was this one day that this girl wasn’t having the best day, and I don’t know her well at all! But I felt the need, and the want to do something for her. So the next day I gave her a card, and pink starbursts (because I like them, and they represent joy and luck to me). It wasn’t big at all, but acts of kindness don’t have to be. Because It’s the thought that counts.

  23. When I was in the drive through for starbucks I bought the person’s drink behind me. Although it was a very simple act I think small things can just bring so much light into someone’s day. Even though I have no idea who the person behind me was and they don’t know me I just hope it encouraged them to do something small for something else. It never has to be anything major but being kind gives people a sense of happiness that they can spread to others and I try to remember that 🙂

  24. For my small act of kindness, I landed my friend a pen in tech class. It was sunny Tuesday and we both had our miter saw and angle grinder safety tests. We were getting ready to take it and oh no Tommy forgot a pen. So, I said, “I got you”. Now I went to my bag. Booom I found a pen. Now Tommy could take his safety test! Wes both ended up doing well. We also took our practical. We also passed that! Now we can use so fun tools.

  25. Last Friday I drove past a homeless man, with the other half of my grilled cheese from BJs sitting in the seat next to me. I felt the need to give him some of my food because it was such a hot day and he had nothing. I went home and packed a little lunch for this man. I put string cheese, a package of cashews, a roll, and the other half of my grilled cheese in a little paper bag. I drove back to where he was earlier that day and offered him the lunch. Although he declined, it still felt good knowing that I tried to help someone out.

    • Awww I love this kaylee ! I love how you thought of others and offered them food. A grilled cheese sounds sooo goood haha.

  26. Last week during class I accidentally spilled Ximena’s coffee over. I felt so bad. So during lunch I went to starbucks and bought her a new drink, and also bought a gift card to make up for the other times that it had spilled her coffee and to make up for the future times it may happen again. It felt good to make amends for my mistake and to do something nice for someone who I care about.

  27. My act of kindness was me teaching Lucy Daurio a magic trick. This was because I brought a deck of cards to the Sherwood Performance for Vocal and I was showing her and some other people so mind blowing stuff, and by mind blowing I mean tricks that I learned in 10minutes. Anyways Lucy was wowed by the trickery and had asked to teach her a trick even though I had taught her one before. And though there are very strict rules in magic not to teach people tricks, I decided I would give in. Additionally I needed something to write about for my blog assignment and this “did the trick quite nicely”…(get it because tricks in magic… gosh I’m funny)! Anyway I didn’t think this was good enough so I will even go as far to teach all the readers of this post a trick. Okay, here we go! First, you have your victim, I mean, volunteer pick a card at random from your flourish that you have done. You ask them to remember the card and maybe even show it to some friends. Then you cut the deck in half, remembering the bottom card from the original deck. You then proceed to have the person put their card on the top of the cut deck, and put the other half ( WITH THE BOTTOM CARD ON TOP OF THEIR CARD). From this, you can have them cut the deck, and hopefully they don’t do exactly half the deck. You can proceed to flip the cards over, and laid them out across some sort of surface that you’re near So all the cards are showing. You then offer up a dumb story of how when a person sees something they recognize their pulse begins to speed up, or some (Bacon Sandwich) like that, and ask them to give you their wrist. With this, you may pretend as if your feeling their pulse as you begin to go over the the cards with their hand. When you see the bottom card that you cut above their card, you look one card directly to the right of it, and if you didn’t cut to fanciful, you will see and know their card. From this you may begin to make a claim as if when you scrolled over whatever portion of cards that their card is in, their pulse sped up. From this you may progressively shorten the amount of cards spread out until finally you say “AHA! I believe I know which card it is!” Then use there hand to grab the card and pull it from the other cards, and watch their face glow up with amazement. This tutorial has been brought to you by Alec Papadol, don’t forget to like and subscribe, and have a great rest of your day! Also Your welcome!

  28. for my random act of kindness, I didn’t do anything huge. My goal was to try to give out more compliments in a day than i usually would. I chose to do this because there are so many loving and caring people in my life (and this choir!) that always go out of their way to boost other people’s confidence and make their days better. In my eyes this is a very selfless and humble thing that is seemingly small, but can really change someones day for the better. As i have been trying to do this, i thought about a recent week that was a little bit harder on me than other weeks, and the small things people did for me really helped me get through it and i wanted to do this for other, because you truly never know whats going on in someones life 🙂

    • I feel like those small acts of kindness are always the ones that make a very big impact in people’s lives :). Very cool !

