Enjoying Moments

Our blog assignment this week is to pick one of your favorite moments from our first concert and write a 5-7 sentence paragraph describing it.  I believe when we remember special moments in our lives it allows those moments to live on just a little bit longer.  This can be a moment on stage or off stage, at a rehearsal or a performance.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 15 points and is due Monday October 22nd at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than special moments!!

Mrs. R

118 thoughts on “Enjoying Moments

  1. One special moment to me was just laughing alongside my friends when we did the choir joke tradition. I was sitting on the couch and my friends and I were just trying to come up with the best chocolate chip cookie joke that everyone kept adding on to. I was laughing so hard at this joke Rylinn made about a chocolate chip on a baseball player being a chocolate chip rookie or something. And then Anagha standing up after adding to the pun and turning to me because she forgot what it was. Honestly I had so many memorable jokes with people sitting on that couch, getting ready in the dressing room, and lining up before our performance. It was such an amazing weekend for me because it was my first choir performance at Westlake and I’m so excited for the next one. If I had that much fun on the two day concert, I’m so excited for the winter concert because it has so many more shows with more jokes to come. The concert just showed how much all of our work payed off from Idyllwild till now and I’m so excited to perform amazingly again with some of the best people I know.

    • You’ve become such a wonderful addition to the choir program this year that I literally always forget this is your first year at Westlake. Your chocolate chip pizookie joke was pretty… sweet, if I do say so myself. 😉 I can’t wait for even more jokes and fun memories the rest of this year with you!

    • I am so fortunate that you came to westlake and joined choir because if you did not… we would not be friends and you would not have been part of these traditions!

  2. One of my favorite memories for this concert happened during the concert on Saturday night. As women’s was performing fields of gold, I started thinking about how proud I was of how far we have come as a group, and this was only our first time performing together! I closed my eyes as we all held the last note in unison, and as I opened them there was a kind of lingering essence that I can’t quite find the right words to describe. A smile was immediately plastered across my face and, to be honest, I got a little teary eyed. A sort of adrenaline rushed through my veins and chills went up my spine. I looked around at everyone’s smiling faces, both I women’s and in the audience, and it made me forget all my troubles and worries and everything in the world just seemed right. It was the kind of sensation I only get when I’m either listening to incredible music or when I’m performing with such an exceptional group of people as I got to Saturday night. I got an extremely similar feeling after performing the finale with all the choirs joined together as one amazing program.

    • I love the way that you described this one lingering moment. It is so inspiring to see how moved you felt when on stage as well.

    • This performance of “Fields of Gold” was stunning and will be remembered by our group and the audience. We set a really high standard for our group with song and I am sure that many will come to our next concert after being entranced by this piece.

  3. One of my favorite moments from this past concert was right before we entered the stage on Saturday. As we were preparing to perform, Women’s circled up, and everyone could feel the excitement mixed with nerves, traveling from one person to the next. The feeling of friendship encircled us. Each and every one of us had gigantic smiles, ready to prove to ourselves how far we have come and how much we have accomplished. We knew that we were all in this together. We felt like warriors, as well as sisters, and that feeling will never fade away.

    • I felt just the same, our one big circle and our one big women’s family was just perfect at that moment. We thought about the upcoming performance, breathed deeply, and encouraged each other to preform to the best of our abilities cheering “W” “C” is hushed whispers.

    • I completely agree Aly, that time together was special and the anticipation of the last concert was palpable. Thinking back to this moment makes me even more excited for the Christmas show.

    • I wholeheartedly agree! The smiles we exchanged and our little “WC” cheer just made me even more excited to perform on the same stage with all my wonderful fellow Warriors and sisters. 🙂

    • I felt the same way before going on! It’s so amazing to be able to preform with such an amazing group and I’m so happy to call you guys family!

  4. I know that Mrs. Rolniak said that we could talk about what we did outside of the concert hall, so then my favorite memory was probably when we all filled the entrance of BJ’s so that no one could get in or out and then a big group sat as a huge family outside as it rained. Honestly this sense of comradely and unity translates directly to how we blend and produce music. My soccer coach often told me that bonding on the field is special, but bonding off the field translates to you understanding of that person… you know what foot they like the ball to be played to, how long they are willing to run, what runs they will make ALL by knowing WHO they are. It is no different with music, our relationships will strengthen our ability to preform and succeed. I couldn’t help but smile as we all sat, talked, and ate. During the meal, Krista even alluded to how we are all warriors- as in our piece- when she responded to the question “Don’t you want a boyfriend?” with:
    I don’t need a man, I am a strong independent woman. Also, I’d rater just have all of you guys.

