Critique of Warrior

This first written assignment blog post is a critique of this performance of Warrior by Kim Baryluk.  Please listen to this performance and choose three of the following criteria to comment on; Tone, Intonation, Musicality, Diction, Accuracy, Balance, Blend, Presentation.

This assignment is due on Monday September 11th, at 11:59 pm.  It is worth 15 points and you may earn 2 bonus points for each classmate’s comment that you comment on for a maximum total of 6 bonus points.  The link to the grading rubric and a document explaining the criteria can be found here.


73 thoughts on “Critique of Warrior

  1. While I thought that the blend between sections was accurate, their diction was unclear. Throughout the performance, their presentation was unmoving. The choir had no emotion and remained still throughout the song. There was no intensity or passion in their tone. However, they had strong crescendos.

    • You are 100% correct Aly, even though it was not portrayed through their presentation, the crescendo at measure 36 (letter “C”) particularly was a better part of their overall performance.

    • I agree with Aly because throughout the song, their faces remained the same and as the song went on, it looked as though the words didn’t change. They needed to change something about their voice or tone or presentation to portray the idea that they are becoming stronger as the song progresses.

    • I agree with Aly about the choir’s strong crescendos. It provided the song with fluidity and helped carry the piece. The crescendos were a good attention grabber for the audience, leaving them to feel drawn into the music.

    • I also agree that the piece was correct according to rhythms and melody but it was difficult to follow and the choir did not sing with the conviction that the piece calls for. To add to the point of the crescendos, this choir does understand what they need to do with their piece, but did not display these emotions and power to the audience.

    • You are so right that their performance was unmoving. There was like there was no emotional connection to the song whatsoever.

    • I definitely agree with you when you say that they were completely still throughout the entire song. Kinda like us last year, huh?😂 And yes, no emotion or passion to go with the strong words they were singing

    • I absolutely agree with your point that their performance lacked any emotion. While overall the performance was good, if facial expressions were added, it would have been a lot better.

  2. I found that the presentation very dull and uninspiring, for not a single member changed their facial expressions throughout the piece. In fact, I saw a dispersion, if not every single individual, addressing the audience with blank stares as if they were passively practicing. Likely, Kim Baryluk intended for “Warrior” to be a cry to civilization to fight to resolve the issues that we have in society related to gender roles. In the music at letter “C”, it even notes above the staff in italics, “with determination.” Besides longing for more passion in their voices, I thought that the composition provided an excellent use of dynamic range, and blend for the entirety of the choir. The cutoffs were also particularly attractive because they were clean and provided space to transition from one segment of the subjects life to another.

    • I also agree that they effectively used their dynamics during the section of the song which requires more determination but lacked to see that same determination on their faces. Had they thought of using determination in their voices rather than just volume then it would have been much more passionate.

    • I do agree that the cutoffs were sharp, but the entrances were not as they sort of eased into the note, rather than hitting it with power and confidence. I think when we perform this piece, everyone needs to be sure of entrances to make sure we sound confident.

    • I agree with Hadley that the presentation was dull because no one had facial expressions, they all just stood there straight faced.

  3. I thought that this choir performed the song well, but there were many things they could’ve worked on. For example, I thought that although the cut offs were pretty accurate, the entrances lacked. For instance, the very beginning at 0:12 felt hesitant and it seemed as though nobody wanted to be the first one to go. Also, the blend was nice but at many parts, it felt as though there were only two parts. It was hard to decipher the soprano twos and it felt as though they were lost in the altos and soprano ones. They had accuracy in their dynamics such as measure 37 being mezzo forte. Although their dynamics were strong, I felt as though the entirety of the song was a bit breathy and the diction wasn’t clear.

    • I completely agree with you upon the hesitation of the choir to sing the first note. The first part of a song should be full of confidence, rather than not singing the full potential of what it should sound like.

    • I agree with Alexa that it was difficult to hear the second sopranos throughout the piece. Each section blended well separately, but did not blend as nicely as a group. I agree with Alexa that it did sound as if there were only two parts.