  29. Originally, I was going to write about some other acts of kindness that I had done in the past two weeks, but this morning I decided to change my plan.
    While singing My Very Own this morning, Mrs. Rolniak was saying how impactful it can be when someone calls you beautiful. In my opinion, it’s not a word that is said enough. It really is inside and out, nut just surface level. It means more than “pretty” or “gorgeous,” at least in my eyes.

    One of my friends was complimented the other and told me that she was shocked, because people don’t compliment her that often. I compliment her, but I think I’m one of the few people who do. She was so surprised that someone actually noticed her in a way that wasn’t just a passing thought or looked at her in a way that wasn’t just as simple as recognizing her presence.

    This morning, I decided to call her beautiful. I think she thought it was awkward at first, but then I explained. She deserves so much love and happiness and to realize how incredible she is. She doesn’t get it told to her enough. She started to tear up which made me happy and sad. Happy because it meant something to her, but sad because it was obviously more than has often been said to her before. She is so loved and deserves to feel it. She is beautiful.

    Tell someone they are beautiful; they might need it.

  30. Last week a new freshman came into my math class. I didn’t know anything about him, so I just assumed he was a super smart freshman who somehow was able to skip two years ahead in math, and I was really surprised because he looked really really young. We had finished the lesson a little early, so we had about 10 mins left in class to either do homework or talk, we could basically do whatever we wanted. Everyone in the class was either talking with each other or getting work done, and I looked back and I saw this little kid just sitting there while everyone was talking to each other around him and he looked a little lonely and like he didn’t know what to do. So I went over and sat next to him and said hi and started to talk to him. His name is Oliver, and turns out he had to sit in our class for a little bit while his class did test corrections because he missed the test while at his cousin’s wedding in Mexico. He was really nice and I was glad I talked to him and introduced him to some of my other friends in the class and that he didn’t feel alone after. We were all sad to see him go back to his class after.

    • Awww way to go !! The normal thing for us to do in a class if we see someone new is to never go up to them and talk to them and just continue to talk to our friends. This is something I personally want to do. 🙂

  31. It was my little brother’s birthday yesterday and I I saved up money to take him and my little sister to Universal! We have season passes so we easily got in but I bought them a bunch of toys and food and had way tooooo much fun. It was a special birthday since he was turning 10 years old. DOUBLE. DIGITS. I feel old. 😂

  32. I feel like this act of kindness that I did meant a lot to me. I was with my parents and they were talking to one of their friends and they were talking about how their daughter needed help in doing homework and just help with school in general. So I offered to help her do her homework knowing that her parents are always busy but want the best for her and I had the time after school since I get out early. They accepted my offer and I was very excited. Just helping someone out with school that was struggling made me happy because I know I’ve dealt with that myself growing up and knowing that I did it out of all the kindness in my heart made me feel proud of myself.

  33. My act of kindness this week was that one of my friends in choir was having a really rough night and was very overwhelmed and upset. I tried to talk to her one on one so hopefully she would feel better and less overwhelmed, she even ended up helping me because I was a little stressed too. Then after she hadn’t eaten all day so we went to Taco Bell and I bought her some burritos so she wouldn’t starve to death. I hope this act of kindness helped her realize that I am always there for her and will always be a shoulder to cry on when she’s sad or needs me 🙂

  34. I work at the Writing Center a few times a month and I absolutely love it. Certain times of the year, the Writing Center is more packed than usual due to big research papers, In class essays, college essays, etc. and last week was definitely one of those times. We usually have 5-6 tutors in the center but we got way more students than we expected, so I decided to come in on my only off day that week. Even though I had things scheduled for every other day at lunch, I decided to go in because there were clearly a lot of people who were in need. I met with two students that day who were both overwhelmed with the Essay writing process and I’m glad I was there to help them before their essay was due the next day. I love working at the Center and helping other kids, but last Tuesday definitely warmed my heart. I would also like to mention that Carolina De Los Rios and I made Mr. Nigro a hot Pink rock for his birthday and his smile made both of our days! :))))))))

  35. This is kinda weird to me writing about this in general but hi! At church on the Sunday before last I sat next to a someone I didn’t know the week before last. I think his name is Sci, I don’t know how to spell it. But hopefully he felt more comfortable at church that morning than normal. He’s been going to my church for a while but he was still sitting alone and I know many kinds coming to the morning service just because their parents make them so I hope that he felt more welcomed than he had before then.

