To Fear or Not to Fear

Our blog assignment this week is to pick a moment in your life where you conquered a fear.  It could be as small as killing a spider, or as large as skydiving.  The point is that you overcame your fear and accomplished something you were afraid to do.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 15 points and is due Monday October 29th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than sky diving…of course!!

Mrs. R

113 thoughts on “To Fear or Not to Fear

  1. A moment of conquering my fears is when i used to be afraid of roller coasters. When i went to Six Flags my first time, i manned up, and went to the scariest ride in the park and then i ended up loving roller coasters.

    • I totally understand! I am too mildly afraid of heights. I remember when my mom convinced me to ride on a mini zip line and when standing on the platform right before I ran off, I threw up because I was nauseous at the height- FUN DAY hahaha

    • I can relate to this experience. I hated rollercoasters until I tried going on one roller coaster and now I love them!

  2. Many people are afraid of heights or flying, but I’m not. I love flying because when I’m in the sky, I have a view of the world that I can only get while being up in the air. I also love rollercoasters, hiking, and climbing mountains because the views from the top are endlessly breathtaking. While flying and being up high on a roller coaster or mountain are few of my favorites, something that’s not so fun is having a nightmare. I don’t know why they exist, because they ruin my sleep, but they are not greatly appreciated. Something needs to be done about it. I do remember one night where I couldn’t sleep and was just laying in bed thinking (probably
    about boba or my life) and as soon as I fell asleep, I had a nightmare. I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I can control my dreams and sometimes I can’t, and sometimes I remember my dreams and sometimes I can’t. I cannot recall what this dream was about, but all I remember was that when I woke up my face was sweating and I felt almost paralyzed for a full minute before I got up and went to eat a banana. Normally, eating helps me get through life, especially through nightmares. So, after I ate and decided to go back to bed, I was able to sleep the rest of the night without the fear of a nightmare overcoming me. I don’t think I even remembered that I had a nightmare when I woke up, but thank goodness for food.

    • I agree that a solution to nightmares needs to be created. They are the worst especially when you can’t remember them or stop them.

    • I hate nightmares! I can totally relate when you get to control your dreams because you know what to do. When I have nightmares that’s all I think about and can’t sleep. I can so relate !

  3. My biggest fear was swimming with sharks. I conquered that fear when I was in the Bahamas and we went to different diving locations. I was afraid that the sharks would try to bite me or attack me but I learned that sharks are not as dangerous as you think. When everyone jumped into the water I kinda said “screw it” and jumped in too knowing it would be a awesome experience.

    • WOAH, okay that is so amazing. I applaud you because this is literally facing your fear head!
      I can’t imagine suffering through my worst fear like this…

    • I can actually relate to this as I went swimming with sharks in Africa and they were nicer than I thought!

  4. Like may people in this world, I have a huge fear of spiders. All throughout my childhood, I have had the biggest fear of spiders of all shapes and sizes. If i even saw the tiniest spider in my room, bathroom, the kitchen, etc. I would scream for my dad to come kill it. However, as I got older, my dad stopped coming and killing these terrifying arachnids and started making me fend for myself. At first I couldn’t do it. I would just leave the spider alone and not go in that part of the room for days on end until I had forgotten there was ever a threat. One day, there was a MASSIVE daddy long legs in the corner of my shower (yes, that was definitely an exaggeration it was probably no bigger than a quarter), and I thought to myself, “You know what Serena? It’s time to grow up and kill that darn spider.” So I grabbed not one, but 3 tissues (for extra protection), and let out a little scream as I wrapped up the spider in the tissues, ran over to the toilet, and said goodbye to Mr. Spider. Since then, it has gotten easier and easier to face my arachnophobia. (I still hate spiders though).

    • I don’t mind spiders, but I do understand why you ask people to kill them for you. It disgusts me thinking about smooshing bugs and spiders because of the blood and guts.

    • I have a really scary story that corresponds to your fear. My friend knows a kid who took the screen off his bedroom window and months later, when his mattress was being turned, a huge web was found under the bed with a tarantuala in it. He had been sleeping in that bed with a huge spider directly under him. Lesson: don’t take the screen off your window!

      • Haha Nathaniel I actually have a story too! When I was in elementary school I was in an afterschool club where we would learn about animals and they would bring a few for us to see! One day they brought a tarantula, and I actually pet the tarantula! Then they asked if anyone would want to have the tarantula go on top of anyone’s head! Haha I said no but there were a few elementary school students that said yes!

    • I completely relate! Whenever I see spiders, no matter what size, I always yell for my brother to kill it, but he is afraid of spiders too HAHA, so then I yell for my dad to kill the spider!

    • tiny spiders scare the heck out of me! However, I have been trying to catch them and take them outside because I feel bad about killing them because of my fear:( but most of the time i still get scared and my dad catches it for me

  5. Last year in World History we were asked to journal each day, and I remember walking into class and having a prompt that said to list some of your worst fears and why they caused you so much worry (because we were discussing the terror as students practiced nuclear bombing drills in the 1950’s). I kind of shielded my composition book from my neighbors because as I sat and listened to my neighbors talk about really brutal occurrences like school shootings, natural disasters, death, etc, my fear was nothing. The guy who was sitting next to me peeked over my arms and then proceeded to laugh at how dumb my fear was. My biggest fear is the failure, whether it be in my career, academics, music, or sports. I guess from an outside perspective I may just seem overly paranoid and self-possessed, but I truly struggle with self-doubt… life can be scary when the future is unpredictable. I obviously haven’t completely overcome this fear, but I faced it when a camp counselor wrote a few words on a paper for me. It said “Matthew 6:34”, and so I opened my bible and read: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Whenever I feel stressed about what the future holds, I open up a drawer in my desk and look at the piece of paper to remind me that I need to take one day at a time. Honestly, it brings me comfort EVEN as a million things run through my head.