    • I agree Alexa that the separate sections got lost through the song and if these sections had been emphasized through the song, the piece would have been sung with more conviction. Also the diction was unclear and although our choir knows the lyrics and we were able to understand them, the audience members probably struggled with the unclear diction.

    • I agree that the choir’s entrances were lacking and could have made this piece so much better, especially the first chord that they hesitated on.

    • I found the entrances to be lacking as well. Everyone was hesitant as to what to sing, leaving a rather poor first impression and honestly a foreshadowing of the disappointment this piece ended up being.

  4. To start the song off, the first note of the song was not in tune with one another. I felt that it wasn’t strong enough to start off a song, but was filled with hesitation. In the section where they sang “its not the womanhood in me”, the diction for the ‘oo’ vowel was not in all together. This caused the vowel it to sound different for each person. Each section felt like a constant battle, to me, to see who had the louder voice, with no overall balance. During the section “i am an older woman now”, there was a very good forte switch from all parts. This was good for the audience to feel the change in what the composer was trying to put across. The musicality throughout the piece was consistent with a good tempo. The accuracy was also very good, with crisp attacks and releases to notes. Overall, the dynamics went well under the conductor, but the vowels and unbalance between sections was an issue throughout the song.

    • I completely agree with Abby that the choir had a strong attack towards the end of the piece, at “I am an older woman now”. In addition, I agree that overall, the choir’s tempo and rhythm throughout the performance were accurate.

    • I agree Abby that the vowels and diction from each individual were not aligned with one another. The dynamics portrayed that the choir understood the music but the choir did not sing with the passion that the writer intended for the piece.

    • I definitely am on board with your assumption about their strange approach to vowels, causing them to be out of tune during some instances. Another example is at 1:32, the “E” sound was very stretched, particularly among the sopranos.

    • I completely agree that their performance had a lot of hesitation, especially towards the begging of phrases. It was almost as if no one was really sure about when to come in and what note to come in on.

  5. This piece was performed rhythmically and melodically correctly but the piece was difficult to follow. From the very beginning of the piece, the choir as a whole did not start together and this downplayed the emotional effect that the song conveys. Starting together is vital in this song, as the harmonies come later and the power of this piece is the sound of women’s voices all together. For this reason, the uncoordinated beginning decreases the emotion the harmonies and lyrics create. In addition, the women in this choir did not show any emotion and the few that did seemed out of place from the group. This song is full of passion and power and the choir did not present these emotions to their audience.

    • I comepletly agree with Tess in that the beginning of the song wasn’t strong enough. It caused the test of the song to seem faltered and didn’t full engage the emotional feel of the song Warrior.

    • I really liked the way you put the journey as the audience as “difficult to follow”! Honestly, I kept waiting for them to break into some valiant smiles, but the emotional range was sincerely underwhelming, to say the least.

    • I agree with Tess entirely that the emotion wasn’t really conveyed in the piece, and those who did show emotion looked strange among all the stone faces. It really downplayed the performance.

    • I completely agree with Tess about how the beginning of the song is vital to the rest of the performance. This choir did not begin on a song note, making it harder to convey emotion throughout the rest of the piece.

  6. They followed the music well. The blend and balance was pretty good, they didn’t come in at the same time and towards the end when they sang “i can and will fight” it sounded a bit like they were yelling it. The thing that bother me the most was presentation. Some girls looked like they just got out of bed with there messy buns and i saw two girls with many bracelets on there wrist which mostly stood out to me. They also had 0 facial expression. They whole group looked miserable which i feel affected their sound.

    • I completely agree with you that their lack of uniformity of presentation did not help their case of already blank facial expressions and only added to one’s disinterest in continuing watching the performance.

    • I completely agree that the group looked miserable. It looked as if they had no desire at all to be performing which was very disappointing.

