New Semester Resolutions

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Carl Bard

“Never stop trying to become better than the you of yesterday” – Amy Rolniak

I have never been a fan of New Year Resolutions, but I am a fan of striving to be better.  Name three things you want to do better this semester.  Also include some obstacles that might get in your way.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday January 29 at 11:59 pm. To get full credit you will need three “resolutions” and three potential obstacles. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name. I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than new beginnings!!

Mrs. R.

188 thoughts on “New Semester Resolutions

  1. I want to start classical training and be better at that then I am now. Obstacles in my way of that is not being professionally trained so I can be making harmful habitual mistakes.
    I also want to start boosting my self-esteem on my accomplishments than my failures. This year my failures have been getting the best of me, and it brings me down. The only obstacle is me and I think with a little help from friends I can turn this frown upside down 🙂

    • Did you know that classical training is supposed to increase your breath control and production of vowels in every other genre? I hope that you are able to find great success and that you see this as an experience to overcome rather than an opportunity for failure- you can do this!

    • I did classical training for a while and it’s definitely really hard to break habits. When you learn what you’re supposed to be doing, you realize how much you were doing wrong! It’s hard, but it’s really fun and beneficial to your overall sound in all genres. Good luck!

    • 1. Hmmm basically I want to try to actually sing, and do so so decently. 2. I want to do well in track in some way shape or form because right now I’m contemplating my every move on what I will in fact be doing on the team. 3. Lastly I guess who knows maybe I’ll try out for some sort of solo, or and upper group that seems like a possible goal at this point in time.

    • I truly relate to you on having been more focused on my failures rather than my accomplishments this year and would like to work on shifting that focus to what I have been able to do instead of what I have not. While I agree with friends being able to help turn that frown upside down as you stated, I personally want to start finding affirmation and validation in myself because at the end of the day, there’s only myself to look to for my own happiness.

  2. Three resolutions i would like to make this semester are:
    1. complete all my homework
    2. go to work at LEAST 3x a week
    3. spread positivity and treat people as kindly as possible
    Things that might get in the way are
    1. tiredness !!! i’m so tired all the time, so it’s hard to do it
    2. No motivation; i’m tired after my classes, so i have no motivation to go work even more
    3. people can be … a word. buttt, im determined ✨

  3. My first resolution is believing in myself more. My obstacle is second guessing myself. My second resolution is trying new things, like learning to play the piano. My obstacle is finding the time during the week to practice. My third resolution is getting my driver’s license this year. My obstacle is making time on the weekends to have driving lessons.

    • Finding time to drive is so difficult with crazy schedules, I am working on driving more often! I hope all works out and you pass your drivers test this year sometime:)

    • Yes!!! Learn piano! You will find that sight reading is so much easier AND you can play your part. And self confidence is so hard, I relate, but it is also so doable. I would suggest that every time you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself, you immediately think of three things that you are great at/ times you were successful. You are truly capable of anything! Never give up on yourself and your abilities!!

      • These are all great resolution. I put off getting my license for 5 months but once I got it I wished I got it right when I turned 16. It’s so nice to have the ability to go where you want when you want to.

      • I’m always looking for something new to try. I know it’s hard but put in deep research and thought and something will come to you

    • Finding time to work on getting your driver license is so difficult. I totally understand how you feel!! I started working on that when I was 15 1/2 and I just got mine last week!

    • I’ve been trying to make time to learn the piano. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play but I never make time for it😞

      • The piano is very helpful to stay on pitch when you are singing…. You should learn it 🙂

    • Believing in yourself is a great resolution! Not only does the rest of the choir believe in you, but now you can too!

    • One of my goals is to improve my piano playing skills also. And girl you should definitely believe in yourself more because your Shoop Shoop solo is absolutely AMAZING!

    • I had the same problem! I found time after school while waiting for soccer practice to start. They can help you out by dropping you off at your next appointment too.

