You Make Me Feel Like…

Our blog assignment this week is to find a song that the singer sings with utter abandonment.  The singer’s performance (not the song) needs to make you feel what they feel and what the composer of the song intended you to feel.  We at least need the song title and artist, but if you are so inclined you can also link to youtube so we can all enjoy this song.  You need to explain to us what the singer made you feel and how they did it.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 1st 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than amazing choir showcases!!

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129 thoughts on “You Make Me Feel Like…

  1. The song that comes to mind when I think of utter abandonment and pain, is Demi Lovato’s “Sober”. Both the song and the performance are hauntingly beautiful in the way she is so passionate about her pain. She sings of one of the worst times in her life, and you can see that through her facial expressions and also see it in the way she sings as if it is going to be her last time. She wrote and performed this song, and this makes me feel abandoned and hopeless because of the pianos soft tune and lyrics such as “call me when it’s over, cause I’m dying inside”, “I don’t wanna fight […] I’m lonely”, or “I’m sorry to myself”. These mean to me that she has given up and almost lost her way in a sense. To me, this is one of the most tragically beautiful songs I have heard.

    • *The lyrics themselves are incredible but the passion behind what she’s saying is apparent through her voice and her facial features while she’s singing.

      • I remember hearing about the deaths of famous artists by alcohol/ drug overdose: Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and now Mac Miller. It is devastating to lose such natural forms of talent. Considering that Demi Lavoto struggles with a common problem, she connects so personably with her audience and even addresses them directly, which makes the song very raw.

      • I always have admired Demi and had the opportunity to hear her live. Every lyric has so much meaning and you can hear it, she is telling her story and is able to share it 100 times with the same emotion because it is her truth. When this song came out, she continued her incredible passion and emotions, you can see it in this video.

    • I think its so amazing how she can take her extremely difficult journey and transform it into a beautiful piece. Its a beautiful thing for her to be so transparent about her journey and let other people know they are not alone in that laborious battle against addiction.

      • she is such a powerful singer and it is amazing that she can take her difficult past and apply it to the way she writes music and sing. This particular piece/ performance connects her hardships with drug addiction and it is so raw and pure.

    • Demi Lavato is raw and natural and unafraid to tell her story in its truest form. As a result, she connects to her audience in a way that almost no other artist can.

  2. “Too late to turn back now” by Cornelius Bro and Sister Rose is not only one of my favorite songs, but one that conveys utter abandonment when falling in love. The artist starts out by saying his mother told him to be weary of love because it can hurt him, but he continues to say he found a woman that broke the only rule his mother gave him saying “It’s too late to turn back”. The artist lingers on this line giving this listener this warmth that makes them think of a loved one, and how that person changed their life because they gave them a carefree outlook on life. Also, the artist sings with a soulful tone in his voice that just takes you back to the easy days that just allows you to get lost in the song because he says that this type of love makes him feel like a kid again, something he forgot how to do. The artist also describes the woman he’s in love with, and the listener can imagine what she looks like, making you feel as if you’re watching their love story unfold in front of your eyes. The artist also expresses his fears of her maybe not being as in love with him, as he with her, but he doesn’t care because he’s willing to take the risk for her.

    • I love how he expresses the positives of falling in love and the many ways it can make you feel. Everyone is scared of getting hurt, but if he had listened to his mom, he would have never had these amazing experiences with this girl he feel in love with.

    • His sound is so bright, I love the way he says the phrase “wanteing her at least tn times a day” becuase he makes the rythym very syncopated, unlike most of the song which has a regular stringent pattern. It makes the music feel so light and carefree by implementing this stylistic element.

    • I love this song, I never heard it before! Thank you for sharing! I totally see why you chose it for the prompt, I can picture this story, his hopefulness going into love knowing it most likely will lead to heartbreak. BUT it is worth it because in the moment you feel on top of the world.

  3. As I read this blog assignment I knew I had to write it about my girl Adele. Her song “Lovesong” talks about how strongly she feels love for this person and it will never go away. I love Adele for many reasons, but the main reason why is because of how overwhelming her emotions are in her songs. I can connect with almost every song she sings because of the raw vulnerability she portrays while preforming. Whenever I hear one of her songs I can pull personal emotions of my own and really feel the song when I sing it. I love how authentic and genuine she gets on stage and the relatable pain she has in her voice .

    • I completely agree, and I love how you mentioned her “vulnerability” because even in this short clip you can see how her demeanor changes from six seconds into the video to 30 seconds into it. She has a shy laugh and huge smile on her face as the audience clap, but as she begins singing you see a different person, someone that has faced heartbreak.

    • Adele has this overwhelming effect to captivate her audience with strong word choice and a full vocal range. I can feel her emotion and her message as she sings her songs, whether it is her most recent album or one of her firsts.

      • Adele uses her difficult past with love to create a beautiful piece and this performance is so raw with emotion. This song is a universal hardship, everyone goes through heartbreak and grows from it. The passion through this piece lets people know, they are not the only ones going through this.

    • I agree with this because as you watch Adele sing, especially in this video, you truly feel what she is feeling and you can’t look away. Also, her voice creates a sort of rawness which makes you know that she really means every word she sings.

  4. My heart sinks and I always start thinking about the people I love who are still here and those I have lost when listening to Naya Rivera’s rendition of “If I Die Young.” Only an artist with true pain can make the audience mirror their feelings in empathy, and the pain of losing Cory Monteith is undeniable through her voice, stature, and eyes. If you peel away her voice and listen to the original song by The Band Perry, the song is very Taylor Swift-esque with a smooth voice that slides effortlessly over the melody. What I find so intriguing is that although the words are enough to bring me to tears, that is clearly not the case, or I would ball my eyes out too while listening to their version. Naya (Santana in Glee) performs this song in such a way that I FEEL something…Possibly the more muffled words and broken lines as she holds back tears, or how she prolongs some rests making the entrances far more dramatic, or the way she transitions into her head voice at 1:09 to make a beautiful cord, or the way she pulls back and decrescendos on every note that exceeds 4 beats, all contribute to my emotions pouring. This may have been on a television program, bet the emotions are real and the breakdown was unscripted, which makes it all the more reason to cry. If you would like to watch the version from the “Glee” episode, I linked it below.