  7. By simply listening to this piece, you can hear the power in the singer’s voices through dynamics (fortissimo). However, throughout the rest of the song, they remain at the same volume (mezzo forte). This greatly hurts the emotion of the song because the audience misses the entire arch of a woman who is growing. The beginning chord was entirely out of tune because the choir hesitated to come in, creating a bad impression at the very start of the song. From then on, the blend between and within sections was off because of the differences in vowels from each individual. The notes and rhythms were accurate for the entire song and cutoffs made the song more powerful. Although cutoffs were excellent, they seemed to focus much more on how to end a phrase rather than actually coming back in to sing another phrase. The emotion in this song within this particular group was lacking because of the stone-like facials and bodies. There seemed to be no emotional connection to the song within the entire choir which greatly weakened the effect the song had on the audience. Overall, the song was accurately sung, but the emotion was lacking which would make it much more powerful.

    • I really like your comment about how the choir’s constant mezzo forte volume hurts the emotion of the song and misses the arch of the growing woman because I thought the same. The dynamics are what makes this piece truly beautiful, and this group’s lack of them really negatively impacted the strength and message of the song.

  8. I thought that they really could have had more diction. Though the notes were meant to be slurred, the words slurred together so it was hard to know what words they were singing. They were very still, like statues, and they had no passion, no emotion in their singing though they did pretty well on their dynamics. At a first glance, I immediately saw all the wristwatches, and hair bands on their wrists, and it kinda stole my focus away from the piece at the beginning. The blend throughout the song was pretty good, however when the Soprano 2’s sing “I can and will fight” (I think it’s Soprano 2) there was no blend. It literally sounded like they were all shouting, wanting to be heard. And that also ruined the tonality and vowels for that section of the song.

    • I agree that the diction had a lot of room for improvement. A lot of the words ran together and it just sounded messy and was hard to understand.

  9. First thing that stood out was that they all looked bored and had no emotion in this song making the song boring when in reality this song is so powerful. Their entrance was not a strong. Throughout the song they were singing at the same volume and at the end they got loud but it sounded like they were screaming the words instead of sounding loud. Also they didn’t sound very blended because of the difference in vowels. Their speed was good and cut offs were good as well. Presentation was something that stood out too. Some people with hair up some with down, bracelets and it just looked all over the place.

  10. I feel that overall their performance was good but there are a lot of things that could have been better. They had a really nice balance between sections, and I never really heard a time where one group was overpowering the others. The blend was very good and I could not really hear any individual voices, but on the other hand there a lot of things they could have done to improve their presentation. For example, some people were shifting around or moving while others remained completely still so it just looked a little messy. Also, their facial expressions did not change the entire time, making it not as exciting to watch. Had they put in more emotion into their faces and their overall body language, I feel it would have been a lot more moving of a performance.

  11. From the beginning of this piece to the end, I was not impressed. Pieces like these should be sung with heart, and with emotion, but this choir had neither. Correct notes and intonation make a choir good, but what makes a choir great is what they do with the piece. For example, they can move around a little bit or sway with the beat, or even add their own opinion into the performance through facial expressions. In addition, not only should they follow what is written in the music, but they should also add their own little bits of flare because that’s what makes a performance memorable. As an audience member, I like to be wowed, and through all the performances I’ve watched in competitions and in general, the most meaningful and memorable performances were the ones that made me believe what they were singing, the ones that snatched my heart and immediately grabbed my attention. Musically, their diction and their dynamics were decent, but when the “I can and will fight” part came in on measure 47, they had no emotion whatsoever and that, I believe, is supposed to be the most powerful part of this piece. Overall, I was impressed that they maintained their focus on the director and refrained from glancing into the audience, and I also liked that they were all matching dresses and outfits and weren’t wearing their hair up or in a messy bun. I’m excited to perform this piece with everyone, and I’m excited to share our version of it!

    • I agree, the group had no emotion whatsoever which kind of ruined the entire piece which was disappointing because this is such an amazing song.

  12. The first thing that I noticed while watching this choir’s rendition of “Warrior” was the lack of expression the singers had while performing the song. “Warrior” is a narrative piece that I feel like cannot be portrayed effectively if the singers do not seem to be meaning the words that they are singing. Another comment on presentation is that the look of the group lacked uniformity due to small details like that some of the girls had messy buns or bracelets/ hair ties on their wrists. For the most part, I thought their blend was pretty good, however uniform vowel was lacking at certain times throughout the song causing individual voices to stick out. Even though the opening of the piece felt timid and like not everyone was starting at the same time, I think that for the rest of the song when the sections came in it was on accurate timing. The cut offs in this performance, were also, for the most part, accurate and precise.

