You Will Be Found

Our second blog assignment of the semester is to watch this video and answer this question:  Do you believe one voice (or person) can really make a difference?

To get full credit you must write at least 5 sentences.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday February 12 at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in next to your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you.

Mrs. R.

173 thoughts on “You Will Be Found

  1. Yes, I do believe a person can make a difference. However, I feel like this kind of question is often interpreted as asking if one person can change the entire world. To that I say no, that itself is probably not possible. Of course a person can make a decision to be a good (or bad) person, and that can set off a reaction of people making similar decisions. Basically, everything in the universe causes something else to happen, and that is very true with us as a people. Anything we say or do has its effects, so it is extremely important that all people are cautious of their words and actions, and wary of the effects they can have.

  2. I 100% believe 1 voice can make a difference. No one is this world has the same voice as anyone else.A voice is a key part of being you and being unique.That voice can change the whole tone of a group and even the connection to the people in that group.The way you express yourself through music can move someone, it doesn’t matter what your singing the emotion that you portray through the music can move anyone. In other words one voice can make a difference.

  3. I do think that one voice has the power to make a big difference. Most impactful movements are started by one singular voice or idea. Once one person projects their thoughts and opinions, they gain supporters and basically start a chain reaction of support and ideas. Because of this, it’s so important that every person makes their voice heard. It might not always seem like anyone is listening or that your ideas will travel, but they likely will leave a significant mark.

  4. A voice can make a difference in the world. Someone’s words or voice can leave an impression whether it is positive or not on a person without even knowing it. We may not see noticeable change for awhile, but it can take a person with unwavering determination or even someone with small acts of kindness to make an impact on others. A person doesn’t need to stand out or be the best to be heard and change the world for the better. Everything begins with one person. But there is great strength in numbers.

  5. I do believe one voice can make a huge difference, whether it be in their school, community, country, or the world. If one person does something to create a positive, or negative, impact in their life, then others will see that and follow their lead, creating a ripple effect where one thing leads to another. something that starts out small can escalate into a huge nationwide or even worldwide movement. I was also told once by very important mentor in my life that most of the time it is not the leader that c=creates the change, it is the first follower. This means that there are always going to be people that try to make a change, but that doesn’t mean people won’t stay to themselves and just ignore them. However, if they see someone else watching the change and joining the movement, they will start to realize that this may be something worth following, causing a chain reaction of more and more people contributing to this change. One person can also start a chain reaction that comes full circle. They do an act of kindness which inspires others to do the same until that act of kindness comes full circle back to the one person who started it. here is a video of a good example and i highly suggest you watch it because it is very cute and inspiring:)

  6. One voice may not change the world, but it can make a difference. That one single person is the beginning of a new idea. They can make into something big if they put the effort and thought into it. They will gain the attention and have supporters at the end. One single person has the power to make a big impact or a small impact. It doesn’t matter as long as there is a difference in which it could grow larger. I think it as a butterfly effect, were when one single thing is changed in a small area, a larger impact could be made somewhere else.

  7. I agree that one voice can make an impact, but there is a double-edged sword to this as one voice can make both a positive and negative impact. When I moved to Westlake in 3rd grade, I was the new kid with no friends, and then one day I went up to someone else in my class; 7 years later we are still best friends. This person’s single voice has incredibly shaped who I am as a person. I believe that everyone leaves behind one positive action in a day, whether it was from saying “hi” to someone in the hall or helping a friend in math. Though these are all great, this is a small impact. I think that one person can make a difference or an impact, but a group makes a change.

  8. I do believe that one person can change the world. Every cause has started with one voice and one idea. Through the ripple effect that one voice kick starts so many more until eventually real change can happen in a worldwide scope. Even in a community one single person can change someones day with a simple “Hey”. In our choir class a single voice can change the entire tune and tempo of the piece. So yes, i do think that one voice can change the world.

  9. I do believe that one voice can make a difference. Dear Evan Hansen is a great example of that. One person spoke, and it changed the lives of so many people who were feeling trapped and alone and reminded them that no one is alone. You never know how much of an impact you can have on people until you rise up and you open up your mouth. Anyone can make a difference just by speaking in front of people and showing the world we are united. It doesn’t even have to be the world. It can be one small group of people. Either way, one voice has made a difference in the lives of people they may not even know. It only takes one person to change the world. You just have to stand up and speak proudly.

  10. I think that one person, one voice, does have the power to make a difference. Wether it impacts one person, or millions of people, what we do and say leaves a mark. Especially in this day and age, your words can reach the whole world through your phone. The things we put online will be out in the world forever. It’s important to realize the impact that we have so we can make it a positive one.

