Our Next Selection Is…

Our blog assignment this week is to pick one of our selections for the October concert and write a 5-7 sentence introduction.  This should include the title, the composer, and something you think the audience should know about the piece. This could be information specific to the piece, what they should listen for, and/or why you enjoy singing the piece.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 8th 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than first concerts!!

Mrs. R

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  1. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluck is a song with many interpretations and is sung with passion and power. At the beginning of the song, a young girl is described as being shy and lonely and had not found herself. As the song continues, the girl is lost and believes she cannot be a warrior because it is not woman-like to be powerful and fight. Throughout the song, she is sad and is taught that it is not the job of a woman to fight even if she feels is it her calling to be a warrior and stand up for herself and all women. At the end of the song, the girl is grown and decides that she will be a fierce warrior, and that she will stand up for herself and stand up for other women who feel they cannot stand up for themselves. As the song resolves, it is intensely demonstrated that the girl believes it is her nature to be a warrior and she will teach other women (her sisters) to fight for themselves and become warriors.

    • This song is so full and empowering. Many will relate to the piece, as overcoming the loneliness and becoming a strong warrior, who can face anything.

    • I love how you used the word “resolves” because not only does the music emulate this sense of resolution and a better environment for women, but also you feel empowered by the lyrics themselves. I hope we can all resolve the issues the still remain in our still broken world

  2. “The Music of Living” is written by Dan Forrest and begins by telling the singers to sing “with great confidence and exaltation”. Let me tell you, there are fewer songs on this great green earth that have more exaltation and give me more confidence. It is sure to send chills down your spine as the crescendoes and decrescendos build the mounting suspense throughout the piece. And don’t even get me started on the lyrics because man oh man do they inspire and motivate. By the end of this song every single time I am ready “to risk even falling” and feel “The Music of Living”.

    • Using personal pronouns in your description makes it seem like the piece is truly special to you, so well done!! I have not yet listened to any of Vocal’s pieces, but your language makes me excited and tempted to check it out.

    • You seem to have a deep connection with this song which all music aspires to. I like that Charlotte feels like beyonce when she sings it.

  3. “Fields of Gold” by Sting is a sweet lullaby of a song that will leave you feeling intrigued yet open to imagination. The song starts with our Altos and Second Sopranos, setting the scene of an open field with mist and gloom surrounding it. When the First Sopranos come in with their starting lines, one can imagine the sun rising on the field, unveiling the life on the field and clearing away the mist. Throughout the song, you will feel so full of emotion and connected with it, that you will be leaning in trying to catch every phrase being sung. This song makes me feel so full of joy, imagining that I’m on that field full of barley shining in the sun. One can feel the warm sun on their skin and imagine it shining across the golden fields, as they listen to the harmonies and lyrics of the song.

    • Yes! I love how you actually used the imagery that Mrs. Rolniak talked about to create this intense visual stimulation for the audience. I hope that our rendition of it can truly paint the picture of the misty gloomy field and make the audience feel warmed our phrasing like the rising of the sun.

    • I like how you said that you will feel connected to it, because I know that when I sing this song, I feel connected to it emotionally.

    • Wow, I love your description of this!!! This painted such a vivid picture and actually gave it a refreshed spin on the song, and it makes me feel even more connected to the song when I sing it!

  4. “Come Dance and Sing” arranged by Joan Szymko is a traditional Shaker song with the division of our voices being a feast to the beautifully layered rounds. The lively piano accompaniment and the equally intriguing stylistic markings make this piece unique and enjoyable. It is essentially about how singing lightens the spirit and promises better days for a community. When the piece starts I want all of you to place your right hand over your chest and feel the pulsation. I often think about how magic the gift of singing is, and thousands of scientific studies have been conducted on the impacts of producing music that support my assertation. Because you are breathing in the same locations, the relatively sporadic thump.. thump.. thumpings will literally beat simultaneously in a choir. Transcending even emotional connection, our physical bodies and you as the audience will feel the rise and fall of your chest as the melody travels from one section to another at various times.

