Critique of The Music Of Living

This first written assignment blog post is a critique of this performance of The Music of Living by Dan Forrest.  Please listen to this performance and choose three of the following criteria to comment on; Tone, Intonation, Musicality, Diction, Accuracy, Balance, Blend, Presentation.

This assignment is due on Monday September 11th, at 11:59 pm.  It is worth 15 points and you may earn 2 bonus points for each classmate’s comment that you comment on for a maximum total of 6 bonus points.  The link to the grading rubric and a document explaining the criteria can be found here.

76 thoughts on “Critique of The Music Of Living

  1. The first thing I noticed was the choir presentation they were in all different outfits, that in my opinion distracted from the emotional fervor of the piece. Despite the presentation of the group their blend was very beautiful making, giving the group a very mature and full sound and overall made the piece have a very. However, I feel at certain times the sopranos outshines the other parts, which didn’t allow the piece to reach it full potential. The choirs performance as a whole was well executed, but I wish their was more dynamic contrast, which I feel would of made their performance better than it already was.

    • I agree the sopranos outshined the others during different sections taking away from blend. Wow we have so much in common.

    • I agree! Had they all been in matching uniforms it would have helped them look unified and maybe a little more impressive.

    • I agree with your comment about the different distracting outfits. Also, I think the sopranos do outshine the group but they have the best part of the song to sing so it’s hard to avoid.

    • If they had been more uniform in their clothing, it would have drawn more direction to the music and feeling. In addition, the group had a very mature and full sound and that is attributed to the blending of their vowels.

      • I think we can all agree on the fact that the differentiation among the clothes they were wearing took some of our focus from the sound, yet they still sounded excellent despite the visual deficit they gave themselves.

  2. In all honesty, I thought this choir preformed this piece very well making it hard to critique, but not impossible. The first observation I made dealt with the balance between the different sections in the choir. The sopranos (as per usual:P) seemed to be overwhelmingly loud at times which drew attention away from the other parts. If the sopranos had backed down on a few parts, I think the blend would have been more enjoyable. The musicality seemed to be lacking noticeable dynamics throughout the overall song. They sang one notable section with an intense diminuendo, but it needed more than just one impressive time. The swelling in the verses should have been more prominent to increase the feeling of the music. Lastly, the presentation could have improved on various aspects. More specifically the attitude appearance of all the students seemed unenergetic and bored. Although they were swaying their bodies more in just one song than we ever have in any show, I wanted to see more enthusiasm. The piece sounded beautiful, but the lack of excitement counteracted the talent. PS I’ll email them this critique ASAP so they understand where they need to improve.

    • I totally agree that their performance was almost perfect. It really seemed that there was almost nothing to pick out from the piece that was wrong.

    • I agree with your arguement!!! I thought it was loud 90% of the time and it lacked dynamics. Also the sopranos were overwhelming the other parts.

    • I super agree with the fact that even though they were swaying and moving around, it wasn’t enough to really feel like they were into it. They got into it physically but not mentally, and those two have to go together to make it as good as it can be.

  3. At first glance, I thought the choir wouldn’t sound too good because their presentation wasn’t impressive. It would have been better if they had matching outfits and had cheerful looks on their faces. However, their amazing blend and balance within each section made me quickly change my mind. Their diction was good and sharp but felt a little too harsh at some points. This took away from the emotion behind the song, but their dynamics helped draw it back in.

    • I agree mostly just besides on diction being to harsh they do it in opera all the time but they would’ve been so much better with matching clothing

    • I agree that their costumes weren’t very professional or unified so it did seem that they may not sound professional either. However, I thought they ended up sounding beautiful.

    • To be honest, I didn’t even think about the random outfits. Then again, I haven’t been to a choir competition since middle school. Their facial expressions weren’t joyful, and I don’t know what is to be expected for a song so intense, but what I did notice was how zoned in they were on their director.

    • I agree Autumn, when I closed my eyes I felt so much more immersed in the music. The shaky camera and uncoordinated outfits took away from their talent. Also, with the diction I totally see what you are saying every time they said “creator” it sounded unnatural. The director definitely instructed them to pronounce it that way.

  4. The opening was very strong and powerful. The guys pinched the word “sing” the first time they sang it and slid into the note. They over exaggerate the word “music” to much, especially the s and the c. Their forte and blend were very good throughout the whole song, but they had little dynamic contrast. The sopranos were overpowering at certain points and it sounded like they had a little too much vibrato. Also, they all had different clothes on and did not match whatsoever, which was very distracting.

