Who are YOU??

Well Hello!!

Our first blog assignment is a getting to know you assignment.  Please tell us 5 things about you.  This could be anything from your favorite band to the fact you have 2 belly buttons.  This doesn’t have to be in paragraph form and can simply be a numbered list.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Tuesday September 3rd at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.  No extra credit points will be given to late assignments.

I can’t wait to hear all about you.  I hope you find others with your same interests.

I love you more than I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Mrs. R.

172 thoughts on “Who are YOU??

  1. -I have 2 cats and a dog
    -My favorite band is Queen and I have seen them live twice
    -My favorite color is blue
    -I’m taller than my mom and my grandma
    -My best friend since 3rd grade moved to Utah in 7th grade and I spend Christmas with her every year since my family and I are Jewish

  2. 1. I love Disneyland! I go so often, I know basically all the in’s and out’s of the place, including hidden menus and secret activities. Sometimes I go for the rides, other times I go for the shows. And someday I want to be a performer/dancer for their shows.
    2. My favorite color is Burgandy or royal blue
    3. I like to learn dances with my friend Aly and ‘perform them’ for our friends. Hopefully we’ll move on to song covers;)
    4. I am interested in the Entertainment buisness, working in the film area
    5. I work for Conejo TV as a reporter/interviewer and go to events and performances around the area with my tech crew

  3. 1.i enjoy doing flips of different sorts
    2. I know how to speak a language called gibberish that my aunt/sister taught me when I was little tho I’m a bit rusty.
    3. I can recite the Jabberwock poem by Lewis Caroll by heart.
    4. I know how to count to 30in Cantonese and 10 in Japanese.
    5. I was born in West LA and lived there for 8 years before moving to Thousand Oaks, where I hated loving for the first 4-5 maybe 6 years of my life! But now we’re chilling…mostly.

  4. 1.) I love traveling and hope to be able to travel and study abroad in college. (really want to go to Europe !!)
    2.) My friends call me Tennessee Tess so I don’t forget my southern roots but my sopranos like to call me Taco Bell Tess because Rhett told us that helped him remember my name. (I prefer Tennessee Tess 🙂
    3.) My sister and I counted that 12 times in one week of this summer we were asked if we are twins. (she’s a sophomore !)
    4.) I want a teacup pig as a pet but my family wants another dog instead 😦
    5.) AP Psych is the class I’m most excited for this year and math is my least favorite.

    • Hi! I understand why a bunch of people thought that you and your sister were twins. I think a teacup pig would be the cutest pet ever!

    • I am very much looking forward to AP Psych this year as well. I love having classes that I legitimately enjoy throughout the day!

    • Tess! Let’s get a teacup pig together, I want one too! Also I wish we were in AP psych together, that class is so interesting and I miss being in a class with you:(

    • I honestly wouldn’t mind being twins. People seem to think it’s super interesting! I am still not sure why they feel the need to ask if we are though HAHAH

  5. 1. I love spicy food!
    2. I have lived in three different states: California, Arizona, and Florida.
    3. One weird thing about me is that I can wiggle/move my ears.
    4. I did musical theater for eight years.
    5. I love anything chocolate!

  6. 1. I am 1/4 Latino
    2. I love essentially chocolate anything
    3. I have never been to Disneyland
    4. I love playing soccer
    5. One of my fav things is singing loud music in the car with the windows down ! :))

    • Cameron! I had no idea you’ve never been to Disneyland! But I think that means it’s going to be even more fun and special when you get to go for the first time!!!

    • Cameron I’m so sad that you have never been to Disneyland 😦 You should go in my backpack next time we go and we can have a blast eating churros and going on the new rides that just opened up.

  7. Hi Aly! That’s so cool that you did musical theater for 8 years! I’ve also done some musical theater in my days!

  8. 1) I love boba, kombucha, pickles & Dr. Pepper.
    2) My favorite characters are Captain America aka Chris Evans, The Flash aka Grant Gustin, & Winnie the Pooh & Piglet.
    3) I love babies, I love Jesus, I love my church, & I love getting to know new people!!
    4) I play guitar, piano, & percussion, and I’ve played volleyball for 8 years; now I professionally play mariokart and smash bros…Play me. I dare you. Also, I’m in Advanced Anatomy.
    5) I love listening to ALL kinds of music especially while I am driving, hiking or traveling and would love to visit as many national parks as possible.

