The Rose that Grew From Concrete

Our third blog assignment is to watch this commercial.  Then please tell me about someone who you know or knew of that is a rose that grew from concrete.  This could be a relative, a role model, or just a friend.  Please don’t mention the person by name unless you get permission first.  This assignment must be a 10 – 15 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 24th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

“Don’t ask me why…ask me how” – Tupac Shakur

I love you more than I love roses!!

Mrs. R

111 thoughts on “The Rose that Grew From Concrete

  1. I don’t know much about my family from India, but i know that they had a hard Life. My Great-grandfather lived during the British Occupation of India. He often went hungry for days at a time. He worked with Gandhi during Gandhi’s movement and was arrested many times. My parents were born during the aftermath of the Occupation. They too had a hard life. It wasn’t as worse as rural India, but it was more of a semi-rural living environment. They had to wait in long lines every week just to get their rations. They walked 6 miles to get school and they had almost none of the advances that the Western countries had. There was one car per village. But, somehow through all of that, my parents made it out of India and came to the US with my dad in business and my mom an IT. Before they reached the US, they lived in Dubai for 6 years. When they arrived here, all of their stuff was in 2 suitcases. They were also the first people in my family to move to the US. Now, I have over 50 family members living here. My parents main reasons for leaving were that they wanted me and my brother to have a better childhood than what they had. I am so appreciative of their sacrifices so that i could have a better life.

  2. Roses are timeless symbols of love, beauty, and often overlooked: resilience. There is a degree of elegance to roses as when they are in full bloom, they outshine the other flowers in the garden; however, their spiky thorns protect the rose’s delicate petals and often deter creatures from nearing it. When someone is a rose that grew from concrete, not only do they have this prickly exterior of thorns that may discourage others from approaching their beauty, but also their loveliness contrasting the harsh environment in which they managed to blossom within makes them quite alluring. Although one may find this incredibly narcissistic, I would have to say I know myself to exemplify the image of a rose that grew from concrete. My entire life has been full of challenges quite different than those of my peers I’ve grown up with; to illustrate, I immigrated to California at the mere age of three and struggled for years to learn a new language and weave a new culture and lifestyle into my identity without forgetting my roots. Rejection from a society different than my own and constant confrontations with it for most of my life has paradoxically made me more sensitive to an average individual but also quite strong as I’ve proved to myself I can overcome any obstacle that stands in my path to accomplishing all my ambitions. Last school year was an all-time low for me; I was in a constant state of depression that reflected in my subpar grades and out-of-character behavior and actions. Despite my lack of confidence in myself and hope for the future, I subconsciously strived for a better junior year, and needless to say the unaware efforts I had made paid off. I am proud to say junior year is a stark contrast to my dismal year last year, and the series of accomplishments I have experienced this year parallels with the blossoming of a rose. All in all, I look to myself to grow from as I remind myself of how far I’ve come in spite of all the odds that I’ve been told by others and myself, and that if I blossomed once before in unforgiving environments, I can be a rose that grew from concrete countless more times.

  3. I honestly view every family member on both my moms and dads side as a “rose that grew from concrete” because they all faced many hardships in different aspects, but the one person that stands out is my mom’s oldest sister. My aunt is the oldest of 8 children that were raised in a small town in Mexico. My grandma was a stay at home mom but would sew any garment for money, while my grandpa was an ice cream man that had to make all the ice cream by hand with a tin tub, ice, and homemade flavors, riding down the streets on a bike with a cart pulling many pounds of ice cream. Although he had many customers, it was not enough money and decided that my grandma and he would come to the united states to start a better life. Due to the lack of money, my grandparents left all the children behind, including the youngest child at the age of 2. As being the oldest at 18 out of the 8 siblings, my aunt took full responsibility and became the new mother figure. A year passed, and my grandparents went back to Mexico to bring back my aunts and uncles. Arriving in the united states for the first time at age 19, my grandpa made it clear that no one was brought to the united states to go to school but instead to work. She started working in a hotel with no knowledge of a single English word, later meeting my uncle and marring at age 27. She later became a widow losing my uncle to a motorcycle accident after more than 10 years of marriage and three children. Since then she has struggled with money but till this day has learned to budget and has been a mother figure to everyone. She cared for my grandmother and brother until the day they passed with cancer and has never failed to give everyone a gift for their birthday and Christmas. She still faces many challenges but yet values every moment with a smile.