    • I love the Krista quote! And I totally get the soccer comparison. It totally shows when a team has a good bond, they read each others minds and play the ball the other person wants, it is so fun to play like that. In choir the same thing happens. You start to blend perfectly with the people around you and anticipate dynamics/breathing. It’s so cool!

    • Aww Hadley! It makes me so happy that you are in womens because we need more people like you in the world. Thank you for making this year so much more positive and memorable. I’m so excited for the holiday show with you!

    • This is SOOO true. You really have to know each other well to be able to sing together. You need to feel comfortable with your “team” in order to perform at your best. I love the soccer analogy!!

    • Aw hadley! Friday night was so much fun. You’re so sweet and I loved sitting next to you at BJs and just talking about everything!

  5. My favorite moment was on the Saturday night concert when Women’s Chorale sang Fields of Gold. As we sang, the calming words just overwhelmed me. I was no longer worried about the rhythms or pitches, but I was in awe of how the choir sang the beautiful harmonies. As we hit the last note in unison, one could feel the pride we felt after performing the piece for the last time. Music truly brings people together as I witnessed at that moment which I will never forget.

    • Our Saturday night performance of Fields of Gold was truly memorable and reminded me of when Women’s did “Lullaby” last year with the candles. We truly connected to that song and our hard work paid off with that performance.

  6. This first concert was filled with many memorable experiences for me, but probably the most memorable was watching my little sister on stage singing with the freshmen. This program has been such a special part of my high school experience and watching Meg journey to her first concert will be a sweet memory that I will continue to remember. I helped her with some of her music and while we talked about the upcoming concert her excitement rubbed off on me. I could not wait to see the freshmen perform, so when the freshmen took the stage at dress rehearsal, I was overjoyed. During their amazing performance I could tell that my sister was truly enjoying herself and it filled me with excitement that she has 4 whole years to appreciate this amazing program.

    • Awe, yes! Meg was amazing. And I am so proud of us and of how well everyone performed. I am so excited for Meg and her journey through high school. She is so blessed to have a sister like you!

    • This is so sweet! I love how you both support each other in the program. That is so amazing! Also, I thought the freshman performance was wonderful!

    • This is so sweet aw! I have a close family friend (who is basically like my little sister), and even though she’s much younger than me and i’ll never be in choir with her, I’m so starstruck every time i see her on stage because I remember us singing Taylor Swift songs together when she was 3 years old and seeing how much she has grown and how her love for music has kept going makes me so ecstatic. Seeing the people that we love and who we admire, especially those younger, share a passion with us is so amazing, and even more special when it’s something as beautiful as music.

  7. The most memorable moment for me was after the Friday concert. As we all know it is rare for California to get rain, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I felt a raindrop on my head after the Friday concert (especially since the weather app kept on lying to me about there being rain). Trying to treasure the rare occasion of rain, Emerson, Jacqueline, Sofia, Celeste, Kiera, and I decided to dance in the rain, we blasted songs that had a beat and danced however we wanted, not caring if we got drenched. This moment just made me realize that I’ve been taking everything so seriously, mostly due to college apps deadlines coming up soon, it was nice to forget about it and just enjoy being a kid. The stress of getting into college has been eating up my time and been making me forget that i’m never going to get these moments back, so I should just act like a kid once in a while before I have to worry about adulting. These experiences are going to be the ones i’m going to remember forever, not what score I got on the SAT or how many colleges I applied to, so I guess what i’m trying to say is “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

  8. My favorite memory from the show weekend was after the Saturday concert. A huge group of us all went to BJ’s and took up this HUGE table. It was so much fun being with so many amazing people after such an amazing time. We were all super loud and probably insanely obnoxious to everyone else around us but it was okay because we were all with our choir family. and being loud and obnoxious is just what we are.

