New Semester Resolutions

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Carl Bard

“Never stop trying to become better than the you of yesterday” – Amy Rolniak

I have never been a fan of New Year Resolutions, but I am a fan of striving to be better.  Name three things you want to do better this semester.  Also include some obstacles that might get in your way.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday February 4 at 11:59 pm. To get full credit you will need three “resolutions” and three potential obstacles. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name. I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points, and you cannot receive extra credit unless your assignment is on time.

I love you more than new beginnings!!

Mrs. R.

113 thoughts on “New Semester Resolutions

  1. I have many new goals and resolutions for myself this semester to make me a better and happier person. Some of these goals are fairly simple, and just involve some self discipline and time management, such as my hope to get more sleep. I really don’t sleep enough since I have to get up early to get ready and make the long trip to school, and I always go to bed late because of procrastinating homework or being on my phone too long. It’s relatively easy for me to sleep more, it’s just making the effort to go to bed early rather than being irresponsible that proves to be a challenge. I also want to be on my phone less. I feel like I’m spending all of my free time on my phone and the time is only increasing. This is going to be difficult because I have a very short attention span and always go on my phone while I’m doing my homework to procrastinate. Once again, I need to discipline myself more. My last main resolution is much deeper and will require more than just discipline. I want to be more optimistic this semester. I have a very bad habit of seeing only the worst in things and putting myself into a bad mood all the time, and a stressful day with things like homework and driving and other tasks and problems aren’t helping my mood much. I’m hoping to learn to pull myself out of these funks more easily and quickly so I can be happier in this next semester, and in life.

    • I love that your motivation is to make yourself you happier. I hope you can successfully achieve these goals despite the difficulties of old habits. Good luck Garrett!

    • YES YES YES! Sleep is so important Garrett. Take it from someone who has severe insomnia. Like actually, I have gone to bed with 10pm as my early since elementary school. All doctors tell me that mental illness, awareness in class, and motivation to do things are all influenced by sleep. Which is why I have a rule when I’m staying up doing an assignment. After 1am go to bed. For people who do not take naps like me. I would say 12. You are doing more harm then good, whatever you are studying you probably won’t retain, and you have a much better chance doing well on a test with a fully rested brain and 30 minutes of studying than an exhausted brain with 3 hours of studying.

    • I definitely agree that getting sleep is so important, and so many of us do not get enough of it! I also need to work on my sleep habits this semester.

    • I’m so excited to see you moving toward making yourself happier. You deserve all the happiness. I’m here for any support you may need along the way.

    • I fall apart if I don’t get enough sleep, which means all I do is go to school, homework, and sleep 9 hours. I think it’s important to make sleep a priority because everything thing gets so much easier in life.

  2. 1. One of the things I have been striving to improve on from the beginning of the year, and I continue to practice, relates to sight reading. Because I struggle with accurately implementing the rhythms with the pitch, I plan to practice one line of music each day with rhythmic and note accuracy. My goal is to perfect the lines of music you distribute to us in the mornings for warm-ups and feel confident going into auditions knowing such skills.
    Challenge: I may struggle-as I have continually- with recognizing the pitch’s relation to the key signature and end up singing the wrong note without automatic correction.
    2. In order aid my soprano one section with intonation and accuracy, I hope to hit a B5 so that my range is expanded and I can reach tones required for the pieces we have for both competitions and festivals. My goal is to practice weekly with the scales video I found on YouTube and continually stretch my vocal chord’s abilities.
    Challenge: I may strain my vocal cords in the process and have trouble singing in general, which would do more harm than good for my section that needs consistent work from each individual.
    3. One final aspiration I have for this year is to connect with my quartet and get to know them as singers and as people because I do not know any of them very well. This will create a bond that can eventually develop and contribute to a cohesive sound. My goal, in response, is to meet with them as instructed twice a month but to additionally find a day or time where we could get together to discuss things outside of choir. Knowing the style and tendencies of people can honestly improve sound, so I really hope that such familiarity can be achieved.
    Challenge: Two of us, as juniors, have a lot on our plates in terms of testing, course load, and college planning, and all of us as Westlake students are extremely busy. In this manner, schedules may be hard to coordinate.


    • I really like the idea of bonding with your quartet Hadley! I really want to work as a “cohesive group” with my quartet too. I think if all of us practice, we will feel proud of each other when the recordings come out successful. I also think it is helpful to have an encouraging quartet that is helpful to each other when one of us messes up with notes or rhythm. I also think that if our quartet bonded and grew not only in music but in friendship, we would be more comfortable to sing in front of each other.

    • I also want to practice sight reading more often in order to improve my ability to understand music in class quickly.

    • I think is a great idea that you are trying to improve your vocal range. I need to work on that as well.

    • I agree, Hadley, that I really want to be able to sing higher in order to provide further support to my soprano ones and also be able to hit notes that I currently struggle with. Also, if you ever need help on the sight singing, we could work on it together because I love practicing my sight singing.

  3. This is my year that I have really decided to make a change. First of all, I aspire to be more orangized not only with schoolwork, but with my time management. Some things that might get in my way include my serious issue with staying organized because I get busy causing everything to end up in a mess. In addition, I want to try my best to get my work done on time. I tend to get lazy or even forget what homework I have, so it would be great for me to keep reminders in my phone of what my work is and when it’s due. Finally, I want to find a balance between my social life and school. Some things that could definitely stop this from happening are making too many plans so I don’t have time to do homework, or I could spend too much time on my homework causing me to have no time to chill. This is what I really need to work on this semester. In conclusion, I am very eager to acheive my goals this semester and finish the year proud of myself and my hardwork.

    • Kick procrastination’s butt. If not now, maybe tommrow when you’re less busy. Jokes aside, I feel this. I am such a mess with my schedule sometimes, so I got a really great planner on amazon and a big white board where I write all my upcoming events. Life changing!!! It has helped me so much because writing things down helps you retain much more information.

    • I also really struggle with time management because my schedule can get so overloaded. Trying to cut back on some of that work could help as well.