  4. I’m not going to lie last semester was ruff, I was constantly doing homework/studying all the time, leaving me burnt out by the end of the semester, and not to mention seriously considering just not finishing high school (JK I would never do that). But after evaluating my habits I realized I was just a master procrastinator, come on I had to finish just one (okay three) episodes of stranger things season two before writing my literary criticism paper outline at midnight. So this semester I decided to create a reward system to get my work done early, which is finish half of my assignments, then watch one episode of whatever Netflix series has caught my eye, even though I know cliffhangers will really challenge my will power. Also, I noticed that I need to really need to be serious about becoming a vegetarian because it’s not only good for animals but the environment, but I’m always tempted by those Chick fil a nuggets, which make it really hard to practice what I preach. The solution to my chicken nugget addiction is to try to help make dinner some nights so I can secretly convince my family (fellow chicken nugget addicts) to make more vegetarian meals, although it will be hard to resist the delicious nuggets. Finally, I need to focus on self care, this has to be my hardest resolution because I am constantly beating myself up over minuscule things that just consume my time and effect my well being. The easy fix to this problem is to use all this doubt to push me towards my goals because to be/think better is to do better, even though I know sometimes I will comply to my doubts, but ultimately see the brighter side because there always is one.

    • I relate to this SPIRITUALLY. Procrastinating and chicken nuggets are my weaknesses. As far as avoiding procrastinating I just shutting off my phone while I’m working so I’m not tempted because turning it back on requires like 30 seconds. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. For the chicken nuggets, Trader Joe’s has some super sweet edamame chicken nugget things that are pretty good. Not chick fil a by any means, but good!

      • Oh I fixed it haha! I relate to this SPIRITUALLY. Procrastinating and chicken nuggets are my weaknesses. As far as avoiding procrastinating I just shutting off my phone while I’m working so I’m not tempted because turning it back on requires like 30 seconds. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. For the chicken nuggets, Trader Joe’s has some super sweet edamame chicken nugget things that are pretty good. Not chick fil a by any means, but good!

    • As a fellow vegetarian and chicken nugget lover, MORNING STAR HAS THE BEST VEGETARIAN CHICKEN NUGGETS. They taste really good, not like the “oh I can definitely tell this is fake meat” kind. Seriously, I 10000% recommend them. Even my meat eating friends like them 🙂

    • Self care is a great resolution! It makes one want to focus more on what is needed rather than what is wanted for yourself

    • I love your resolution to become vegetarian!! As a vegan, it is amazing to see more people making conscious food choices that will benefit animals, their health, and the planet! I would definitely recommend trying the Gardein or Morning Star meat free chicken nuggets if you are having a hard time giving up chicken nuggets; alternative meats are a great transition food!

    • One resolution you definitely don’t need is being funny because I loved how simply hilariously relatable this was. I’m a major procrastinator and self-deprecating human too, and I’m crossing our fingers the two of us succeed in being the A+ students and confident people I know we can be!

  5. 1. My first goal is to drive for 20 minutes per day five times a week because I have recently received my license about 15 days ago and I feel very uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the car. By the end of February, I want to be regularly driving farther distances to overcome the slight paranoia that I currently have and ENJOY it! One thing that may impede on this is if I get up too late to practice driving in the mornings.
    2. I also desire to drink at least 50 oz.of water per day or about 3 entire full bottles in my hydro flask. I want to be moving toward a healthy and functional body every day; it is essential to not only keep myself hydrated before soccer games, but it will also keep my vocal chords lubricated and produce a better sound. By the end of March, I hope that this will be a daily habit in my schedule. I think that this goal is quite ambitious with the minimum amount of water I consume now it may even be unattainable, and likely I will run into the issue of forgetting to constantly refill and drink the water.
    3. Finally, I would like to schedule 3 college visits between now and March for this year because I am heading into the second semester of my sophomore year with little idea of where I want to spend my future and what exactly I want to do professionally. An obstacle here may be the cost to travel to the campuses, but maybe I will start with several that are within 10 hours of driving distance.

    • Water is SO important! It’s really hard to remember sometimes, but yes, as a singer and soccer stud, hydration is key!! It also helps with almost everything health wise.

    • Congratulations on your license! that’s really cool! I’m trying hard to get mine hopefully in a couple months and also have a goal like you to practice on the road.