    • This is so inspiring Hadley! I also struggle with the fear of not being good enough and that quote is really important for people to see. Thank you for sharing.

    • I feel this so so hard. I am the hardest critic of myself and it definitely prevents me from committing to things I may not be great at. Sometimes you just gotta do it even when you are stressed or get a F on a test, allow yourself to get distracted. I usually go to the piano or for a run or try something I have never done before (learning the guitar). The future is so overwhelming especially with everyone talking about college. Truth is we think we know what we are doing, but we don’t. We have no idea what tomorrow brings, do what makes you happy and with your work ethic I know you will go far.

    • This is such a relatable fear. I struggle with the fear of not being good enough. it is so difficult to love yourself.

    • I have no words to describe how much I love this. I’ve always struggled with self-doubt as well, and this truly inspired me. Thank you.

    • I love Bible verses because they are so helpful in any time of need. And this bible verse is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I will totally remember this when I feel in doubt of my future.

    • I love this blog post. It is so relatable and puts into words what I have struggled defining in these past few years of high school.

  6. In elementary school I was pulled out of class to take speech therapy because I had a stutter, it made me feel “different” and kids wondered where I went during the lesson. In class I learned to be quiet and not raise my hand to answer questions because I would often be ‘clumsily’ asked why I spoke the way I did and occasionally kids would mimic me because they didn’t understand. My family researched ‘”stuttering” and learned that if you sing or perform as different characters then the stutter is less obvious, so I was encouraged early on to be in the choir, audition for shows, and read the story during reading week for my grade. The stutter followed me all through elementary school but when I sang or acted I felt safe and other kids started to not ask me so many awkward questions. I was always so nervous to perform because I thought I would stutter but little by little I started trusting myself that I would be alright, I definitely felt fear and I faced it every time. Today my speech is improved to where I don’t stutter as often BUT I don’t know when it WILL happen so I still remain very quiet around people and in class. It has defined my childhood in many ways but there is a benefit from it too because if I had never had a speech issue, I would never have found singing or acting…perhaps I’d even be playing on the football team right now. So, even though I still have a certain amount of fear of speaking, I try to think good things have come out of it.

    • One of my biggest fears occurred after a change in my life that I thought I would never have to face. When I was in 7th grade and my parents sat my siblings and myself down to tell us we were moving across the country, I distinctly remember feeling numb and completely lost. As the explanation came through that I would be starting in a new school in California for my last year of middle school, so many questions came to mind: How will I make new friends? What is California like? When will we get to come back home?… These thoughts haunted me until my family and I made the journey to our new home and began our new life. I never would have been able to face this fear if not for the support of my family and the courage that my friends back home gave me. This transition was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but the fear is gone and I feel that I have accomplished the previous task of moving that seemed completely impossible.

      • Tess, you are so brave for conquering such a huge change in your life!! I am so grateful you ended up moving here because you are such a wonderful friend!

      • T I just want you to know that I am so so proud of you for having the courage and the bravery to move across the world. That must have been a very difficult process for a middle schooler. I am beyond thankful for you and what you have done for me. I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t move to California. You are such a light in the world and a blessing in my life. Love you – D.

    • Nathanial this is amazing! Your story and relief of your struggle through music is inspiring and I know that you will continue to succeed on your incredible journey.

    • This is an amazing story! I think it’s incredible that you took your fear and turned it into something positive.

    • This is so cool! I’ve heard so many stories about how music can help with stuff like that, but I just think it’s really awesome that you were able to take something that you struggled with and turn it into such a positive thing. GO YOU!

  7. I’m an extremely weird human being who has fructophobia or the fear/phobia of fruit. This may sound odd or funny but to me it’s a real thing that actually terrifies me. Let me explain. I have OCD about foods spilling or messes, so the thought of squishy fruit gives me anxiety. I don’t know why but this has been a thing since I was little (don’t judge me :)) Anyway, the other day, I was home alone and stepped on a grape. OF ALL THINGS of course it had to be fruit. Being the brave girl I am, I used a paper towel to throw it away. This may be a small victory but to me, it was a big step and showed me that I can overcome my OCD. Even though my weird phobia won’t go away, I know that I can deal with it.

  8. When I was little I had this terrible fear of my grandma’s basement, I tried everything I could to avoid going down into the monster infested basement. One summer my family was staying over at my grandma’s, and my mom told me to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I wouldn’t have had a problem with doing this simple task, but the washer and dryer was in the basement. I stood at the top of the steep stairs that looked into the basement for what felt like hours, but finally I began my descend into the basement. When I finally reached the bottom I realized all my grandma’s old clothes hanging on a rack in the far corner, after I put the clothes in the dryer I wandered over to the rack. I stayed in the basement trying on all my grandma’s old clothes, and it was then that I developed my love for vintage clothing, all thanks to overcoming my fear of my grandma’s basement. From then on every summer we went to my grandma’s, I spent a majority of my time in the basement playing dress up in my grandma’s clothes.

  9. I think my biggest fear that I’ve overcame was when I had to leave my family and friends in New York to move to California. I’ve never made a big enough move like this before across to another state especially a state that was about approximately 2000 miles away from New York. I was really scared to leave my friends and probably lose contact with them. I was especially afraid to make new friends and people seeing me as an outsider. Luckily I made friends and I’m happy I live in a place that makes me feel loved. Now overcoming that fear I’m lucky I had the opportunity to live in a beautiful place with amazing people that will always be there for me when I need them the most.

    • I can totally agree with this. Moving from Boston MA to CA was a big change and new start for my family. It was hard to overcome at first but now I love my new “home” of Socal.

    • Hannah I had no idea you moved from New York!! I moved from Texas when I was 10 and I was super mad at my parents for making me abandon my friends. I remember being so afraid to move but I was more forced to conquer the fear than to come over it myself. I luckily made friends really quick too and have appreciated the beauty of where we live.