  9. My favorite memory would have to be before we stepped out on stage Friday night. Noah Eubanks, (you know, just the nicest person ever) whispered to me, “Don’t be afraid about shaking, you’re a great singer. Sing loud.” I almost started crying. For those who don’t know, I shake when I sing in public and it is extremely frustrating when I know that I am not sharing what I am fully capable of no matter how much I want to. Noah’s kindness completely caught me off guard and I just felt enough confidence to try and sing a little bit louder, even on the high parts of Music of Living. My shaking wasn’t cured, but it definitely was minimized. This made me think of how lucky I am to be in a group with people who are just so kind. We don’t see enough of that. I’m sure we all have nice things to say to people, but are too shy to do it. I walk into the choir room and almost always get complimented by one person or am reminded why I bring joy to another person. We are so lucky to have this group, it truly is a blessing. Thank you Noah, you’re the best!

    • I think that was a real nice thing for Noah to do. For your information, I know you feel the shaking but I have never seen it because you look very confident up there.

    • OH MY GOD MY SON IS SO AMAZING WOW I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ANAGHA AND I RAISED HIM RIGHT. Okay but also he’s right. I’m also someone who shakes when I sing in front of people, so I really do understand the struggle and how no amount of people saying it will be okay makes it better. But even if it’s just the TINIEST benefit, you are an incredible singer and I’m so lucky to be in choir with someone as amazing as you.

  10. The most memorable moment from this past concert weekend was like many others’ was Saturday’s “Fields of Gold” performance. Friday night I had slightly blanked on turning my candle until after the first sopranos had chimes in their part, so Saturday specifically I kept reminding myself to make sure to turn on my candle on the opening cue, especially because my best friend was in the audience that night and I didn’t want him to endlessly tease me on how I forgot to turn on my candle! My silly apprehension aside, “Fields of Gold” on Saturday, in my opinion, was the most stunning rendition Women’s had done, and I truly was lost in the fields of gold our singing painted in my mind. The chill of the theatre? Why, that was the West Wind blowing. After “Warrior,” it had finally set in that this was the last time we would ever be singing this exact set, so I think that adrenaline translated well in our performance. Overall, I truly was transported in another world by the music, particularly the world of “Fields of Gold,” and that was a beautiful memory I will forever hold onto from that weekend.

  11. My favorite moment from our first concert this year was singing “I will” in ACA. Every time we practiced that song I got goosebumps. It is one of the few songs that (almost) brought me to tears. Singing it on stage for the first time Friday was absolutely amazing. It felt as if every note, word, and phrase of the song was coming to life in that very moment and that nothing else in the world mattered. Words cannot describe how much I love that song, and I hope that ACA sings it in their run outs because it one of the best songs I have every had the privilege of preforming.

    • What made the performance so touching was how connected to the piece you all were. Alone “I Will” is certainly one of my favorite Beatles songs, but watching all of your faces as you performed it made it THAT much more powerful.

  12. My favorite memory from the first concert this year was actually post saturday concert. Essentially after everyone left the school, many of us went to Toppers for pizza and to hang out. It was pretty neat because as opposed to BJ’s we could all sit in the same room and at the same table. Anyway, we all ate, talked and enjoyed each other’s company, and then after that a smaller group of us went out to get fro-yo. When we were there we chilled out watched Vince and Lucy have a staring contest which caused lucy to start tearing up which was a bit scary, but I guess a little funny as well. And then the other fun thing was watching Sarah and Camilla ride around and push shopping carts which was just fun because I have a stupid sense of humor, so it was entertaining seeing them crash into stuff. And that was my favorite memory because I enjoy getting to hang out and bond with the choir kiddos.

  13. This first concert was full of so many amazing memories that I’ll keep with me forever, but there is definitely one that stands out as a turning point in my life. On Thursday night, I had come out to my parents as bisexual. Pretty deep moment for everybody. On Friday night for the show, I had Claudia give me a full face of make up for the first time. Putting make up on was something I’ve always wanted to do, but I couldn’t ever do it because I was too scared to come out. When she finished and let me look in the mirror, it was hard to not cry and mess up all my make up. The feeling of doing something you’ve wanted to do for such a long time and overcoming so many fears in the process is just the best feeling. I love this program so much for letting me be myself and be accepted wholeheartedly by everyone. It’s so so special and I’ll never forget it.

    • Aw, Garrett! This was so touching to read. You looked beautiful with your makeup on, and I never felt so proud to call you my friend! I’m glad you were finally able to be and dress as who you wanted to be and that this program could enable and support you being yourself.