  11. I absolutely think one voice can make a difference. The right person with the right attitude and right reasons, they can change the world. Also it’s the words they are saying, more positive and loving words will make more of an impact than negative and hurtful words. And that is why it is such an important thing to be/ try to be a positive person in everything I do. You honestly don’t know what some people are going through and that is why you just need to be kind to all, because you could be the person who changes someones life for the better.

    • I totally agree. It’s crazy how every person has a completely different story, and we need to be conscious of that.

  12. I do believe one voice can make a difference. It only takes one voice to set off a chain reaction of change and progression created by others who are affected by the message that a singular voice may carry. Many famous activists are heralded for speaking up for what they believe, and two that come to mind are Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who set the precedent for non-violent change. Both activists preached freedom and equality, but not at the cost of others’ lives, believing that change can merely come from one or multiple voices speaking up for what they believe in. Today many follow the peaceful example of both men in order to create sociopolitical change and progression, an outcome of King and Gandhi trusting that their voices and opinions had the power to alter the current of activism. After all, it was Gandhi who said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

  13. I would say that one voice can make a difference in many situations but, can make more of a difference in specific situations. As an example one voice will always make an impact in a group of 40, whether you can here it distinctly or no not, their is that one more voice to the performance that will increase its success. That one voice contributes to the blend, to the volume, to the pitch and the overall performance. I feel that one strong voice can also instill confidence into other singers who can now sing louder and more confidently knowing they have a strong singer next to them. Although in some situations one voice can be better used in a smaller group of singers where he or she can make a greater impact there, if, and if the one voice executes whatever they are doing with success; otherwise the impact they have may be negative.

  14. One voice has the power to influence the decisions and ultimately, lives, of the surrounding people. It is a common misconception that ordinary people leading ordinary lives are insignificant and incapable of truly making a difference in the world. In the case of women’s suffrage, the fight began with one seemingly insignificant voice speaking out against the the misogynist views that penetrated society at the time. As time went on and views progressed, that one voice turned into thousands of more all fighting for the same cause. I guess the early 20th century seems pretty far off to reference, but the same goes for today but with even more magnitude due to social media and speed of telecommunications. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that one voice has the ability to make a change in the world by influencing the views of others; this power is highlighted by the undoubtedly monumental events of the past that began with one person speaking out against the majority.

  15. I do believe that one person or voice can make a difference. A single person can change the minds of many others when something wrong unknowingly happens. That person can change the perspective of others to see true justice in times of need. Everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and presence matters, no matter who they are. Everyone should be heard and appreciated for who they are and what they believe in even if you don’t personally agree with them. All people’s voices are important and should be heard

  16. I believe that one voice can make a difference. Words are powerful, and as the wielder of those words, we are powerful, too. They can throw somebody down in the dark, and deeply scar inside, but it can also heal those scars, and bring somebody back up to the light. It only takes one person to look, to care, to say something, to do something, for that something to change. Even if it’s only one word, spoken by just one voice, of just one person, that will make all the difference in somebody else’s world.

  17. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Plato and Socrates, Einstein, and the list goes on. At the beginning of their lives, they played small roles in the world they lived in, but they took initiative of their originality and posed an importance in history. Martin Luther and Rosa fought for the rights of blacks, Abraham fought for the abolition of slavery, Plato, Socrates, and Einstein proposed scientific philosophies that impacted the foundation of science. These people greatly contributed to the change and societal advancement. As a result of their eager deportment to spread their morals and unique ideas, they inspired a chain reaction of altruism and enlightenment. People might seem inconsequential but predominantly, their impact on society is appreciable, whether there name is recalled in a history textbook or not. Trifiling actions of benevolence might galvanize change.

  18. Like many others, I believe one voice has the power to make a difference. As Spider-Mans uncle once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. The power to change a life is in everybody’s hands. How you choose to use that power is up to you. I believe that one of the most incredible things a human can do is sense good from evil. This sets us apart from any other being in the world. We have a moral compass, and because of this, we have to make a choice everyday weather to follow it or not. One voice can definitely make a difference, and hopefully it is a good one.

  19. I do believe that one voice can make a difference because like another person said on here a choir is only as good as its weakest link. A confident loud voice could give someone around them confidence to sing out creating a fuller sound. A whole section could ride on one person’s voice to guide them through the pitches and notes of the song. Without that person during a performance or even a rehearsal there is an emptiness to the sound because they are not there to instill confidence or give support to some of the singers. As for in the community I feel that someone’s voice can make a difference but realistically on a larger scale it is highly unlikely.