    • Your introduction for “Come Dance and Sing” is so ethereal, and I love all the beautiful imagery you compose for listeners through your language!

    • I haven’t heard it yet, but just from this alone I already can tell that I am going to love it. Any song that brings out those feelings and words is a great song. Can’t wait!

  5. “Jenny Rebecca” arranged by Clair T. MC Elfresh is a beautiful, sweet, dolce piece about a parent looking at their little girl at four days old, imagining all that is in store for her. In the beginning, the narrator envies Jenny Rebecca, for she is to embark in the best part of life, childhood, playing pretend, and love. All of which can be heard by the sopranos while the altos, tenors, and basses sing “DOO DOOS” that take you into the dream of your own childhood. A line that stands out is “pillows for crying on, when your in love.” Notice the swell on love. The narrator looks forward for Jenny to experience her first love and heartbreak, demonstrated in the slight crescendo and decrescendo of the up and downs of love. Again, the choir sings “What a luck lucky lucky lucky girl you are” for even more emphasis. Jenny Rebecca has the whole world in front of her and can not comprehend the greatness to come. Fun fact: Carol Hall wrote the words and music of the original song and it was sung by Barbara Streisand and covered by Olivia Newton John.

    • This song has such a delicate meaning behind the words, the beginning of a child’s life. It’s uplifting, telling of us the joys and hardships this newborn baby will face.

    • The way you explained the meaning is what should be going through all of our heads right before we sing it. The song is so beautiful and is SO much more than just notes, rhythms, and words on paper. Thank you for encompassing that into words.

  6. Our next song of the evening is “Come Dance and Sing,” which is arranged by Joan Szymko. This piece is especially joyful to sing and listen to, with its powerful and rhythmic tune. You will be taken aback when the beautiful increase in volume fills the room. The arrangement of this piece resembles the sound of a bell, because each section starts at different times throughout the piece. The students are beckoning you to sing and dance due to the immense amount of joy they are feeling! You will want to join in and sing along!

    • I LOVE how you said the arrangement of “Come Dance and Sing” sounds like a bell because now that I think of it, you’re absolutely right! It is this lighthearted, cheerful sound and definitely calls one to join in on the fun.

  7. If you ever want to hear a piece that embodies the joy of life you must listen to “The music of living” by Dan Forrest. The lyrics reminds the listeners and singers that it’s okay to take risks and let go of all anxieties because it is all about the process of life. The songs constantly reminds of how we need to appreciate the current moments in our lives because we get so distracted by the little things and forget about the important tings that are happening now. The different dynamics convey these emotions really telling a story, allowing the listener and the singer to emote their own emotion into the song. Ultimately, the closing of the song reminds the listeners that life is a journey and we must continue to search for our true selves.

    • The music of living is a piece that depicts the joys of life and how music uplifts us. It reminds us of a time to celebreate and find ourselves through the beauty of music.

    • I love your analysis! I also feel like this piece conveys that it is ok to reach out to other people. I love the way this song does this in such as inspiring way.

  8. “The Music of Living” by Dan Forrest is an emotionally compelling piece that is full of exciting dynamics and rhythms. It’s a beautiful song that really helps it’s listener feel like it’s ok to ask for help when they’re struggling. There are so many struggles and anxiety in this world but you don’t have to endure them alone. There are people out there that can help you see and feel the beauty and life this earth has to offer. This song is my favorite out of the set and I hope you enjoy it!

    • There are so many struggles and hardships in the world, but with music, joy can be brought to these struggles “composed of both laughter and tears”.

    • I also love this song! I think it is amazing how Forrest uses different dynamics to encourage different emotions throughout the song.

  9. The last piece of our set is a song with deep meaning, the music of living. Composed by Dan Forrest, this piece depicts the joy that can be found through music. The lyrics emphasize the desire to “feel the music of living” and grow from it. The piece also illustrates the sad and hard parts of life, but says to not fear them and create happiness from it. It is a spiritual piece that calls for finding joy through the emotions of music.