    • I also agree that the choir had very good blend throughout the piece. I was also not impressed by the presentational aspect of the choir because their matching outfits were quite distracting and messy.

  5. I thought this was a very cool performance, and there were things I noticed that I thought worth mentioning. One of the things that stood out to me was their accuracy. They very effectively executed all of their cut-offs and start-ups which sounded very impressive. I also noticed their presentation. I found myself watching those singers with smiles and interest on their faces especially because so many were stone-faced. However, I saw that they had very little movement in their bodies. Finally, I enjoyed their diction. There must have been close to 100 kids in the choir, yet I could very clearly hear and understand all of their words, especially when the tenors and basses said, “To risk even falling”. This helped give the song power and clarity throughout. Overall, I enjoyed listening to this performance a lot.

  6. Overall, I very much enjoyed listening to this performance. One thing I saw was their presentation. While there was not very much body movement, there were some singers who had interested and excited facials. I also noticed their diction. Despite their being probably around 100 kids singing, I was able to hear and understand all of their words. It was especially noticeable when the tenors and basses sang, “To risk even falling”. This helped give the piece power and clarity. I finally noticed their accuracy. All of their start-ups and cut-offs were very together and clean. Although it was not flawless, I thoroughly liked this performance.

    • I think one of the clear-telling signs of a good choir is having a mens section that can stand on their own without the altos and sopranos. When they sang that part, I got the chills because you could really tell that even without the women backing them up, the basses and tenors had it and weren’t afraid to own it.

      • Interestingly enough, there is a full score scored for TTBB voices alone which I bet sounds amazing.

  7. This choir’s rendition of “The Music of Living” by Dan Forrest was an overall excellent performance due to several well-executed factors. First, the ensemble’s diction was very good. I noticed how every single vowel and consonant was pronounced just enough for the audience to pick up on every word extremely clearly. There were no clashing vowels either. Also, the choir’s good musicality helped make the performance memorable. I was especially impressed by the level of dynamic contrast in the piece, from just crescendos and decrescendos to very dramatic forte-pianos and sforzandos that added lots of character to the piece. Lastly, the choir was very balanced throughout the performance. Every part could be heard well, and none were overpowering. I heard every note that was written in the music, even in the cluster chords where some second parts are prone to being lost and overpowered. Overall, I would rate this as an outstanding performance due to these criteria.

    • I agree with everything you wrote about it being an excellent performance with strong musicality. For me, the sopranos were an amazing SOUND but there were times I am not sure I would have understood the lyrics if I did not already know them.

    • I definitely agree with your views on this piece, as the diction proved to be very crisp and blended well as a group. In addition, the contrast of dynamics suited the piece and allowed a more dramatized mood to prevail. Although,in some parts of the piece the alto section was overpowered by the sopranos.

    • I super duper agree with this!! At first, I had no idea what to expect, but I was thoroughly impressed with their balance, blend, diction, tone, EVERYTHING.

  8. There are ways to bring uniformity to a group even if you can’t afford choir outfits but this group made no effort to bring any unity to their presentation whatsoever, which distracted from the impact of the emotion in the song. The song is a beautiful song and probably hard to sing poorly and I think they had an overall great performance with good musicality. I did think the tempo was too fast and there could have been more dynamics as it sounded at only one volume most of the time. Sopranos had a nice sound but diction was a little fuzzy and basses could have been stronger in places which would have given a better blend.

    • I agree that this group had great musicality! I disagree somewhat with the diction comment because I felt like the British accent elevated its clarity.

    • Researching for Idyllwild, I’d listened to “The Music of Living” performed by Concordia Choir. I believe they are a college choir as they have a much maturer sound. It is very helpful to listen to the two versions side by side and it becomes apparent that a song that beautiful is very hard to sing poorly but there are definitely different degrees of excellence.

  9. So the first thing that popped into my head when I opened up the video was the fact that each person is wearing different clothing. This is a bit annoying because when you’re focused on uniform rather than vocals, it takes away from the quality of the performance. Okay, now for the music. The balance was actually quite good from my opinion in the sense that the viewer was constantly able to hear the basses and tenors in contrast to the sopranos giving the song a very rich sound. The next thing I heard was how they hit each constanant sharply and firmly. A couple examples of this are “musiCK of of living”, and “ComPosed of both laughter and teayaaaas.” This was nice because it gave the piece the extra “uumph”. Additionally, the crescendos executed were very powerful as were the swells. Overall, I thought the piece was very good, and I hope to have have our group sound as good and then better.