    • I love that Garrett. Thank you Claudia!! I think what made you look so amazing is that you were able to be true to yourself. You are a beautiful person and we all love and appreciate you so much!!

    • I love you with my entire heart. You inspire me so much every single day to be a better person and to be kinder to myself. I am so incredibly proud of you and what you have accomplished in the last few weeks. You are so incredible and I have no idea what I’d do without you. You’re my best friend and I’m so SO proud of you, thank you for being my friend and just existing in general.

    • Yay Garrett!!! I had known you had been struggling on how to come out to your family, so i was so glad to hear you finally did it. Your amazing!!

  14. My favorite memory for the first concert was thinking back at our high school choir experience. Also freaking out that I’m going to be a senior next year!!!! I’m not ready to be one of those girls waving to the crowd because its there last first concert. Another moment that I will never forget is making so many inside jokes with some of the best humans on earth!!! Im lucky enough to have one of my best friends in the same choir as me who is one of the funniest girls on this planet. (Jazmine Ellen) She can make anyone laugh. Not gonna lie this concert just made me think how fast high school goes by so to all the lower-classman!!!! Enjoy every moment of it!!!

  15. My favorite moment was Women’s huddle that we had before we performed on Friday night to get us excited and prepared for our set. I was so nervous and anxious to perform for the first time being in an auditioned group, but everyone just made me feel at ease. Everyone was giving off such great energy, and I couldn’t help but feel so much more positive and relaxed. My nervous changed into excited energy and just made me feel loved and supported by the rest of the wondering girls in Women’s. Rachel’s inspiring speech as well as the kind words of the other upperclassmen made me so much more reassured and to just enjoy myself when we finally went on stage. I will never forget this moment, as everyone’s love and support helped to set me up for success for next few years.

  16. My favorite moment from the first choir show was during the dress rehearsal. Aly and I sat next to each other, and whenever we’d hear a song we both knew, we’d sing along and just have fun. Then, in between songs, we’d sing old choir songs from the past couple years, and if we still knew our parts, we would harmonize together. We even laughed at the fact that we still knew songs from freshman year. And I loved hearing all the songs from the other choirs, and I had a good time

  17. One of my favorite memories from the first choir concert this year was Saturday night during ACA. My experience in ACA has taught me so much and every moment created in this group, I will never forget. When we sang the A cappella version of “I Will” by the Beatles on Saturday I was totally capitaveted in this performance and sang everyone word and note with meaning. Knowing that this would be my last October Concert of my High School experience, I appreciated that performance and the meaning of it. One other memorable moment was when Vocal sang “The Music of the Living” which was so powerful in the music and in the words.

    • I also really enjoyed singing “The Music of the Living” with Vocal! Everyone was very involved in expressing the meaning of the song.

    • Oh my I feel this Joey. Every time we sang “I Will” it was like all of my brain cells exploded and then rebirthed. Take me back to that moment!

  18. The first concert of the year was so memorable and fun for me! I made so many special memories, but my favorite one was singing “The Music of the Living” with Vocal. As a group, we sang very powerfully and passionately. Everyone was so involved in the message of the song. It was so cool to be a part of something so special.

  19. One of my favorite memories from the October concert was on Saturday night. For those that know me, I have a HORRIBLE sense of humor. It really doesn’t take much to make me laugh and when I do, oh boy. Certain jokes and situations unleash a DEMON inside of me that possesses my body and refuses to stop laughing for exceedingly large amounts of time, and unfortunately, this happened seconds before I walked onstage. Vince punched Jacqueline really hard, and then Jacqueline payed him back with a good one in his stomach. It was at this moment that I became possessed. As I walked onstage, it took every ounce in me to hold back from explosively chortling. My mind and body were so occupied by my attempts to suppress my laughter that when Mrs. Rolniak motioned for the 1st and 3rd rows to step down, I ALMOST followed them (I AM IN THE 2ND ROW!). Instead, I took 2 steps in place and almost tripped over. Mrs. Rolniak saw the whole thing.

    • It was one of of the moments I remember the most. It is good to see you laugh, you have such a wonderful smile. I am smiling just replaying that moment in my mind!!

    • Oh my gosh Julia haha! This is so funny and such a good memory to have of your last October concert performance.