    • You are right about the lack of uniformity in the choir. It looked like there was not a lot of effort put in them trying to look put together.

    • I agree that the cutoffs were accurate and precise! This precision undoubtedly helped the overall sound of the piece while mitigating the consequences of the lacking blend.

  13. The piece was technically good and they had the right notes, but the choir’s stage presence wasn’t very emotional. The choir stood very still and didn’t seem facially invested in the song. The blend between the sections was nice, but toward the end the diction got lost in the loud dynamics. And the dynamics didn’t really vary, for example, in the beginning, it starts off with the dynamic marking piano, but the choir seemed to already begin at mezzo forte. Especially toward the end, the choir sounded like they were shouting to reach the dynamic marking, forte. At measure 36 the the choir didn’t necessarily sing with determination but louder and only made it harder to understand the words. When “I cannot fight” didn’t sound natural and sometimes hard to understand. Although when the second sopranos sang “I cannot a warrior be” you could hear the harmonies. The triplets were slurred and hard to hear and understand throughout the piece. Overall, the choir sang the right notes and for the most part the right dynamics but the blend, diction and stage presence wasn’t all there.

    • I completely agree because the diction was slurred and especially with this piece, diction is beyond important. Also, the dynamics were a little messed up as I couldn’t really tell what dynamic they were going for.

  14. This choir’s rendition of “Warrior” I found to be quite monotone therefore unexciting though not unpleasant to watch/listen to. Not only were the singers’ faces impassive and vacant, but also the absence of emotion in their facial expressions reflected in their singing as well. The opening of a song is meant to captivate the audience and draw them in wanting more, but I found myself more captivated by the lack of uniformity among their mix-matched hairstyles and items on their wrists. The sound seemed to stay at mezzo forte for almost the entirety of the song till section C where they grew to forte, ruining the emotional development this piece was meant to convey through all its dynamics which the choir did not heed. In addition, instead of crescendoing or swelling into a fuller sound that is meant to display the determination the composer asks the singers to sing with at this measure, the choir’s increase in volume was sudden, and honestly it ruined the beauty of “Warrior” because the sound became too overwhelming to try to comprehend. While the volume and intensity did go up, their vocal technique went down. Blend and vowel went out the window as everyone seemed to try to get their individual voice heard. Overall, this choir has many improvements to make in regards to stage presence and dynamics, but I appreciate the accuracies they did have such as notes and cutoffs.

    • I agree that as the volume and intensity increased, the vocal quality decreased. A moment that was supposed to be captivating was made difficult to enjoy by the overwhelming volume and immature vowel.

  15. This performance of “Warrior” lacked the emotion and energy needed to make it inspiring. Throughout the whole song, all of the girls looked very bored and they had no expression on their faces. The choir followed the music well and sang all the right notes, but they could definitely improve on blend and diction. The balance between sections was good, but within sections, individual voices stood out and it just did not blend very well. As for the diction, many words ran together and it was hard at times to tell what lyrics they were singing. Additionally, there was a lot of sliding, which made the choir sound more immature. Overall, this performance could definitely be improved in many ways, but the choir did a good job hitting all the right notes and staying in tune.

  16. Overall, I think this performance could use a lot of improvement. For starters, the balance between parts was off throughout the performance and even within the parts, their blending was messy. At some points the sopranos were overpowering and at other points the altos were much more powerful. Also, there was little to no emotion from any of the members. Most, if not all, of the singers were comletely stone faced, showing no effort to add emotion into what they are singing. Finally, their presentation was extremey messy. Some were wearing necklaces while others weren’t, and even of those who were wearing them, the necklaces were a variety of different lengthsd. Also, many of them were wearing bracelets and watches and hairtyes around their wrists. Their hair also varied from person to person. Some were wearing it in a bun, others down, and others had it up with a head band or wrap.