    • I love your description of this piece, and even though I haven’t heard it yet, how you said it “calls for finding it through the emotions of music” already piques my interest!

  10. Up next for tonight is an arrangement of “Fields of Gold,” originally composed by Sting. This piece paints a scenic portrait of vast and lush green fields with golden blooms and barley where one can simply lay in idyllic peace and enjoy the gentle gusts of wind passing their way through. It is a soft, sweet lullaby with its light, airy tone and the simple yet touching lyrics, lulling one into a peaceful state of mind. The song reminds one to take a step back and recall those cheery memories of summer days and children running as the sun goes, again taking one to a relaxing mental sanctuary. Each section’s part complements the other so fittingly, creating this stunning rendition of sound and imagery.

  11. Warrior by Kim Baryluck is a well known anthem for all women, and though it’s message is simple, it is powerful. Baryluk wrote this in the year of 1993 in response to a broad daylight murder of a woman by her stalker, an ex health care worker who had a restraining order aggainst her. He shot and killed her at a bus stop with a bunch of school children around. This was one of three murders of women (by their partners or ex-partners or former care givers) in the Winnipeg area in a space of about a month. Initially struck dumb by its stark brutality, Kim’s song was a way of speaking, of responding. The song is about a girl’s walk through life, and how she demonstrated being a Warrior, both mentally and physically. How it is her duty to fight and stand up not only for herself, but for other women too.

    • I love the message of the song and the background that you have provided. I cannot wait to hear you sing it!

    • I had no idea about the motivation behind Baryluk writing this song. It is so powerful that she could turn such a tragedy into such a beautiful and inspirational song.

    • I never knew about this before and that makes the song even more powerful than I already felt it was. I will think about this message the next time I sing this.

    • I had no idea the story behind the piece! I know that personally I always process my problems and tragedies through music, so I think it’s amazing that Baryluck was able to turn that heartbreak into such a magical piece.

  12. Our next and final song is called “The Music of Living”. This SATB arrangement by Dan Forrest is both powerful and moving. “With great confidence and exaltation” (as the piece says), the dynamics and intensity of this song put those who listen to it into awe. This song reminds everyone to “not fear the sad song”, and “risk even falling”. This song reminds all of us to not back down from challenges, but instead take the chance, even if failure is almost inevitable.

    • Ben, I like how you mentioned the analogy the song is for life, and how music can represent our ups and downs. The moving parts in the song are struck with softer dynamics, and the powerful parts are sung with passion and volume.

  13. Jenny Rebecca was arranged by Clair T. McElfresh, and the words and music were written by Carol Hall. This piece of music instills a sense of longing to be young in the audience through the descriptive lyrics. The beautiful lyrics provide details of all the things that Jenny Rebecca, “only four days old,” has yet to experience. The song creates a beautiful picture of living life to the fullest. Also, the song mentions times that will be tough for young Jenny Rebecca. However, the song explores these difficult times in a positive way, because in order to be “in love,” sometimes one must have “pillows for crying on.”

  14. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluck is a women empowering piece about the many hardships that most women suffer everyday. It is a song about the fight for equality and the sadness, anger, and determination involved with it. Each verse is a new chapter of emotions in a girl’s life as she becomes older and more experienced in her time of struggle and as the song progresses, her feelings change in response to her current situation as she learns more and becomes more driven. She starts out as a young girl who is taught that she is worthless and has no right to fight for herself. As she gets older, she learns to ignore what society tells her and she must fight for herself as well as the other young girls who suffered like she did. By the end she becomes determined to fight with her fellow women until not another girl has to undergo any more troubles, but even now the world still remains imperfect which is reflected throughout the song.

  15. “The Music of Living,” by Dan Forrest is a song that captures the beauty of music and dancing put on this Earth. The song cries out to a creator, and begs to be shown what the music of living is and why it is so special. The song throws everything on the line to learn how to sing. They “risk even falling” to gain the happiness other’s find in music. “The Music of Living” is to find the music of life and how to live through it. The “Music of Living” is “composed of both laughter and tears,” ups and downs, but is somehow so profound and beautiful.