    • This is one of the only performances that has ever made me cry. Between the backstory and the way that Naya sings with such passion, you can feel the emotion in the room. I completely agree with you, the muffled words, and transition to her head voice all make the performance so incredibly heartbreaking.

    • This song LEAVES ME IN TEARS EVERY TIME. Naya Rivera’s emotion in the song is so strong and passionate over the love for her recently deceased friend. It makes me cry and feel that same emotion that she is feeling in the moment.

      • The pure and raw emotion of this performance makes this rendition so beautiful. This performance in particular was not planned, she got caught with all this emotion and she had to run off. The way she sang the song to Corey depicts her pain and the love she had for him.

    • OMG I LOVED that song!!! The way Naya Rivera sang that song was amazing, and during it, it sounded as if she herself was going to cry. Yes, they did lose Cory, and I do believe that the way she sang it had a lot to do with him

    • This song is sung with utter abandonment and completely fulfills the task of this prompt. I agree that everyone in the room in this scene was feeling the same things as this actor. When one of their friends passed, she sang this song with abandonment to offer to him.

    • This song is so haunting beautiful, I remember my first time watching this song and I started crying because it was so beautiful.

    • I cry every time I watch this! She puts her whole heart into it, with so much emotion. Just by listening, you can tell she has been through so much.

  5. When I hear the song “Lord, I Need You” by Shane & Shane, I am overcome with the emotion the artists are trying to put out unto the world. Their message for us is that even in the darkest of times, we need to still look to the Lord for his help, guidance, and protection. One of the most influential times this song struck home for me was at a Christian Camp my church attends every winter for one weekend. My dad had just lost his job, and my family was struggling to accept what had happened. The band at the camp played this song in the worship hall, and I started sobbing real tears when the chorus of the song started. I had been so worried about my family, I had forgotten about the Lord and all he has done for us. In that moment, I felt the message of asking God to help, every hour in everyday with my troubles and issues. I truly felt that their connection with what they believed to be true in the lyrics, and applied to my current life situation.

    • Abby! This is beautifully written and I think that you feel so strongly about this song because you connect with it on a personal level. This song is also one of my favorites too and I love that you were able to reflect what you were feeling in that time in song.

    • Well said Abby! I feel like as humans we forget that in our times of trouble we can go to God and he will help us and give us this peace we need! Also I’m going to give this song a listen!

  6. I believe that ansel elgort sings with so much feeling and puts out the exact mood he wants you to feel. He’s a incredible singer and he truely comes off as being easy in this performance. He’s not just singing the song with a rich tone and beautiful bright vowel but he’s also telling the “girl” that he’s leaving her and he’s fine with it. Everything he sings is extremely believable, he puts of the mood of the song and interprets it perfectly

  7. The first person that popped in my head for this assignment was James Graham. In This live performance he sings a song called On Bended Knee originally by Boyz II Men. Every performance he gives is amazing but the way he connects himself and the audience through this performance is amazing. When watching this video I forget about everything else and I’m just captivated by the song. He is truly an amazing singer and performer.

  8. The song I chose was Terrified by Donald Glover, specifically this performance at the Grammys:
    Not only does Glover perform the song beautifully and with lots of emotion, but so do those that surround him. Particularly the lady on percussion and every one of his back up singers. You could look anywhere on the stage, and whether they’re playing an instrument or pulling off an elaborate riff, it’s exploding with feeling. While Glover has a calm stance with his straight posture and hand in his pocket, you can see in face what he is truly feeling. He isn’t stiff, but you definitely get a better feel of the song by focusing on his face rather than the rest of him. Each lyric he sings into the mic is filled with emotion , and they are each treated differently then the last. I can really hear all the fear and worry in the song and especially see it on his face.

  9. “Believe” by Elton John is a song that conveys the feeling of utter abandonment every time I listen to it. The lyrics themselves are already very powerful. “War makes money, cancer sleeps” and “Families together kill someone without love” convey such a strong message on its own. By adding Elton John’s performance in, the entire song becomes a captivating plea and cry for love, acceptance, and tolerance. Each word he sings is just as powerful, if not even more, then the last one. When I listen to this song, my mind goes blank and I loose track of everything happening around. This song makes me feel very sad at first, but then brightens me up because we do have love, even if its not present everywhere around the world.

    • I like this song too as it reaches me with an emotional connection. Elton John doesn’t ‘over sing’ and I think it brings more emotion to his songs than just clever vocal tricks. great choice!

  10. One More Light is not only an emotional song about loss and grief, but it is also a way of letting out that pain. Listening to this song reminds me of all of the loss that i have felt. “if they say… who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars” is a way of describing the feeling when all you feel is loss and the world around you seems to not care. But, its not just the song that drew me in, but this emotional performance. This was done as a tribute to their dear friend Chris Cornell who had died that week due to suicide. You can hear Chester Bennington’s voice crack throughout the song. The tragedy is that he also committed suicide two months later. All in all, this song brings up many emotions.

  11. Ella Fitzgerald songs like “Cry Me A River” and “Round Midnight” are songs that really connect with me. Jazz songs are soulful and deep, and the way that she sings these songs are as if she’s replaying a memory in her mind, and singing her emotions. She sings the lyrics and you can hear every word laced with feeling. The song “Cry Me A River” is about a girl and boy and how they broke up, and then the boy tries to return to her. But the girl says “now you say you’re sorry, you cried the whole night through, well you can cry me a river, cause I cried a river over you”. This song among many others, really connects with me, because even if she didnt go through this certain problem, she sung it with all the emotion and feeling as if she did.

    • Pure, raw emotion in her voice. I like the older recording artists because the music was not over produced which I think gives the emotion more authenticity.

    • Cry Me A River gets me every single time. It’s so raw and devastating. Her voice is so emotion filled and beautiful as she sings a truly heartbreaking song.

  12. In class when this prompt was introduced, many Adele songs came to mind. Adele is known for her undeniably powerful voice and this results from her ability to sing each song that she creates with utter abandonment. Adele has become an inspiration to many, not because of the way her songs are written, but because of the way she is able to deliver each song and connect with someone who listens. This summer I attended a wedding and the mother-son dance song was “To Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. This song was sung with each passion and the mother and son danced to the lyrics and mouthed the words as if it was a promise to each other. The son was stepping into a new part of his life, but his mother promised to continue to love him just the same. The dance and song moved me and many others to tears, which is something that Adele is capable of doing.