  4. This semester in choir I have a goal of getting better at sight reading. To me it just doesn’t come naturally and can be very difficult to sight read new notes and rhythms that we are given in class. For this goal I could use sight reading websites to increase my progress in this area, but a challenge that could come from this goal is distraction. School work and other priorities could get in the way of this goal because it is not something I think about every day besides during choir. My next resolution is to deepen my friendships that I have and enjoy. Some friendships are surface level and to make these friendships last longer and continue I can invest time into those people. When tough subjects come up in these relationships, I can persist instead of backing down to learn more about these people and how we could connect on a deeper level. An obstacle could be that when tough subjects come up, I could back down and not learn deeper and more genuine things about my friends. The last resolution I have ties into the one before; I want to make new friendships and invest my time into those new people. Meeting new people has been a goal and necessity since moving to California and I want to continue this. Ending junior year, many school things will burden me and making new friendships could be a challenge but I strive to make it happen as I do with the rest of my goals.

    • Yes I agree with friendships. It’s so weird how you can be with a group of people for so many days/hours of your life, and not really know all of them. There are a couple people I definetly want to get closer to this semester as well!

    • It is nice to see that some of the things I am challenged with such as sight reading don’t come easily to others as well. I wish you all the luck in finding websites that lend well to such difficulties. Let me know if you find a good website to use.

    • It is nice to see that some of the things I am challenged with such as sight reading don’t come easily to others as well. I wish you all the luck in finding websites that lend well to such difficulties. Let me know if you find a good website to use.

  5. This semester some of my resolutions include practicing my music at home more often, improving my sight reading, as well as becoming more confident in my voice. Practicing at home will definitely be beneficial in memorizing my music and being able to improve the way I sing in class. One obstacle with this will be managing my time, so that i can get my other homework done as well as rehearse my music. I also want to improve my sight reading as I have a hard time with knowing key signatures and I definitely need to work on my sol fetch. An obstacle with this is having to practice outside of school so I can work on the things I specifically struggle with. Lastly, I want to be more confident in my voice, especially with quartets I want to be able to hold my part confidently and not be shy to sing around others. One obstacle with this is having to trust that people won’t judge me because of my voice.

    • I want to become more confident in my voice as well! The idea of quartets is really scary to me and I hope to be able to hold my voice strong!

    • You have such a beautiful voice and I wish you liked it as much as I do! Also, you should text me because we can practice our music together sometimes.

  6. For choir specifically, this semester I’d like to get more sleep, broaden my horizons to meet more people, and practice my music and dances more. Sleep has been a struggle with so many AP classes and having choir at 7 am, but I think if I organized myself more efficiently then I could get more sleep than I do. I think sleep affects choir a lot because it is my first class of the day and I haven’t fully woken up by 7 am when I don’t at least 7 and a half hours of sleep. If I can get more sleep I will be able to learn the music better in class and be able to perform to a better ability. I’d also like to meet more people in choir. I think I can easily confine myself to a tight little friend group in choir when there is nearly 200 of us in the program. I’d love to meet people from each group and have more faces to talk to. I think if I push myself to be a little bit more extroverted and just introduced myself to people by joining conversations, then I could overcome this obstacle. I would also like to practice my music and dances more. Last semester I thought of it as a low priority because I had other homework to do but I think if I even just set aside 10 minutes a day to look over my music and practice dances, then I could be so much more on top of my part. I want to push myself to listen to recordings of my part to remember it better while also making sure I know my pitch.

    • I feel you on the sleep deprivation. 4 years of no sleep really catches up to you, and everything is 100 times harder when all you can think about is diving under your covers. 2019 IS THE YEAR WE SHALL REGAIN OUR HEALTH!

    • That’s a great idea of watching dance videos for just 10 minutes so you get a little practice in! I need to do that too.

  7. 1) Take a step back and be positive- At every Friday rehersal I feel like a broken record, pleading for people to practice, to have emotion, and to care. Sometimes the way I say that can be taken the wrong way and what is the point of criticism if it isn’t even being applied. I have to pick and choose my battles of how we can improve, by not getting frazzled when we miss one dynamic. One step at a time, and it will come together. If I complain about everything, nothing will get fixed.
    Obstacle- My extreme impatience and intolerance of people not knowing their stuff and my tendency to voice my opinion whenever I have one.
    2) Practice more- I practice when I need to. I know myself and I sing the songs all the time once we get them, but by practicing I mean sitting at my piano, playing my notes, and trying to memorize dynamics. I always get the notes and dynamics by the show, but it would be really nice to get them all together way before dress rehearsal.
    Obstacle- There are no real obstacles, but the human mind’s tendency to make up excuses when they don’t want to do something. I have at least five minutes every day I can dedicate to practicing, so if I don’t, that’s just lazy.
    3) Better quartet practices- I love my quartet, but I do not notice any big improvements after we practice. This is probably because we can not hold our own parts when we don’t know it AND we have no one to fall back on. If one person does not know it, we have to move on to another piece. I want to try to not leave that person behind and learn new parts if we can instead of messing up a couple times then giving up.
    Obstacle- Getting frustrated, feeling like we should wait until class, pulling out the song we all like instead of the hard one we should be working on.

    • I often feel like a broken record too, but I’m not as confident as you are about speaking up. You want the choir to be the best that it can be and I admire that so much. I think to an extent you can keep pushing. Nothing wrong with wanting to be good 🙂

  8. Positivity goes a long way. Your smile can inspire others to do the same, and I feel that this is a very fitting goal considering the amount of stress you/ all seniors are under at the present.

  9. The first thing I want to improve upon this semester is studying music theory and sight reading. I have relied more on my ear to learn music, rather than reading the notes. It is also difficult for me to know which note is which, such as knowing what an A sharp looks like, or G flat. I know “Every good boy does fine” and “F A C E” but struggle with the others. One obstacle that might get in my way is that music theory is not my favorite thing to practice, and so I procrastinate. The second thing I want to improve upon is getting to know my WC members more! I do not know some people very well, and I would love to get to know them better! One obstacle that might get in my way is I tend to stay with the friends I have made, rather than branching out. The third thing I want to improve upon is trusting myself that I can reach high notes in class as a first soprano. One obstacle that might get in my way is my level of confidence while reaching the higher parts.

    • I agree with you aly about making new friends because I also don’t know a lot of people in Women’s still and I tend to stick around the same few people, but I’m going to really try to venture out and talk to people I never really talk to.