    • I just got my permit and driving is tough at first and i know that with focus and hard work you can do it! Also Congrats on your license!!!

  6. “Resolutions”
    1. Learn the weird notes earlier: this year has been challenging, but very fun! With all the music we get I seem to repeat mistakes more often because I am practicing multiple things then I forget the small details. I want to get the intricacies down earlier rather than later so I can help out myself with stressing out about my part and help the section as a whole.
    2. I NEED to figure out my directions. I have such a hard time with left and right. Still! I’m not kidding. Once I get dances down it’s fine, but getting there is so much harder than it is for most. I need to work extra hard earlier and get it down to muscle memory so I don’t have to worry as much before the show.
    3. On a more personal level I need to be WAY more positive. Towards myself and others. I have this “resting B face” as many would say that is not inviting at all. While most of the time I’m sleep deprived, stressed, and aggravated I can do a better job of being pleasant. I need to not be so hard on myself it’s toxic and I would like to boost myself up a little more than tearing myself to shreds.
    1. Patience: this goes with being more positive, but seriously I am SO impatient. I need to be more patient with my peers, family, and the world. Who cares if someone wants to go 40mph in a 45? It’s all good. Who cares if it takes someone longer to get a part you may find simple? Everyone has different challenges! This is a hard one to overcome haha, but it’s definetly needed.
    2. Time: time has always been an obstacle for me. I have a really hard time balancing all my lessons/privates, practices, choir, and school, however, I can not let that make me late to rehersal and other activities. I must improve on my punctuality.
    3.Procrastination: I’m honestly probably going to get stuck on my phone for 30 minutes after this assignment because there are memes, Netflix, YouTube, social media etc. etc. that distracts me from the little free time that I have. I must resist!!!

    • I need to work on my patience with others as well. You are so right that everyone is different- I just need to accept that and move on haha:)

    • YES remembering all the little weird notes is so hard, especially during show choir, because you get so focused on the dance instead of the small details of the song. I definitely have to work on that as well. Good luck!!

    • I agree!! Learning your pieces early to work on rythmns and such layer is a great idea! That seems like a great resolution and I will work on that as well!

    • I also struggle with dances endlessly, and I hope that with practice and dedication, dances during the second semester will come more easily before the show.

    • I also wanna be more positive all the time!! It’s the worst when you feel sad and then you make other people feel sad by spreading your negativity. SO YES TIME TO SPREAD POSITIVITY YEEYEEYEYEYE

  7. I think that my first goal for this semester would be to be more positive with myself and with what I know that I am capable of. A lot of times, especially when it comes to school or extra curricular activities, I beat myself up over things that I think that I do wrong or not good enough. This semester, I’m going to try to be more positive and easy on myself. I hope that this mindset will make it easier to get better at certain tasks. Also, I am a perfectionist, so I think that maybe I should try to “go with the flow” a bit more. I am always putting together my room, following the schedule of homework in my assignment notebook, and aware of all that is going on in my afternoons after school. Not that this is a bad thing, but often, I find that when something does change, it very difficult for me to adjust to that change and it ends up freaking me out a little. An obstacle for this may be my already strong habit of organizing everything that could possibly be organized. Finally, I would love to find time in my busy day to help my dad make dinner. He always finds time to make sure that we are fed each night, even if it means ordering a last-minute pizza. However, it might make it easier on him if I help out too, especially since I love to cook/bake. I just hope that I can overcome the obstacle of all of my school work and after school sports to find time to do so:)!

    • I honestly wish I could have your last resolution haha. But, I can’t cook or bake for my life even though I wish I could!

    • I think it is great that one of your resolutions is to be more positive and be easier on yourself! I am working on this too and I agree that having a positive mindset is crucial in order to succeed at this.

    • Your dad would love that…he would get to spend more time with you!! I totally understand your first one. It is easy to beat ourselves up, much harder to pat ourselves on the back!! I am cheering you on!!

  8. My first resolution would be to just keep my grades up and not slack off. On other resolutions would to become more self motivated. And my final one is to not care what people think of me as much. One obstacles would be my lack of willingness to put the effort into get good grades even though I want too. Also I’m pretty busy after school but I’ll just work around it. Also I’m very social so I’ll talk in class sometimes so I should probably not do that.