    • This is my go to song when I need a good cry. Adele is so good at telling her story through her rasp, and it would be so moving to see a mother son dance to this song, I would be balling. The promises made “run to the end of the earth for you, to make you feel my love.” AGH TEARS

    • I completely agree that all of Adele’s songs are incredibly moving and always good options when you want a good cry! She has such stunning vocals, and not only do you want to cry because of the lyrics of her songs but also due to her beautiful voice and technique.

    • This song makes me cry every time because of her emphasis on certain words and the way she gets loud at the chorus to make what she is saying heard. This song has such an important message and the way that Adele uses volume truly emphasizes those heart-wrenching verses.

  13. Right when Mrs. Rolniak showed us this assignment I turned around to Joey and called dibs on, “I’m Here” Cynthia Erivo’s version, and Joey being the beautiful soul he is let me take it. Mwhahaha. Anyways, when I went to New York a couple summers ago, my mom and I saved up so we could see one show every night. I had no idea what the Color Purple was about, but we wanted to keep our show streak up and we went with no idea what we were stepping into. Little did we know that we were walking into a baptist church disguised as a broadway show. It was the most spiritually enlightening musical I have ever seen, the audience gave standing ovations throughout the show, and I was in awe the whole time… even though I had no idea what was going on. Cynthia Erivo’s voice goes straight to your soul. Her notes are so pure, and now that I’ve read the book and wrote a 15 page report on it, I understand what she was telling me. I felt it without knowing, but now I understand and I am in tears every time I hear her sing it. If you get a chance to read The Color Purple I HIGHLY recommend. To briefly summarize, this song is about Celie, a young woman who has been raped by her father, had two children with him, given away to an abusive husband, and separated from the only light of her life, her sister, Nettie. Despite all her hardships, and being treated less than human her whole life, she has chosen to love herself and make a man’s world with a God she feels that has abandoned her, Celie’s world, and she is unstoppable. Listen at the beginning “I don’t need you to love me,” Cynthia grabs you in, she is talking to the men in her life, and when she starts with, “Got my house it still keeps the cold out” you feel the build, you are getting to the climax of the novel where Celie finds herself. Then Cynthia GOES OFF, you can feel the empowerment, her stance of confidence adds to the performance. She has been told she is ugly her whole life, but she tells herself, “I’m beautiful, yes, I’m beautiful.” It isn’t a question and when Cynthia says it a second time. I get goosebumps. It’s like she is FINALLY realizing that she is a beautiful woman who has had ugly things happen to her, and that does not make her “pore, black, and ugly.” Oh yes, I forgot to mention that her Dad pulled her out of school because he thought it was a waste for her because she is too stupid. Well, Celie taught herself and her grammar improves by the end of the novel/play when she hits you with AND. I’M. HERE!!!! Yes she is here and she is loud and she is proud and wow Cynthia Erivo I am a puddle of tears on the floor. I felt like she was Celie, I can not listen to any one else sing this song, even the original cast, no one sings it like her, and no one can portray Celie the way she does. She sings the way the book reads in your head. Absolutely incredible.

    • I ADORE Cynthia Erivo!! I was lucky enough to see “The Color Purple” in New York too! I saw it with Cynthia Erivo and Heather Headley as Celie and Shug respectively. It was easily one of the most incredible performances I have ever seen! And I agree with everything you said about Cynthia- her voice is otherworldly!! She has one of the most phenomenal voices performing today, and I feel like not that many people know of her. I’m so happy her career took off after she won the Tony for Celie because I can’t wait for more people to know about her and how insanely talented she is! Ahh this is such a good response to this prompt!!

  14. “Phantom of the Opera” is a classic Broadway musical that has seen countless poignant performances and heart-wrenching interpretations, and the song that always moves me, often into a sobbing mess, is the “Down Once More.” While there are many incredibly talented Phantom’s whose renditions are as equally saddening as they are stunning, my all-time favorite actor whose performance has been unparalleled is Ramin Karimloo in the 25th anniversary celebration performance in West End. The opening lyrics to this title – “Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair / down we plunge into the prison of my mind / down that path into darkness deep as hell” – on their own sound like brooding thoughts; however, this title is sung after Christine unmasks Erik, the Phantom, on stage in front of the eyes of a terrified audience, and Karimloo’s performance of it holds much more depth than merely anger at his brunette object of obsession. One can hear the betrayal the Phantom feels from this vulnerable exposure of himself, especially as it was Christine, the girl of his infatuations, who ripped off this veneer of protection against the world that has told him to hide his facial disfigurement. These feelings of violation and breach of trust Karimloo portrays beautifully among Erik’s violent outburst of rage, and in my opinion, he meshes all three emotions into a truly touching sound that allows for the audience to empathize with the Phantom more as opposed to only projecting a one-dimensional display of fury. As the song progresses further, the Phantom’s temper slowly morphs away into frantic hysteria as the woe from a lifetime’s worth of abandonment, derision, and loneliness bubbles to the surface, and he grapples to feel compassion towards Christine and understand the reasoning for her earlier treachery; as Karimloo fluctuates from choking out “Christine! Christine, why?” to screaming “why” in search for answers, one can hear his desperation in his voice at this hour. Throughout the song, Erik reveals all the adversities he’s faced growing up as an outcast of society -“hounded out by everyone / met with hatred everywhere / no kind words from anyone / no compassion anywhere” and “this face, which earned a mother’s fear and loathing / a mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing” – and rather than taking out these bottled emotions on Christine, listeners can hear how Karimloo as the Phantom is trying to convince Christine to show him the compassion everyone else in his life has neglected to provide him. Despite his anger, Erik truly does not want to hurt Christine, and Karimloo paints – just through his voice – this beautiful image of a Phantom, who has constantly let his temper dictate his actions, struggling to contain his rage towards her. The next couple minutes of this song is between Christine, Raoul, and Erik as Erik, who out of desperation, gives Christine the ultimatum to “start a new life with [Erik], buy his [Raoul’s] freedom with your love” and that if she “refused him,” she “sends [her] lover to his death.” He threatens her though does not harm her outwardly; in fact, when the Phantom actually sings to Raoul, “Did you think that I would harm her?”, Karimloo’s voice conveys this repulsion that the Phantom has at Raoul for assuming Erik would ever do anything to hurt Christine intentionally. Ultimately, at the very end after Christine has kissed Erik and showed him the kindness he has been denied his whole life, he lets both Christine and Raoul go as he realizes considering he loves Christine, her happiness was more important to her than his ownf, and to let Christine know the true magnitude of his love for her, he sacrifices the life he yearned with her for Raoul to lead. Karimloo’s “Christine, I love you” is the final blow to my emotions as there is brokenness in his voice for giving up on holding Christine hostage for his personal desires yet also resolve as he understands what he is doing is what’s right and what will truly get Christine to love him; Karimloo’s singing of these words is truly touching as the audience gets to hear the Phantom voice for the first time his love for Christine, the despair but also gratitude of a “farewell.”