  10. This semester, I really want to improve my ability to sight read. I want to do this so that I can understand music better, and be able to decipher new rhythms and notes in class quickly. An obstacle that I may face would be my busy schedule, but I could overcome this obstacle by prioritizing studying music theory. Furthermore, I want to drink more water throughout the day. I want to do this because it will help keep me from becoming sick, and is healthy. An obstacle to this would be that our school unfortunately locks the bathrooms at random times. Also, I want to improve my patience. I want to do this in order to decrease my stress levels. An obstacle to this would be that I am generally not that patient with other people and that I like getting things done quickly.

    • I also really really really want to improve my music theory knowledge. I always talk about how much I wish I learned piano when I was younger, so I could understand things like “diminished 7th chords”. Too much stuff goes over my head!

    • I also hope to prioritize music theory this semester. I agree that is is critical to understanding and learning music in an efficient and effective manner.

    • From my experiences in 6 years of band, Music theory is a pain to learn. Just wait till you learn about Phrygian scales and Microtones. Those are very confusing topics, especially since very few can actually play microtones. But if you want to learn it, then i say go for it!

  11. 1.Get good grades and end the school year with at least a C and above. One obstacle is me being lazy and procrastinate and not do my homework and also day dreaming in class.
    (also one thing that is motivating me is that my mom will get me a Nintendo Switch if i get good grades :D)

    2.Eat healthier because I cant resist junk food so i gotta stop eating so much of it. One obstacle that might get in the way is having a lot of junk food available to eat, than i just cant resist it and I just stuff my face with all the cookies and muffins until I’m full.

    3.I want to play piano better because i would like to play all the songs i love on it. One obstacle is me just being flat out lazy and not practicing because I don’t want to.

    4.Become a very famous video game developer and become a Billionaire! jk

  12. This new year, I am very enthusiastic and motivated to improve my performance in choir. I would like to improve my sight singing skills. I would like to be more optimistic and patient when it comes to learning pieces. I intend by setting this goal to concentrate on the good and learn pieces faster. Thirdly, this semester, I want to blend better, both within my section and within the choir. By focusing on blending, I hope to improve upon this. I have a hard time putting together both rhythms and pitches at the same time, so I hope by setting this goal I can get faster and better at it. I tend to get frustrated when I don’t fully understand something relatively quickly, and the process becomes much less enjoyable. I also have a loud voice, which sometimes can prevent good blending. My hope is to set and achieve these goals by the end of the semester, and overcome the potential obstacles that may stand in my way.

    • I feel you on the blending thing. Sometimes, I can hear myself in the show recordings a little TOO much! Gotta drop that jaw and tone it down LOL.

  13. My three main goals this year are to stop procrastinating, eat healthier, and to make new friends. First, I am absolutely horrible with procrastinating. It’s like I made it my new hobby. Even if I get a huge project weeks in advance that I know will be very time consuming, I still wait for the weekend before to even start it. My biggest obstacle in accomplishing my goal to be productive is I always go on my phone with the intentions of just answering a text or a snapchat, but then i lose track of time and next thing I know n hour has passed with my homework still sitting on my lap, blank. Also, after school or practice I am always so exhausted, so I decide to take a 30 minute power nap that turns into a 2 hour recharge until I have to force myself to get up to start homework. Next, I am trying to eat healthier. For so long, I have been telling myself I want to, so I’ll eat salad and fruit and veggie sticks for a day and then the net day I am back where I started. However, I am finally getting the motivation to follow through. My main obstacle is the fact that reaching for a bag of chips or a prepackaged cookie is so much easier than putting together a salad or hard boiling some eggs or cutting up an apple. Plus, I have the biggest sweet tooth that I constantly give in to. However, my mom is on board and agrees we need to start cooking healthier, so she is revising her shopping lists, starting by getting plain popcorn instead of chips, and dried fruit instead of cookies, and frozen fruit for smoothies instead of the sugary jamba juice mixes. Last, I really want to make some new friends. This past year I have realized that I have so many toxic people in my life that are making me unhappy, and I have realized that it needs to stop. I see who my true friends are and I know now that I don’t need anyone in my life who asks me to change or be someone I’m not. I want to meet some new people and get out there more to find more people who will be there for me, and who in turn, I can also support. My obstacle with this is that although those toxic people are making me miserable, they still provide a sense of comfort because they are still a familiar face who once brought me comfort, where as anyone new will bring about change and the unknown. However scary it may be, though, I have always embraced change with open arms and who knows, I may just meet someone who will end up being a lifelong friend. I am excited to work on these goals and constantly be improving for the sake of myself and just trying to be a better person than I was yesterday.

    • As someone who has dealt with a lot of toxic people in life, I am so happy that you are able to acknowledge it and move on. You deserve to have friends that lift you up instead of pull you down. It is sometimes rough to let those people go, but just remember that better people are out there who will love and support you through it all 🙂

    • I can completely relate to having toxic people in my life. It is really difficult to end those kinds of friendships, but you have to remember to always put yourself and your well being first!

  14. 1. I want to be nicer to myself. No more self-deprecation, no more selling myself short. I’m really good at seeing the good in others, but not in myself, and I’ve wanted to change that for a while. However, I know it’s not going to be easy after living with such tendencies for my entire life. I’ll have to see myself in a completely different light.

    2. I want to be more passionate. I’ve already gotten a lot better at channeling my emotions this year, and I want to keep it going – to keep looking forward to singing with my friends, learning about the world of computer programming, building DC circuits, and even reading Pride and Prejudice… It’ll be tricky to enjoy all of my endeavors in life, especially the really boring ones, but I’ll continue to search for beauty in all of the simplest, most mundane things.

    3. I want to take more pictures. In my eyes, my camera roll is a visual journal – a collection of snapshots from random moments, compiled to form a reminiscent memory slideshow. I already have a physical journal where I write down my memories, but photos that are captured in the moment are so different from words recorded after them! Therefore, I’d love to have more photos of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve spent time with, but I have one issue: when I’m in the moment, I forget completely about my phone. How can I take pictures if my sole picture-taking device is usually out of reach or in my bag? I’m thinking that I only have one solution. I gotta get a camera, and keep it on me 24/7.

    • I love the photo resolution! It’s a great way to make your second semester senior year even more memorable, especially when you look back on it at the amazing college I know you’ll get into! Whooo! You’re amazing haha

    • I completely agree about seeing myself in a more positive light. I often feel super self conscious and feel bad about myself, but feeling confident makes me so much happier so I agree that I need to do that more too!