    • I like how you capitalized the sharp diction choices. I could hear their pronunciation in my head as I read your comment. In those cases I did like the diction, however the emotion behind it was lacking. If they matched the strength of diction with emotion, the performance would have been flawless.

  10. In Minnesota All-State Mixed Choir’s interpretation of “The Music Of Living”, there were several determining factors that caused this to be an amazing performance. For example, the diction was well-executed, the consonants at the beginning and end of all the words were uniform and blended well. stylistically, the blending of the vowels added emotional fervor and effected the piece with its subtle uniformity. In addition, each section had very good blend and as a whole the sections were balanced against each other for the most part. However, there were moments when the altos were overpowered by the sopranos. The performance over all was amazing, but I wished their outfits were more uniform because it distracted the viewers from the music with their difference in outfits.

    • I agree with your views. The array of clothing styles was dizzying and distracting. The sopranos do dominate but their part of the song is the most beautiful so perhaps it stands out more to us?

    • I completely agree. I did feel that the diction was done really really well. And I also agreed that there were many parts when the altos were almost overpowered so much that you couldn’t hear them at all.

    • (I did not write enough, so I am adding more:p) The musicality seemed to be lacking noticeable dynamics throughout the overall song. Although, there were impressive dynamic transitions from piano to forte, the song seemed to be mostly loud, with little variety. In addition, they lacked facial expressions which took away from the emotion of the piece. If the choir had felt the music more than trying to excite every note perfectly, the song would have had more flow and more meaning. Overall, the performance was really good, but with a few subtle changes, could have been much more expressive.

    • First of all, this review sounds like it’s a part of a 5 paragraph academic essay and I’m living for it. I agree that the dynamics were stuck between forte and fortissimo for the better part of the song. I really do appreciate the crescendos and decrescendos even more because of that though. This song is hard in terms of dynamics, because the entire piece is big and powerful; I think even the best choirs out there would have a hard time with them.

  11. First thing I noticed was dynamics and consonants were amazing. They also sang in a British accent probably to help their vowel not become gross and sagging but the guys were a tiny bit too quiet. The thing that didn’t make this a 9/10 and more of a 6-7/10 was the clothing, It was super distracting and it didn’t make them look professional which a choir should always try to do. Overall it sounded good.

  12. The first thing I noticed, about the group, was defiantly the presentation. Although I for sure believe that having a unified costume, for the performance looks a lot better, I still admired that they tried to look nice. I understand most choirs are less fortunate and can’t afford costumes so, I still liked that they tried their best to look presentable. As for their singing, I thought their diction was really good. I could understand and clearly hear all the words they sung in the song. Also, their cutoffs were really good as they were always clean and and their constants were always together. However, I did not think the balance was very well done. I felt like the altos could have been a lot stronger and louder. It seemed all the other parts were balanced and well together, except the altos seemed to be weaker than all the other parts. I overall very much enjoyed the piece and felt it needed very little changes to make it even better.

    • I agree that they all looked very presentable despite it not being uniform, but unfortunately it did take a piece of how it was presented. In addition their diction was well-executed and added more to the overall feeling of the piece. The altos were weak in a few spots despite the balance in their own section.

      • I agree with that Jillyn. The uniform distracted me from their awesome sound before I realized how good they sounded.

      • I completely agree. Their outfits made them look a lot younger then they sounded which was so surprising to me!

      • I am seeing a lot of comments about their lack of uniform, however I don’t see this is a bad thing at all, really. I did notice that they were wearing their own clothes, but personally I didn’t see it as a positive nor a negative detail of their performance. It simply made me think they were singing at a not-so-formal event; it did nothing to make me assume any lesser sound or ability.

  13. The first thing noticed just like what Jada said was attire. It was a total distraction from the emotion this piece was trying to put out. In addition to attire, face was also needed in this song to show more emotion and intensity in this song. The second thing I noticed which was good was their sound which sounded very mature the way they said “dance”. I thought diction was more needed throughout the piece but I thought the word “sing” was a little too bright at some points. I thought also that the altos were overpowering the sopranos at some points as well. I loved the beginning with the intense entrance of fortissimo. In addition, the dynamics after, “for you are leading the dance” gave me chills. The director led cut offs very well especially the ending which in addition also gave me chills. Overall, yes there are critiques needed to make their performance better, but I thought it was well done dynamic wise.