  15. This is one of the only songs that get to me is this song called “Guide you Home” from “The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon” (its a video game). It has beautiful lyrics and singing that just make me cry inside. Also all the other music from this game is amazing. This song also reminds me of my brother because he was so into this game that he would draw from it all the time and he loves this song. So this is one of the only songs that gets to me. Surprising, huh?

  16. Not only is “Stone Cold,” by Demi Lovato, one of my favorite songs, but it is also is one of the songs that leaves me speechless at the end. This song is about the raw feelings of a breakup, and seeing your ex have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Throughout the music video, the audience can easily see the amount of emotion Demi Lovato is feeling, not only by her facial expressions, but also by her body language. At one point in the video, her hands shake as she sings, “I was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold.” The audience feels what she feels: loss, betrayal, anger, and sadness. In the beginning, her lower notes represent her feelings of sorrow, while her increase in volume adds to that sense of anger. Abandonment and betrayal is portrayed not only in the music video, but also by the intensity and tone of her voice. Towards the end of the song, when she sings,”If happy is her,” she sings a high note, which represents her final stage of anger. Overall, this song and performance are so raw and passionate, which always leaves me feeling emotional.

    • This is a song I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be able to sing but Demi Lovato’s version is so amazing I don’t even want to try to compete with it. The way her voice gets raspy yet is so powerful, is truly moving and brings emotion into me.

    • I agree with Aly completely because Demi Lovato, through her volume and choice of voice (ex: her raspy voice at points in the song), makes the words so much more powerful and strong. You can feel the pain in every word.

  17. As soon as someone asks me about an artist that I absolutely love, Andrew McMahon is always the first person to come to my mind. He voice, for all of his songs, is just so amazing and you can hear the passion pouring out of it. He’s had multiple bands (currently Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness) but my favorite has always been Jack’s Mannequin. The song that makes me this of utter abandonment is Dark Blue. It talks about being alone and scared but still feeling as if someone is there with you, helping you through whatever hardship you’re facing. He sings as if he’s trying to help you or someone else face their fears and to be able to persevere through the struggles.

  18. The song that gives me emotion is “Just the Way you Are” by Bruno Mars. This gives a powerful message that proves that every girl/guy that no matter how much you say you’re not beautiful other people think differently. Mental health is a wide issue we have today and I believe this song deals with that. In addition, this song also came out when I was still living in New York. I remember always listening to this song everywhere on the radio while going to elementary school and whenever I would go bike riding in my old neighborhood and seeing all the leaves fall since it came out in the autumn and feeling so confident while listen to it. So here is my song choice and I hope you get emotional but not too emotional where you’re flooding your house with tears.

  19. The song that I chose was Try by Colbie Caillat because she sings it with such conviction. She sings each phrase carefully and with emotion to draw the audience into her perspective. She also has movement and facial expressions that show that she’s connected to the song. The message which she is trying to convey is that people shouldnt try so hard to change themselves to get other people to like them. They should just be themselves and the way that Colbie sings this song really helps me feel and believe that.

  20. The piece that I chose for this assignment was “Idontwannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eilish. This song depicts the raw emotion, insecurity, which a lot of people struggle with. Being 16, I find that it is very difficult to stay true to one’s self and be confident in an environment of constant comparison; Who is smarter, who is prettier, who is funnier…etc. This song is portraying the pure struggle of never feeling like you’re enough and wishing that you could be someone else. In Billie’s lyrics, she sings, “If tear drops could be bottled, there’d be swimming pools filled by models,” and this line is so important because it emphasizes the societal issues of being ‘perfect’; the struggle to be beautiful, skinny, and tall causes pain. Billie, being a 16 year old is battling feelings of insecurity and uses it to create a beautiful song. She is so passionate about each phrase and the emphasis on each word makes this song so powerful.

  21. I have so many songs that I love so much for the emotions they make me feel but one song that always stands out to me as one of the most emotional performances from an artist that I’ve ever heard is “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato. From the beginning of the song, my heart already feels Demi’s pain. The song opens with the lyrics “Stone cold, stone cold” with nothing but piano chords to back it up. Demi’s voice is just so raw and evokes emotion from the first note. Then, before the first verse is even over, Demi has already gone from the lowest parts of her range to a loud belted phrase in her sweet spot and then all the way up to her head voice. Her voice changing colors creates a different feeling for every word, like anger, confusion, pain, and sadness. By the time the chorus hits, Demi is belting with everything she has on notes that, on paper, should be much too high to belt. Her runs and sustained power notes are filled with the perfect balance of passion and pain. She sings, “If happy is her,” hitting a high F perfectly in the process, giving way to “I’m happy for you” barely head voiced above a whisper. Her pain is evident in her voice throughout this phrase, and you can’t help but sympathize. The second verse and chorus are full of even more building energy and tension, seen in all of her changes in range and color. She’s battling her anger at her ex-lover and her pain of loneliness all at the same time. By the time the bridge hits, she’s singing with nothing but pure and utter abandonment. “I wish I could mean this but here’s my goodbye,” she sings with her sustained high notes hinting at a tinge of wistful rasp. The last chorus is her final swan song to the one she once loved. She glides across her range effortlessly and flawlessly. On her final “If happy is her,” she ends on one high G sharp, belted with more love, passion, pain, anger, sadness, and ache than several entire songs I’ve heard in my life. This note is the climax of her emotional rollercoaster. Everything she’s been through, in one note. That’s not easy to do. But I felt it. All of it. She ends with one last, thought-provoking declaration: “I’m happy for you.”