  15. During this new semester I’d like to:

    1. Have patience.

    Through my eyes, second semester is a time of chaos where everything becomes crazy with new music, new dances, and competition. It can be very difficult to have patience while learning new pieces because all I want to do is speed through and memorize each piece so we can begin perfecting them for comp. One obstacle I may face may include becoming frustrated and not looking at the bigger picture, but since perfection takes time, I have learned that patience is key.

    2. Strengthen my relationships with my peers.

    Singing in a choir requires teamwork. Lots of it. Therefore, I believe that stronger relationships will create an even stronger choir. One obstacle I may face may include not being on the same page as my friends, so I intend to enhance my relationships to create a firm foundation for teamwork.

    3. Stay Focused.

    With the anatomy, volleyball, and school and home drama, staying focused in choir has been difficult, but with competition coming up, I need to stay focused now more than ever before. One obstacle I may face includes allowing my outside drama to enter with me into the classroom, but if I leave that outside the classroom, I will be able to focus on learning my music and dances and take one step closer to being ready for comp.

    Second semester is such an exciting time, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

    • I agree with your goal to establish firmer grounds for relationships in choir. If we can accomplish that, we will be unstoppable!

    • 1 and 3 I can totally relate to ! It’s a process but I know you will get there ! Good luck in every activity !

  16. As the years speed by and as I grow older in age, I am constantly discovering myself and reevaluating my goals and ways to accomplish these goals. At this moment in my life my goals are the following …

    1) My first goal is to pay more attention. Whether this be in my friend group, in class or at home it occurred to me that my brain can’t focus on one specific thing and I get distracted very easily. One challenge might be that I get side tracked and even one small thing can derail me from what I am trying to focus on.

    2) The next goal is that I want to be more healthy. This can be from what I eat, or my sleep schedule and how often I go to the gym. Every year there is an incredible difference in my look/body type but I know that I can be better and that I just need to push myself to get to his goal. A challenge might be that I love Chick fil a and don’t think I can ever give that up, unfortunately.

    3) The final goal is that I want to discover who I want to be after this year. My high school days are numbered and I need to figure out what journey I want to take. I am constantly discovering myself and I am so curious what the future holds for me. A challenge can be that sometimes I set unrealistic ideas for myself.

  17. Some of my resolutions for this semester is not to be a victim of senioritis, make as many memories as possible, and to improve my time management. Possible obstacles are becoming a victim of senioritis, not being open to everything that comes my way, and of course good ol’ procrastination. Overall, I really want to focus on growing as a person and be able to spread as much joy as possible.

  18. Three goals I have for this semester is sight reading, being focused, and strengthening my friendships. I have always been good at knowing which note is A, which note is a D sharp, and even key signatures and rhythms, however I want to take my sight reading to a higher level. During class I sometimes slack or get distracted by things that I shouldn’t worry about. When I step inside choir, I want my mindset to be focused on that alone. I really want to not only strengthen my friendships that I already have, but I want to make friends with other people, and really get to know them and support them. Maybe just taking a chance, and not sticking with my friends that I see everyday. I believe that these are all goals that I can reach by the end of the semester, and by doing these, I can help WC become even better!

  19. I am really excited for this semester. I have loved almost every second of my junior year and wouldn’t change it for the world. I know that with APs and stock pitch mentorship approaching, I need to maintain focus. But choir is and always will be an escape from the craziness of everything. Music is where I am able to let go and really appreciate beautiful pieces and wonderful friends. One goal I hope to accomplish this semester is focusing on the choreography without hesitation. I will be the first one to recognize that I am not the most skilled dancer. I can compensate for a lack of skill by practicing thoroughly and purposefully, learning the dances more efficiently and mitigating possible confusion when we practice as a class. I need to maintain this laser focus by remembering that I let the entire choir down when I fail to know the dances. One obstacle is that dancing does not come easy to me, so garnering the motivation to practice it is much harder than it is to practice singing music. Another goal I have is to maintain a more positive attitude going into this semester. I have found that when show choir dances become hard to grasp and execute, I am quite pessimistic about the entire situation. One obstacle to this goal is the constant poor performance I give when I attempt dances without knowing them! I need to be able to set my mind to practicing and follow through on it!! Moreover, I hope to make more friends in Women’s Chorale. Establishing strong relationships with the other members is one of the ways we can ensure a good team dynamic to carry into our competitions. When we are on good terms and are close with each other, that relationship manifests itself in our performances! I believe that we will not be able to accomplish this goal if we become entrenched in the tradition of a massive amount of drama. I hope we will be able to overcome this obstacle because I know we can make awesome memories with each other. There truly is nothing better than making music with the people you love.

    • I totally relate to not being a very skilled dancer haha. I really need to start to practice more too in order to make up for not having a dancing talent!

  20. 1. My first goal this semester is to get more sleep. Over the course of the last semester I’ve had less and less sleep until it culminated in a full week of no sleep that caused my math teacher to send me to the health office and my counselor. I do not want that conversation again. I know my main problem is procrastinating on AP Euro homework and starting my homework at 2 AM. I’M also pretty sure 90% of my health problems are coming from this. I also realize that my grades are dropping due to this. The worst of it was probably passing out in the middle of a math test that almost no one in my class finished.
    Obstacle: It will definitely be hard for me to break these habits considering i pull an all-nighter literally every other day. I should also probably stop procrastinating assignments.
    2. My second goal is to get better at my musician skills as a whole. I want to practice my pitch identification and be able to sight-sing as well as i can sight read. I also want to get more involved in the music theory aspect of this as well since band spends every other day teaching me about new types of scales and key such as a Ionian Scale and Lydian Scale. I want to improve not just my vocal skills but also my instrumental skills over the course of the semester. my hope is to be able to play an entire song with just recordings of me playing.
    Obstacles: I have really bad time management, so i find myself a lot of the time not being able to practice the music i want to practice and instead spending it on cramming for tests and wasting time on my phone.
    3. My third and final goal for this semester is to stay focused. I get distracted extremely easy. Sometimes it takes me five hours to get through writing one line of an essay. My other issue with lack of focus is that i tend to zone out during class. There have been some units where i completely BS’ed my way through a test because i didn’t hear any of the lessons. Through my own research i have found that some of my lack of focus can be attributed to lack of sleep which im trying to fix as well.
    Obstacles: Bad habits are hard to break. I also don’t get the sleep i need.