  16. “Jenny Rebecca” by Carol Hall captures the beauty of youth and its fleeting nature. When you are only four days old, you have your whole life ahead of you. Be it climbing trees or riding ponies, the fantasy of childhood is one that usually isn’t appreciated enough until it slips from your grasp. There is also sadness and crying on pillows, but that’s all part of living and loving. This song is a nostalgic ode to the freedom of youth and the magic of childhood. When you’re young, always remember how lucky you truly are.

    • I like how your comment captures the meaning of this song so precisely and I agree you completely.

  17. Imagine when you were younger and the future didn’t matter, all what mattered was being young and embracing your innocence from all of the joys life brings. Jenny Rebecca arranged by Clair T. MC Elfresh, words and music by Carol Hall, truly encompasses every joy of being young. These beautiful lyrics describe very young Jenny Rebecca as the the aspect of life gets celebrated and praised. It also mentions that life has curve balls and isn’t always easy, but she will overcome those hard times. This song will definitely bring a tear to your eyes due to the exquisite harmonies and captivating story line.

  18. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluk is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard. It is a piece that I think all women can relate to in one way or another. It follows the journey of a young woman being shy and scared and then blossoming into a warrior when she is older. The woman first thinks that it is not in her to be a warrior, but later realizes that it is her duty. This song has the power to bring all women together empower each and every person in the audience.

  19. The piece “Warrior” is composed by Kim Baryluk, a canadian singer-songwriter and member of the well known folk group ,the Wyrd Sisters. Baryluk develops mesmerizing harmonies and a melodic tune within this three-part Womens piece. However, “Warrior” is a beautiful piece not only in its melody but in its lyrics. Baryluk illustrates the narrative of a feeble, unassuming girl, who through witnessing the turmoil of the women around her, evolves into a wise, determined woman. Baryluk inspires the activist in every woman; she ignites the warrior in every woman to fight against the relentless world.

  20. “The Music of Living” written by Dan Forrest is one of the most powerful and meaningful songs I’ve heard. This piece underlines the true meaning of how music impacts our lives. It shows passion through decrescendos and crescendos in the piece which leaves the audience in a complete shock. This song interprets music in different ways through singing and dancing. Music in general gives a powerful message and I’m thankfully glad I can embrace it in this powerful and passionate piece.

  21. Our next piece is “Fields of Gold” by Sting. Sting wrote this song about his childhood house and how he views it in awe of its beauty and glory. This piece truly brings you to another world as you listen to it, because of the light and beautiful tone. In the beginning of the song, it starts quiet and lures the audience in. It causes listeners to imagine a serene environment and be filled with joy. Many different messages can be taken from the song, includes ones of heaven or one finally being in a place of happiness. As you listen to this song, close your eyes and picture your own envisionment of “fields of gold.”

  22. “How Can I Keep from Singing” by Robert Lowry arranged by Penny Downs Tullock is a very moving song that perfectly encompasses the need for music in the midst of the constant attack life throws all of us. It was originally sung by a Quaker community being put to death for its beliefs after the massive persecution they experienced. The power of this piece comes from the intense feelings we get from doing something beautiful throughout life’s hardships, something we all choose to do by being a part of this choir family. By the power of music, people are brought together. It becomes a means to escape life in creating something beautiful and heart-wrenching. Our final song for our October concert completely emulates the motto “I am because we are” as we unite while singing this song with passion and a mutual love for what we do.

  23. Our next selection is a piece called “Fields of Gold” by Sting. It is a beautiful contemporary a capella selection which will leave the listener in awe. The layers in this piece from the supporting harmonies to the clear melodies give it a depth and complexity that leaves you wanting more every time. While you are listening, I encourage you shut your eyes and imagine a beautiful meadow, with the clear, bubbling river and swaying grass of alto 2s, a soft, cool breeze of Alto 1s and Sopranos. Finally, as the soprano 1s begin the melody, a ray of sunshine peeks through the clouds; it is warm to the touch and gives you chills. As the final note clicks into place, open your eyes and take note of how your mood has evolved, as if all your troubles have simply melted away.