  22. The one singer who immediately came to mind for me when we were given this assignment is Ella Fitzgerald. In my opinion, her musicality and ability to lose herself in her music is unparalleled. One of the best examples of this is Ella’s performance of “How High the Moon” live in Berlin. Ella performed “High How the Moon” many times throughout her whole life, and every time she did it was amazing, but the Berlin performance has become notorious for being one of Ella’s most outstanding shows. I always lose myself in the song when Ella scats in this performance (and really any of her performances), and in this rendition she scats impeccably for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES PLUS. It blows my mind every time I listen to it. Also, the fact that she performed this rendition LIVE is a testament to how much of an indescribably incredible musician and performer she was. I associate Ella’s singing with pure joy because that is what it is. Ella performs with unbridled passion, love, freedom, and ultimately, utter abandonment, making it impossible not to be utterly captivated by her performances.

  23. Many songs came to mind when I read this assignment and it took me awhile to decide on one but once I came across a song on my playlist, I knew it was perfect for this assignment and I had to use it. Anna Kendrick’s version of “Still Hurting” from “The Last Five Years” is a performance like no other that truly embodies the idea of utter abandonment and she shows emotion in her face and voice. The song is already really sad as it is about a girl who feels hopeless after her husband leaves her and she thinks back to all the amazing times they spent together over the last five years of her life. The way that she stares into one place and a tear slowly rolls down her face is something that really makes me believe every word coming out of her mouth and she sings with such raw emotion. Even if you don’t watch the video, you can hear in her voice that her character is on the verge of tears and breaking down. She feels lost and hopeless and you can hear the true devastation in her words.

    • “Still Hurting” is such a great song. When she sings it in the movie and you have seen every thing she has gone through, you can’t help but feel sad for her.

  24. When I found out the assignment for this week, I immediately knew that Kelly Clarckson’s song Piece by Piece was the perfect fit for the assignment. This particular performance was performed on American idol and it is the slower version. I will never forget watching this peformance and the feeling that I felt while being captivatied by her stunning vocals and memorable lyrics. Kelly Clarkson didn’t have the best life before her fame on Season One of American Idol, she struggled with abandonment from her father who left her when she was a little girl and it wasn’t until she was famous is when her father wanted back in her life. In her song Piece by Piece she is telling her story of when her father left and comparing him to her husband who has always been there for her and genuinely lover (the father of her daughter). In the song the lyrics read, “He never walks away, he never asks for money, he takes care of me, he loves me, Piece by Piece he restores my faith, that a man could be kind and a father could stay.” Everytime I listen to this performance I immediately cry because she does and extraordinary job of communicating her feelings.

    • This one of my favorite songs/performances. The emotion she has while singing it and the emotion you see everyone else feels makes it so hard to not feel it too.

  25. Not that many performers can really move me. Except Sam Smith. I remember in my freshman or sophomore year (I can’t remember which), Mr. Rose told us that he disliked when artists closed their eyes while performing on stage. I 100% disagree with his opinion for the same exact reason he believed it–it captures the performer in the moment. When Sam Smith performs “Burning”, his eyes are closed for a large portion of the song. It’s not because he’s ignoring the audience, as Mr. Rose would have reasoned (no shade), it’s because he’s immersing himself in the music. He thinking hard, but not about the technicality of his singing. He’s thinking about the meaning. He makes himself vulnerable to the audience and in doing so, opens a window to his soul.

    • I 100% agree with everything you saying Julia!!!! I had the pleasure of seeing Sam Smith in concert a couple weeks ago and I was most captivated by him when he performed with his eyes closed! There is something so pure and honest when a performer sings with their eyes closed

    • I like listening to this song too. Sam Smith has this talent of not only having a brilliant voice but also connecting with people emotionally. I like music from the 60s and 70s because of the simple production values and how it seems to make the voice stand out more, just like Sam Smith’s music does to me.

    • I love singers who close their eyes. I have that habit when I sing emotional songs and solos as well. It really shows how much emotion they are putting into the performance.

  26. The song that immediately comes to mind when I think about intense emotions from the singer, is “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin. I grew up listening to her music and aspiring to have a sound as impactful like hers. In the song, the inner struggles she is dealing with is reflected within the powerful notes she sings, especially within the repeated high G that she belts on the lyric “please” to stress its importance and meaning. You can tell how much thought and emotion she puts into her choices just from listening to her sing. Her passion is shown through her choices to attack certain sections and release on others, and her stylistic decisions are spot on and send chills through me every single time I hear the song. Every time I listen to it, I hear something new that she weaves into the song and that I was unable to notice the previous times I heard it. There are so many different layers to the song, so many ways to interpret her emotions, and so many ways to interpret the purpose behind those emotions which is why I believe her to be such a powerful and influential singer.

  27. There are so many singers in the industry that exhibit power and utter abandonment in their songs and performances, but if I were to choose the one song that truly affects me the most, it would be Eric Clapton’s song “Tears in Heaven”. Clapton wrote this song after his young son’s untimely death and struggled to cope with the loss of him. This song has so much emotion and the complexities of the lyrics truly encompass the feelings that Clapton felt during this time period. Of course, there is no way to feel that pain unless you were in his position, but the way the song is executed allows me to empathize and understand at the maximum amount of my abilities the struggle he went through at this time. I am a great advocate that music and songs provides an escape for the woes and struggles of life and this song, I believe, is a perfect example of that idea. The song is so simple that the lyrics are even more profound and emotional. There is no excess embellishment to the track or his vocals, and the rawness of his voice creates a special atmosphere. If you listen to the lyrics, you can gain an understanding of how Clapton coped with this tragedy and I feel like this is something so unique to this song. That being said, this is one of the handful of songs that makes me cry.

    • I remember my dad telling me the story of this song and what happened to the singer’s son, and after I listened to this I couldn’t stop crying. The context and performance of the singer definitely make this the emotional song that it is.