  20. My favorite moment was right after we san Fields of Gold and led into Come Dance and Sing on Saturday night. My boyfriend and our 2 friends who graduated last year Anelis and Ali came to the show that night and I ended up being kind of nervous. The first song went well and the second made me really emotional, so when Come Dance and Sing started, I was really into it. I had so many deep emotions from the song before that I felt really happy and in touch with the moment. I was moving around and smiling and the dynamics followed suit, so I was also proud of how well we sounded as a whole. Overall, probably one of the best performances, as far as incorporation of emotions, in my four years.

  21. One of my favorite moments that happened this choir show was during rehearsal when i heard Just the Way you Are from Mixed for the first time. I was sitting next to Jasen and he asked “Um Hannah are you crying?” and i replied saying no but I was lying. That piece honestly moves me and the way mixed performed it was amazing. In addition the soloists were amazing and all through rehearsal I was blown away by all the groups. The rehearsal in general was fun because it was a time to enjoy with friends and the first time to see all the groups together this year.

  22. My favorite memory from the October concert was right before we went on Friday night. All of the girls circled up holding hands as Rachel gave us some words of encouragement. We were all smiling and afterwards I felt refreshed and ready to sing. After our huddle, we lined up and I looked over at Hadley. We were both still a little nervous to go on but as we stood there and smiled at each other she mouthed “I love you.” It made me realize how lucky I am to be in such an amazing group filled with beautiful and talented girls. It’s moments like these that I will look back on and remember!

  23. One of my favorite memories from the October show was seeing everyone’s faces after walking off stage. We were all so proud of ourselves for what we had accomplished and you could see the happiness in our faces. Everyone was smiling and high-fiving each other and it made me so happy. It reminded me why we do what we do and how amazing it feels when hard work pays off. I am so excited for many more moments like this to come!

  24. One of my favorite moments from our first concert was while I was page turning for Mr. Monarch during the Friday night show. I was really nervous because I didn’t want to mess up and ruin the entire set. The first song was great, and I was starting to feel better and then the second song started. It was Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars which happens to be one of my favorite songs. When everyone started singing, it sounded so beautiful and everyone was singing it with such great emotion. It made me feel really happy and surprisingly less nervous. I’m so grateful for everyone in this department and I’m excited to make more memories this year!

  25. One of my favorite moment of the October show was our performance of Warrior on Saturday night. The performance was so full and powerful, giving it an emotional feel. Audience members, whether parents or graduated choir members, were overwhelmed with the message put out from the song about women empowerment. It was my favorite moment because I was able to sing out till my voice hurt, displaying my true feeling towards the song. I can sing out my true feelings of being a woman and how empowering I can be. The song made me feel like I have a place in this program, and that I am a strong powerful women that can overcome an obstacle thrown at me.

    • warrior is such a powerful piece and depicts such a raw emotion. Women’s executed this piece with great emotional fervor and when listening to this piece, I could connect and relate.

  26. The best moment for me was during the rehearsal when Jada and I were standing right next to each other and everyone is focused and ready to sing How Can I keep but I decide to lean over and whisper in her ear “cocktail weenies”. We both started laughing and then we saw a little key on the floor and started laughing even harder. I realized that Jada has had to deal with me and my stupidity for the last 10ish year. Right before we went on stage I’d whisper “cocktail weenies” , I did it every night. I realized those nights that yeah these were my last concerts with this choir but what shocked me was that somehow Jada stayed my friend through all these years.

  27. One of my favorite moments from the October concert was overall being with the people I love most. We are very privileged with the ability and freedom to sing any kind of music and to be able to share it with the world. I believe that the whole show was a thrilling success, and I am so proud of how well women’s performed all of our pieces, especially Come Dance and Sing in which I could not stop smiling. Although the show was a big memorable moment, I would like to take a second to commemorate Danielle’s and my win in Exploding Kittens. I give a huge thanks to Lauryn for bringing this game for us to play backstage haha, and for being my forever joke buddy. I’ve had so much fun this year, and I cannot wait to see us grow together as a choir and as a family:)

  28. I loved all of the October show. I had a great time learning the music and finally getting to show the other groups and see what they had also accomplished. One of my favorite parts was watching everyone get on stage for “How Can I Keep From Singing?” for the first time. It was so fun for me to watch kids from all groups have to get squished together for our last piece. We are all so different and have such different abilities, but one thing that we all have in common is we like to sing which brought us all together. And really there is no more fitting song to express how I felt than our closing piece.