  9. My first resolution is to stop belittling myself when I need to realize I’m not perfect and that I gave it all my all. Next, I want to start having more patience because I easily become angry or irritated for no reason basically. Finally,my friends know I’m brutally honest when it comes to asking my opinion on things and I like that about myself. But I want to be more kinder with my words when I’m being honest cuz I tend to add harsh words when I’m giving my honest opinion.

    • I also struggle with perfection and downgrading myself for it, thinking I could have done better. Hopefully both of us will be able to overcome that this year!

  10. My first resolution is to be more organized and on top of things. I procrastinate so much and at the last minute I’m left with a lot of things to do and barely any time, so am obstacle I’ll be faced with is changing my habits from what I’ve done for such a long time. Another resolution I have is to not only work on the vocal aspect of music, but to focus more on music theory in general, not just for voice. The obstacle that I have with studying music theory is that I’m also trying to study for school. Lastly, I want to be more positive and to look forward to things instead of dreading them. An obstacle that gets in my way of actually doing this is that I have a pretty negative view on lots of things and that makes me want to do them even less. Also, it makes me less positive and optimistic.

    • I too would also like to work on not not the vocal aspect of music but also the general music theory! I think improving my music theory knowledge would benefit me greatly from being able to sight read, sing, and understanding music better. Best of luck to the both of us!

  11. My first resolution I have would be to get good grades for all of my classes. An obstacle for this would be that I always tend to procrastinate. My second resolution is try to talk less in classes. An obstacle for this would be that I always sit near friends that make me want to talk. My third resolution is to be more confident on/ off stage. An obstacle for this would be that I constantly second guess myself.

    • Your resolutions are really good and super relatable. I definitely need to talk less in my classes too. I completely agree it is so difficult not to talk to your friends when they are right next to you.

  12. I am a firm believer in that New Year resolutions are pretty useless, but of course I make them anyways. My first resolution is to get better grades, but my second is to be happier, and those two don’t ever go together for me. I always am so stressed and sad about homework and studying that I never get any time for myself, and when I do, I spend it worrying about school and counting down the minutes until I have to get to work again. I want to find a balance of studying well, but not stressing myself out to the point of breakdowns every night lol. I also really want to lose weight. I want to be more confident in my body and be overall healthier. My biggest obstacle is obviously myself. This has been my resolution for like 5 years and it never works out so we’ll see this year! (Catch me in December eating 20 Christmas cookies). I also really super wanna put myself out there more. My self confidence is about -2738235789235682379702 so I’d be nice to get it up a little bit 🙂 I want to try out for things more, because auditions are one of my biggest fears and I think that eventually if I try more, it will bring my confidence up.

    Overall, my biggest, most important goal is to just be happy, whatever that means.

    • Being happy is the best and most important goal you can set for yourself. I firmly believe in trying to be as happy as you can because obviously life can get rough but when you have a positive mindset it can make it easier. My most recent way to make myself happier was to surround myself with my favorite and luckily the happiest color, YELLOW!!! At first i just liked looking at the bright colored items whether it was clothing or simply a straw for my drink, but as time progressed i have found that it honestly did make me a more positive person. Silly, i know. My advice would be to fill your life with things your enjoy. It could be a color like me or maybe a scent or a song or a saying. 🙂

    • I completely agree and support you in your resolutions! Trying out and auditioning for pieces is hard to do but will be a great way to get out of your comfort shell.

    • One of my resolutions is also to be healthier too! However, I think the resolution to be happier is the most important one, and should be prioritized above the rest!

    • your resolutions are great!! auditions are terrifying, i’m planning on trying out for one this week and all i can think about is the negatives, instead of the positives, i’m always here if you want help practicing!!