  28. The performance that I find incredibly emotional is Kesha’s live performance of “Praying.” If you didn’t know, Kesha had been in a contract issue with Dr. Luke after she filed sexual harassment against him. She lost her case however and wasn’t able to publish music for a long period of time. Recently, she was able to get some freedom and wrote “praying” about him. In her live performance, Kesha channels her anger in to love and hope that no one should live through this, she “prays” that he would become a better person. This is so inspiring because after all she has been through she changes her hate for someone into something so optimistic. Every live performance I have watched of this song has been different but they are all so emotional. Her voice always shakes singing this, not in nervousness, but in the story behind the lyrics. She sings the entire song with her eyes closed in this performance, which I think attributes to how emotional the song is for her. She is shaking, moving her legs, and trying so hard to not lose control of her volume. She contrasts the lyrics that are encompassing the anger she has with sharp and strong edge in her voice with the optimistic and forgiving lyrics with carefulness, yet those lyrics hold an inner intensity.

  29. Let Me Love You – Glee

    I chose this song because of its calming sense of power. Let Me Love You exhibits an individual inexperienced with the feeling of love, someone who cannot live with themselves because they feel that they are not enough. And along the way, they are informed that someone wants to show them the true reality what love can feel like; that love cures every dark scar, every last tear,
    every heart-breaking loss one can experience, and turn it into a beautiful array of colors. Some of the most beautiful people are the ones who have been broken over and over again, but never fail to absorb the pain and use it to fuel their undying love for others. I love this song because of the way it flows and because of the way it gives me hope for all the broken people in the world who have never felt what it means to be loved. For example, there are some people who have never had a mother, father, or even a guardian who have taken the time to care and provide for the needs of these individuals, and my heart weeps for them every time I hear this song. But this song also gives me hope—Hope that one day all those children, all those people, will one day own the ability to say that they are loved, and to believe it—because one day, the world will change, and one day they will be loved.

    • I definitely agree with you that this song is really special. Also, his performance of this song makes me so emotional every time I hear it on my playlist because of how strong he chooses to sing it (and because I watch Glee and know the context as to why he sings this song for Marley).

  30. My song is “For Forever” from Dear Evan Hansen. I think Ben Platt sings this song with utter abandonment because I can feel the emotion he brings to the piece. It’s really cool because you can truly picture the scenery of when he’s singing about running to meet his friend and just getting to hang out with the person who makes you happiest, it makes me me feel enjoyment even though I’m just sitting in my car listening to music. Additionally there’s a breath he takes before “we walk a while and talk about the things we’ll do when we get out of school”. When he does this you can tell he’s accentuating the positivity he’s feeling. Also when he sings about falling and breaking his arm you can feel the sadness that takes over him. But when he sings about seeing his friend, his voice raises back up with positivity, the song ends with him sounding happy. Anyways throughout Ben Platt is able to bring you on a roller coaster of emotions with the manipulation of his voice, and he excellently executes the use of total abandonment.

    • I agree with you. I love this song and the emotion you feel while listening to it. I defiantly feel like I can see everything he is describing in his song too.

    • Yeah! Ben Platt is a beast. He totally conveys the meaning of every song he sings including this one.

    • Of course I’m going to respond to this one lol. I love that song and the emotional response it gives all of the actors and all listeners. Especially if you know the story of the show, it is incredible how much emotion Evan can add to the song due to the friendship being his dream that he can’t achieve except through fake scenarios. He can show the emotions of his dreams, even if they aren’t real and can pretend they are. The emotions he expresses to get across the point and switch back and forth from happiness and dreams to sadness and loneliness just by the tone of his voice is so inspiring.

  31. A song that brought tears to my eyes was the song “Great are you Lord” by All Sons and Daughters. I heard this song at my church camp this summer at Forest Home and how has this song helped me so much! In the time of need, in the time of where you feel like you have no strength, or you feel in complete darkness, God has you in every moment and that he is the light to all your problems. I remember coming home from camp and I knew that my dad was in the hospital it was such a hard time for me but when I listened to this song, I knew that no matter what was happening, God was going to be there for me and that He had my back. I will continue to praise God because of his amazing Love and because he will continue to be with me and will not let me feel abandoned.

  32. The performance/song I chose was Taylor Swifts performance of “All Too Well” at the 2014 Grammys. The song, in the recording, already has so much power and emotion throughout the song. However, when Taylor Swift performed it live, you could really see how personal it is to her. She plays the piano herself, which is already even more personal with the audience, and she began to get very emotional while singing it. With all the physical emotion and love she puts into the song, you can really see how much the song means to her and almost immediately makes you relate to her song. I may no be able to relate to the song in the same way she does, but I do I feel like I relate to it in a way personal to me.

  33. When I think of a performer who sings with utter abandonment I think of Ben Platt singing “Waving Through a Window”. I have seen him live and watched him sing this song several different times, and every single time he gives it his all. His face gets red with exertion, veins bulging and spit flying everywhere. His entire body shouts the lyrics of the song, how he wants to be heard but is barely comfortable in his own skin. The song may be from a musical where he is acting, but to perform the way he does every singe time, there has to be a deeper connection, and I personally feel that connection every time.

  34. A song that can automatically bring my mood from being extremely exited/normal to quiet and calm/observant is the song breathe me by Sia.This song is like a bottle of emotion exploding. To me this song represents that moment in your life where your just done. Your on the edge and don’t know what to do. Its the feeling of being hurt way to many times that you have lost count. Being desperate for any sort of attention because you can’t remember how it felt from the beginning. Sia isn’t a really big fan of performing songs so heres just the audio:)

  35. So a song that automatically comes to mind is Truce by twenty one pilots. The way Tyler (the singer) sings it makes me feel like I’m not alone in what I’m thinking or feeling. The lyrics makes me feel things too, but the way he chooses to sing those words causes me relate to the song in such a different way; something that I can feel in the depths of my soul. There are these ‘ooo’s in between every lyric in the verses, but when he sings them you can feel the vulnerability he feels when singing them. Also, in the very end of the song it’s almost as if he is talking, talking directly to you. Whenever I hear this song I get this feeling that he’s singing directly to me and actually gets how I feel; no other singer has ever made me feel this way before. Overall, I would say his performance of this song makes me feel very vulnerable, but at peace with myself, because I know there’s someone else out there who is feeling the same exact way as me, and then everything doesn’t seem all in my head.

  36. The song “Mercy” by Brett Young is sung with utter abandonment and is very emotional. Every time I am with my dad and the song comes on the radio, he changes the station because the song evokes so much sadness. Personally, this is one of my favorite songs because of all of the emotion you can hear in his voice and the way it makes you feel. When I am feeling sad or lonely, this is the first song I listen to. The lyrics are very emotional as well, but they would mean nothing if the singer did not sing it with the specific tone in his voice. It just shows how important it is to sing with feeling because it really does make a massive difference.