  4. the person in my life that has most inspiringly grown into a rose from concrete is my mom. She grew up in rural Northern California where hill billys and hippies lived hand and hand and my mom definitely didn’t have a fairytale life or a storybook family. Her parents were selfish hippie burnouts that weren’t meant to have kids. Her dad is one of five kids of immigrant parents, her mom was a train wreck that became mentally ill when my mom was young, and she had a selfish older brother that didn’t care about her well being. in her early years of growing up she remembers her moms manic episodes and the back and forth between her parents. but when she turned ten, everything changed, her mom left and her stepmom came into the picture. her stepmom was the most harsh, rude, and judgmental person you could ever meet. the first thing she said to my mom and her brother was,” you didn’t tell me they were fat!”. her stepmom made her run everyday and go on strict diets for long periods of time. on top of the odds being against her, a lot of her life she had to walk places and so her and her brother everyday had to walk two miles from their house to the bus stop. my moms childhood was filled with struggles all they way from having to stay with her mentally insane mom on the weekends to on the weekdays on a strict and brutal schedule. growing up in strange and dangerous areas like she did, she has seen and been through almost everything from abuse to sexual assault and many of the stories she refuses to tell because she doesn’t want us to be exposed to too much traumatizing information. through all of this, she had not one person in her life that supported her emotionally except for her grandma and as they got older, her brother and her got closer and were there for each other In their teenage years. during the summers she would stay with her grandma and grandpa and these were the only times she enjoyed her childhood and her grandma was the only person that listened and supported her emotionally but she only had this during summer so she cherished those memories. when my mom turned eighteen she immediately left Northern California and traveled south to start her career in hair dressing and start a fresh life. in the beginning she struggled to get on her feet but she built her career from the ground up and stabilized her life. when my mom was in her 20’s her grandma died and in the same week her brother died. these losses were traumatic for my mom and you have to be a very strong person to handle that kind of loss. after these heavy losses my mom was still burdened by her family, her aunt hated her for no good reason other than she is a crazy person so my mom didn’t barely get to keep anything from her grandmother or from her brother. To this day my mom does not talk to her family other than her dad and now he has grown out of his hippie faze, divorced my moms stepmom, and still lives in Redding with his long time girlfriend. even though my mom has been through so much she has come out of it in such a strong and beautiful way and I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, I am so lucky to call her my role model.

  5. This person in my life is my dad. He is the middle child. He has two older brothers, and a younger sister. His family didn’t have a lot of money so he always got his clothes from whatever his older brothers grew out of. He never had new clothes and he always had holes in his shoes. They eventually moved to Paris when he was about 3 or 4. He could see the Eiffel Tower out of his bedroom window. When he was 8 his dad forgot his birthday. He sat by the door all day waiting for his dad to get home and when his dad finally got home he was asleep by the door. One day when he was around the age of 10 or 11 they decided to move back to the east coast. Later his parents got a divorce. His two brothers and sister went to live with their dad, but he stayed with his mom. When he was in high school he dropped out at the beginning of Sophomore year and left home. His dad was very upset but his mother was ok with it, but he promised his dad he would eventually get his college degree. When he was 16 he hitch hicked to New Mexico from New Hampshire. It took him 8 days. He stayed with his old girlfriend fo a while in Albuquerque and then he lived with one of his friends in a shack. He worked at a theater when he got to New Mexico. Then eventually him and some of his friends jumped in a van with 2 cats and traveled around the United States following one of there favorite bands, the Grateful Dead. One day his friend Connie told him he needed to get back on his feet. She filled out college applications for his and bought him a ticket to California. Eventually he moved to California and got his g.e.d in Ventura. Then he went to California Institution of the Arts where he got his Bachelors Degree in fine arts. He started touring through a program in his school. He was also president of student council. During the summers he worked at Magic Mountain and the Hollywood bowl. After college he started working for other artists and bands. He met his first wife at a gig. They fell in love and got married. A few years later they had there first baby girl, me. They were living in California at the time, but after the I was born they decided to move back east. There they had there second baby girl, it had now been about 2 and a half years. As the years went by my dad and mom started disagreeing about things, and in order to try to fix these problems they moved back to California. So they did. They enrolled my sister and I in school and rented a house. About a year later they were signing divorce papers. So me and my sister went back and forth between houses depending on my dads touring schedule. Now in present day my dad is remarried and life is all good. He is still in the music business working for some amazing people.

    My dad is an extremely amazing, intelligent, and successful man. I love him so much and I’m so proud to call him my father.

  6. The person in my family who the rose is my mom. She was born in Denver, Colorado with an abusive mother and both parents being legally disabled. Through her whole childhood she was teased and bullied harshly for her life situation. With all of that her parents were not working, so at the age of twelve she worked at Baskin Robbins for years trying help support her brother and her parents. She moved out of the toxicity of her current situation nd started supporting herself when she was sixteen. She was extremely pour and was barely making it by, with no support from her parents or any other family member. Oh, did I forget to mention that she was adopted. Given up by her family before,was legally adopted by parents who at the time were sane. Back to our rose, she was working two jobs through high school, some money for her but money also for her parents. This was a hard time for her and it would only get harder after she decided she wanted to go to college. She applied to many schools for scholarship due to graduating among all of this with a 4.4 gpa, but could not afford anything out of state without a scholarship. So she went to Denver university where she sometimes worked up to three jobs on days with no class. She made it through college and received her bachelors degree in communications,but it took 5 and a half years to finish due to years she would just work constantly to be able to pay for her tuition. She is my rose who grew from the concrete and showed that you need determination and perseverance to achieve ones goals in life.

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