  10. I conquered a fear last month when I flew to Colorado by myself. When I was younger, I used to have a fear of flying, but since my family loves to travel, I would have to be on an airplane at least 3 times a year. So, I got used to clinging to my parents on airplanes, which made the fear subside. When I found out I would be flying alone to go to my cousin’s wedding, I was a bit afraid that fear I used to have would come back. To my pleasant surprise, I was completely fine and had a really great experience, so it showed me that sometimes I fear situations for no reason when good things can come out of them.

    • I flew for the first time this year as well! It was a scary experience, but was glad I could do it myself.

    • Not going to lie, when I flew alone to Minnesota to meet Jacob a few months ago I was so nervous too. I conquered my fear just by relaxing and enjoying the flight and I feel like I could easily do it again.

    • Um I honesty don’t know how you guys do sooo airplane trips…I can’t even make it past bag check and security!😅

    • Aww I love flying and I’ve always had amazing experiences, but flying by myself sounds a bit scary. I’m so happy that you had a great trip and were able to return home safely!

  11. One of my biggest fears is to sing in front of people, which is ironic since i’m in choir. I have always grown up knowing that I didn’t have the best voice and I had embraced that. Coming to the westlake choir, I still had that massive fear and still have to cope with it to this day. I was asked last year to sing in front of my church for a sunday led by hugh school students. I was so nervous that i asked Abby Nash to sing a duet with me so I wouldn’t have to be by myself on stage. Before the service, we practiced and eat had a solo for each verse and singing it then made my voice shake. When we started the actual performance, I totally forgot about my anxiety and just sang my heart out. It felt so good after knowing that I was able to sing in front of an audience. Although I still have anxiety today, I try to think about that one sunday and push through that fear I had once overcame.

    • That is so cool that you are able to sing in front of people and overcome your anxiety! You also have such a beautiful voice!

    • If I sing by myself I try to imagine I am a character in the song and get lost in the music BUT if I forget and sing as me, I am really nervous. Keep doing solos and I bet it gets easier and easier.

  12. My fear that I had was stage fright in elementary school. I was afraid that I would forget words during public speeches or performances. When I was in fifth grade, I ran for President. I decided to sing a song that I wrote about my elementary school in front of all of the students, parents, teachers, and faculty. I was very nervous beforehand, and I remember walking up to thhe microphone and delivering my speech. After my speech was my school song, and I nervously sang the lyrics into the microphone. Everyone cheered after I had finished, and I ended up winning the election!

  13. I think that everyone will enjoy the vulnerability of this fear. BOYS. I am absolutely terrified, my mom makes fun of me at restaurants because if we have a guy waiter I will not make eye contact. I act like a complete FOOL in front of whoever I am crushing on and usually end up being their friend that they talk to about other girls HAHAHAHA ITS SO FUN. Anyways, last year I was sitting in my Spanish class talking to my friend next to me instead of doing pistas and she was going on and on about this guy she liked and what she was doing to pursue you. Well you know what? Coaches don’t play, so I gave her advice. It gave her the bravery she needed to talk to him, so she asked me who I liked and I was like “oh he graduated, you don’t know him. He danced the last slow dance with me on New Years Eve and offered me a ride home THEN MY PARENTS PULLED UP RIGHT THAT SECOND. Oh and then another time he asked for my snapchat and I giggled, said no, and ran away in panic (your girl has NO game.)” I described him some more and then said his name we will call him Jamal, because why not. Her face turned WHITE! “I KNOW JAMAL! HIS DAD PLAYS POKER WITH MY DAD EVERY SUNDAY HE IS SOOOOO HOT!” I pretty much almost passed out. I never EVER EVER EVER tell anyone who I like, NOT EVEN IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WHEN IT DIDNT MATTER! Them finding out is one of my worst fears. Which is dumb because how the heck will a relationship start if someone doesn’t confess their feelings. ANYWAYSSSS fast forward to a couple of awkward encounters later, I found a casual way to slide into the dms, like actually I dmed him. Very friendly like hey I’m sorry I ran away from you when I saw you, you know cause I’m terrified of attractive people. That’s not what I said, but it had the same message. We talked back and forth for a long time and then I was like you know what I have nothing to lose here, he doesn’t go to our school and if he rejects me I never have to see him again. We were mid conversation and I was about to walk into a movie, So…… and I am actually proud of this ….I said, “Hey I’m going into a movie rn, but I’d love to catch up sometime I miss seeing you around.” Then I turned my phone off and would not look at it for a day. When I opened it I saw the reply, “ya that’d be cool, just hmu whenever.” GASP. WHAT. NO. NOW WHAT? We went on one date, it was incredibly awkward, I shook the whole time, my teeth were chattering, yada yada yada, but heck I ASKED A DUDE OUT. A HOT DUDE. I GOT HIM TO PAY FOR MY STUFF JUST FOR BEING A DORK. Even though this whole thing ended REALl quick for GOOD reason, I learned something. I’m a BOSS. I had a 50% chance of rejection, but I still went for it and look what happened. I bowled for free and learned how to keep a conversation going for a couple of hours. I never would have had that experience if I didn’t take my chance. Girls BE BOLD!

    • I LOVED READING THIS HAHA!!! You’re so relatable, and omg boys ARE so scary to talk to!!! Completely different species than us girls, I swear! But that was so inspiring to read, GO CHARLOTTE! GO GIRL POWER!

    • This is my favorite post of all time. Reading this makes me feel a little less nerves when it comes to talking to boys. Boys are scary and Idk why lmao YOU HAVE TRULY INSPIRED ME!!

  14. I am a very cautious person, and have always been that way. For instance, whenever my family goes skiing, I am always the last one down, even on the easiest slopes! One year, my family persuaded me to ski down a black rated slope (one of the hardest level slopes). I was very nervous at first but eventually gave it a try. It did not go well. The first time that I attempted to go down it, I had to take my skiis off and slowly slide down. It was very embarrassing and took forever! However, the next year I went skiing and decided to give it another try. Instead of panicking, I went very slowly and made huge turns across the mountain all the way down. I was so proud that I made it down the slope, even if it took me longer than most people!