  29. Normally during the first concert of the year, I don’t get too emotional. This year, I found myself balling my eyes out both nights during the finale. I cannot stress how much I love the song “How Can I Keep From Singing” and the lyrics itself is enough to make me cry. However, I started crying during the first solos because everything hit me all at once. I’m so proud of the progress women’s has had during the first two months of school. I’m so proud that I know all of these amazing women. I’m so proud that I get to work with them everyday. I’m proud to be in Women’s Chorale! After every choir performance, I always feel this insane amount of love and joy that radiates off of me. It is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world.

    Fun Fact: I actually cried twice on Saturday – once during the finale and once in the dressing room. My friends and I were playing a game, and I began laughing so hard it drove me to tears!

    • I love being in Women’s with you again this year. I’m so lucky to be able to sing with you and make music every day! Also happy birthday!!

      • Aww Nicole! I’ll always remember Friday night after the finale. It’s going to be one of my favorite choir memories forever 🙂

  30. My favorite moment from our first concert is the first night of jokes. Every time we do jokes and the choir prayer it’s always so much fun because everyone just sits together and we all laugh and have a good time. I loved the joke Emily told about target being like shopping for clothes at Vons (one of the best jokes of the night). It was also so sweet to see Rachel ask Ben to homecoming (so precious!!!) The choir prayer is always such a great part of the concerts because we all hold hands and laugh and I can feel the nervousness and excitement from everyone. Another moment I absolutely loved was when we all turned around and said “hi shistars!” for attendance.

  31. My favorite moment from our first concert was when vocal was performing “The music of of living”. It was such a raw performance and we executed everything perfectly. Our emotional fervor was heavily prevalent in the way we sang and moved. I could feel that we all were immersed in the song and we truly felt what we were singing. It was my favorite moment because we really came together as a group and its only the beginning of the year! It is only the first concert… and we can only go up from here. I am so excited to see what we are able to accomplish next:) and at idyllwild.

  32. My favorite memory from this past choir show was asking Ben to homecoming during the jokes on Friday. It was completely unexpected and in years past I never would’ve had the courage to get up in front of everyone and ask, even if was just as friends like it was this year. The whole ordeal put me in a great mood for the rest of the night and I felt like it helped me perform better both nights. It also helped with my nerves for opening night as asking Ben was more nerve wracking than I thought so after getting a yes from him, going out onstage I felt fearless. It was a great experience and because it was so unique and the reactions it got I will remember it forever as the moment I kicked off my first last senior concert.

  33. I absolutely loved my first concert in Women´s and all the memories I made. I enjoyed it all, but one of my favorite was in the dressing room before our last show. Lani and I were both super tired and laying on the floor just laughing at everything and anything. We started singing some of our songs from that concert, and some from freshman. We even started changing the lyrics a little just enough for us to start hysterically laughing. The freshman thought we were crazy, but I don’t care. That moment was a short time, but it was one of my favorites because of our ridiculous and carefree attitudes at the time. I can´t wait for more amazing memories with the amazing girls I’m surrounded by every day:)

  34. Probably nobody has guessed this but I am a Star Wars fan, and in the men’s dressing room a few of us guys were assembling a Lego TIE Fighter. I enjoyed this because I haven’t put a Lego set together in years. On a performance note, I thought we all tidied up great and looked extremely good-looking and suave in our costumes. I really enjoy the anticipation of performing and feel empowered from the nervousness. On stage, you look around at the other members and feel this solidarity and connectedness that you do not have the benefit of when singing solo, so that actually amplifies the experience of performing in many ways.

  35. Even though I had an amazing time throughout the entire show week, from listening to all the other group’s songs to performing on stage, there is one specific moment that sticks with me. It was on Saturday night. We had just finished Come Dance and Sing and we are all exiting the stage. Soft yet excited murmurs are around me; everyone is ecstatic and pleased with the performance. We open the back doors of the stage in order to head back to our dressing rooms and I feel the cool air hit me. The walk back to the dressing room was an unforgettable moment. The entire time I was relishing in our amazing performance. I was so proud for all the girls, some having their first concert in womens and some, like me, having some of their last concerts. I was thinking about everything that made me happy about being in choir, the people, the beautiful songs, the ecstatic walks in the cool night right after a performance. And I was contemplating how bittersweet it was to have an amazing yet last first concert.