  36. On Friday morning my boyfriend received news that his grandfather had passed away. He had called me at four in the morning to tell me but I was completely asleep which made me even sadder when I woke up. I continued my day feeling super awful knowing that I couldn’t be there for him and seeing him go through this devastating moment alone. So during nutrition I called my mom and asked her if she could call a florist to send a flower arrangement for my boyfriend and one for his grandmother. His grandparents and I have a really close relationship so I called his grandmother about 15 minutes after she received the flowers. She told me that it was the sweetest thing I could have done and that she loved me (you can sure bet i CRIED). Although I felt horrible for their loss and being thousands of miles away, hearing them tell me how through such a rough time I made them smile made me feel like I was there comforting them. Even if I made them smile for a split second. I am happy I did this because now I’m considering sending his grandmother flowers every other week so she could remember how special she is for me as well.

    • this makes me sooo happy:) i am so sorry for your boyfriend and his family’s loss, but they are so lucky to have someone like you in their lives.

  37. Odin never brings his card so sometimes Iran a pain because not everywhere takes Apple Pay. Odin and I were out getting bagels on Saturday and as he was at he cashier he gave me the “ Andreeeessss I don’t have moneyyyy” look and I paid for his bagels. I mean this probably impacted him a lot because he’s a very tall boy so he needs a lot of sustenance to keep him alive so I definitely made his day less tiresome and sluggish.

  38. This one time I rescued 2 lost dogs in T.O.
    Story 1: I was on my way home when I saw a dog on the side of the street we stopped the car and attempted to lure the dog into my car. After successfully capturing this wild Pokémon I checked for ID and attempted to call the owners. After calling 3 times I decided to just go to the address engraved in the dog tag. It was a quick 4 minute drive to the home of an older woman that goes by the name Margret. She then explained to me how she was still missing a second pooch by the name of kicko, and asked me if I could keep an eye out because these dogs mean the world to her. I said of course I would and went back home.end of story 1

    Story 2(the next day): I was going on a run with my mom at the park when we saw a really big dog(soon to be identified as a Great Dane). At first my mom and I were afraid to approach it due to its massive size but after a lap I started to think what if it’s the same dog the lady told me to look out for. I decided to call it by the name she gave me and it responded. I pet and played with the dog for like an hour and then took it home. Margret was so happy when I knocked on the door with her dog. This was around a year ago and we have been friends ever since. Sometimes our family’s will go on walks together with our dogs. Thought it was a cool story sorry if it’s too long 😬

  39. Random acts of kindness are my absolute favorite things. Seeing someone light up for some of the most simple or daliesque action is one of the greatest things in life. My act of kindness was completely inadvertent. At Starbucks, I ordered an iced matcha and I had no idea they were going to give me two, a hot and a cold. Matcha is my most favorite drink right now and I was stoked to have one for the morning. At back to school night, I was walking by the lady in the cart, and figured I did not need two drinks and thought she would want one. When I offered it to her she was completely shocked, and she asked why I would give it to her and wasn’t there another person that I would rather give it to. I told her she is unappreciated at this school and its the least I can do for the services she provides us. She was even more shocked that I said that and the smile on her face was brighter than the sun. Sometimes, its the small thing that can make the biggest impact on a person’s life. Moving forward, I want to do my very best and light people’s lives up in anyway I can.

  40. I think friends should always be there for each other when one of them is going through a hard time. I always make a point to let my friends know that I am supporting them when they are struggling. I listen to them and do what I can to help them through. People typically do this when they know their friend is specifically going through a hard time. However, this week I randomly asked my friend if there is anything at all she wants to tell someone about right now. I said she could tell me about something positive that she happy about right now or something difficult she is upset about. She was surprised but happy that I asked this, because she actually had a lot going on and on her mind. I listened and talked through with her about current events in her life. We have a better connection now, and I’m happy to know how powerful this small gesture can be, and what it can mean to someone. I will definitely do this more often and I suggest everyone does.

  41. I did a group act of kindness with Garrett, Julia, and Rachel!! There’s a boy who holds open the door on the 4th building, 2nd floor near Schleners class every single day without fail, despite most people never acknowledging him. All 4 of us have noticed him, and we thank him every day, so we wanted to show appreciation to let him know that his actions aren’t going by unseen. We asked him what kind of candy he like and he replied chocolate, so we took that info and Garrett and I both got chocolate bars, and Rachel and Julia wrote him notes. We delivered it to him today during nutrition (when he normally holds the door) and he wasn’t expecting it at all and didn’t know what to say when we handed it to him. The look of pure joy on his face was worth more than a thousand words and it was so cool to be able to do something so simple but clearly means so much to the other person.