  20. I do believe that one voice can make a difference, whether it changes one persons life or the whole world. One person (voice) is powerful enough to change the world and make their mark in society as a good or bad person. Every decision has an effect on the next, and good decisions will most likely have positive outcomes and bad decisions will most likely have negative outcomes. It is very important for people to be cautious of decisions because their decisions can not only influence others, it can influence the whole world. One person can change the world with their ideas and influences and that’s is why it is important to make good decisions.

  21. I absolutely believe one voice can make a difference in any situation. All ideas and movements all come from one small idea, from one person. A single voice is the main reason why there are so many amazing movements and programs that allow us to fight for what’s right because one person went against all odds to be the best. People who speak out no matter what others think of them always seem to start something much more meaningful and successful than anyone who just follows what others do. Everyone matters in this world, everyone’s voice is important and everyone deserves to be heard.

    • I completely agree!! It is so important for people to express your voice and opinions despite what other people will think of you.

  22. I do believe that one person can make a huge difference because as being in key club for the past year or so I discovered that it doesn’t take a huge group of people to see what a difference you have on someone else. All people have a voice and we want to hear them because they all have an impact on our life somehow. We need people to speak out and show how they feel, we want to know. Our world is based on voices. Maybe one persons idea can create something amazing in the end. I do believe that the best thing we can do is always support everyone’s ideas and turn it into something great

    • I totally agree!! I’m so glad I forced you to join key club haha!! I can confidently say that, when helping the community through service projects, every person and every voice makes such a huge difference.

  23. I fully believe one voice can make a difference. It only takes one person to make a change. With all the marches that have been going on in the recent months, whether you believe in it or not, they truly show how one voice can make a difference if you stand up for what you believe in. I’ve learned through high school that nothing is more important than knowing who you are, and knowing how to express yourself and surround yourself with people who let you express yourself. I’ve learned that as one person, I can make a change and anyone who puts their mind to something can make a change no matter how big or how small. It is important to always remember that your voice is heard and it is strong and powerful and can make a difference.

    • totally agree! i love that you brought up the marches that have been happening, that is a really good example of how people unifying as one makes a huge impact!

  24. Yes, I fully believe that one voice can make a difference. All it takes is one person who is willing to take a stand to start a change. All it takes is one person who is willing to do what is right to stop what is wrong. If someone is having a bad day, all it takes is one person being kind to them to turn their day around. If just one person would be willing to stand up to a bully, others would follow. If every day, at least one person did something kind or stood up for something that was wrong, the world would be a better place.

  25. I agree that one voice can make a difference. I think everyone is important and can make a huge difference. For example in choir everyone makes a difference no matter how loud or quiet you are. I know for one of our concerts, we had some people missing and we just didn’t sound full and definitely didn’t sound the same without them. I believe anyone can change anything in life even if your shy, short quiet, loud or outgoing. You matter and can have a great impact in people’s world if when you don’t know about it.

  26. I believe that one voice can make a difference because every voice is special, and when one voice is added, that one voice can bring out so many different kinds of feelings. No matter what the tone or texture of your voice is, your voice will always be heard. When you work together as a whole, you can create a beautiful masterpiece that comes from hard work and giving your best to share with the world. Just one single person who has never sang out loud before, can bring out the emotions and feelings from singing a song. All voices help one voice be heard. And one voice can make a difference.

  27. I firmly believe that one person can change the world. You can certainly touch the lives of those around you with small, daily acts of kindness. When measured against the vastness of the world these acts may be insignificant, but to the person whose live you have touched, the significance can become profound. I think someone that can reach out to just one person’s life is just as important as someone who can change the lives of millions.The thing is, it’s often not in our extraordinary actions, but in the little things we do for others with extraordinary love.

    • Yessss I 100% agree that it’s not always someone who may of an outlet to millions of people but small acts of kindness on a daily basis are equally as important and will make such a positive impact on someones life.

  28. I do believe that one voice can make a big difference in many ways. For example, people who speak out for what they believe in can change the views of many. Without different ideas and views no progress and innovations can be made. One voice can also changed someone’s day. A simple complement can make change someone’s bad day into a good one. A person voice can make a big impact.

    • Agreed! It is so important to express your views and ideas because just one persons voice can make a difference in this world!