    • I love this song so much! The way he takes care of every single word contributes greatly to the quality of the piece.

  37. When I think of singers doing emotional performances I couldn’t only think of one singer. but one performance did come to mind and that was the music video for “We are the World”, sung by a variety of artists including Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and of course Michael Jackson, (who wrote the song). This song was created to raise money for Africa, (63 million), to contribute to humanitarian causes. Every time I watch this video I can feel the emotion coming from the singers because I can tell they are aware of the importance of why they all came together to create this masterpiece. My favorite part is when all the singers are on the risers and come together to create an amazing sound and an amazing message. The song in general is a very emotional song and the performance in the music video only magnifies it. I love this piece and the performance by the artists and I can only hope that everyone who watches this video feels the same way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

  38. I chose Yungblud’s “Polygraph Eyes” (specifically the acoustic version) because I feel that it is definitely a song he sings with utter abandonment. The song itself has a very important message that he obviously tries to make the listener understand as he sings it. The song talks about the issues of rape and sexual harassment and how he saw it as he was growing up. When he talks about this song he explains how important it was for him to write the song so that the issue was portrayed in a way that couldn’t be easily dismissed. I had the privilege of seeing Dominic in concert and before he preformed this he talked about how much the song meant to him and it was very evident while he sang it. When I watch him preform this song I am almost brought to tears because I can see the passion he puts behind it. I can feel just how much he cares about the topic of the song and I can understand the message he is trying to get across. Here’s a link to a live acoustic version of the song 🖤

    (also highly recommend listening to his other songs because they’re all really good and are about meaningful topics)

    • I strongly agree that all of his songs are very good and everyone should listen to him. Also, this song is very important and should be heard. The way he performs it shows that he really cares about the topic of rape and wants to spread awareness about it.

  39. There are so many artists that move me, from Pavrotti in “Nessun Dorma” to “Answer Me” from The Band’s visit (the ending will give you goosebumps), these two songs take me away on a journey with them. My favorite song though is “A Song For You” performed by Donny Hathaway. The recording has early 70s production values and is static sounding but Hathaway’s vocals are sublime. Hathaway’s raw talent singing this romantic love song makes you feel every lyric like it was personal to you. It sounds like the perfect song to play for someone you are falling in love with or have been married to for decades, just timeless and amazing even 35 years later. Donny Hathaway has that ability to sing a song and you cannot imagine anyone else ever being able to sing it better.

  40. There are definitely quite a selection of songs that make me feel a certain way. But, one song in particular really pulls on my heartstrings and send chills down my spine when the specific artist sings. Streetcar by Daniel Caesar is the song that, recently, has made me cry almost every time I listen to it. I listen to it on a continuous loop. The way his voice transitions from a beautiful low register to his unbelievable falsetto that kills me every time. You can feel the emotion in his voice and it helps to makes the words even more powerful. The way he talks about moments passing him just like streetlights and the real genuine emotion you can truly not even hear but feel in his voice. The words “life just ain’t fair” get me every time. His pure and unique sound makes the words ring in my ear and drive me to believe what he is saying and to relate top every word. I could listen to him sing all day.

  41. The song that came to mind was Youth by Shawn Mendes ft. Khalid. Shawn being a person I have been a fan of for as long as I could remember hasn’t really written a song with such meaning as this one. The song itself is about the shooting that happened in Florida earlier this year and how he felt about it when seeing the news spread on social media. How nothing should stop us from taking a stand and how people shouldn’t turn all the pain into hate but into something bigger and greater. The performance that really made this song stand out to me was when they sang it for the BBMAS. They both didn’t dress up as a usual artist would do, instead they wore an article of clothing that showed that gun violence is awful. The shirt Khalid is wearing says protect our children and Shawn is wearing a hoodie that says youth. Throughout the performance you see other artist with tears in their eyes. Towards the end you see the schools choir come out and sing the ending of the song with both artist. All of them wearing the Hoodie. Watching the video put me in awe. It’s a song that gives me motivation whenever I need it.

  42. When I first learned about this blog assignment, I was very conflicted over what artist and song to choose. As I was putting my music on shuffle, I came across the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. This song makes you feel so empowered through the way that Platten puts all of her emotion in singing the chorus. Some may not know that she had a very hard time breaking into the music business and this was her first hit. This was her last attempt to make her dream a reality, and she puts this happiness and determination into her words that makes the listener feel like he or she could conquer the world. The song makes me genuinely happy whenever I hear it, and I enjoy listening to it while doing a long assignment for school as a pick me up.

  43. A song that gets me every time is “She Used to be Mine,” from the broadway show, Waitress. Jessie Muellers performance of this song at the 2016 Tony’s is one of my favorites. Her facial expressions and the way she moves on stage show how much emotion she puts into this part. Everyone has their own flaws and the world tries to tear us down every day, sometimes we’re our own biggest enemy, but she says how she keeps fighting. I think she is perfect for this role because she puts her whole heart and soul into this performance. Even though she is just playing a part, you can tell that she means what she is singing. When she sings this song, I can’t help but feel a connection.

    • I really like this song too. There’s a cabaret in NY for Broadway stars where they get to sing songs that they would never in a million years usually get the opportunity to sing, and I saw Joshua Jackson perform it and it worked!

    • I agree that her facial expressions really contribute to the quality of the performance. They are very important in my opinion.