  17. I feel that the overall performance was very bland and a bit monotone. There also wasn’t very much energy behind the lyrics. However, the notes all sounded correct and the dynamics were very good. Their facial expressions and movement were also very lacking which made the performance much less enjoyable. Their diction was decent, but could definitely be improved upon. I also felt that the balance between sections needed some work. The altos over-powered the sopranos during a lot of the song and that made it sound a bit off.

    • I agree that the Altos overpowered the Sopranos for this piece. It seems as if they didn’t practice the balancing enough or just didn’t care to perfect it.

  18. There overall presentation I thought could have been better. It was nice that they all had the same dress but there hair was all completely different, also lots of girls had many different bracelets on as well as bra straps showing.The balance between the different parts was off. The altos were much louder than the sopranos almost the entire time. They were lacking in facial expression which was one off the first things I noticed.

  19. Listening to this piece was pleasant up until the crescendo and subsequent attitude shift of the piece. Watching the choir sing this piece would have been more pleasant had the girls conveyed the meaning of the song not just through the words but also through their facial expressions. As for the quality of the piece, I believe that the vowels were quite mature before the grand crescendo. However, when all sections of the choir produced a forte sound, the maturity of the vowel began to deteriorate, especially on the words “cry” and “my.” Moreover, the forte sections sounded forced and pushed rather than supported and powerful. The breathing could have been more staggered, especially when the phrases are written to be more connected and smooth. As with the vowels, the blend deteriorated at the major crescendo section. The altos overpowered the sopranos from that point on. That being said, the diction was fantastic throughout the entire piece, and the cutoffs were consistently very clean. Overall, the piece was accurately sung but lacked conviction and passion.

  20. While the song itself was performed nicely, the presentation of the choir as a whole was lacking. Without facial expressions, the song felt flat and the emotions that come with this piece were lost entirely. The stoic nature, not only of their faces, but of their bodies as well also alienated the girls who did move slightly with the song, making them stick out as though the problem were to feel the song rather than be perfectly uniform. The diction of the song as performed was also all over the place. From the first line of “I cannot a warrior be” to “I can and will a warrior be” in the final repetition of the sentiment, the way “a” was pronounced was different, creating an unnecessary contrast that pulled away from the way the song flowed. Finally, the intonation was very blunt, as stated earlier with presentation, but the way they sang the song had no conviction to it. The detachment of words and meaning was apparent as it felt like the choir did not connect with the phrases they sang as a whole and this was the result. Whilst the notes sounded correct, overall major components of the performance as a whole were missing, in my opinion.

  21. Although I did enjoy the overall performance, there were a few aspects that I would change. First, the presentation of the entire choir was sloppy. The varying hair styles and fidgeting was distracting throughout the song. Another thing is that majority of the group did not portray much emotion at all. For being such a strong and emotional song, the girls didn’t seem to be invested or connected to it at all. However, the dynamics were mostly good and the notes seemed correct. Overall there were many things to correct, however there were also some goof aspects of this performance.

  22. The presentation of the piece was not very good, although they all had the same dresses on, their hair was completely different and didn’t look uniform, some of the girls looked as if the had no idea what was going on in the song, and finally there was slight movement in some of the girls but not all and it looked very awkward. The balance of the piece was completely off as well. For the entire song, the Altos were much louder than the Sopranos and it ruined the beautiful balance and simplisity of the piece. The diction was also not wonderful. When they sing “I cannot a warrior be”, the “not” is very sharp and unpleasant which creates an awkward lead in to “a warrior be”.

  23. The first thing I thought while listening to this song is that it seemed very rushed. Also, throughout most of the song, I was bored because the choir had no emotion and sounded very bland while singing. I thought they all had a good blend between the sections and didn’t notice any one particular section that overpowered another. I think their pronounciation and diction were decent, but overall not very strong.