  13. I often make New Years Resolutions for the sake of having something to look back on at the end of the year, but unfortunately I usually end up looking back on several incomplete resolutions. However, for this semester, I am going to do everything I can to achieve these goals. First, I really want to get more sleep. I know it sounds simple, but during the week I don’t get enough hours of sleep every night and really affects how I function during the day. This is partly due to my homework, and also due to my lack of time management skills. This is something I hope to overcome so I can finish what needs to be done faster and spend less time on things that don’t need to be done so I can get to bed earlier. Next, I want to spend more time making music. I want to sing more and play piano more in my free time. However, most of these things I’m doing completely by myself, so it’s been very difficult to teach myself pieces, practice professionally, etc. This is something I hope to learn more about so I can improve my skills in my art. Lastly, I want to try new things whenever I can and get out of my comfort zone. Whenever I get any free time, I usually spend the majority on my phone or watching TV. I want to try and do other things, like go on a little walk, or draw or read, or even a small trip with some friends. I want to add more variety to my life rather than the same norm every day, even if it’s just little things. Now that I have my goals laid out in front of me, all I have to do now is make them reality.

    • I love your resolutions! Weird thing to say, i know, but i feel as though i struggle with some of the same dilemmas as you do. I rarely get enough sleep which leads to my constant need for coffee and a groggy state of mind. I learned to cope with this a little bit by using the bedtime feature on my iphone. Its in the same app as the alarm and clock but it allows you to set a bedtime and a wake up time to ensure that you get a more constant sleep schedule. I have mine set to give me a 15 minute notice at around 11:20 every night so I’m in bed by 11:35 and get a good 7 hours of sleep before school the next morning. Just don’t forget to set an alarm too because i don’t think it sends a nonfiction to wake you up, just when its bedtime.

    • small trips with friends!! that’s awesome and totally achievable! we can plan something sometime and reach one of your goals!

  14. Three things I would like to work on this semester are to not procrastinate, to do my best in everything I do, and make time for myself to spend time doing things I love to do. Something that might prevent me from doing my best and procrastinating is becoming lazy this semester because it is my last semester as a senior. Seniors tend to not care about last semester in high school when they get accepted in the college they want. I hope I can stay on track and do my best! Lastly,I’m a person who likes to make everything perfect. I waste so much time working on things I forgot to go out and have fun with friends and family.

    • I really love your last resolution! It is so important to be happy and do things you love to do. I am also a little worried about second semester and hope that I stay on track with my grades.

    • One thing I need to work on too is not procrastinating so much! I always save everything until last minute which just ends up stressing me out.

  15. Some things i would like to work on this semester is to work on my music skills. I plan to learn how to play guitar and improve on my drum set, piano, and vocal skills. I would also try not to procrastinate projects because i end up getting like 2 hours of sleep and then my teachers punish me for sleeping in class. My last resolution is the watch the the entirety of Star Wars the clone wars so I can finally debate with Nathaniel and Matt on the same level of star wars knowledge.

    • i want to work on learning how to play guitar too. It will just take some time for me. And also i hate procrastinating too. It is something i need to work on.

  16. Resolutions and trying to better myself have always been a major part of my life, even though they don’t always go to plan. This year i decided to do things differently. My first resolution is to be healthier. I know this seems broad and stereotypical of a high schooler, but I don’t mean it in the typical I want to impress others way. I want to focus on fitness and health, which will include changing what i eat and my activity level, to better myself in order to overcome obstacles such as my constant knee problems. My second resolution is to start having fun again. I feel as though high school has been a burst of homework and studying (which I’m glad i did because they paid off in the end on test scores) but i want to let myself enjoy the time i still have as a kid since age 18 and college are both creeping up on me faster than i ever imagined. Obstacles that will slow me down on my mission to make the most of my senior year will be keeping my grades and responsibilities in check. My third resolution is to spend more time with my family. As sad as it is that i am moving out in a few months, it is happening. I won’t be able to just come home from class and enjoy a meal with my mom or go on a drive to get coffee with my dad. Obstacles that will get in my way of doing this are my other two resolutions as well as grades and preparing for college. Even if i do not complete these resolutions, i know that this is a year where i can potentially go all “rewrite the stars” on who i am and who i want to be. I am excited for what’s to come!

    • I think it is really good that you’re going to try and spend more time with your family. I have realized how fast the months are going by and how I will not be able to see my parents everyday next year. I love your attitude about being excited for what’s to come!