    • WOAH this description was really awesome. Even as I read it just now I felt transported. Considering we’ve rehearsed this dozens of times and listened to multiple recordings and I still managed to be transported, I can’t wait to see how the audience reacts.

  24. So the song I’m going to be talking about is “The Music of Living” arranged by Dan Forrest. Luckily, we have an array of genres within our 3 songs from mellow and emotional to this song which is a powerhouse! Basically, as soon as the song starts you hear a very melodic and entertaining intro from the piano, and as soon as that concludes, the group comes in with a boom. This song might send you to the back of your seats because how immediately start off loud but with emotion, and you should feel it. Then as the song progresses you might find yourself soothed by the Sopranos who throughout the song sound as if your opening up a treasure, and with it comes a glowing light accompanied by the sounds of angelic song. Additionally the song shows off the bases for a wee bit which never happens, and has some pretty neat crescendos and decrescendos. All in all, from my opinion, it’s a great way to end our set due to the power of the piece.

  25. “Nelly Bly” is a song with words and music by Stephen Foster and arranged by Jack Hamilton. A classical arrangement, it kind of sounds and feels like a charming nursery rhyme as it clips along at a fast speed. The sound is bright and radiates a lightness and bright tone through out. It is a love song that musically tells the tale of the happiness of marriage and housekeeping. I looked the song up and it was at one time used as a political campaign song for Abraham Lincoln.

  26. Our next piece we will be performing is “Jenny Rebecca”. This piece was arranged by Clair T. Mc Elfresh with words and music by Carol Hall. This selection is about a baby named Jenny Rebecca who is only four days old. The song is based off of trying to show how wonderful this world is. They want to show Jenny Rebecca how she will be able to swing swings, climb trees, and fall in love. They also explain how there are so many beautiful things to cherish even when you have the worst of days.

  27. Our piece Jenny Rebecca, written by Carol Hall and arranged by Clair T. McElfresh, tells a young girl, only four days old, all of the wonders, joys, and heartbreaks that occur in life and what she has to look forward to. It is a piece about reflecting on ones youth and looking on to what the future has to offer. The narrator tells Jenny Rebecca how lucky she is that she gets to experience all of these things that make up life. She has her whole life ahead of her and has no idea what bliss and woe are to come. Whether it be good times, such as swinging on the swings, or hard times, such as crying because of love, Jenny Rebecca covers all of the joys and sorrows of childhood that we all had and most likely took for granted.

  28. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluk is a song written about the journey of female empowerment. The song follows the narrative of a woman who learns to find her voice in the face of injustice. As the woman gains confidence, the dynamics within the song change. Baryluk writes the woman’s childhood in piano, but at the end of the piece she stands up for herself and her fellow women, and the song reaches a forte. The woman remains unnamed creating universality for all listeners. Any woman can directly relate to and identify with the story of the woman the song is written about and be reminded of the importance of sisterhood in a time of inequity.

    • I love that last sentence of your song introduction. It reminded me of how powerful and applicable this piece is.

  29. When I think of “Come Dance and Sing” arranged by Joan Szymko, I picture a New England Puritan town gathered in the town square, jovially singing this tune. I feel like I’ve been too engrossed in US History if this the first thing that comes to mind, but I guess it’s pretty fitting. “Come Dance and Sing” reflects the idea that no matter our differences, we should be able to come together and rejoice in making beautiful music together. Even though I picture a community from the 17th century, the message remains applicable even today. In such a divided world, music is often the one centripetal force that allows us to forget our differences in attitude, opinion, and background. As the three parts enter into a round, the sound is echoing and dispersed, but the parts join at the conclusion of the piece on the word “communion.” This reflects the harmonious and jocund message as the parts sing at three different times but are ultimately brought together in a demonstration of unity.