  24. I think their overall preformance was okay. There was no passion or emotion behind what they were singing, which caused a lack of dynamics. I personally could not tell that they were changing dynamics (which it says to throughout the music). The only time they really brought emphasis was at the very end of the piece when the swelled to finish the piece. I also think the pacing was a bit fast, their tempo was rushed and therefore the meaning of the song got a little lost. I’m not exactly sure, but I think their rhythms for “I cannot a warrior be” were off, of it was just due to the tempo that it sounded weird and slightly lost the meaning. Their overall presentation was a bit sloppy as they all had their hair different, and different jewelry and it looked unorganized, besides the fact that they were all wearing the same dress.

  25. This performance was very interesting. The entire performance wasn’t really pleasant to watch. As an audience member I didn’t feel any emotion in any way. I also thought they needed to work on there creciendos/decreciendos. They had a tendency to sing normal and then just start to yell out of nowhere.They also need to work on being more equal on there volume because majority of the song altos over powered (not in a good way). But they also have some good things. They all had the same dresses. You can tell they can have a large sound they just need to control it better.

  26. Accuracy: The dynamics of the group stood out to me. They most accurately portrayed the shift of piano to mezzo piano to mezzo forte to forte, and I thought they did an excellent job with the crescendo and decrescendo during the very last measure of the piece. For our group, I think we should aspire to have correct dynamics similar to the dynamics of this performance.

    Tone: The tone of the group was pretty childish despite the fact that they were singing about girls transforming into women. I could especially hear the first soprano’s immature tone throughout the entire song. Also, there were sections in which this tone was accentuated. For instance, during the words in which the notes shift, such as in measure 9 with the word “of” and in measure 24 with the words “saw no justice”, the group would slur the notes, creating the impression that they were lazily singing the song. This lack of precision of singing in tandem with the tonality of their voices made for an unsatisfactory performance.

    Presentation: This group failed to portray the intensity and seriousness of the song with their facial expressions. In turn, they actually appeared quite un-interested in what they were singing. I think that it is important for our women’s group to not fall into this trap of looking unhappy and expressionless in place of subtle intensity and seriousness in which the song requires.

    • I also think their tone was very childish for this song and that they could have practiced it maybe with a more mature sound.

  27. Overall I think that their accuracy was great. They had sharp but smooth attacks and releases giving a nice effect to the piece. They did lack pretention by giving no facial expressions and standing stiffly throughout the song. Their attitude was sad and unpleasing making the performance dull. The balance between parts was a little off. I believe it was the altos who seemed to overpower the sopranos throughout the whole song. Other than that, the blend within sections was pretty good, with no voices standing out.

  28. Many people are referring to the lack of engagement in presentation ,and I entirely agree with their thoughts. They lacked the emotion required for a piece like this. Just a bit of emotion in their presentation would go a long way to aid in making this piece as amazing as it can be. I felt that the performers lacked a blend among all parts. There ,often, was a certain part over powering the others. By the “c” part of the piece, when the song is supposed to be sung with determination, there was a change in volume. However, the altos were overpowering and lacking a blend with the other parts. Additionally, I believe the altos were lacking a classical tone in an attempt to grow in volume. By the end of the piece, the entire choir should be at a grander volume, but not at the expense of a classical tone. This is an empowering piece ,but there should be a reminder to keep a classical tone while being able to be loud and clear.

  29. Accuracy:
    I believe this choir did not have enough practice with this song because you can tell that most of their attacks were not confident. In detail, the beginning of measure 18 and the pick ups to measures 24 and 30 are not unison. After listening to it a couple of times, I could pick out some vocalists mixing up the words. For instance, at measure 47, instead of saying “I can”, you can clearly hear “I can’t”. In addition, in measures 50 and 51, you can hear some girls singing the correct phrase “It is my nature” while a few sing “It’s not my nature”. This shows that they do not hold a firm grasp on this piece.
    I did not feel moved after listening/watching this performance even when they reached section C (which is a pivotal moment). For a women’s choir to sing a song so empowering, I would like to think there would be an emotional connection to the piece. Instead, their facial expressions remained monotone throughout the song. Also, I would like to point out that a majority of the girls had things on their wrists. This distracted me because it leaves a choral group not appearing uniformed, and it is one of my greatest choir pet peeves.
    From the beginning to the end, the sound was breathy due to the lack of support from the vocalists. Also, some vowels were very bright. For example, at measure 42, the “a” sounded very out of place compared to the rest of the phrase.