    Question: What game or universe would you most like to live in?

  9. 1. My favorite food is pickles of any type (preferably the Disneyland one)
    2. Bruno Mars is and will always be my favorite singer
    3. I have been pescatarian for 8 years now.
    4. I have been in choir since Kindergarten
    5. I can do 10 flips under water without taking a breath

  10. 1) I love meat, American food (burgers, chili fries, etc.), seafood, boba, and dark chocolate.
    2) I love Marvel and DC (comics, tv shows, movies, and games)
    3) I like to crack my body. Also, I am a professional dancer when nobody’s watching, and I sing solo concerts in my shower.
    4) I love my church and Jesus!
    5.A) I love the beach (especially in Hawaii)
    5.B) I like SHIELD and ship Fitz and Simmons so hard
    5.C) I want my first job to be at a movie theatre…preferably watching the movies
    5.D) My first celebrity crushes were Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio

    Question: What movie/song title would best describe your life?

    • I’ve recently been thinking about getting a job and getting a job at the movie theater has been on my mind hahaha

  11. 1. I passed out on an airplane once.
    2. I really like dark chocolate, but only with pretzels.
    3. I have scoliosis.
    4. I went to Baskin Robbins, and I forgot how to walk. I tripped on my feet and ran into a table.
    5. I can recite pi to the 50th digit forwards and backwards.

  12. 1. My favorite band is twenty one pilots
    2. I’m in love with Ben Platt
    3. My favorite movies are Sing Street and Rocketman
    4. I’ve been in choir since preschool
    5. People at my old school used to call me the meme king because I have really good memes

  13. 1. I love spicy food.
    2. I have lived in three different states: California, Arizona, and Florida.
    3. One weird thing about me is that I can wiggle/move my ears.
    4. I did musical theater for eight years.
    5. I love anything chocolate!

  14. 1. David Dobrik is my favorite human being
    2. I love listening to Post Malone
    3. I do yoga
    4. I have lived in New Hampshire
    5. I love taking pictures and editing videos

    • Most Palone is adorable and your also really chill. Thanks for helping me figure out how to post on this website 🙂

  15. 1. I only listen to Original Broadway Cast Recordings.
    2. I have a two pugs and two fat cats.
    3. I absolutely LOVE to dance (especially tap) and am known for my constant energy.
    4. I am actively and rigorously involved in musical theatre.
    5. I love my ukulele, my water bottle, and New York 🙂

  16. 1) my dog is also a redhead!
    2) I’ve been to Ireland
    3) I love the color pink
    4) I went to an all girls school
    5) I love shopping

    • AHH i love pink and shopping! Literally anytime i can choose a color I choose pink! What are your fav stores to shop at?

  17. 1. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and moved here when I was 7
    2. I’m in 10th grade
    3. My favorite actor is Tom Holland
    4. I have two younger brothers named Braden and Darren in elementary school
    5. I don’t like dressing on my salad

  18. Aly, spicy foods are the best! We need to do a spicy-off with an array of spicy foods to test our spice tolerances together.

  19. 1: I breathe memes
    2: I figured out how to post on this website
    3:I love twentyonepilots endlessly
    4: I also love anything marvel and I hope Sony and Disney stop arguing over spiderman
    5: I paint and do art when I can
    6: this websites really cool. Super swanky :))

    • I literally laughed out loud when I read #2 and 6. ALSO, I totally agree with you on #4. I need to know what happens after far from home!

  20. 1. Last summer, I learned how to surf, and this July my brothers and I pitched in to buy our own 6-foot board at a used surf shop.
    2. I have three different journals filled with entries, pictures, post-cards, and small souvenirs from my travels.
    3. My parents actually encouraged me to use sign language when I was an infant, like the signs “MORE,” “WANT,” “MOM/ DAD,” “WATER/MILK” and “FOOD,” so sophomore year was not when I was first exposed to ASL.
    4. If I could eat only one dessert for the rest of my life, it would definitely be homemade cookies with ice cream.
    5. I have an allergic reaction when stung by bees. The last time I was stung, my mom circled the spot on my knee that got stung and within 48 hours my whole leg (thigh down to the bottom part of shin) was swollen.