  15. A moment where I conquered fear was when I told my parents in April that I wanted to transfer to Westlake. They were completely shocked and It took a lot of convincing. Even though I knew some people in and outside of choir, I was nervous to audition and was nervous to leave where I had been for the past two years. Altogether, I was nervous to go to a new school half way through high school even though it was just down the street. I remember being anxious picking my classes when I met my counselor and seeing completely new territory. I was mostly nervous that I would regret my decision. I can say it has been quite the opposite. I have loved every minute of Westlake and haven’t regretted my decision once. The kindness in choir has definitely helped me through it and everyone has included me since the second I joined. Thank you all for making this the best new school I could’ve asked for (:

  16. Ever since I was young, I’ve performed on stage. I would have no problems singing and talking as a character, and it would be like second nature. When I was 12, I was asked to speak in church. I couldn’t do it. I sat there looking up at the ceiling and speaking so fast that even I couldn’t understand what I was saying. Because I was speaking as myself, anxiety seized me, and I was not able to talk like I usually do in front of an audience. It is completely different when you act like yourself in front of people you don’t really know well; I realized my fear was public speaking. Since that time, I have worked hard to not be as nervous when I am presenting or speaking in front of a crowd, and although I still have some slip-ups, I have become better at speaking as myself to an audience. My fear is still there, but I work through it every time I must face it.

  17. One time I had to overcome a fear was when I performed at my first open mic night. The coffee shop five07 holds open mic nights on weekends, and since my friends and I frequent there, we all decided to perform at one of them. For weeks before the performance, I was definitely nervous, but it was easy to push the thoughts away. When the actual night of the performance came, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was worried because I was ambitiously going to sing and play the piano with it, something I still wasn’t comepletely confident doing. I was worried about making a fool of myself on stage. I wasn’t even scared of the crowd’s reaction, it was more of the idea of disappointing myself that I couldn’t bear to do. When it was my turn to go up, I let go. I would describe the experience as a casual, intimate performance between friends. That’s how it felt at least. I was myself behind that mic. The music just came naturally and artfully. I definitely made my fair share of mistakes, but the audience was so wildly supportive that it didn’t phase me. It also helped that my some of my best friends were there cheering me on. Hearing the last round of applause after I finished my last song was so rewarding. I felt alive and free. Looking back, performing that night was one of the most important things I’ve ever done. I forgot all my fears and just sang.

    • This was really inspiring to read because you’re honestly such a talented performer and to read that you have the same amount of anxiety that I do about performing makes me feel a lot better! I’m glad you could overcome your fear and hopefully one day I will too and join you!

  18. For around 4 to 5 years, I was terrified of going on roller coasters. I was so sure that going on one would induce certain side effects from past injuries that I had, and that was a risk I just wasn’t willing to take. For every choir festival that I went to during these years, I opted to be the pack mule so I wouldn’t have to go on any rides. Looking back on those years made me realize just how much fun I was missing out on. Last year, we went to Disneyland after the choir festival, and I told myself that I would not go on any roller coasters. However, once we got the theme park, I began to look back on those past years and realized just how much I was missing out on. When my group got to the front of the line for Space Mountain, I threw my hands up in the air and yelled “Screw it, I am going on this ride!”. It was easily the best decision I have made in a while. I wasn’t afraid of the possible negative outcome anymore. I just wanted to have fun.

  19. A fear that I conquered was I was deathly afraid of being alone. Ok, I know that that seems deep, but I don’t mean it in that way. Back in middle school there was times where my brothers all had things to do and my mom had work and there was no one to watch me. I refused to be home alone, I didn’t care what my mom had to do for someone to watch me when she was at work, but I had a fear of someone breaking into my house and me being there alone. So when my middle school years were coming to an end and high school was just around the corner, my mom sat me down and told me that I needed to learn to be home alone. This was a task I was scared to accomplish but I did. In my personal experience fear is pointless, I’ve learned to address every fear I have because it just causes stress and that is not healthy.

  20. So ever since I was little I’ve been afraid of the dark. I actually couldn’t go downstairs at night to get water for myself until I was about 14 probably. I’m not sure why but it was just a massive fear of mine until one day I just decided I’m going to go downstairs and just pretend like it’s light outside and get water. I was super scared at first but then I kept doing it and doing it until I finally was not scared anymore. Now I roam my house freely and frequently in the dark with no care and no scars at all. It’s the best.

  21. A lot of people are scared of things like spiders, snakes, etc. and while I am afraid of those things, my biggest fear in this world is being hated or feeling like no one likes me. I think this comes from me always trying to please people because sometimes I really rely on others for emotional support. It has been hard to cope with this fear as I constantly scan rooms wondering if someone hates me or thinking of something to say that will make others not hate me, but this year, I really conquered this fear and began realizing that not everyone hates me and that even if they do, it shouldn’t affect me. I’m usually never vocal about my feelings because I always feel like others may judge and therefore hate me, but this year I have realized that the only way I can be happy is if I voice my opinions. And I’m not going to say that I haven’t been overdramatic (because I have and trust me they have been crazy), but what I am saying is that I’m learning and that I’m getting better. I’ve let a lot of things build up and therefore am letting them go now, but I conquered my fear and that’s what is important. I know I probably sound insane in this blog post, but this is genuinely my biggest fear and even though I haven’t fully gotten over it, I’m making progress.