  30. Throughout the song, you could tell that the choir knew their notes and had practiced, but they had many other things that needed improvement, For example, in the beginning, it did not sound as if they were ready to start all together, which is unfortunate because it is where they could have captured the audience. Although each section blended well separately, as one group they did not blend as well. They did not sound in sync throughout the piece. Also, the presentation was lacking. Some girls did not look ready to perform and many looked unhappy and bored. The hair, especially, stood out to me because every girl had it done a different way. It distracted me from their singing. Because the song is so powerful and the lyrics are supposed to be moving and inspirational, the choir should have showed it in their faces as they sang. Songs like this should be performed with passion, but this choir did not have any. Overall, the performance of “Warrior” was okay, but it needed work in certain areas.

  31. To start, I feel as though the entrance to the song does not give the song as a whole justice. They sing as though it has no power in its message, and there is obviously no emotion in how they sing as well. The lines “I can not a warrior be” is far too over pronounced in an immature manner. The repeated rhythms for the words “I was an angry youth” and so on can be easily skipped over in a lazy way and I feel like they didn’t quite support their notes as it sounded like it was slid into at all times. The blend is just fine as it continues, but “hood” in womanhood offsets the 20 seconds of good work in its pitchy and unpleasant sound. When the intensity picks up they again sound very immature in their pronunciation of words and its hard to enjoy the full sound when all I hear is stretched vowels. Overall, not the best performance of the song. (Don’t even get me started on attire omg)

  32. I felt like the group overall was blended very well and they probably practiced this many times, but I don’t think they took emotion into count when practicing. It was very boring to watch and especially for such a powerful song. It felt like they weren’t enjoying singing this piece which stuck out the most to me over anything else. They also slurred over a lot of the words making it hard to understand and making the altos seem much louder. It was only intense at some points which made for very harsh entrances. They had some off timing as well which made you hear one section louder than other at times. They needed to work on their dynamics a little more and diction. The notes weren’t always correct but it didn’t matter as much as the presence they put on stage in my opinion.

  33. First of all, I think the presentation could have been a lot better and cleaner if the girls had similar hairstyles and matching or no jewelry, with different appearances it looks jumbled. For a piece like this, you need a lot more chest voice and power because of the message it is trying to convey and I think the singers were in their head voices too much and didn’t do the piece justice. With big groups like the group in the video you have to make sure everyone is blending otherwise voices will clash and in this performance you could hear individual voices and they did not sound like one voice. Dynamics are a huge part of this piece and they are what makes this song meaningful and in the beginning this group started their dynamics well but when there sound grew they fell out of tune and didn’t give it the right power it needed. A huge problem that stuck out in this performance was that their vowels were way too squished and made them sound immature and if you do not have a good rounded vowel in a piece like this, everything else falls out of place. I felt like at parts there diction was good but then it was too sharp where I didn’t need to be. Overall, this performance needed a lot of improvements and we can learn a lot of what not to do from this performance.

  34. I, personally, disliked the performance. The dresses they were wearing were not flattering. They had bracelets and necklaces and earrings on. In addition, the choir as a whole was pretty well blended, however the first sopranos tended to overpower the other parts. I was also constantly hearing voices stick out from all of the parts, mainly one person who had a tendency to belt out their part. The piece is so power and, if performed correctly, can leave the audience with chills and in tears. This performance did not do so. The performance was boring if I’m being honest and there was not only no emotion on the faces of these girls, but no emotions in their voices either. The vowel they chose was too bright which also contradicts the intention of the composer because it was meant to be sung by strong powerful women with a more warm vowel. The dynamics were done okay at first, but in the last verse, when they were supposed to come in at mezzo forte, they all just began to belt and sing as loud as they could with no lift and not great technique. Overall, this performance definitely needs a lot of work, and we can definitely use this as an example of what we want to avoid.

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