  21. I have a lot of new goals for this semester that benefit on school wise. Firstly I know everyone has already said this but I want to stop my huge procrastination problem. Since being a senior it is very hard to focus when knowing you have 4 months left until graduating but I will try to stay as focused as I can on these last months till graduating. Secondly, my next resolution is to try to get a tutor this semester for math. Last semester I passed Algebra 2 but I didn’t do quite well either so I want to understand each lesson better this semester and an obstacle I would have to bend would be finding a good enough tutor and finding availability in the week to be tutored. Lastly, I want to try to make more friends in each of my classes before leaving high school so I can have those fun memories after graduating. Hopefully I can fulfill these goals this semester so it can be fun and easy before leaving:(

    • I really wish I would make more friends in my classes too because they’re just more enjoyable when you can talk to friends. Also, I know if you’d talk more you would have so many friends in your classes because you’re such a great person and anyone would be lucky to be your friend❤️

  22. This semester, I plan on working on new resolutions to help benefit the last couple months of the school year. First I intend on working on my volume when I am singing. Many people have told me that they can hear me in the videos we watch and I plan on working on it. An obstacle is self control, and being able to control myself when singing. Next, I hope to focus more on memorizing the pieces faster. This will help ease some stress from competition season. An obstacle that stand in the way is other school subjects and extracurricular activities. I need to make choir a priority. Last, I hope to work on blending better with the second sopranos. An obstacle that stand in the way is vowel placement in the mouth which will change everyone’s voice to accommodate that vowel sound. Knees to work on making the same shape as others around me.

  23. New semester, (hopefully) new me! Rather than resolutions, I prefer to set long term goals that enable me to persevere through the setbacks rather than let them deter me from doing better. So far, I have actually been quite successful at my goals for the new term. I used to procrastinate a lot coming home from school, too tired from my day classes to start my homework right away then I would end up just napping the afternoon away, stay up late as a result of my several hour slumber, and the cycle would continue. This time, I take a walk, eat a snack, and immediately get to work. Being proactive on my assignments frees up my time to do more on my to-do list, including practicing my choir choreography for half an hour instead of 15 minutes. Last semester I also had academic decathlon competitions to study for, consuming most of my free time to study rather than focusing on choir, but now that acadeca season is over, I can 100% prioritize choir, whether it’s dancing or singing I’m practicing. I can’t wait for competition and to see all my progress as well as Women’s progress as a whole! In conclusion, being proactive gets more things done, and it overall is beneficial to me in every aspect of my life.

    • I can totally relate to the procrastination cycle and it is something I am doing my best to improve as well. You’ve got this!

  24. My New Years Resolution this year overall was just “be better”. It’s vague enough that I can apply it to all aspects of life and specify it as I deem necessary. In choir, my resolution applies to my skills as a leader, my perceptiveness to fixable music issues, and my organization. As a leader I want to be more open with the group and set the best example possible as President for Women’s Chorale, one obstacle of that however is that I need to be able to control my word choice and temperament and understand that some days people are at their best and some days they aren’t, myself included. With learning music, I want to be better at identifying problems with certain notes or harmonies I struggle with and how to rectify them, which meets the obstacle of time and how much practice I can and am willing to put in outside of school with myself, my quartet, and my section. My organization can be worked on as I want to be able to plan long term more efficiently for the group so we can have more structured and productive rehearsals, to ensure we can get recordings of songs out earlier, and have successful assignments for memorization. This idea faces the problem of foresight, a responsibility I still struggle with as I feel constantly busy and wanting to do everything at once. All of these problems however can be solved if I hold myself accountable, and remember I have my group to hold me accountable as well to do my part in helping WC become the best it can be.

  25. There’s a lot that I would like to improve on myself this semester, but these are my top three. My first would be to say more in class discussions. I always have a hard time raising my hand in class because I doubt myself and think that I don’t know the answer or that my insight isn’t any good. Overcoming this doubt is definitely a challenge, but I think it’s one worth working towards. My second one would be to not give up on things that seem difficult. I get intimidated by things that seem hard and then I put in little effort to accomplish them. I always regret it later and wish that I tried more so my challenge is to not be afraid to try. My last goal is to live in the moment. As a senior, I’m constantly looking toward the future and I forget to enjoy what’s going on around me. I want to learn how to enjoy the simple things in daily life and forget about the stress of what’s to come. Letting go of that is really hard but I want to be able to look back on my life and remember not only the big moments, but also the little ones.

    • Ahh I completely agree about the class discussions! I also second guess my answer and don’t want to risk getting embarrassed.

    • I completely relate to not feeling comfortable in class discussions. I don’t feel people will care what I have to say and I will just look foolish. I guess more self confidence would be good.

  26. My new years resolution is to make sure everyone knows that they are so loved! In today’s society we all make put ourselves down and that is no way to live. We were put on this Earth for a reason whether you believe that or not. You are amazing, talented, beautiful, and you are loved no matter what you think!

  27. This semester, I would like to improve upon my skills in choir and regularly practice singing my part within my quartet and successfully carry my part against the other choir parts. An obstacle I may come across is regularly practicing and hearing my part constantly when practicing. Another resolution I have is to consistently study for my subjects instead of procrastinating until the week before to study. The obstacle I might face would be procrastinating my studies because of my other extra curriculars. My last resolution is to be content. I know with the bombardment of “Cal Lutheran Sat Prep” emails and the never ending conversations of college from teachers and counselors will be a challenge but I will have remember to remind content.

  28. 1. My first goal is to practice my music and dances more. Although I do know my dances and music well, I could always know it at least a little better and be more confident. The obstacle would be lack of time and/or being lazy. I might have a decent amount of time where I’m doing nothing, but then I will tell myself that I can practice later, but I inevitably don’t.

    2. My second goal is to exercise more and be more healthy. Although I do exercise, I never do it consistently or for a long enough period of time on any given day. The obstacle would be that I am usually very busy with homework and extracurricular/outside of school activities. If I do have time, I will most likely “not feel up to exercising” and make excuses as to why I cant.

    3. My third goal is to not catch senioritis. I still think of my senior year as if it was any other year of high school and is just important as all the others. The obstacle would be that I start thinking about how colleges most likely aren’t going to see my second semester grades until I have already been admitted.

    • I agree about practicing more and not being too lazy to practice songs and dances, even if we feel we know them. I also agree with your point about working out.