    • You described one of my fears PERFECTLY. I completely understand it being something you have to actively overcome on a daily basis, but know that you are definitely liked by me and should never have to worry about that. 🙂

  22. This is such a lame fear I know, but I used to be absolutely terrified of staying home alone. I had a reasonable excuse though, my house was broken into about 6 years ago. After that, I could not fathom staying by myself. Finally, I realized how much it was hindering my life and decided to make the change. I overcame the fear by staying home alone (haha) and now I babysit all the time and stay home alone. Of course I am still SUPER anxious and make sure everything is locked up and that nobody can get in. I even took a self defense class so I could feel more secure.

  23. Most people’s fears can eventually be physically overcome, such as flying on an airplane or riding a rollercoaster. My fear? Not so much. How does one actively challenge the mind-consuming stress the entire weekend before a major deadline or the anxiety that courses through you an entire school day because you have a math test 6th period? That’s right, my fear is failure. Sure, there are temporary solutions like breathing techniques or affirmation from friends that you’ll do great on your presentation, but so far nothing has proven to be a long term answer. Or is there a way to face my fear of failure and come out on top every time? My fear of failure is linked to my fear of disappointing those who believed in me, being rejected by those who once supported me, and ultimately feeling lonely after the first two fears have come true. After all, if I fail a test, I’ll disappoint myself plus my family and friends then my peers will ostracize me because I’ve shown myself to be incapable of learning on the same level as everyone else then I’ll end up alone as no college wants to accept me because I didn’t understand how to calculate the frequency of a hydrogen wavelength. (AP Chem is such a joy!) While I still struggle with not letting this fear inhibit me from doing my best, there are many times where I’ve conquered it. The best and most reliable method to not let fear of failure get to me is well, me. I know I studied an entire weekend that E=hv, so I’m going to ace my test finding frequency! Just because there is a negative possibility that comes from taking this test doesn’t mean there’s no positive possibility! Yes, I COULD do miserably, but I have test corrections to boost my score AND what if instead of a C, I get an A? This fear is all in my head, and you want to know what else is in my head? Knowledge! I can do this. Even if I fail, my failures don’t define me. So why fear failure? Avoid it as much as you can but embrace the mistakes you make. 🙂

    • Fear of failure has always been an all-consuming aspect of my life. I totally agree that one of the best ways to address it is by embracing past mistakes and allowing yourself to move on.

  24. I have never been good with boys. Like Charlotte, they used to FREAK ME OUT. That is, until I met one of my best friends this year. Maybe I magically developed the ability to be a social person somehow, but I swear this dude was different. We both loved to explore, eat good food, talk about random stuff, troll our friends, and so on. Soon enough, we became practically inseparable. HOWEVER, I tend do this thing where I catch feelings really really fast, which is terrible because that stuff never ends well for me (*cough cough* if you know, you know). So OF COURSE I caught feels for my new best friend. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t tell him for months and pretended that everything was normal because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. He was there for me though thick and thin, and I couldn’t even imagine losing him. And so, I hoped that my feelings would just disappear. The thing is, they didn’t! I realized that this wasn’t just a teeny tiny crush–I liked him for him, not for who I thought he was (*cough cough*). THUS, I decided yolo and asked him out and he said yes and that is the story of how me and my boyfriend started dating it was very scary but it’s awesome now so thank you for listening goodbye.

  25. When I was nine, I was asked to sing a solo in church and I was absolutely terrified. Performing in front of people was way scarier than anything to me because I was scared of messing up and being publicly humiliated. I loved to sing so my mom put me into voice lessons in hopes that I would get over this fear. I worked for years and tried to sing at multiple occasions but I always ended up just standing on stage and nervously laughing for the 3 minutes that the accompaniment lasted. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it so I signed up for my school’s talent show in 8th grade. Getting on that stage took everything inside me but I did it and somehow managed to sing. I didn’t laugh once and there came a point in the song where I actually looked people in the face instead of the crack on the ceiling. I was so happy to finally share what I loved to do with others and not worry about what they might say about me!

  26. Public speaking does not necessarily scare me, but it truly makes me very uncomfortable. Last year, our end-of-the-year final in AP physics was to stand in front of the class with a partner and give a 10 minute lecture on a topic chosen at random. Even though the presentation was during the end of 2nd semester, I starting getting nervous for it when we were still in 1st semester. I was worried that no matter how hard I studied, my nerves would take over and I would forget everything. Well, thats what happened… kind of. Even though I did ponder on what I could of done better, my immediate thought after the presentation was how relieved I was that I conquered this great fear that I had created in my mind. I felt so proud of myself for completing it, since I honestly did not think I could. This experience also reminded me to be grateful for the friends in your life that help you conquer your fears( shout out to Julia for being my awesome partner during my presentation:)) !!).

  27. A very long time ago, I had a fear of heights. Even looking off a balcony or from the 12th floor of a hotel made me scared. But around 7th grade, I conquered that fear. I was in an outdoor class over the summer, and my friends and I were climbing in the huge sequoia trees (with supervision, and cables😂) and at one point we had to climb up a sequoia tree about 60 feet and jump down. There were small rungs attaches to the tree to climb up with, but getting to the top and staring off the ledge was terrifying. We were attached to ropes though too, so I just trusted that I wasn’t about to smash against the ground and jumped. And now, I want to overcome even bigger things, like skydiving, cliff jumping, and paragliding!

  28. A fear that I overcame was auditioning for a solo in Mixed Combo last year. It was during the March concert when Mixed was doing Grease and Mixed Combo did Hopelessly Devoted To You, one of my favorite songs from the show. I worked up all of my courage to finally audition for one of the solos and I actually got it! I was so excited that I had actually gotten it because it was my first solo ever! It gave me the courage to actually pursue challenges in choir and audition for Women’s Chorale this year!