    • In addition, balance and blend wise was good but I just wish the altos could back down on parts so that sopranos and tenors can shine a little bit

    • I find it super interesting that you noticed the altos overpowering the sopranos at some points. Usually, since altos are in their lower register, their sound doesn’t pierce through quite as much as the sopranos’. Cool input!

    • I also agree that their outfits took away from the quality of the performance. However, I thought that their blend and diction were very good.

  14. The first thing I noticed about this selection was that the tone exhibited by the singers was very ‘British”. Essentially, they used a tone that made them sound almost middle aged. When I saw their mismatched outfits, the choir snob in me assumed that they were going to be amateur. However, the first note was very powerful and relatively balanced between all the sections. The sopranos have such rich notes and the blend between the tenors and basses provided such a richness that was almost comforting. There was no overpowering between the sections, which is very difficult to do. One thing that was a little offsetting was the lack of vowel in the word “Sound”. Since the other words had such good vowel, it was easy to distinguish the bright and almost unfitting tone of that sound. That being said, the performance was breathtaking and the ending crescendo was like the icing on the cake.

    • I thought that the group’s British tonality was super noticeable as well!! The second they began singing, it was like BAM GOOD TONE!! I love that.

    • I agree with you here in terms of all sections being pretty equal. A lot of people are saying that the sopranos are overbearing, but I actually think the mix was pretty good. Also, I like the term ‘choir snob,’ we should use that more often haha

  15. What I loved about their performance was how they were so on point for the intense rhythm of this song. So many different parts begin to sing in-between notes on different counts and yet they owned each note they sang with incredible volume. The sopranos had their moments of overpowering the groups in my opinion but it was very subtle. It was well balanced and the basses carried their notes a long way. They blended very well on the stinger notes and on the whole notes and tied notes. I also liked how they brought their own little version to it and the ending seemed a little bit different than the one in the recording we listened to prior to learning the song. I never noticed any problems they had with breathing and was blown away by their focus as a group. They all looked wide-eyed and were keeping intense focus on the director even though it was clear they had practiced so much for this performance. The director’s role to keep tempo is extremely important in this piece. It is easy to get lost in the extreme piano accompaniment, especially with parts breaking off into their own lyrics or echoing another groups just a slight beat off. Overall they did an extremely good job and it really inspired me to work on this piece in class.

  16. To be honest I was not expecting that performance to be as good as it was! I thought the tone was on point the whole entire time, you could definitely tell that this choir was very confident leading to a very strong performance. I noticed that at some points they came in very loud, as to come in softer and then gradually get louder. It should have been come into a phrase softer and then gradually get louder because it gives more meaning to what you are trying to communicate with the audience. I thought the diction was spot on. The cut offs were clean and you could really understand the lyrics as well. There was one point in the choir’s performance where they sang a phrase staccato which I though was really cool! That being said, the presentation did not excite me the way the sound did, I thought the choir could have been more uniformed and have had more natural movement. This song has so much excitement and meaning and this choir did not communicate it through movement. Overall, I am really impressed with this choir and is a excellent study guide for vocal to study!

  17. Contrary to popular belief, I LOVED this performance.

    TONE: I really enjoyed this group’s tonality. I noticed that they skillfully avoided diphthongs, such as when they sang “giver” like “givahhh” (just as Mrs. Rolniak directed us to do as well). Their tone was really clean, which definitely contributed to the overall blend between the members of the group. While listening to them, I was reminded of when Kiera told us a couple rehearsals ago that a simple trick to having pure vowels in choral singing is to sing with a British accent (they sounded so British!).

    BALANCE: I found that the group also had a rather satisfying balance between and amongst the sections, as no particular section or voice stood out to me. I thought that this was extremely impressive, as the sopranos sing in their upper register for a large portion of this song.

    PRESENTATION: Because this song is titled “The Music of the Living”, I was happy that many members of the choir swayed to the music. The members of Vocal Ensemble (including myself) often struggle to engage our bodies in the music, at times resulting in a rather monotone, bland performance. This group, however, presented itself in an exceedingly lively manner, both vocally and visually.

    • Read this in Julia’s voice. From the first sentence I LITERALLY HEARD YOU IT WAS SO WEIRD. Anyways, I agree Julia especially with the diphthong. I actually get what those are now.