  30. The piece “Fields of Gold” was originally written by Sting and arranged by Deke Sharon. This piece is an a capella SSA symbolizing about heaven and earth. The lyrics “fields of barley” and “fields of gold” actually mean earth and heaven. The song is about a long life between two people who are soulmates, who raise children together, and stay with each other, even after they die. Each section has their own lyrical verses, starting with the sopranos, and ending with the second altos. Starting the song with all the sections singing ‘loo’ at piano, the first sopranos come in with the first lyrical verse, setting the tone of the piece. Throughout the song there are several crescendos and decrescendos, but in the end it resolves itself with piano, like it started off with. This song is beautiful with its dynamics, lyrics, tone, and symbolism and we hope you enjoy.

  31. “Warrior” written by Kim Baryluk is a song for the modern woman and the trek of female empowerment. Among this wave of feminism and the #MeToo movement, this song stands as an anthem for not only the growth of a woman through her life from a fearful, disenchanted child to a fierce adult woman but also the maturing of the women’s movement itself. Though both have humble beginnings, with the original state women were treated and the stereotypes of femininity, as the song progresses, more independent thought can be heard with the louder cries becoming that of her own rather than society’s as social changes are developing. While in the beginning she is complacent, by the end the emphasis on what she believes she is capable of is louder and joined by a unification of loud voices from women like her who have decided to blaze their own trail. The defiance to gender roles and what a woman “can be” or how they should act goes from relying on the teachings of old to finally casting them aside in order to realize one’s true purpose and how biological sex does not define one’s capabilities in justice and deportment.

    • I absolutely love the connection you made to this song. I think it perfectly describes the transitions and dynamic markings of the music, while also describing the struggle and emotion that is deeply embedded in the lyrics and music as a whole.

  32. The Music Of Living is a great peace. It really points out how great life is. It also talks about a new beginning and how wonderful for it is. It’s also pretty focused on going with the flow. It shows that you can do anything.

  33. Jenny Rebecca by Carol Hall seems like a simple piece, but has a great deal of complexities that allow it to have a strong effect on the listener. The song is targeted like a conversation between a parent and his/her young child that is a mere four days old. The beauty of the song is that it truly captures the beauty of childhood in in terms of innocence and joy. The purpose of the song is to not only inform the young child of her impending life, but also remind the listener of the life he or she had during childhood. I think the strength of the song comes with the small details in each line such as “Dolls to be caring for ” or “Slides to be Sliding on”. The dynamics of the song play another role in the telling of the story. If any of you guys have time, Barbra Streisand also sings a version of this song that is beautiful.

  34. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluck is about the struggles we as women have to face in everyday life. As she gets older the song becomes more powerful. It is such a beautiful piece and shows that all your scars are beautiful and they only make you stronger. It’s about women being able to find their voice and become united as one. It is a beautiful piece and has taught me and others that no matter what struggles we face in life to always stand up for ourselves and for eachother for what we believe in. I relate to this song a lot, it really speaks to me and I hope it also speaks to everyone, whether you’re a woman or not.

  35. The song “Fields of Gold” by Sting tells a story of hope. Sting’s underlying warmth through the counter Altos (alto 2’s) blends with the beautiful breezy-ness of the soprano 2’s and soprano 1’s to create a dazzling feeling. The song follows someone who tells of love and how they will go through fields of gold with their partner, but ultimately looses it as they “never make promises lightly” but they “walked in fields of gold”. Symbolizing that though they may or may not have kept that promise, the intention was pure and that their bond was what was most important.

  36. Warrior by Kim Baryluk is such a powerful song that has a very powerful message behind it. It starts off with a girl that is shy, lonely and this girl who is not powerful enough to fight. As the song goes on you can see this girl develop into this woman who is powerful. The stereotype that a woman isn’t equal in the world is broken in this song. A woman is fighting not only for herself but for her other fellow women (the sisterhood). She knows she can fight because it is her duty to do so to stop the inequality being faced.