  44. Okay so some part of me is really embarrassed that I picked this song because Emerson and Taylor and Charlotte all know I had a crazy phase with 5 Seconds of Summer in middle school and I’m entirely shameful of that period of my life. But I heard they released a new album recently and I gave it a go out of curiosity. Of course, that ended up being all I listened to for a good 6 weeks over summer. The album is like 60% sad break up and heartache songs which unfortunately resonated with me deeply during this time so my opinion is SUPER biased because of my tender emotions being communicated PERFECTLY through these songs, but one really stuck with me (and Josh lol pls ask him about it) is Lie to Me. I reread the lyrics right now to confirm I was picking this song out of the other ones I thought of and now I’m genuinely really sad and gloomy and my tear ducts have an unusually heavy feeling so that’s how you know its real. So the song starts off most likely a few months after a bad breakup, and its inferred the girl was not in favor of the breakup in a way that maybe he was, although the singer still feels deep pain as anyone would. He sees her at a party and she’s completely changed, a lot happier now, and only looks at the singer once throughout the night, which josh and I agreed it was his way of saying she was a crying mess the last time he saw her and she’s seemingly moved on. And then in that moment he flashes back to a beautiful night in New York with her and says “remember thinking that I got this right” which means if any decision he’s made in life was a good one, it was choosing her. (IM CRYING) Then in the chorus he’s back at the party saying he wishes they’d never met because she’s too hard to forget and that even though he’s still heartbroken he knows she’s with other guys now, but to ease the pain if he asked if she still loved him, he’d hope she’d lie and say yes. There’s another short verse saying he’s unhappy and experiences insomnia in the passing months, and then the chorus repeats. Because I too was feeling the same things the singer felt, I experienced every negative emotion of abandonment and feeling not good enough and wishing I could make things better. So not only did the singer make me feel those things then, he ENHANCED THEM X1000. So honestly kudos to them.

  45. For this assignment, I decided to choose “How Far I’ll Go” by the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. While watching the latest season of America’s Got Talent, I was very excited to see choirs audition for the show. This particular children’s choir stood out to me the most. When they returned at judge cuts, I was a bit skeptical that they decided to do a Disney song. However, I was completely blown away once the entire choir came together at the chorus of the song. As they performed, I imagined physically being in the audience and wondering how much more powerful it must have sounded live than it did on tv. This may sound cliché, but I found myself smiling the entire time and I felt overcome with warmth and joy. The performers themselves are another reason why I chose this song. As you watch this choir, you can see all 70 kids engage a emotionally connect to the song. Even when I closed my eyes for a brief moment, I felt and heard the emotion. At the 2:30 mark, the camera lands on a young boy who is crying, and I would be lying if I said I did not cry along with him. Everything about this performance was just beautiful, and I’m glad Ken Jeong agreed and decided to give them the golden buzzer!
    YouTube Link:

    • I just listened to this piece and it affected me as well! I thought the way the words were handled was very beautiful.

  46. A song sung with utter abandonment that comes to mind for this assignment is “Good Kid” by Chris McCarrell from the Lightning Thief Musical. Though the song itself is meant to be one of determination and a longing to find where one belongs, the lyrics alone don’t do it justice. From Chris’ belting to the weakness in his voice he emulates a range of emotions within a small period and conveys them so well that the audience feels the song as well. Even if this song were to have no lyrics to it, the pure emotion Chris showcases is what makes this song so heartfelt, he sings like he has nothing left to lose and that if this is his last act, he will take it willingly. Even more passionate is his body language during the song, he is entirely into it and his posture and actions match his voice as you can hear and see the anguish, frustration, or the longing in his eyes, his body, and hear it in the song as it tugs on the heartstring with the building of emotions as the song continues from start to finish.

  47. The first artist that came to mind for this assignment was Daniel Caesar. ever since I found him his music has moved me in ways that I can’t describe and there are too many songs to name that give me such powerful emotions, but one in particular that hit me the hardest was the song “death and taxes”. this song was the first song that I has ever made me cry. His voice conveys so much power and emotion you feel the lyrics of the song. this song doesn’t have a happy tone over it, it is about how in life there is so much darkness and there is a imminent ending to life but you have to see the silver lining sometimes. at the end of the song it shifts into him playing the song in a city cafe setting and the sound is so raw you envision someone in a lot of emotional pain singing to people hiding their emotions through the rushes of life and it is so powerfully poetic. Yes this is a sad song, but the emotion he brings to it is so inspiring and makes you feel the emotion you hide away sometimes.

  48. One song I enjoy listening to to experience utter abandonment is a song by the raising korean pop artists ,BTS, is “Epiphany” in the album Love Yourself Answer. The album itself talks about loving oneself after feeling lost and that alone makes me feel utter abandonment. In “Epiphany” though it really “hits me in the feels”. Especially when preformed in person, even though you cannot understand what the artist is saying, you can feel the passion and love for the song being preformed. If you look up the lyrics the artist explains the cycle of loving oneself after being in a relationship with someone. Which pertains to people all around the world going through breakups or learning how to love oneself. Also the most important lyric in the song is “ I’m the one I should love.” That lyric always sparks a reaction in me. And while watching the song live made me feel utter abandonment by the way he portrayed the song and demonstrated through the lyrics that loving yourself is possible.

  49. The song I have chosen for this assignment is “Burn” performed by Phillipa Soo on the “Hamilton” soundtrack. While the message is not quite relatable to all, the way Soo delivers the message is heart-wrenching and tear-jerking. Soo takes the motifs of infidelity, mistrust, and misconceptions to a whole other level and renders the audience speechless and in tears by the conclusion of the song. She is able to do so through thoughtful dynamic choices and transitions between her head and chest voice. The dynamics are not monotonous throughout the piece; rather, they are varied and purposeful. Soo begins at a quiet yet incredibly intense dynamic to highlight her heightened emotions but at a softer tone. Soo works up to a climactic point (“And you are paranoid in every paragraph, how they perceive you, you, you?”) with stresses on paranoid and the multiple “yous” to highlight Hamilton’s selfishness in his actions. The dynamic steadily increases at that point. Then, the dynamic softens and she says, “I’m erasing myself from the narrative.” At that moment, you can’t help but take note of her broken heart and wonder, why would Hamilton ever wish to subject the woman who loves him so much to so much pain? I guess that’s the point of this song—to portray Hamilton as the one who has wronged and cast a sympathetic light on Eliza. The transitions from chest voice to head voice serve a similar purpose as dynamics—they emphasize stronger, almost louder emotions in the chest voice and illustrate a resigned Eliza in the head voice as she regretfully relays the actions of Hamilton. Message aside, the delivery of “Burn” is almost indescribable for me. The lyrics are not relatable to all, but the feelings of heart break and pure, raw emotion in the face of tribulation are so evident because of the dynamics and emphasis she constructs in the delivery of the piece. Moreover, it’s not a matter of impeccable mechanics and technique in this instance, rather her ability to transform the pent up emotions into vowels and sounds and words. It’s also amazing how one does not need to be familiar with the musical “Hamilton” to be moved by the song.

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