    • After finishing and walking outside is such a crazy feeling because you just think in those 2 minutes walking to the dressing room what you just did and getting to do that with such amazing people!

  36. I loved this moment during rehersals too, but when it happened onstage it was so beautiful- It’s the beginning piano section of Music of Living. Mr. Monarch starts to play and every single time my heart gets so happy and I can’t help but smiling. It’s so incredible and to experience on stage in front of everyone and showing everyone how amazingly beautiful that song is made it even better. It gives me goosebumps and I swear I could listen to the piano for that song 24/7. It’s songs like those that have made me fall in love with choir. Songs where you feel it in your bones just by hearing the first chord or note. I can’t even describe it, really, so sorry if this makes no sense. The music starts and suddenly I feel everything and find the beauty in the world again, even if it’s only for that 2 minutes or so. Sharing that with everybody onstage during the concerts was so fulfilling because of how hard we worked on it and also just so incredibly heartwarming to know that people were falling in love with the same song that I had fallen for the first time we heard it.

    • I know how you feel Jasen. That piano part was the bomb. I loved the intensity of the right hand part as it opened the song with a fast paced intro before leading into the grand chords

  37. This choir concert was so much fun this year! Some highlights were walking into the dressing room for upper class girls; it was so cool because it was a change of scene from the lower class girls’ dressing room I was in last year. Then, sitting down for jokes was really fun and I laughed a lot. I remember when someone started that chocolate chip cookie joke and everyone kept adding onto it, but with their own pun. My favorite joke was when Kadin added onto that chocolate chip cookie joke, but he just asked something like “what’s a cookie with chocolate chips in it? a chocolate chip cookie” and it was just so funny to me that I couldn’t stop laughing. I also remember, going back to the first concert on Friday, Dana was handing Camila the candles on stage and we were passing them across our line, then Camila dropped one of the candles on stage. I quickly picked it up and kept passing them to the left, but Camila and I kept giggling. I couldn’t stop because I kept replaying Camila dropping the candle in my head. It took everything in me to stop giggling before we started to sing fields of gold, but I pushed through and contained my laughter.

  38. My last first concert is one I will remember for a long time. After the concert ended, a group of choir girls and I drove around listening to songs we all could bop too, and as we were sitting there it began to rain. We got out of the car all all began dancing and it was the most liberated I had felt in quiet a while. We all just completely let go and danced without a care in the world. Without choir, that moment never would have happened. Without choir, I would not have my girl group to rely on. I am so thankful for the moments choir gives me.

  39. My favorite Moment from our first concert happened during the first night of the concert. David had brought a LEGO TIE fighter set and Christian joined us is in trying to finish it. I remember thinking that we wouldn’t be able to finish during the time that we had. But, we managed to complete it. I also remember being really happy because i hadn’t build a LEGO set in forever. Besides that, I remember walking on stage an hearing my name yelled out from the audience. I looked to where it came and saw a bunch of my band friends sitting in row in the back. It made me happy that they had finally decided to come to one of our concerts. After the concert, I remember their faces when they said that all the of the groups did great and that the concert was so worth it.

  40. My favorite memory from our first choir show, of the year, was probably getting to hang out with Ali. Ali and I have always known each other and have been friendly, however, I felt like this past weekend allowed us to get closer. We hung out after the show both nights and went to the cleanup/decorating together. I even had convinced her to go to Homecoming with my friends and I, which ended up being one of the best nights ever. Ali and I are getting closer and I’m so thankful we have such an amazing choir program that allows us to do what we love while getting to know the best people ever. I love how choir can bring so many unexpected relationships with people who you thought you would never talk to.

  41. My favorite memory from the show was playing Exploding Kittens with my girls. It was a fun way to destress before our sets and reconnect with friends in VE who I don’t get to see as often this year. We played the game in teams and truly had a blast (even though cough cough Danielle and Dana suspiciously had a thousand diffuses…). Exploding Kittens–though weirdly sounding–is one of my favorite games, and to be able to share that with some of my favorite people was memorable in itself. I am so grateful to have the privilege of making music with my friends but also hang out and play games and just have fun. This memory allowed me to positively reflect on my experience and choir and truly appreciate the camaraderie of the group.