  29. Yes, I agree that one person can make a difference in society. Even though people may argue that one is not enough, it can often times inspires others to participate in the act. Spreading awareness and having the confidence to stand against the opposing force can be difficult, but worth the cause you fight for. In society today people face negativity, but we sometimes never know what other opposition does through. As a society we should try to be more compassionate towards one another. And with little acts of kindness towards people can make a difference. Bringing happiness into people’s life’s can change a persons mood and turn their day around. We may not notice how people react, but our actions and words have consequences and by one person trying to make a change can start a chain reaction.

  30. I definitely believe one person can make a difference. When someone speaks up to support a cause or a movement, it can inspire many people to do the same. That can start a chain reaction that can end up making the world a better place. The change doesn’t even have to be that drastic. The important thing is that it can inspire those who witness it and it can push them to do the same. So in the end, I truly believe one person or one voice can make a difference.

  31. It seems illogical and unnatural that one is able to spark action and make a difference against the massive number of others, however I think this principle, an individual can truly make a difference, is one everyone should live by. The natural law and societal rule directing humans to conform and stay among the masses has tragically suppressed individual people from creating change or making a difference. The lovely music video has emphasized that a single voice or a single person has the ability to stand out and make their individual impact on the world. Whether it is enacted in a small scale or large scale, change occurs through a single individual who is brave enough to go against the societal constructs of “natural” or “normal”. For instance, even though everyone was singing the same song, each voice was different and unique. Each voice touched me in a particular way, demonstrating that a single individual can make a difference.

    • Hey Allysa!! I LOVE that you talked about conformity!! I 100% agree with you in that it’s super difficult to stray from the expectations of society, and that a lot of times it only takes one person to do so to engender a strong impact.

    • I also think its really awesome how you talked about conformity, it really does only take one person to stray from societal norms and inspire others to take that step out of the box and be their own person.

  32. I do believe that one voice, or one person, has the ability to really make a difference in the world, whether it be a small group or a whole community of people. I think in many cases, when someone has the power or voice to express one’s own true thoughts, it may motivate others or enlighten someone else to have the strength of their own. Although it may take many people to create a drastic change to the world, it starts out from one voice. Multiple events in history began with one person demanding a change to create a better place for everyone, which led to things such as equality and independence. Furthermore, in a choir, every voice is crucial in that it sets apart from other choirs and is what makes each choir unique. Each voice has a significant part to the group as a whole and would not be the same without the help and contribution of everyone in it.

    • Hey Kimi!! I’m just seeing your post now and I think it’s crazy that we both talked about voices in history!! I also love your idea about choir, in that every voice has a significant impact on a choir’s cohesive sound.

  33. I strongly believe that one voice can make a difference. Every one has a different voice and when all those different voices come together it just makes this great voice. One voice/ one person can make a great difference in the world. That one voice can inspire a person to want to show their talents and it just goes on and on. And when put into a group, that voice can make that group stronger. It may not be as noticeable but their is definitely something different. With a single voice, as I said, brings inspiration to others and that’s the reason why there are so many great and talented people and groups because of those people inspiring others.

  34. I do believe that one voice has the ability to make a difference, whether it is the voice of one person or many voices singing and speaking united as one. If one person speaks out to make a positive impact, it will motivate others to follow that positivity which will make an even greater difference than before. It is also possible that if people unite as one voice to make a difference, the it will make a bigger impact on people’s lives and will motivate others to strengthen the voice as one. Ultimately, either one voice or many voices that can make a difference in an optimistic point of view. Either way, it will change the lives of many people and cause others to make a positive change to the world.

  35. Personally I do believe one voice can make a difference. For me it’s about how much heart and soul you are putting into what you’re singing or saying. For example one of my best friends, she is insanely talented and wrote a song within 10 minutes while I was watching and when she sang it to me I was in tears because she sang it with so much meaning. Every voice matters, and every voice makes a difference to someone out there. Whether it’s a group or just one person there words really do speak out and really do catch the attention of others.

    • I really love how you chose an example that was a personal experience! It’s so important to understand that having a voice that will impact people doesn’t only apply to speeches in front of large crowds or on the TV, but is equally significant for when its only directed to one person.

  36. I do believe that one voice can make a difference. For instance, take almost any historical figure in history. Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation when he stapled his 95 Theses on the door of the church, delineating his dissatisfactions with the Catholic dogma. Furthermore, Rosa Parks sparked much controversy and debate when she refused to relinquish her bus seat on a segregated bus. Both of these people stood alone when speaking out in their own ways of defiance toward unjust institutions and ideas, ultimately gaining supporters and sparking drastic reformation through revolutions and movements. Essentially, one voice can inspire other voices to join in on a cause, and oftentimes, power comes in numbers,

    • Yayayayay I love how you talked about people of color, this really shows how much one voice can impact the world especially because at the time, african americans weren’t seen as important or significant as others but their own personal actions made many people open their eyes to see how unfair and poorly the black community was being treated.