  29. Coming up with a fear was a bit hard. Yeah I was scared of the dark and being home alone but now I no longer am and I wanted to think a little deeper. Pretty much a fear of mine is like Hadley’s where I fear failure. I fear not knowing if I will be a a successful student in the future and if I get in to a good University. I may not be the best student or take all those AP classes but I sure do work hard. But I fear as now that I am in Junior year, that I won’t get to accomplish the things I think I want to accomplish, if that makes any sense. I fear that my parents won’t be proud of what I will do (even though they are proud of what I’ve done so far). I think about my future too much even though I haven’t gotten there yet. But to conquer this I just ask God to help me focus on the present time. To put away all my thoughts of future failures that might not even happen. I ask for peace and remember a song by one of my favorite artist Kari Jobe that talks about putting all your worries to him and we will find rest in him.

    • I think that failure is something many of us struggle with. I definitely struggle with not knowing what I want to do when I’m older, or what college I want to go to. But when we focus really hard on the future, the present just flies by, so we have to spend time enjoying what we have now, and though it may seem hard, focus less on the future. And btw in Forensics, you are one of the most hardworking students I know!

  30. Overall, I am a pretty outgoing person. When we were asked to write about our fears, nothing came to me, and I was actually pretty stumped. Many people are afraid of bugs, heights, or planes, but I’ve never been afraid of any of those. I guess I’m afraid of failing in any aspect of my life. Whether it be in school, or letting other people down, I’ve always felt obliged to try my best in everything I do, so I get frustrated when they don´t work out, especially after I’ve put a lot of work into it. This doesn’t seem like a super significant fear compared to some of the other fears that my classmates wrote about, but it does drive me in my day to day life, and can even help me succeed in school and other things.

  31. I played basketball competitively for many years of my childhood. I played on a travel team and loved every second of it–getting to travel to tournaments with my teammates with music blasting from the speakers, getting to eat fancy pastries after a long day at a tourney, competing for Taco Bell after practice. I loved the rush of press, the pressure of tie-breaker free throws, the camaraderie that comes with being a part of a basketball team. Around the spring and summer before fifth grade, I had some pretty serious pain in my left knee. Travel team is a year-round deal, so I played consistently on the injured knee. I was really afraid of going to the doctor and getting diagnosed with an injury, so I refrained from telling my parents for several months until I finally admitted that I really needed to get it checked. Sure enough, I had a microfracture in my left knee. I remember bawling in my dad’s car after hearing the news and being so afraid of getting surgery and getting an MRI but most of all having to be without basketball in my life. I ended up on crutches for three months and completed physical therapy for several months thereafter. I was out for the fall, winter, and spring. I came back in the early summer and played for about a month when my team decided to take a two month July/August hiatus. That June month of play reminded me that I needed to go back to physical therapy because I wasn’t mentally or physically ready to play again. July and August passed and I didn’t come back for the fall because I was too scared of hurting my knee again. I was too scared of being on crutches again. I was too scared of going to the doctor and having to find out more bad news. I stopped playing basketball and took up golf to fill the void but still wasn’t completely content. I deliberated for several weeks before I decided that basketball meant too much to me to give it up for good. I overcame my fear of being injured again when I decided to play for my school basketball team. Since then, golf has been a consistent part of my life, but basketball still remains an important part of my existence and I still strive to keep it in my life, whether it be playing or coaching. It took me a darn while, but eventually I realized that my love for the game transgressed any fear I had of injury.

  32. I am terrified planes and flying, mainly due to so many horror movies surrounding plane crashes. The idea of an airplane sounds okay and being in an airport is honestly really fun, but being in a plane thousands of feet off the ground is so scary. Putting all my trust into someone else and hoping nothing goes wrong with the plane is very scary and definitely hard to do. However, of course I have to take flights sometimes considering you can’t drive everywhere and it is much quicker to fly. I have gotten better about planes, although they do scare me still and every time I hear about another plane crash I dread the next time i’ll have to go on a plane, but every time I fly I get a little less scared.

  33. I have a lot of fears. Some main ones include: rollercoasters, public speaking, snakes, or even English class. But I’m going to talk about my past fear of automatic toilets. When I was in kindergarten I was introduced to my first automatic toilet. However, I had no clue that if you moved slightly, it would flush. Obviously, I moved somehow and it flushed by itself, and I started freaking out. I ended up crying or screaming (my memory is fuzzy) really loud because one of the after-school-care ladies came in to see what was wrong. I frantically tried to explain to her that the toilet was trying to eat me. She took a deep breath and explained how these toilets work, and she even showed me a cool trick to use whenever I needed to go to the bathroom. She took a piece of toilet paper and put it over the sensor so that it covered it. She told me nothing would happen as long as the piece of toilet paper covered it. I did that for quite awhile until I overcame my fear and grew out of it. While writing this, I realize that I was a really strange kid. Oh well!

    • OMG NICOLE😂😂😂 haha everyone has a fear of something, some more unique than others😅 I also have a fear of public speaking, still trying to get over that!

  34. SO it was i believe it was freshman or sophomore year, and the annual talent show was coming up. I had a big sibling 9th grade and, her name was Jennifer Chadick (she was the department president my 10th grade). She was in ACA and had a phenomenal voice. She asked if I wanted to do the talent show together so we did. We practiced at her house and the harmonies sounded very good, but I was very shaky on my solo parts as I had paralyzing stage fright, but I was dying to get over that. Unfortunately she picked a song (titanium) that was completely out of my range where I sounded the best. So we auditioned and it went terribly; i forgot the lyrics to my solo part and i was super pitchy sometimes, (ASK TOMMY HE WAS THERE). We got it anyway lol. The talent show comes and I didn’t forget the lyrics but I was pitchy and shakey sometimes, and very awkward. But the point is I did the talent show. I still have mild stage fright so I guess I didn’t really conquer anything…

  35. My biggest fear, that I still have but am improving on, is public speaking. I can’t describe all my presentations I’ve ever done in front of past classes, but I can say that my legs start to shake during every single one of them. In particular, last year there was an English project that I wrote the script for and my group and I went out to film the video. I edited the video for almost 2 hours and when we presented the video, and people laughed at my jokes I edited in; seeing my classmates like something I made, actually made me enjoy the presentation and I was really proud of myself afterwards. After that, I realized that everyone is just the same as me, they’re people, and I shouldn’t keep holding their opinions so high in my head, because what they think is not as important as what I think of myself.