    • I agree with the not getting lazy goal. These next couple weeks are going to be crazy for WHS Choir department and we need to stay on our game!

  29. One of the things I would like to improve this semester would be my time management and learning to think ahead. This would help me learn to best plan out my schedule so that I will be able to properly balance out my work load while still being able to get enough sleep. This has been difficult for me in the past because of my full schedule and amount of work, so I have a bad habit of just focusing on the closet tasks instead of also keeping future tests, practices, and rehearsals in mind. Also, I would like to improve some of my sight reading skills and tonality. This can be challenging because when there are large jumps from a low note to a much higher note, I have a hard time hearing that second note in my head. As my third goal for this semester, I would also like to improve my general mood and attitude towards everyone. I will try to leave everyone I talk to in a better mood and hope to also have a positive impact on the way I feel day to day. I may not be in a good mood myself so trying to make others feel better while I personally need it could prove difficult.

    • Totally agree on time management. Especially with upcoming tests that I know I should start looking at !

  30. I have never really been good at coming up with good resolutions for school years, New Years, or semesters. But really thinking about it I absolutely know what I need to work on school wise and choir wise. I really need to stop distracting myself whenever I’m doing homework and going on my phone everytime I finish a math problem or something to watch Switched at Birth (it’s become a problem). That also ties in with going to sleep so late and coming into school in a bad mood cause I didn’t sleep. This has always been a challenge and I know that I can do it it’s just having a lot of discipline. I can be on my phone but at a certain time and there should be a limit as to how much time and that could most likely help me. And I know that if I put my phone down, it gives me more time to go over anything I don’t understand in classes or get ready for tests. Choir wise I need to start practicing my music even more knowing the festivals coming up. When it comes to these kinds of things I tend to discipline myself more because I know that if I don’t do my part in this it makes me feel like I don’t want to be part of this group. It really opens my head up to know that if I don’t put in the work, then why did I do this knowing I wasn’t going to put in the work? So that motivates me to be like I’m going to do this to show myself that I came here to succeed and and if I do fall I’ll just get back up and continue because this is a process that I know i can achieve as long as I put in the work.

  31. I’m always excited for chances to start over and improve myself. So, for this next semester there are definitely some things I can work on. First, I would like to get better at practicing outside of home. I know I could improve greatly if I practiced every day rather than off and on. Second, I would like to be more on top of things. I always find myself doing everything at the last minute, whether it be homework or choreography or anything else. I would stress myself out much less often if I got my stuff done earlier. My last thing I want to improve is slightly embarrassing. My third improvement will be to know the order of the solfege words. I always know them when I say them in order, but the second we start sight singing I’m totally lost. Anyway, these are the things that I would like to make better.

    • I can have three weeks to do a project and I will do it the day before. I procrastinate and make myself a lot of stress so I totally relate to you on the “doing everything at the last minute”.

  32. My resolutions for the new semester are to be more positive both in choir and out of choir, to eat healthier, and to make new friends. In choir, sometimes I turn negative when people are continuously talking and I get angry, or when I’m tired and don’t want to keep dancing or singing. My goal is to approach every situation with a positive mindset because there is good in everything and even if I’m tired or stressed, every day offers some sort of positivity. During class, it will be difficult when I’m tired to be always positive, but I’m going to make the conscious effort. Out of choir, it is difficult to be positive in the midst of drama or a sad situation, but I’m going to try my best. Second, I’m going to try to eat healthier throughout this semester. One challenger is that I LOVE FOOD but I’m going to try to make my portions smaller and substitute unhealthy foods for healthier options. I believe that if I start off slow, I can eventually accomplish the diet I want. Finally, I want to make more friends in and out of choir. This is difficult because I often become awkward or shy around new people or just want to stick to my old friends, but I’m going to try to do this by talking to one new person every week.

  33. My three resolutions for this semester is to be more calm, stop caring for people who don’t care for me and to keep working hard. My temper has grown shorter throughout these past last couple of months and this makes me a bit meaner. I feel like I should take time and meditate and just focus on me. Going off of that, there are so many people that I care for and I put so much effort on our friendship but it’s clear that they don’t put as much effort as I do. I think I just need to drop those who don’t want to put effort into being my friend. I’m wasting my time on those people. To stay motivated I need to look forward to the future. As a senior, I’m already so sick of school but soon I will be going to college and it’s a new beginning for me and that’s what keeps me motivated. Everyday I try to do something to challenge myself so when I leave WHS my ability to work hard won’t fade away

  34. A have a few New Years Resolutions this year. One of them is to not focus on the things that I can’t control. Second, try my best and work on things I’m passionate about. Third, put yourself in an environment with people who genuinely care and love you and who will help you get better as a person.

  35. Im not very good with New Years resolution making but here we go.
    1.Getting better sleeping habits: I seriously need to work on my sleep, i often only get like 2 hours of sleep and obviously that’s not a good thing. This semester i will set a bedtime alarm on my phone and possibly reduce gaming time … that’s probably a good place to start.This ones going to be hard tho considering the fact that I’m addicted to more than 50% of the video games i own lol.

    2.Being more committed to choir: This one is Seriously important obviously but i need to work a lot harder in choir. This includes everything from practicing the dances to doing the blogs not on the last day (like today) cough cough… This one should not be to hard since im never really busy, so i guess my laziness is my biggest obstacle.

    3.Drinking less Soda: This one’s an easy one to do but drinking less soda would be very helpful not just for my health but for my… Idk but i bet there’s other reasons to stop as well. I always drink soda when i go out to eat and it’s not a very healthy habit to have. The biggest obstacle is liking soda a lot especially pepsi and sprite.

  36. My first resolution is to stop procrastinating on projects so much. An obstacle that might keep me from doing this is the fact that I’ve already started doing it on my Islam Project in Comparative Religions? Also I’ve been struggling with procraTination for so long, that at this point I set myself up to have anxiety. Second maybe I hope to gain more social confidence so I don’t feel uncomfortable asking my friends to hangout. The obstacle that’ll probably keep me from this is the fact that I’ve had so much rejection socially since 3rd grade at this point I assume I’ll get rejected so by not asking, I can’t be rejected. Lastly I want to be able to be better in my quartets in choir but something that’ll keep me from that is my fear of singing out and being off pitch thus being the scape goat for being a bad choir student considering I’m in vocal. Also I’m not confident in singing my part by myself against others which is unfortunate, because I’m the only bass in my quartet, and I’m in vocal.