  42. As some may know, I am close friends with Aly B. and Krista U. When they came to me to help them with their act for the choir showcase, I was really excited to be able to listen in! They put in so much effort and time to work on every aspect of the song. One day, they started at lunch and didn’t leave until after sixth period was over. I really admired how much they kept trying after something sounded a bit wonky until it was perfected. Then, the showcase day arrived. I knew going into the evening I wanted to get something special for them. I settled with giving them flowers. I was smiling each minute of their performance and cheered extremely loud when they finished. As the show came to an end, I ran up to both of them saying how I feel like a “proud manager.” When I gave them their flowers, their joyous reactions made me feel so happy inside. It was the least I could do for all the preparation they did. I’m so lucky to be friends with these two young women!

  43. Everyday I walk out of the language building with Rylinn and Rachel after we meet up with Garrett. There is a boy who has held the door open every single day since the beginning of the school year. We always tell him thank you and that we appreciate him. We decided for our random act of kindness that we would bring him a little thank you gift for the small act of compassion that he always seems to do. Last week, Rylinn asked what kind of candy he liked, and he told her that he loves anything chocolate. Garret bough him kit kats, while Rylinn bought him a Hershey’s bar. Rachel and I both wrote him a long thank you note to show him our appreciation. When we gave him these gifts today, he was extremely happy. It warmed my heart to see him so shocked that we would even think of doing something for him, even though it was extremely small. His happiness that just radiated off of him was so heart warming and I loved it.

  44. Last week, I went over to my good friend Cordie’s house after school to work on homework and study for a quiz. Cordie was swamped with homework, and she had a significant amount more than I did. Her parents were also telling her to do a bunch of chores, so I decided to help out. I unloaded the dishwasher, took her dog, Brick (he is absolutely adorable), on a walk, and then cleaned up her room and put away her laundry. I felt really good helping her out because she has done a lot for me in the past, so I was glad I could help.

  45. Ok, so I was babysitting my little cousin for the day and he told me he really wanted ice cream. I had like 20 bucks on me so I made him a deal, ill buy all the ingredients if he makes it. (We made homemade ice cream a lot when we were younger so he knew how) He agreed and we walked down the street to Vons and got everything included. The total was only 15 dollars so I let him get a candy bar too. Then we spent the next hour making vanilla ice cream with loads of toppings and whipped cream. He really appreciated it even though he did get sick in the end.

  46. One act of kindness that I have done during the past two weeks was sitting with a kid who was sitting alone at lunch in the choir room. This made me feel really good just to be that person that possibly made his day. I intended to just make him happy by being able to talk to a friend. Another act of kindness that I did was I stayed with a friend through my lunch to help him finish his test corrections. I hoped that helping him would make him receive a better grade on his test corrections, and I also wanted to help him understand the material.

  47. At the beginning of the school year, I remember walking to third period and saw Alec walking ahead of me, and I noticed that he was still using his broken backpack from last year which had looked pretty worn out. I felt bad for him because he always seemed to struggle carrying his stuff around, but then I got an idea. Before school started, I got a new backpack thinking that it would be better to use that instead of one of my old ones. Ultimately, I didn’t end up using it so it was just sitting in my room. And since Alec needed a new backpack, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to give mine to him, so I did. At first, he was confused about why I did something so kind for him, but later he texted me saying how grateful he was for that backpack. Overall, I’m glad I made that choice to do something for a friend in need, even if the task was simple. 🙂

  48. Yesterday I spoke to a friend I haven’t seen in person since middle school. She had moved to Belgium the summer after 7th grade. It was nice catching up and I learned that I was the only person from Thousand Oaks who even still talked to her. Everyone else had forgotten about it. She was really happy that someone here still remembered her. Talking to her reminded me of another of my friends who had also moved away the same year to Chicago. It made both of them so happy as we recalled fond memories from middle school.

  49. One act of kindness I’ve done recently was make sure that a specific girl wasn’t sitting alone when we could pick our seats in class. People were moving from table to table and it looked like she was going to end up alone, so I chose to invite her to sit with me and some of my friends. Even if it wasn’t super obvious at the time to her, I know she felt happier than she would have if I hadn’t done anything 🙂 She ended up helping out some of my friends with the work we were doing so it turned out to be a win-win situation!

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