    • Surfing’s the best, I love the journal idea, and I 100% agree with #4! Also no wonder why you are so amazing at ASL, and ouch hopefully you don’t get stung again! 🙂

  21. 1. I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years.
    2. I love film and movies.
    3. I come from a family of musicians, but I’m the first to be a singer.
    4. History is my favorite subject in school.
    5. I love 1940s jazz.

    • That’s great, I hope to become vegetarian sometime in the future! I love how you are the first singer in your family, you must make them so proud! 🙂

    • I enjoy studying history and I like 1940s jazz too. Congratulations on becoming a vegetarian as I bet that pays off with many health benefits.

  22. I ALSO love anything chocolate. People who, when given the choice between sweet candy or chocolate candy, choose sweet candy, are crazy.

  23. 1. I LOVE fashion and getting all dressed up for literally any occasion
    2. Camila Cabello is my favorite human
    3. I love creative writing and making short stories and poetry
    4. I birdwatch way too much
    5. My life goal is to own a red piano

    • As much as I love fashion as well, I prioritize my sleep. Hopefully when I stop procrastinating my homework, I will actually get sleep and then I can dress put together.

    • Oooo a red piano would be so sick!! I would love to hear you play and sing songs on that anytime!!

  24. 1. My cat, Sassy, is my favorite living thing on the Earth
    2. Pink has been my favorite color forever
    3. Wicked is my favorite musical ever
    4. My friend accidentally broke my nose in December
    5. I hate oranges

  25. 1. I am incredibly clumsy and have the ability to fall over remotely anything.
    2. I am a chocolate milk enthusiast
    3. Mr. Nigro is my icon
    4. I have a birthmark in my eye
    5. I want to live in NYC for 2-3 years but would not like to settle there.

  26. 1. When I have my character shoes on, I am taller than all the Tenors and most of the bases:(
    2. I can make guinea pig noises
    3. Tigger is my favorite Disney character
    4. Ice cream and pizza are two foods I can’t live without
    5. I love listening to 80s rock

    • I can’t believe that you’re taller then almost all of the guys with your character shoes on. Sounds like we just need some taller tenors and bases. 🙂

    • Ice cream and pizza are soo good! I definitely have to agree and those are for sure two of my favorite foods!!

  27. 1. I am embarrassingly obsessed with boba
    2. My favorite superhero is Frozone
    3. I used to have a lazy eye
    4. I want to be Mr. Nigro when I grow up
    5. My favorite hobby is sleeping

  28. Hey Aly! I am also a big fan of spicy food although my tolerance for it is definitely not the best.

  29. 1. I love reading. As in going through all three Lord of the Rings books in a single sitting
    2. I can fall asleep anywhere. (This includes standing up)
    3. English is my least favorite subject
    4. I’ve been in Band 3 years longer than I have been in Choir
    5. I don’t really have a favorite artist, but Coldplay is definitely up there

  30. 1. My family makes chocolate! It has been a tradition passed down since my grandma on my mothers side to make chocolate. My aunt runs a small chocolate business.
    2. I loooove spicy food. I will burn my tongue off if need be, it’s so good.
    3. I love bullet journaling and stickers. I’m currently obsessed with sparkly and holographic stationary (stickers, washi tape, paper…)
    4. Winnie the Pooh. I am in love with anything Winnie the Pooh and friends.
    5. I have moved 7/8 different times in my life. I was born in Texas, moved to Colorado, Philadelphia, Orange County, Westlake village, Thousand Oaks, then moorpark.

  31. 1. I love my two dogs more then anything!
    2. CHIPOTLE is my lifeeeee!
    3. I love broadway shows and I collect playbills from every broadway show I’ve seen!
    4. I love the east coast and hope to go to college there!
    5. I think it’s NEVER too cold for ice cream!

  32. 5 things about me:
    – I have 2 cats
    – I have a old sister who is 12 years older then my and was in Westlake high school choir
    – My favorite season is spooky season
    – I have a caffeine problem
    – when I’m older I hope to be an ER nurse practitioner

  33. 1. I have 2 cats
    2. I love Chick-Fil-A
    3. I love food
    4. I like EDM, Electronic, Drum-n-Bass, Trance, and soundtrack music
    5. I LOVE video games (my favorite is Dota 2)

  34. -I have a dog named Chloe.
    -I have two sisters
    -My favorite color is red
    -I love playing sports
    -Angels by Khalid is my favorite song at the moment

  35. Hey team it’s me! 5 stuff about me!
    1. I love Jesus
    2. My ears push like buttons
    3. I share a YouTube channel with my some of my friends
    4. I work at In N Out
    5. I LOVE stargazing

  36. 1. I LOVE STACKED!! It’s my favorite restaurant only because they have gluten-free things to eat…I’m allergic to everything 😦
    2. I like Nintendo games the best
    3. Ice cream is my OBSESSION (especially Little Calf Creamery)
    4. I played the violin for 5 years (not many people know that)
    5. And finally (everyone that knows me knows this) but I am a HUGE FAN of Friends!!