    • Yeah, procrastination was one of my resolutions too. But Alec! You have such a good voice and I wish you were more confident in yourself.

  37. 1. I want to be closer to all the girls in Womens! The challenge to this resolution is that there are so many girls that it will not be a quick and easy process to get to know all the girls personally. Honestly, regardless of the time and the work it will take, this goal is the most important for me to fulfill.
    2. I’ve been in choir for almost 11 years yet I’ve always felt so uncomfortable singing by myself until recently. I want to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and try out for a solo! The obvious challenge to this resolution is that I’ve never truly tried out for a solo, so the experience will be new to me. However, I know it will be worthwhile!
    3. I’ve been in Womens for 3 years and I gathered so much knowledge and experience that I wish for the other girls to carry on. My goal is to use what I know to help the other girls out like the seniors were to me when I was an underclassman. A challenge to this is that I become self-conscience that I won’t be a capable leader for the other girls. However, I just need to be the best I can be and I think that will be enough.

  38. My three resolutions are to keep track of my music, be on time (myself and assignments), and work more dancing. Obstacles: I am an extremely forgetful person, I get frustrated easily sometimes, and I don’t ask for help when I need it

  39. My goals for this semester are to improve my sight reading, practice more at home, and be more more focussed. Although I have been playing guitar for nearly five years and have been in choir since I was in kindergarten, I have never learned to sight read very well. This is honestly because I never thought it mattered much because I could get along just fine without being able to really read music. However, as the music we receive gets more challenging, I am starting to realize how helpful it would be to be good at sight reading. In order to get better at sight reading, I am going to make it a goal to practice on my own at least once a week and talk to my guitar teacher about starting to do some more music theory lessons. With my four AP classes, daily track practice, weekly guitar lessons, ACT tutoring, helping with my younger brother and sister, and having to cook my own meals everyday, I have had nearly no time to practice my music and dances at home this school year. I am extremely busy, but choir is very important to me and I know that I need to make it a priority. I plan to practice more by, on the days where I am not up practically all night doing homework, forcing myself to practice instead of winding down and watching Netflix. When I have a rare moment of free time, I always want to just sit around and watch Netflix, but instead of doing that, I am going to do my best to practice. My goal to be more focussed does not only apply to choir, but it applies to all of my classes. I am always just so tired when I come to school that I always find myself spacing out and not giving classes my all. I am going to be more focussed by trying to go to bed earlier and putting my phone in my backpack during classes. In choir, I will be more focussed by not having conversations while we are rehearsing and really dedicating my time to improving my music.

  40. 1. I’d like to start to manage my time better. I am and always have been a huge procrastinator and i’m also pretty forgetful. The only reason i remembered to do this assignment was because i was on my phone when my reminder went off😂 One challenge that i might have for this resolution is my phone. A lot of the time it starts off as me researching n it or checking google classroom, but ends up being an hour into Instagram. I need to be able to use my work ethic to motivate myself to finish my HW and go to bed!

    2. Another resolution i have is that id like to get better at sight reading.This is such a cool and useful skill that we practice everyday in class, but i also practice out of class on my own time. This has been a goal of mine since last year when we started to learn how to sight sing. One obstacle for this is my free time, when i have an early night all I want to do is go to sleep early, and on late nights. So to fix this, I just need to motivate myself to become a better singer!

    3. My last resolution is to improve my dancing for show choir sets. I’m not a very graceful person, so the dancing portion has always been a struggle for me. Seeing many of the girls in my group get it on the first time motivates me to practice more than other people might have to. I know this is a huge part of this group and i love the challenge that it presents to me. One obstacle is once again, time. I always spend time practicing these dances from the day we get them and keep working until our performance is over. But, i feel like there is never enough time in a day to get everything done, so I need to prioritize my activities and put away my distractions!

  41. For this upcoming semester, I have a couple things in mind to better myself. Firstly I would love for myself to be kinder to myself. Sometimes the negative dialouge I have going on in my head can make me feel isolated which makes me unmotivated. It will be difficult to remind myself that I need to encourage and support myself rather than be cruel. With awareness and consistency I improve my self talk on a daily basis. Another thing I would like to work on is to treasure every moment rather than to be constantly picturing my college experience while sitting at my desk. Something Ive really been struggling with recently is keeping a positive mindset when it comes to all my senior classes, since they all seem like a joke, but i know one day i will miss it. Being present is a very hard quality to achieve with your mind constantly buzzing, but with awareness and breathing, I think ill find it to be easy to let go of my anixeties. Lastly one aspect of my life i have been working very hard on for the past year is to truly be the most authentic and genuine version of myself. I have always been a people pleaser who is terrified of judgement, but i am proud to say i have come a long way and want to continue my self growth journey. I want to avidly wear things I like, making sure I’m holding healthy boundaries with others, and be unafraidly myself. Sometimes with so much media infulence its hard to identify what I genuinely like or what i am taught to like, but the more in touch with myself i am, the more aware I am to my outside influences. Semester 2 is going to be one I will remember forever:)

  42. My first goal this semester is to practice my dances more. I want to to be prepared for our show choir competition, and contribute my part to our show choir effort in Women’s Chorale. One obstacle that I will have to face is the lack of time I have to do so due to my busy junior year schedule. I plan to specifically allocate time to practice my dances and make a place for practice in my schedule. My second goal this semester is to get more sleep. Once again, with a demanding schedule this is often very hard for me to do. Maximizing my time and striving to go to bed early will help me to achieve this goal. My third and final goal is to try to enjoy things more. I often get too preoccupied with stress and forget to notice the things that make me happy. This semester I want to look for the humor in life more than the bad and strive to enjoy junior year, even among the hardships and stresses that it presents.