    • I want to spend more time with my family too Kendall! They are going to miss you and we will too next year 😦

  17. 1. My first resolution is to learn how to play piano and become a more efficient sight reader. The only problem with playing piano is moving my hands around so much. I know this a pretty literal reason, but it still counts. I frequently have pain in my hands, so moving my hands quickly and in a way that I am not accustomed to is not exactly ideal. The sight reading would come with playing piano, but first I have to actually start playing. So basically one of my goals is an obstacle for another depending on the way someone looks at it.

    2. My second resolution is to spend less time doing homework. I know that’s not exactly something anyone ever says, but from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I’m doing homework. I need to go out more and socialize with other people. One possible problem with this is my lack of initiating things such as going to the movies or going out to eat because I feel uncomfortable asking other people.

    3. My third resolution is to be more optimistic. Of course stating a possible problem does not exactly count as optimism though, so I’m not off to a great start. The biggest obstacle would be myself and having to constantly think about whether I am saying something optimistic or pessimistic.

    • I want to become a more efficient sight reader too! I definitely believe that playing the piano more will help with that goal!

    • I also don’t like spending a lot of time on homework but you cant control it. I want to learn how to play an instrument too but im not sure if i want to learn how to play the piano.

  18. For this semester, may first goal is to get to school in time in the mornings, and not be tardy every single day, like i have been for this year and all of last year. Luckily my second period teacher is very nice and rarely marks me tardy. Things that may get in the way of this are that I live in Woodland Hills so it takes a while for me to get to school in the morning with traffic and all, and the alarm clock in my room is twenty minutes slow, and I forgot how to change the time on it, and learning how would take time and effort, both of which I don’t have.

    The second thing I would like to this semester is not be tardy to third period or seventh period. This last semester I was tardy to those two classes, like, three days a week. I will do this by walking faster, and packing up from my last class before the bell rings. The thing that will get in the way of this is that I always see my friends in the hallway and stop to talk to all of them. I usually end up walking the opposite direction of my class so I can walk with them and talk to them more. I can avoid this by just saying hi and keep walking, and talk to them at nutrition or lunch.

    Third of all, I want to be nicer to my brother and family. Usually when I come home from school and late night volley ball practice, I am stressed out by homework or mad at my coaches or friends, and I get mad at them easily, which is not fair to them because they didn’t do anything to deserve my bad attitude. I can avoid acting this way toward them by expressing how I feel about my coaches and my friends, and not being a jerk towards them about it.
    I’m hoping that I can do this for not only this semester, but for the rest of my high school experience.

  19. One of my New Years resolution is to have better study habits and one of the obstacles that will affect this resolution is hanging out with friends and the distraction of my lovely phone. Another resolution that I I have is to drink more water.Im not really a fan of water which is very bad. I don’t really like the taste of it.😂My last resolution is to get all As this semester.My obstacle is my first resolution.I really need to study more!!!!

  20. 1. One resolution I need to work on is not procrastinating. I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to doing homework, projects, studying, etc. One obstacle includes time. This next semester is going to have more tests and projects, so I will need to find time to fit in all activities in my schedule.

    2. Another resolution includes working harder. This past semester has been rough, but the next one will be just the same. I will strive to taking more time to study and learn the material to make myself have better grades in the class. One obstacle includes knowledge. I will need to comprehend the information I learn in order to succeed.

    3. My final resolution is to be more prepared and involved with my choir. I will work to have songs and dances ready before they should be in order to make myself more aware of what I will need to work on. One obstacle includes my recovery from my knee injury Having the dances ready by the March show and competitions will be difficult, but I will try to learn and memeorize all as best to my ability.

