Habit vs. Intent


Our second blog assignment is to argue one side or the other of this quote.  Do you believe that habit is more important than intent, or the opposite?  You need to have 10-15 complete sentences to back up your argument, some of those sentences could be a working definition of intent and habit.

This assignment is worth 15 points and is due Monday September 17th at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love snickerdoodle iced coffee.

Mrs. R.

111 thoughts on “Habit vs. Intent

  1. I believe habit is much more important than intent. Habits can be bad and in some situations it can be hard to differentiate when a habit is good or bad. A good habit is when the habit produces something positive. Opposite to that, a bad habit brings a negative end result. It is also hard to notice the things we do out of habit, hence they are habit, so we tend to not think about them while we do it. If you continue the bad habits, they can lead to issues in the future and make it seem as though you actually have bad intentions. On the other hand, if you have good intentions then things will more frequently work out. Having good intentions doesn’t always mean getting it perfect every time, but it means trying your best to get things right. To conclue, living more through intent can greatly improve things compared to living through habit.

  2. In order to gather good habits, you must start them with good intent. If you didn’t intend on trying new things to better your life, they simply won’t happen. You most motivate yourself to carry through actions to maintain a routine or reach towards a goal. Without intent to improve yourself, you will live a stagnant lifestyle. There’s nothing to push any growth as a person. Furthermore, habits grow old and tiresome. To keep your life interesting and constantly developing, you need to intend to change things. If the universe truly gives back what you put out into the world, you would gain nothing as you aren’t doing things with heart in it.

  3. I believe that humans are creatures of habit, and in that, I agree that we should try to live less out of habit and more of intent. Many things we do as we get older become habitual, such as working at the same job doing the same things with the same people. After some time, life can seem boring or dull and start to feel like purpose is being lost. In one way, habitual lifestyles may appear to be the safe route to take and thus are important to those who need stability and consistency. However, they are also important in helping restless people realize there may be more that life has to offer them. A shift from habit to intent makes people feel like their life has meaning and that there’s importance behind everything they do. It also prevents one from making mistakes in daily interactions with the world and that what is done is done for a reason and for the best reason. Living with intent arguably brings on a more successful lifestyle, by one’s own definition, and gives people a reason to wake up and do. All habits die hard and its important to remember to be intentional with all actions. This quote reminds me to do just that.

  4. I think that intent is very important and is needed to succeed but habits are also important too. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and it seems as if we’re living the same day over and over again. While that may not be horrible, it gets boring and repetitive. Life starts to lose meaning when you do the same things everyday. In my life, it’s important for me to get in a good habit of waking up on time, going to seminary in the morning, and doing my homework. Although these things will eventually become habits, they’re nothing if i don’t have the intention to make it a habit. When you have intent, you can work towards achieving your goal and life begins to have a purpose again. Working on GOOD habits, and also having the intent to keep those good habits while trying to eliminate the bad ones is really important.

  5. I believe that intent is more important than habit. Habit is defined as a tendency someone practices without much thought. Intent is an action that you carefully think about and plan on doing for the benefit of yourself and others around you. I believe that intent has a lot more affect on peoples lives than little habits that are merely background noise. An example of this comparison is people have the habit of writing down their homework which is slightly beneficial, but if they don’t have the intent to do the homework then that results in bad grades and it affects your school career. Intent has meaning and purpose behind it while habits are mostly just human nature or cause and effect. For instance, you have intent of respecting your parents because if you don’t then you will be the one to get in trouble and loose trust with your parents and your parents will feel disappointment. If you have a habit of styling your hair in the morning it is partially beneficial because then your hair looks nice but if you don’t then you will just have a bad hair day. I do agree that in some cases habits are very beneficial such as the habit of feeding your dog because if you don’t your dog will starve, but I think that intent has a lot more cases of affecting your life and others lives greater than habits do. All in all, intent stems from the want to benefit your life and others lives while habit is unconscious action and does not have as much affect and meaning to peoples lives as intent does.

  6. Like many others, I also believe that intent is more important than habit. Intent refers to the purpose of something while habit is something that is routine and inate within a person after a certain amount of time. The reason I believe that intent is more important is because it allows people to live life passionately and not through an autopilot filter. Of course, there are certain habits that are crucial such as brushing teeth, doing homework, etc. but once something is done without thought or interest, it lacks care. In addition, I believe that some habits result out of intent. Personally, some things become so routine that I forget their signifance or the reason I’m doing it. With that mentality, life becomes a step by step manual that requires no brain engagement. Overall, intent is more important because it improves the quality of things and can also become the precursor to healthy habits.

  7. I believe intent is more important than habit. Intent is the motivator that drives actions and is behind everything we do as people, it’s definition is the reason for doing something. Without intent, habitual behavior cannot be formed and thus living out of habit cannot exist unless one has the intent and makes an effort to make something a habit. Furthermore, habits often mean routine and if one lives solely or mainly on habits than their life could be threatened by monotony from the repetition. Habits also do not reflect opinion or ideology changes like intent does, intent and the reason for doing something changes as one learns and grows about themself and others, which would mean deviating from habit from time to time. It is not unusual for people to slip into living by habit, but just because it is common does not mean it is ideal. Life is ever changing and after a time habitual routine often does not fit as one ages and their life shifts. While habits are good for a temporary time, living on them solely is not a justifiable way to live, at least not for me. Not to discount routine, but habits can make for a lack of spontaneity if relied on too much whereas human willingness to adventure and curiosity to exceed comfort zones cannot be fulfilled without a break from day to day routines. Overall, I think a balance of both is needed but intent is more important to live by then habit.

  8. I agree with the quote, “Live less out of habit and more out of intent.” Habits are the routine that we, as humans, thoughtlessly fall into everyday. Whether we want them to or not habits essentially control our day to day lives with the actions we carry out and the way we carry ourselves. Intent is the drive we have pushing us to accomplish our goals. Intent is just be making sure that you take 20 minutes of your normal routine before you go to bed to flip through flashcards for a test. Living with intent will over all make happier people because of their motivation to achieve. Falling out of habits and living in the moment will help you to stay present in your emotions and others while succeeding in daily tasks. There is no benefit to live out of habit. Why live with no goals? No goals means no motivation, no achievement and no satisfaction.

  9. In my opinion intent is to purposefully do something because you really want to and have the desire to accomplish it. It’s what causes us to achieve our goals and make something of ourselves. I try to have a good intent to do somthing before jumping right into something that I might not really want to do. That’s why I do agree with the quote favoring intent over habit. Habit on the other hand is usually based on what others do. People tend to get into the habit of following others or doing what our parents make us. They can also go by the strict rules that society may expect them to follow and not really enjoy that life society has put upon them. It’s hard to go by intent when people are so harshly labeled with what other expect out of them. This can make someone unhappy with their choice and make their goals harder to meet. When going by intent one is more likely to truly love what they are doing and strive in it.

  10. I believe that this quote is how everyone should live. If you are constantly just living out of habit you will never improve. It would also lower your chance of experiencing new and exciting things. In my opinion intent is committing to something and not stopping till your at the best you can be. If you live with intent you will accomplish more in life. You would have more goals, and dreams. You would also probably aim higher and strive to accomplish those goals. It would be better to live with intent then living out of habit. When you live out of habit instead of intent you could miss so many opportunities. When people live by habit they are achieving there full potential.

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