  37. One voice is ALWAYS more than enough to make a difference. That voice doesn’t have to impact the entire world at once to still leave a lasting effect on someone’s life. Whether it’s giving someone in need love and advice, or giving a speech in front of thousands of people, the difference between not saying anything at all and using your voice is drastic. Your kind words one on one can inspire someone to stay alive. Your kind words can inspire people to fight for underprivileged, to fight and end racism, homophobia, sexism, and all around ignorance. Your kind words can be the reason someone smiles for the first time in days. It all makes a difference, no matter how big or how small. That one voice always grows to greater confidence or will grow to a greater amount of people and the positivity will spread exponentially. One should never feel like their voice in insignificant, when all of our words mean something to others when it truly counts

  38. Who could understand the principle that one voice can change the world better than Ben Platt? His voice, character, and message have inspired millions worldwide; this virtual choir would not have existed without him. Whether it’s the little things like waving hello and hanging out during lunch or bigger situations like reaching out to someone who is depressed, one action can completely change a day for the better, not only for the person affected, but also for the person giving. History repeats itself: Martin Luther (OG and Jr!), Gandhi, Alyssa Milano — the list goes on. We can change the world with our actions and words, and I think the video I linked above shows this in a cool way.

  39. I strongly believe that one voice could change the world. Whether this person is a singer, a political figure, an athlete, or celebrity, we all have a chance to make the world a better place. Many people constantly strive for greatness and by using any means possible. Everyone has a a voice somewhere in their heart that is just waiting to be heard by millions across the globe. However, its up to the individual to be proactive and be the one who chooses to share that voice.

  40. I believe one person can make a difference. The butterfly effect is the idea that with the flap of one butterfly’s wings at the right moment at the right time, a hurricane can form. I think the same is true for humans. I believe that no matter how loud a person is speaking, they will be heard. They may impact only a few or they can impact many, but changing one life with words is still a powerful concept.

  41. I do believe one voice can make a difference, whether it be through singing or not. What someone has to say could be the most important thing you will hear in your whole life and you may miss it just because you were busy talking. Everything you say can impact a life for the good or bad. I personally believe everyone was put here for a reason and many times that is to change someone’s life through something you say.

  42. i definetly believe that one voice can make a huge difference because without each and every voice, there wouldn’t be choir. the choir sound is unified by how our voices grow off of each others and if there is a voice missing it affects the sound as a whole. the sound that each voice contributes is what makes choir so amazing because when a group as big as choir hits that perfect unifying note in a song it gives you that feeling of power and personally gives me the chills and without every voice, none of that could happen.

  43. I fully believe one voice can make the difference among a thousand voices, such as the video presented. At the universal acceptance, each voice is unique and even when 12 voices blend or 1200 voices blend, you can still hear the slight differences among a voice that strike out against the others. When watching the video, there was one particular harmony that was being sung against 15 or so other people singing other parts. That one voice I heard made the difference in the chord and I got instant chills. Without her voice, the chord wouldn’t have had the same ring to it, thus further supporting my belief that one voice can make all the difference.

  44. I do truly believe that one person can make a difference. Throughout history, so many people have made differences in all aspects whether it be science, art, literature, math, society, or politics. However, I do not believe one person can fully change something by themselves. They would need help from others to make that happen. To make a change, yes, you need to spark something ,but it is the people who follow your lead that truly help make a difference. One person can change something ,but it just takes someone else’s recognition of the change that can make it come true.

  45. I believe that one voice can make an impact if it is confident and persistent. A voice that tells 1,000 people is more likely to make an impact than a voice that tells 100 people. One voice cannot make an impact by itself, but it’s confidence is crucial to start a chain reaction and tell other people what needs to be changed in the world, so the listeners to that one voice can follow and make a change as well. If the one voice is quiet and never tells anybody about the change he or she wants to make, nobody will ever know. In order for one voice to make a change, humans must be willing to listen and follow the one voice, so they can all make an impact as one determined group.

  46. I believe that one voice can indeed make an impact on the world. A single voice can cause any sort of change whether it be to create a smile on someone’s face or giving a speech to a thousand people trying to make things better. If you never show the uniqueness of your voice, no one can ever know who the true you really is. Also, One voice is enough to spark a change as long as it stays strong and never backs down in the face of opposition

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