  18. I thought the choir performed this piece very well. Their attacks and releases were spot on, which really added a professionalism to this performance. I thought their vowels were very good and as a group kept those vowels in unison. Obviously being a very prestigious choir their pitches were accurate, but beyond that, I enjoyed the tone that they produced throughout the whole song. This performance was incredible but, their are a few thing things to critique. First, I believe I either heard the altos or sopranos overpowering one another which furthermore made it seem that the song was in three part at some points. I also thought that facial expressions on the men specifically were mostly robotic. I understand you must kept still with little or no movement, but I though they should have animated their eyes and face a tad bit more. I also did not like how the all state choir was not wearing a matching uniform or anything. It looked very unprofessional in my opinion.

  19. Just as many above said, before even clicking the play button, i automatically assumed they weren’t going to be good because of the nonuniformity of their wardrobe. I guess we all really do underestimate the power of looking put together as a group. Anyway, after clicking play and waiting for the first note, I quickly realized that I was wrong. Right off the bat, their tone is warm and mature. Their vowels are great and the diction is clear enough that you can truly hear the beauty of the poetry behind the piece as well as the music. Their two main sforzandos almost made me cry, they were so beautiful. The crescendos were great, although they would have been better if they would’ve had more dynamics, even though that is a hard thing to do in this song.The main thing that I think could be improved upon was changing the tempo ever-so-slightly. The song is fast and eventful, that’s part of its beauty, but I feel that they performed it TOO fast. It would have been just as, if not more, passion-filled and powerful slightly slower than it is done in this video. It would have given the piece more time to really melt into the listeners soul and mind, whereas this leaves us wanting a lot more just because it went by so fast. But all in all, this performance was honestly quite impressive and you can tell that both the choir and director is very talented.

  20. In this performance of “Music of the Living” by the Minnesota All-State Mixed Choir, there were many features that made this piece enjoyable to hear and watch. First of all, there was a sufficient amount of diction which made the words of the song more clean and understandable to hear. It also emphasizes the crescendos and decrescendos of the song, which is another feature I enjoyed about this piece. The group was exceptionally accurate when it came to crescendos and decrescendos, such as when the group sings the words “I want to feel the music of living” softly on measure 21, and then they grow to fortissimo on measure 25. However, the blend between the different parts is something that I believe could have been improved on, as throughout most of the song, the sopranos seemed to be overpowering all the other parts, making them almost impossible to hear. There were times where other parts, such as the basses, could be heard, but the soprano part was too overwhelming for the other parts to appear present. All in all, this piece was a joy to listen to and it did a really good job at captivating the emotions and spirit of the song.

  21. In my opinion this choir was so good. Like Alex mentioned their costumes were very distracting and it subconsciously took away from the physical part of their performance in my opinion, however their tone was so mature. They did an amazing job with their blend as well I was very impressed. There is not much to “critique” on this choir in my opinion because I think they did a flawless job! The only thing that I disliked was the uncoordinated outfits. I know if we work hard we can be even better!!

    • I agree that they performed the piece very well! Their cut offs and blend was amazing, but the performance could be improved if their outfits were more coordinated.

  22. This choir had very good diction throughout the piece. They were very accurate on all cut offs and pronounced their words in an appropriate way. Furthermore, the blend of the piece was very good, except that the sopranos were overpowering the rest of the sections, taking away from the overall performance. Finally, the performance aspect could be improved because the choir did not match their clothing, and did not really move with the music very much throughout the piece.

  23. I think this group was amazing! I think they had excellent tone, and they sang with energy and passion! I believe that the swaying during the song created a good vibe and changed the sound of the piece in a very positive way. I did not like that they were not in the same uniform, however, that is the only thing i disliked!

  24. I think this group was amazing! I think they had excellent tone, and they sang with energy and passion! I believe that the swaying during the song created a good vibe and changed the sound of the piece in a very positive way. I did not like that they were not in the same uniform, however, that is the only thing i disliked!
    I think that we should try and emulate this group, they were very balanced and it was very enjoyable to watch.

