You Make Me Feel Like…

Our blog assignment this week is to find a song that the singer sings with utter abandonment.  The singer’s performance (not the song) needs to make you feel what they feel and what the composer of the song intended you to feel.  We at least need the song title and artist, but if you are so inclined you can also link to youtube so we can all enjoy this song.  You need to explain to us what the singer made you feel and how they did it.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 1st 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than amazing choir showcases!!

Mrs. R

129 thoughts on “You Make Me Feel Like…

  1. So many people on here knew exactly who they were going to choose or they had trouble choosing because of all their options. However, it’s been a real struggle for me to figure this out for the past week. Even now, I still feel as though I rushed the assignment and simply “settled” for a singer who moves me. There are so many songs and lyrics that move me. Every time I hear music I want to jump up and dance and sing. I can’t help not singing ,so I’ve never felt much enjoyment from listening to others(besides learning purposes). Why would I listen to someone else sing it when I would much rather sing it myself(whether or not it sounds remotely decent)? Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore listening to music ,and I guarantee that someone could come up to me at any point in day and I would be able to tell them a song that is stuck in my head at that precise moment. However, I love lyrics and the emotions I get from listening to a song. That’s why I sing. Nothing gives me more power than singing Don’t Stop Me Now with Freddie Mercury in the background and nothing put me in a better mood than listening to the first chords of Sincerely, Me. Yet, the assignment was to describe a performance where the singer puts forth emotion. Even now, with a song chosen, I still can’t stay that I solely enjoy the piece for the singer. Just Give Me a Reason sung by P!nk and Nate Russel(singer from Fun) is the song I chose(which may seem odd since I typically proclaim the glories of Broadway not Pop music). Emotionally, I admire the stark contrast between the two voices. P!nk has a raspy rough quality to her voice that typically ignited the fire beneath someone. Whereas Nate Russel often sings with a clear tone while singing slower songs that express dealing with hard times. I enjoy the singers coming together to make this beautiful song with its gut-wrenching lyrics. I mainly want to point out P!nk’s change of pace while still having her voice showing through. This song will always invoke emotions in me that I can never explain ,and the fact that singers I love perform it isn’t the reason why. The emotion they bring into it is what I love. I don’t believe I have ever seen the Music Video for the piece. However, I can see a clear story playing out through their voices. I am assuming personalities to these voices singling a song. That is what gets me. Their ability to bring forth a story through their voices. I don’t really know how else to explain my love for the song without going into lyrics or musical aspects of the piece. However, this performance will always bring something to the picture that I can’t fully explain about myself.

  2. When it comes to songs about singers displaying emotions through their performance, one of the songs that comes to my mind is “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees (1977). Throughout the song, the different singers in the group have a moment by themselves where they display their facial expressions which show sincerity and a caring feeling towards the person who is listening to the song. The singers really captivate the feeling of being emotionally connected to a special someone who they want to get to know better and be closer to. Not only the facial expressions of the singers are what make the song more impactful, but it was the tone of their voice as well. The tone of the voice that the group had while singing the song made the feeling more soft and this also gave the song a romantic touch to it as well.

    Here’s the link to the song

  3. In my opinion, Calum Scott sings “You are the Reason” with utter abandonment. This song inspires many different emotions when I listen to it because Calum Scott takes care of every word that he sings. The audience can tell in his performance that he connects with the song. Also, he is moving his body while singing to the song in an effective way. Also, his facial expressions reveal the passion that he feels while singing this song.

  4. One song that literally murders my heart every single time I listen to it is “Words Fail” sung by Ben Platt on the Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack (Is anyone surprised?). I relate to this song in so many ways and the way he sings it and expresses it with his raw emotions really hits me in the gut. He emphasizes words and notes that are key to the meaning of the song and makes me feel like i”m really feeling the way he is feeling. It’s a beautiful song, but I can only listen to it when I’m already crying or else I’ll start crying just because of how emotional it is. Sure, the words and accompaniment are beautiful and meaningful, but the way he sings the song and expresses the pain and hatred the song expresses really make the whole song and performance. Also, during the live performance, he really actually sobs and it’s so beautiful and awe inspiring how he can express his emotions, cry, and sing beautifully at the same time, because when I sing and cry at the same time I sound like a dying goat. The way he expresses the emotions of the song and ties it in to the whole story of the musical is just incredible and makes me feel the exact same thing that he is feeling in that moment.

    Listen if you dare.

  5. I believe Bruno Mars is a great example of an artist that puts a lot of emotion into his performances. I’ve seen him live 3 times now and I can say that his messages truly get across each time. For example, a lot of songs of his are upbeat and happy and are intended to make the audience feel the same way. “Locked Out of Heaven” comes to my mind because he and the band go all out dancing to this song and performaning with such big smiles that you can’t help but smile and dance too. On the other hand though, songs like When I Was Your Man or Too Good to Say Goodbye are very moving when performed live. Even in studio recordings, you can hear emotion in his voice. Bruno and his band are some of the most talented performers out there!!

  6. My favorite artist of all time is Freddie Mercury from Queen who puts his heart and soul into every single concert. More specifically there is a concert that holds a lot of emotional value in my heart because, it the first concert that Freddie Mercury was aware that he did in fact have aids. It is rumored that he had them since 1985 but only publically admitted in 1987. Back to his most emotional performance, a world renowned concert that many know, Live at Aid 1985. Through all 6 of his songs his pours is heart into all of them, jumping around and energizing the crowd but also connecting to every word he is saying like it might be his last, especially in Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions. You can purely hear it let alone see it when he sees these two songs, like he might cry at any minute while playing the piano in the openings for both. If you have the time listen to the concert section that had Queen in it, its twenty two minutes long that could help you apply emotion to your singing!

  7. The song I chose was “Trees” by Twenty One Pilots, but specifically a live version of the song. When Tyler Joseph (singer of Twenty One Pilots) wrote this song he was at an extremely low point in his life where he felt his faith was at an all time low, and he felt that God wasn’t with him. He was desperately searching for Him and for a sign that He was with him. During this live performance you can feel in your chest the utter loneliness and desperation behind every word sung, and you can connect completely with his feelings even if you don’t understand the exact situation he went through when he wrote it. This specific song for me has a lot of meaning and I connected so much with the emotion and feelings of helplessness while he sang this, and it brings me close to tears (or to tears) when I listen to his live version as I instantly feel those emotions all over again. The song starts at 1:34 in the video.

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