  36. Ive conquered two fears in my life that have resulted me in actually liking the activity I was scared of in the first place. My first instance was when I first rode my motorcycle without training wheels for the first time. I was so scared it took 20 minutes for my dad to talk me out of my nerves but I finally did it and I have loved it ever since. my second fear I conquered was when I went and saw my first scary movie. all of my friends and my parents had always talked me out of seeing scary movies cause they thought I wouldn’t like them, but one time I decided I should just give them a try and see how I react and I ended up loving it and none seeing scary movies with my dadf is one of my favorite things to do.

  37. One of my biggest fears growing up as a child was rollercoasters. I don’t remember exactly why, but I was terrified and never wanted to go on one. By the time my Six Flags field trip came up for promotion in eighth grade came up, I had still never gone on one. As the line inched closer to the seats, my stomach churned and my feet froze. I wanted to turn back around but Jada took my hand and encouraged me on. For the first time, I got an amazing adrenaline rush, every loop making me laugh and scream harder. Still to this day I will go on any roller coaster because I simply love the thrill of it. It just shows to tell you that if you hide in your your fears, you will never truly experience all the amazing feelings life has to offer.

  38. I was painfully shy as a kid. I hardly said two words throughout middle school. I kept my nose in a book and did my best to avoid any interactions with people. But since my freshman year, when I joined choir, I was forced to be on stage and have people see me. I even had to sing duets in front of the class once. It was a nightmare. However, as I’ve kept to it, I have gotten infinitely more comfortable around people even pushing myself to audition for ACA and run for department president where I would for sure have to talk to many different people and be on stage a LOT. And although it is still hard at times, I have been changed through facing my fears.

  39. My fear I’m going to be talking about is kind of a funny story. So to set the scene; it was probably 5-7 summers ago and my sister and I were constantly going to the TO pool because it was cheap and fun. Anyway, throughout my multitude of trips there, I had already beaten the swim test to allow me on the high dive because such as now I was an awful swimmer, and I was enjoying the diving board life. I started off just jumping and then front flipping and progressively got more comfortable with it, so I decided it was time for the high dive. This was already scary because that is a big drop and you have to just let your body fall, and once you’ve stepped off, there’s no going back. However, I continued on my jumping journey and eventually decided on 4th of July night that within the next week, I would attempt a front flip off the high dive! It would be a full send and as I walked to the edge of the board, I was filled with a combination of fear and excitement. Now, keep in mind, this was at the time where I was still closing my eyes during front flips. So, it was my time to shine, and I slowly edged my way to the nose of the board and readied myself. I stared at the glistening water and let go of my anxiety. I curled myself into a ball and dropped, and because my eyes were closed I didn’t see where I was heading, so i kept spinning. Unfortunately for me, due to my lack of vision and air awareness I had not only done the front flip, but also another half rotation. Basically, after my single second of enjoyment of gracious decent, my world came “crashing down” or I guess I came crashing down. With my eyes still closed I felt an abrupt slap of pain rush through my whole body spreading across my face, stomach and legs! I bellyflopped, hard! Immediately after i was submerged in the water, I struggled to not just face my pain head on [ Get it? FACE my pain HEAD on, because those are areas where I had fallen on a few seconds prior], but also just push myself to re-emerge from the pool as I was an awful swimmer. As i rose pack out could hear people all around me shouting “OOOO, SSHHHHH, OUCH” and I even heard the lifeguard ask if I needed help out of the pool. Even with the grueling pain I was feeling, I swam on and out of the pool because i wanted to seem strong. Then, a couple minutes later, I went to hug my mom and weep on her shoulder. I was in pain and extremely embarrassed.
    After that experience, I refused to flip off the high dive for years, but alas, come 2018 and I was once more ready to face my fear that was now shaken with a tough memory of pain and sadness. Now though, I was with my cousin at the Santa Monica College pool, now aged with a new eye for thrill and a spoonful of bravery. Not only was I doing this to redeem myself, but also because I had to be the cool cousin, and blow my cousin’s freaking mind. My breathing patterns had changed as I stood at the edge of the high dive and as I looked out at the steady water, and recollected my past failure, I leaped! This time my eyes were open though. This was my redemption story. As I jumped, I felt the breeze sweep across my body and as I soared I made sure I did not close my body too tight because I didn’t want to repeat the past. I watched as the sky go behind me, and I regained focus on the flip at hand. As I approached the water I re-opened my body and watched myself pencil dive perfectly into the water. In fact, right after I made my splash into the water, I was overcome with happiness because I knew I had just beaten my fear and my previous failure. I resurfaced with exhilaration, and swam intently to the pool ladder, so I could leave the calm waters. I walked back to see my cousin with a new found respect for myself along with a feeling of proudness. Nobody else seemed to care about my flip that afternoon, but I didn’t care because I HAD CONQUERED MY FEAR!

  40. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely conquered my fears, but I’ve learned to cope with them. My biggest issue is I’m afraid of heights and in recent years that’s manifested itself in me freaking out while flying in planes. Allow to just preface this by saying I am the WORST person to sit next to on flights, I go into panic mode as soon as the plane hits any turbulence. However, I don’t let that stop me because I have places to go that would take a road trip to get to and flying takes less time. While freaking out, part of my coping mechanism is to make game plans for any possible situation that could happen on the plane to help soothe my anxiety. This helps me quite a bit as I feel I have a better grip on what’s happening when I know what to do when under situational pressures.