    • Friends is a great show! My favorite episodes of Friends are the one with Ross and the tanning booth and the episode where Ross wears leather pants on a date.

  37. 1. Writing music is one of my biggest creative passions!
    2. I absolutely LOVE doing different eyeshadow looks. Makeup is something I love to put creative energy into.
    3. I love fast food a LOT more than I should…but its okay!
    4. I. LOVE. COFFEE!! It is my absolute favorite thing on the planet!
    5. I took piano lessons for about 7 years and I still like to mess around on the piano and create things.

    • Julia! I relate to so many of these. I love coffee and love eyeshadow! I also play piano and took it for about 7 years!

  38. Hi, I hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 🙂
    1. I have a twin brother named Ely, and my dog’s name is Beyonce.
    2. I love Shawn Mendes with my whole heart.
    3. I went to Africa this summer, so the song “Africa” by TOTO is really special to me!
    4. Kitkats are my favorite candy (when I was a toddler, I even named my favorite stuffed animal KitKat).
    5. I’ve written a few children’s books and hope to illustrate and publish them eventually!

    • Whoaaa Ruby! You sound like the COOLEST person ever. I had no idea you had a twin brother or wrote children’s books! That trip to Africa sounds like it was a blast. I can’t wait to get to know you more this year!

  39. Hello! Some fun facts about me…
    1. I’m OBSESSED with boba! I even work at Matcha, which is a boba place in the Janss Marketplace if you’re ever interested in visiting me or picking up some taro milk tea or both!
    2. In addition to working at Matcha, I also work/volunteer in the anesthesiology department at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center. I’m hoping to be an anesthesiologist one day, so I seriously love what I’m doing right now to help me get there!
    3. I’m currently in Advanced Anatomy, where I get to dissect an actual cadaver. Call me weird, but it’s easily one of the top ten things I’ve ever done so far.
    4. I have my own blog/charitable organization that I started this summer called The Better Picture. It’s one of my proudest achievements to date since I love being able to share some of my creative writing on there as well as use my photography skills for a good cause.
    5. Despite my busy schedule, I will always find time to fit a nice hour or two nap in my day because sleeping is most definitely my favorite thing to do.

    • What a lot of impressive, quality things you have going on in your life but I bet those naps come in handy.

  40. 1. my favorite color is orange
    2. I dye my hair at least twice a month
    3. I listen to music 24/7
    4. my favorite movie is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    5. I love tacos

  41. 1. My favorite color is purple.
    2. I am double-jointed in my hands.
    3. I love to run every day.
    4. I’d like to study mental health and become a Forensic Psychologist.
    5. I am surprisingly proficient in archery.

  42. 1) I went to China over the summer for a month and lived with a host family!
    2) My favorite academic subject is environmental science.
    3) My favorite drink from Starbucks is the dragon drink.
    4) I prefer parking in the upper student lot at Westlake, yes, it is better than lower lot.
    5) Wall-E Is my favorite Disney Pixar movie.

  43. 1) I live by the words of ” You only live once”
    2) I love going to the beach with friends and watching the sunset
    3) I constantly want to go to Disneyland and go to the new Star Wars Land
    4) I make music and write songs which helps me express my creativity
    5) my dream car currently is a BMW M4

  44. 1. My favorite color is yellow!
    2. I was born in New Hampshire and then moved to Minnesota where i lived for eight years before moving to California.
    3. This summer I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for three and a half weeks to go visit my family!
    4. I have two younger sisters named Catalina and Valentina.
    5. I love snowy weather!!

  45. 1. I’m obsessed with concerts(i’ve been to 8 just this year..and have 2 more planned!)
    2. boba is my favorite food ever
    3. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, they’re all younger than me
    4. I share a birthday with Albert Einstein and Ansel Elgort
    5. i’ve never been out of the united states but i REALLY want to travel the world some day

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