  37. This piece is a very powerful selection for everyone who hears it, especially the girls singing it. ¨Warrior¨ by Kim Baryluk is a very strong song that empowers all who sing it. By learning this song, and not only perfecting the Dynamics and lyrics, but also analyzing the deeper meanings of the song, we were truly able to connect and think about someone who goes through a similar journey as the girl in the song. It tells the story of the development of a vulnerable little girl who transformers into a mighty women, just as we all will. This is my personal favorite song out of our set, because of its relevance in today’s society and how crucial for young girls and women to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. I hope by hearing and understanding ¨Warrior¨, you are inspired to become a warrior yourself.

  38. Our first piece will be “Warrior” by Kim Baryluk. It is a very emotional and empowering song, about the struggles a young girl has growing up, while trying to find her place in the world. In the beginning, it starts with her as a young, shy girl. As she grows, she becomes lost and angry because there was no fairness all around her. She was told that because she was a woman, she should not and could not fight. By the end of the piece, the same shy girl has grown into a beautiful and strong woman. She wants to fight, knowing it is her duty to help all of the women around her. This piece has the ability to encourage women to stand up for their fellow sisters, and unite as a community.

  39. The song “Come Dance and Sing” arranged by Joan Szymko is a simple shaker song yet bubbly song. The piece is enjoyable because of the dynamics that naturally reflect happiness within the lyrics. As well as the joyful lyrics that mention to “sing with life and power” that speaks for itself as a buoyant lyric. Along with the unique single voice sound when the rounds start to occur later in the piece. With the descant that adds to the entire difficulty of the piece and excitement of living life.

  40. When I think of a song like “Come Dance and Sing” by Joan Szymko, I picture an old fashioned town square in New England capturing the aura of bustling citizens bursting of excitement for an annual Fall Festival. This arrangement is so pure and unique because it displays the joy it brings to people as they sing and dance, and live in perfect harmony. I am excited to share this song because this piece reflects what it truly means to be in a choir. “Come Dance and Sing” demonstrates how a choir lives and loves in union and in sweet communion because a choir is full of different people and parts who eventually come together to sing a beautiful piece in complete harmony as one. Choir is also a bright light in many lives, a great source of pure joy, and often the cause of enormous smiles on the faces of many. I look forward to sharing this piece with the audience and cannot wait to show what choir truly means to me:)

  41. The song “Fields of Gold”, originally sung by Sting, is a 4 part a capella song arranged by Deke Sharon that is about someone singing to a lost loved one, and promising to them that they won’t forget them. The song opens with a soft entrance that sets the scene of an open field in a morning mist as the sun begins to rise, describing the gentle nature of their relationship and how care free it was. As the song progresses, it talks of a girl falling in his arms, and then him asking her to remember him as she passes into heaven without him. This is him recalling the promises they made to each other before she left him, and throughout the rest of the song he reflects on this and how he promises that when he eventually sees her again that they will walk in “fields of gold” as they were in the beginning of the song. The song ends saying, “we walked in fields of gold”, which is different from all the lines before that were in future tense, suggesting that he has passed on as well now and has met her again. This song leaves the audience in a reminiscent mood as they connect the song with memories of those they’ve lost, or people they were once close with, and leaves people with a sense of hope that goodbye doesn’t mean forever.

  42. “Warrior” by Kim Baryluk is an intense/moving piece. Its a representation on how a young girl who was shy and lonely, grew up to be a strong independent woman. She didn’t know how to control her anger and emotions when she was younger but now she is fighting through and becoming a warrior.This song shows a powerful message to all young females to keep living life to the fullest.Without fear or having someone get in there way.

  43. Our final piece for the evening is “How Can I Keep From Singing” arranged by Penny Downs Tullock. Even though this song originated from a traditional Shaker hymn by Robert Lowry in the 1800s, its message is clear through its lyrics. It proposes the rhetorical question “how can I keep from singing?” to unify the entire song. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you can clearly realize that it is a song of one who has weathered persecution and struggle, but maintains a focus on the Rock, giving thanks for all in song. This hymn is a reminder of the joy of faith, especially in times of trial. Enjoy!