  41. One fear I have is being too far from the ground, either below it or above it. When I went to panama over the summer, we learned how to scuba dive and I was initially terrified at this, I started to panic if I couldn’t see the water breaking at the top. Eventually, I made friends with my scuba buddy who also had this fear (we all had a scuba partner who stayed beside us) and we conquered it together. Eventually, we got to 50 feet deep on the last day, and the group went down further but my buddy and I decided to go to the top of the water and talk because we were both running low on air. I can’t say that I conquered my fear of heights, or that I will ever go that far again because it was s c a r y, but I’m very happy that I can say I’ve done it.

  42. One of my biggest fears growing up was roller coasters. Although I had never been on one, I was convinced that I would hate them. The feeling of dropping from so high up and getting that feeling in your stomach scared me. I didn’t know exactly what it would feel like but I just told myself it wasn’t for me. In eighth grade, we went to six flags. I didn’t plan on going on any big roller coasters but as soon as we got there my friends headed to the ride Tatsu. As we waited in line I got more and more nervous, planning to drop out last minute and let my friends ride without me. When we finally got up there, I sat in my seat silently freaking out. I didn’t want to embarrass myself and leave so I decided to go through with it. When the ride was over I had the biggest smile on my face because I realized that the feeling I was so scared of was actually really fun and exciting. Now, I love roller coasters and i’m glad I was able to get enough courage to ride one.

  43. One of my biggest fears is talking in front of a crowd. Im currently working on improving this fear. But to be totally honest it scares me so much. I start trembling and if you know me I have a relatively low voice. But when i get in front of a crowd ooo i can literally be a soprano. My voice gets so high if i was behind a wall and you were just listening to my voice you would never suspect it would be me.

  44. Something I have always been known to fear is singing in front of others. I’ve been singing since I was in kindergarten and have always had a passion for it. However, once I reached middle school, I seemed to had lost confidence in singing solos or in front of anyone by myself. I think it was easy to compare myself to other students who had amazing voices and I diminished myself for not sounding like them. However, I started voice lessons and really tried to gain a lot more confidence in singing in front of others. I even sang a solo last year in women’s for one of our show choir songs in the march show and competition. I was reluctant to even get myself to audition yet sing in front a large crowd of people I didn’t know. However, this really boosted my confidence and has made me branch out more, be less scared to sing in front of others and try new things more often.

  45. My biggest fear I would have to say is probably public speaking. It’s weird because I talk, I mean a lot like it’s hard to shut me up, as some of the people I’m choir will say they probably say I have the best stories haha, I mean they aren’t wrong! But put me in front of a crowd I freeze. I remember when I was literally 8 years old and my mom asked me if I wanted to join choir, the second I heard I had to be in stage I said nope I’m good, but then I found out that I would be with a group so I was like ok I’ll try it. That never made me nervous, until I decided in middle school to
    Audition for a solo, luckily I got it but I was always so scared to do it in rehearsal, you wouldn’t even believe! But then before I went on stage I just closed my eyes and decided to pretend it was just me living my “dream” as of none of it was real. I went out there and I was so sassy it was great haha and I killed it or at least I thought I did. Anyways moral of my little story, I conquered my fear that day. Just in case you’re wondering though umm yes I’m still terrified:)

  46. Everyone has fears in their lives ,and I can’t say that one is more important of fearful than another. However, I would like to highlight a feat that is very relevant to choir and my life today. In eighth grade, I joined my schools theater department. I really just joined it because my friends were all in it and I wanted to join in on the fun. We were performing Cinderella ,and I was so greatful to be castes as one of the Godmothers(considering that it was my first time doing theater and I had no experience what so ever: I didn’t even know what a monologue was). Anyways, for our two Saturday performances, we were putting on a tea party for pre-show. Our drama teacher had asked girls who would like to audition with different Disney princess songs to sing in or preshow. If anyone even knows my name, they know that I am obsessed with Disney ,so the chance to sing a Disney Princess song in front of audience sent me to the moon!!! I joked that I could audition for any princess she asked at any moment. I auditioned with three songs, and the one I liked the least was chosen: Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas. However! I had no time to be upset! I was chosen to open the first pre-show with MY song! I couldn’t believe it ,and I nearly vomited as is how I feel typically before any big performances. Choir is different in this aspect. In choir, you have people to rely on to help you if you mess up. However, when you’re up there alone singing a solo. There is no one else but you up there to save yourself(and to be interesting enough to keep the audience’s attention). Now even though I used to sing all the time with my friends, I had never sung alone before. This moment changed everything. This moment changed my life. It’s hard to remember the details of the encounter, I remeber seeing certain faces in the audience. I remember waiting on stage for my music to start. I remember my last glance above as I held my final note. But, I can’t remember anything else. When I began singing, I was in another world. A world of Music and peace. Who knows where I would be if I hadn’t done that song? I have high doubts that I would have ever starting singing seriously or joined a choir. Yet, here I am. Ready to dedicate my life to music. I guess that sometimes there is a reason for coincidences happening. But, all I have to say, is that Just Ariund The Riverbend is one of my favorite Disney songs now.

  47. A fear I conquerored once was singing in front of a crowd. I used to be terrified of singing in front of crowds but once I sang a solo at my church I wasn’t terrified anymore. I still get nervous before I sing for crowds but now it goes away less and less every time I sing before a crowd. Each time when I sing for a crowd my fear rather than being terrified I began to be more excited when I preform in front of people.

  48. I am in Boy Scouts and we have these week long overnight campouts every summer. I remember being terrified to go to summer camp for the first time because it would be the first time i’d spent more than one night away from my parents. While we were at camp, i remember being constantly terrified because i saw spiders everywhere. In case some of you don’t know, i have a mild case of arachnophobia to the point where if i see a spider, I’ll just turn around and walk away and never come back. Anyway, while we were at the campout i was always seeing spiders running around and especially in the bathrooms. There was one point where i had to go, and the whole time there was this massive spider slowly crawling down the wall towards me. It really freaked me out. But, i made it through the whole week and every summer camp after that was a breeze. (except for that one where we had a massive anthill next to our tent the whole week).

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