  43. 1. Treating choir like any other class: I always tend to put my other classes first due to almost the three hours I struggle with homework that when it comes to practicing my music I leave it to the last of my priorities. I let my tired and laziness get in the way and when I actually want to take half an hour or more to practice my music I only tend to hear them through once and leave it at that. Instead, I want to use the same amount of time I would take doing math homework on going through my choices and figuring out any parts I need help with.
    Obstacle: Not balancing my homework correctly. Doing my homework late that by the time I get to choir I’m always wanting to fall asleep
    2. Getting closer with everyone in womens: waling into womens sometimes I notice that I have never actually had a real conversation with some people. I blame myself all the time because we have so many opportunities and I never take the chance to talk to new people. I can see them walking by doing school and never have the courage to say ‘Hi” or even smile. I would love to leave this semester knowing that i have a memory with everyone in womens
    Obstacle: I can be shy even though I can talk soooooo much and sometimes I let my awkwardness overcome me.
    3. Getting more involved: I always want to volunteer and take the chance to know about more people in our department. I love volunteering but sometimes I can let the excuse of my friend not doing it hold me back. Instead, I want to be able to go to each event and volunteer in whatever I can. I want to help the helping hand eery when it comes to meeting new people without my friends by my side.
    Obstacle: I never have rides. I get really lazy on the weekends and get caught up binge-watching shows in my Christmas PJs instead.

  44. 1. My first goal I would like to accomplish is eating healthier. I always try to eat healthy, mostly during the week, but ever since the holidays, I haven’t been as focused on that goal. An obstacle that could get in the way of this would be losing my focus and procrastinating.
    2. My second goal would be to separate my social and study life a little more, so I can get good grades. An interference with this goal would be checking my social media when doing homework or studying which would distract me.
    3. My last goal would be to create stronger relationships with people and get closer with some of my friends. An obstacle that would get in the way of this would be not reaching out or not allowing enough time to accomplish this.

  45. 3 resolutions that I have for not the semester but the year are to be more productive with music, grow in my vocal abilities/mature my voice, and make time for everything I actually want to do. 3 obstacles that can affect me and atop me from achieving these are too much school stuff, my own laziness, and depression/mental instability. These things will either take up too much time or destroy any sort of motivation for me to get up out of bed and I’ll overcome them by staying driven and motivated

  46. I want to be more fluid with our dances for the March show/competition, and not just know them, but to perform them well so the dance moves I’m doing will actually look good on stage. An obstacle for this would be that I’m not a very good dancer, and I’m probably one of the worst in Women’s, so knowing the dance is easy for me, but making it look good is really difficult. I want to procrastinate less than I did in 2018. As you can tell by me submitting this assignment two and a half hours before it’s due, I’m still procrastinating my way through 2019 as well. I did make my history quizlet 5 days ago and the test is on Wednesday, but that’s the only thing I’ve done early in a month. I think this procrastination of mine comes from all the more entertaining things I’d rather participate in, like watching Netflix/youtube, playing video games, or just being on my phone. My last resolution would be getting to know more people in Women’s or talking to more of them. I think I’ve talked to at least everyone in Women’s and I want to be closer to them, but I act very shy when I’m around people who I usually don’t talk to and aren’t my friends, so it’s hard for me to branch out sometimes. And that wraps up my three resolutions (kind of choir related) and three obstacles.

    • Secret of good dancing is to look like you are having the most fun on stage. Whatever your body might be doing, if you have a big smile and your face is animated, then no one even looks at your body.

  47. One thing I’d like to improve on is my ability to let things go with ease. I am very much a stubborn person, which is a huge obstacle in my way, so when someone upsets me, its hard for me to let it go and not ruin the mood for longer than necessary. If I learn to evaluate the situation at hand and how it impacts my relationship with the person, I feel I would be a happier person overall. I’d also like to accept the fact that time management will never be my thing because of the fact that procrastination and I go hand in hand and I shouldn’t be ashamed of what makes me me. My obstacle will probably be anyone who thinks of my characteristic as unsuitable for adulthood. Finally, I’d like to establish some sort of financial stability in my life before I really have to do this adult thing. I have like over a hundred dollars in savings and over a hundred in my checking but you know I’m tryna take a trip abroad this summer with my boo and also not die I college so I need to work on saving. One obstacle I’ll face might be that I need to eat.

  48. 1. I wish to manage my time better and not put everything off until the last minute because it makes me stressed out of my mind.
    The obstacle standing in my way is, I have tons of homework and never any free time, so it’s very difficult doing anything in advance.
    2. I want to start exercising and build on my core body strength because it will hopefully improve my singing. Vocal power should stem from the diaphragm area. and if you have a weak body then you probably have a weak voice. I also need to work on posture for that core strength too.
    The obstacle is, keeping the motivation going and doing it long enough to see results (and also I might be a little lazy, which is why I’m in choir in the first place because I’m not a sporty, exercisey kind of guy).
    3. I hope to be more talkative and get to know people better. I am naturally a quiet person and it’s difficult for me to be light and casual like some people can be.
    There are a lot of obstacles for this one because I am naturally a reserved person, so I will need to make conscious effort when it’s by far easier to just stay quiet.

  49. My second semester resolutions:

    1) I would love to practice more sight reading at home. I feel this is an extremely valuable skill to have as a singer, and I would like to improve in that area. An obstacle I constantly face is time. Either I’m doing homework or I’m at the barn tending to my horse. It can be challenging at times to balance, but I manage to pull through. I plan to set a few minutes aside to sight reading at home.

    2) Facials! Facials! Facials! I believe in order to become a better performer, I have to work on my facial expressions. During rehearsal, I tend to not go full out, so this hinders my performance on stage. I really want to express emotion during class in order to have a more meaningful performance.

    3) As an upperclassman, I really want to step up as a role model for the lower classmen. This is really hard for me because I have a shy, introverted attitude. Since I’m going to be a senior next year, I feel it is my responsibility to take charge and be a mentor for newcomers.

  50. I’d like to improve many things this semester but a big one for me is time management. I have always struggled with this no matter how many things I have to get done. I am big on procrastination and this has a lot to do with being on my phone for to long or not paying attention to the time. This is hard to fix but I know simple changes like organization and time management can help me. I tend to be better at this when I am constantly organizing and writing down what I have to accomplish, especially homework. Another thing I need to improve on is my lack of sleep. This goes a lot with procrastination and because I push things till so late, I go to sleep way to late. If I could get going the second I get home on my homework, and other things I have to accomplish, I know I would get to sleep at a reasonable hour. The last thing I would like to improve on is my focus skills, especially in choir. I have always had trouble as a kid up until now with focus issues and it’s something I’ve been working on for so long. As a kid this was much harder for me but I’ve learned to control most aspects of it. I do still have a lot to work on though and it just takes a lot of discipline with myself. I hope to improve more this year so it can be easier for me to stay on task in all my classes and homework, so then I can ultimately get to sleep earlier and fix these habits.

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