  25. As we all procrastinated and appear on at this late hour, the eye goes to the rainbow display of dresses and uncurled hair daring to sing in such attire. Preposterous! Then, the angels opened their sweet mouths to project heavenly long vowels and cut offs so sharp I needed a band aid after watching this video. All has been forgiven Minnesota, you are great, but I still want to talk about the importance of presentation. As it has been said by everyone else, the outfits were the first thing that I noticed. Such a talented group of kids should really try to coordinate at least wearing all black if the school can not afford costumes. This may be just me, but I really do not enjoy when choirs sway, unless the piece talks about swaying in the wind or something. I want the movement to be natural. I am a firm believer that no one stands still to a song that speaks to them naturally, if they were not afraid of judgement from others, they would move as they should in a way that the audience can connect to. This High School group is definitely capable of channeling their emotions into naturally, uninstructed movement. Furthermore, I enjoyed the strong diction Alec mentioned, but “creator” was a little to harsh for my ear. I would suggest to only stress “creator” like “CREE -A -TOOOOORRRRR” one time in the song, not every time, it loses meaning. Why would a creator that makes everything that is lovely want to be addressed with such tenacity? This calls for admiration and praise of the Almighty, not the viciousness I heard in those consonants. Last, I did not hear any notes go sharp or flat. I don’t have perfect pitch so I may be wrong, but to the average listener, there wasn’t a spot where I thought to myself, “that sounded weird.” Every note that was held was rich and full to the cut off with limited wavering of pitch. If you put their voices on a tuning software I would guess that the line would shake millimeters above and below the note. The only time I questioned pitch was at 1:50, but I might not count this because I honestly think an audience member was singing. I heard one childish voice sing “dance” in a voice that if replicated times 20 and put into competition, would receive bronze. It is so quiet I had to replay to see if I imagined it, but its there and I want to know who did it during the performance. Overall Minnesota, you have impressed me. Well done. I’M LIVING FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE!

  26. I felt that the diction was very harsh and extremely pronounced for consonants that shouldn’t have been as emphasized. This was distracting to me and it created an almost angry sound in a song that is not supposed to be angry! I do really like the tone of the choir and I believe they blend very well, even among the sections. I can hear each part, and truly enjoy each harmony which is really really nice. I do think the group lacked emotion in the face/body, which would have made their presentation more enjoyable and better to watch. Listening alone was very very nice though.

  27. Upon opening the video, I most certainly judged a book by its cover by assuming this choir would be a clear depiction of what not to do when singing this song, however, I was very happily mistaken. Once the music started, the energy radiating from each member of the choir was INSANNEE. The topic of their insane energy then leads us to the choir’s diction, as their cut-offs were cleaner than Mr. Clean and their consonants had more energy than 40 combined energizer bunnies. The fact that every single member knew when to cut off and how to iterate the consonants and had the same vowels seemed to lend itself to the ooey gooey caramel blend that I lovveeee. It honestly sounded like one person was singing, especially during the unisons!!!! And I think this had to do with the fact that each person wholeheartedly focused on the piece. They cut off together, they held the same vowels together, and they performed it together in an enticing performance that far surpassed their fashionable choices

  28. I thought that this group did a really good job on their vowel and diction throughout the song. I also noticed that they were all wearing different clothing which takes the away the professional feeling that their singing gives off. I have to admit though that the sopranos were very overpowering in many sections. It might have just been the camera, but i couldn’t see much emotion on their faces. To me the guys looked dead and lifeless. I really liked their decrescendos, crescendos, and sforzandos. I especially liked the sforzando before the last chorus. Overall, this was a very enjoyable performance.

  29. when I saw that the group was dressed in different outfits, it took away the professional feel of the choir. I thought that the sopranos were at some points very overpowering. I did however like all of their vowels and dynamic changes. The guys could definitely hold their own against the the sopranos. It might have just been the camera, but to me the whole choir looked very unenergetic and bored. Their diction was also on point and they had good tone. Overall, it was a enjoyable watching experience

  30. At first I was distracted by the lack of uniform that they had, but when they started singing I was blown away. They were very powerful and I really enjoyed their performance. However, I wish they had more dynamic contrast because it would have made their forte sound even more powerful. I also agree with everyone that the sopranos were a bit overpowering at some points, but overall I felt that the blend was very good. Their cutoffs, diction, and vowels were all flawless and overall I was blown away.

  31. Overall, I think that this was a very good performance and there were a lot of things that I really liked about the way that the choir sounded. First of all, they sang with a powerful amount of volume and I think that added a good amount of intensity to the performance. I also wish that their volume for piano was a bit softer but one also has to consider that the body count in this choir is large. I noticed that the sopranos definitely overpowered the other three sections throughout the song. I really appreciated the amount of diction that the choir decided to use because it made the words cleared concise. Also, their cutoffs and breathes were perfectly timed which made the piece even more enjoyable to listen to. Their presentation of the song wasn’t as animated as it should have been in my opinion and I think that the overall uniform of the group took some sophistication away from the song. All in all, I was very pleased with the sound of this choir and I enjoyed their performance.

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