  44. “Nelly Bly” composed by Stephen Foster is a piece that describes a girl named Nelly Bly and how joyful it is to spend time with this girl who not only has a beautiful voice but has a kind heart as well. Since I always enjoy songs that are more cheerful and upbeat, I find the song more enjoyable to perform than the other two pieces that were given to vocal due to the tone and feeling of it, and I also find it easier to be more emotionally connected with the song and to express the the feeling of it as well. However, one thing I find unique about the piece is that it doesn’t always have a happy and cheerful feeling to it, since there is a moment in the song, specifically in measure D, where the tempo slows down and the feeling is more sincere and fragile compared to everything else. All in all, I am very excited to be performing this piece at our first concert of the year and I hope to perform many different songs in the future with the same feeling and diversity as this one.

  45. Our next song is “Warrior” by Kim Baryluk. This song speaks of the great struggles that women endure over their lifetimes. How they have to endure these struggles and how they are so difficult to overcome. The song is built as a story speaking of one women’s life and how she witnessed these struggles and persevered through them. It is a beautifully haunting piece that will leave you breathless. Enjoy.

  46. “Fields of Gold” written by Sting and arranged by Deke Sharon tells the story of a young couple throughout the years of their life. It expresses feeling happy and at peace but knowing one day it could end. The song starts with very quiet “ooo’s” that lead into a beautiful verse about remembering someone and continue through the song as a story continues to be told. The background “ooo’s” and “no’s” all fit in very nicely together and overall make the piece feel complete. The most capturing part, I think, is the final note when all sections are in unison.

  47. “Jenny Rebecca”, composed by Carol Hall, is a lullaby written for a newborn baby girl. The over-encompassing purpose of the song is to describe to baby Jenny Rebecca of the moments in her life she has yet to experience, such as the “grass to be lying on” and the “dreams to be daring for”. Though this song is directed toward the little girl, it is more so reminiscent of the days when we all had no worries. We recollect on our fondest memories and find that the moments most treasured were not always the most pleasant–hence, “pillows for crying on”. Through this, we learn to appreciate the beauty of childhood and growth.

  48. The song “Warrior” arranged by Kim Baryluk is a very relevant and moving piece. It is about the struggles that young girls go through that are just a part of life. But, in the end the struggles of this growing woman make her stronger and inspire her to be there for the women around her and unite as one to help each other go through their shared struggles instead of facing them alone. This song is very relevant to the issues we are facing in society currently and this song is a message from the community of us women that still struggle. The power this song resinates is indescribable especially for this beautiful group of young women that give a face and voice to the meaning behind this song. Through struggles, people grow and this song perfectly conveys those feelings of rejoice.

  49. Our next pieces is Jenny Rebecca. This is an emotional and happy pieces about a young girl, Jenny Rebecca, who is only four days old. This song starts off with someone lovingly speaking to Jenny about how lucky she is. Then the verses talk about how lucky she that she can swing on swings and climb trees and just be a kid. One of the song’s lines: “Pillows for crying on, when you’re in love” is the singer telling her that when she suffers her first heartbreak, she has pillows to cry on as well. The final repeat of the beginning only affirms how lucky dear Jenny Rebecca is.

  50. Oh the pleasures of being young. in “Jenny Rebecca” arranged by Clair T McElfresh and written by Carol Hall, one might be transported back to the time when they are four years old. This song is about a mentor or parental figure reminding a four day old girl, who cannot even comprehend the life ahead of her, about the good and bad times of life. The song illustrates the times of grass to be lying on and dolls to be caring for as times to cherish. But also continues on how their will be ” pillows for crying on” exemplifying the harder for enduring moments of life. But, through all of these hard and easy times, Jenny Rebecca is luckier than she knows to have her whole life ahead of her.

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