    • Oh my gosh, I love exploding kittens!! No one else plays that game, it is one of my favorites. I love that it was able to bring you and some friends closer 🙂

  42. There are so many great moments during rehearsal and the shows that I feel like I can’t just pick one! But it would definitely be being in the dressing room playing games with your friends waiting to go on stage. It’s so crazy to me because I’ve met some of these people just a few years ago freshman year and it feels like we’ve been friends forever! Getting to hang out with them and being able to bond is amazing. Being in this program has really impacted me and I’ve met so many wonderful people that I never would have met if it weren’t for choir! Being able to get to create these memories with such amazing friends makes me love choir even more!

  43. One of my favorite moments from the concert was just sitting in the dressing room with everyone and playing games. It’s funny to me because most of us had full makeup on and yet we were in pajamas and slippers just sitting around playing a game. I loved getting to bond with everyone there and laughing alone with them (I especially love Nicole and Nathalie’s laughs). It made me feel closer to everyone at the table and made me feel so happy and included.

  44. My favorite moment during the choir show was when Mia sang her solo in “How Can I Keep from Singing” on Friday night. I knew Mia was nervous prior to the performance and had practiced singing to me, so when she went on and execruted it beautifully I was so happy. I was so happy I cried happy tears and after the performance I went up to Mia and gave her a hug and cried to Mia with Nicole. We went between crying and telling Mia how well she sang to laughing at how funny we looked while crying. In that moment I was so thankful I joined choir and remembered that this is the reason why I love to sing and am apart of our choir program today.

  45. Although there were many memorable moments throughout the October show, the memory that impacted me the most was singing “I Will” with ACA on Friday night. I don’t know why, but I always had a special connection with that song from the moment I first heard it. However, on the first night of the show was when I really dug deep into this song the most. The way the piece was performed and presented just made the emotional aspect of it more real and raw as if we were really singing this song to someone we really care about. Overall, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to present this song beside my wonderful friends and I hope to have many more memorable moments throughout the rest of the year whether they are on or off stage

  46. One of my favorite moments from the past concert was from Saturday night after our performance. After our performance, the Women’s seniors stayed backstage for How Can I Keep and listening to vocal I simply sat and reflected. A lot of seniors are very upset that they may never have an October concert ,but I feel different. Yes, it’s sad ,but I ,also, didn’t have four years of choir to look back on. This is still pretty new to me. I ,also, know that this won’t be my last choir concert unlike many other people. For a lot, their choir career is ending ,but mine may never end. As I was standing there listening to vocal, I was excited for the opportunities to come this year and where it would lead me in the future. Perhaps I don’t have four years of choir experience like everyone else, but I will always remember those years and my newfound appreciation and joy for choir.

  47. My favorite moment from the last concert was after my solo Friday night. When I was walking back to the dressing room, Audrey and Nicole grabbed me in a massive hug. When I turned to face them, I realized they were crying. But it wasn’t just a shed of a tear here and there, it was borderline sobbing. At first I thought something was wrong, but then they said that my solo had made them cry because they were really proud of me. So, we just stood there crying and hugging and laughing at one another- I don’t think there has ever been a time I’ve loved my friends more. Right now writing about it I’m getting slightly emotional because I’m so incredibly grateful to have such amazing and supportive friends. That’s going to be a choir memory I know I’ll remember forever.

  48. My favorite moment was when we were singing Fields of Gold during the concert. Just the feeling of everyone connecting emotionally to the song, and you could just hear it in everyone’s voices exactly what they thought about when singing the song. The best part was after we finished singing, the audience didn’t move or clap- they just sat in awe. Right before they began to clap, I saw someone wipe tears away from their face. Seeing that made the song and moment so much more special to me than it already was. That was by far my favorite part.

  49. I had two favorite moments from our first concert experience. My first favorite was at rehearsal, whenever a choir would end their set, every other choir would cheer as loud as they could. All of the love and support in the room made me feel so happy and exited for the concert to come. My other favorite memory was when womens grouped together in the lobby before our set both concerts and we pumped each other up and get the gitters out beforehand. These moments hit me the most because they always remind me of what I love most about choir, the feeling of family and being apart of something so purely safe and supportive.

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