  21. Goal One: get more sleep at night
    Obstacle One: susceptibility to impromptu after-school naps that throw off my sleep schedule at night
    Goal Two: develop better work ethic and study habits
    Obstacle Two: inherent laziness
    Goal Three: get a summer job
    Obstacle Three: absolute awkwardness around people I don’t know
    I’m looking forward to what 2018 has in store and overcoming obstacles to ultimately reach my goals:))

  22. My first resolution for this new semester is to not procrastinate. I bet many say that but really it is such a terrible thing I do because every time there’s a date for a test or project i procrastinate on doing the work. Last semester I had pretty decent grades except for one D in geometry. I think an obstacle for this would be many distractions due to my phone and other projects I have to do for other classes. My second resolution for this semester would be greater at geometry. I would usually know how to do it in class but when I would get home to do my work at home I would forget what to do. So I plan to focus more and understand what to analyze and remember what to do at home. One obstacle would be probably remembering and I also plan to get tutoring after school so also time managing for that. My final resolution would also probably be studying for upcoming tests. Just like in my first resolution I would get distracted and wait till the day before the test to study. In addition if I study and get the test I would get so nervous and forget the basic facts. An obstacle would probably be time managing again and really trusting myself to know my facts and believing I would get a good grade. Another thing to remember is really trying to be positive and believing you can achieve these goals to make a satisfying future. In conclusion I believe if I follow and remember these resolutions I believe I can make it through this year with knowing that I will achieve the next year and create an amazing future for myself.

  23. I really want to focus on not procrastinating this semester as much as I did last semester. An obstacle that I might encounter while attempting to achieve this goal is that other fun activities might get in the way of studying. Also, I want to learn how to play the ukulele better. A potential obstacle for improving my ukulele playing skills would be that I would not have enough time to balance that with school and my other activities. Furthermore, I want to be healthier this semester than I was last semester. For this resolution I will definitely encounter many obstacles because I love junk food, but I am going to give it a go anyways!

    • I agree with attempting to be healthier this semester. Watching what we eat and how we exercise is always good, but sleep is important to our health too.

  24. Three things I want to this semester:
    I would like to exercise more. I have terrible cardio and can barely make it through two show choir songs without passing out. One obstacle I might face is my extreme laziness and hatred of anything cardio related. Something else I feel I should do is read more. I used to read all the time and I really love it. However, I find it difficult to find books that interest me and I often forget or am too busy to sit and read. Also, I would like to learn more music theory. Often times during class I have no idea what is happening but everyone else seems to be on the same page. I just smile and nod. An obstacle that might prevent me from accomplishing this is that I have a hard time remembering anything like that; every time I read notes I still say in my head, “Every good boy does fine” or, “all cows eat grass”. It is going to take some effort but I’m confident I can accomplish my goals.

    • I 100% agree with you Vince in that I miss reading too ahhhh. I miss getting into a really good book; there’s no feeling like it!! I hope that this semester I somehow find the time to read as well!

  25. My first resolution is to be healthier so I won’t miss so days of school like I did in the first semester and I can do this by washing my hands more often and eating healthier. Second, I want to stop procrastinating on all of my assignments and I am going to do this by doing the assignment the day it’s given to me and being organized. Third, for Choir I want to be able to memorize lyrics and notes quicker and I can do that by practicing at home, even listening to other choirs sing the song for lyric memorization, and I can also listen to the Hercules songs in the rehearsal room to memorize notes and lyrics.

  26. 2018 is going to be a big year and there are some things that I would like to improve on this year. First, I am going to start doing my math homework the night it is actually assigned instead of waiting till last minute to do it. Something that might get in my way is that I am very busy and sometimes I don’t have enough time to finish everything I need.
    Secondly, I plan on taking my dog to the dog park more often. she really enjoys when I take her and I would really like start taking her more often. One thing that might hinder me from this is that I might be afraid to go out because of water assassins.
    Lastly, I am not going to not let other peoples opinions influence the things that I do. I can be independent at times but there can be situations where I let others determine the decisions I make. some adversity I might face in this is that there is always social pressure especially in high school.

  27. 1. My first resolution is to try new things and be more adventurous. For example, I have always wanted to go skydiving and shark cage diving. An obstacle I might face is overthinking my decisions and being afraid of what could go wrong.
    2. My second resolution is to be more positive each day. Instead of seeing the negative side of every situation I would like to try and find a greater good. An obstacle I might face is allowing people to bring my positive spirits down. 
    3. My third resolution is to go to bed earlier so I am well rested for school. I currently stay up every night until 12 or 1 am for no reason. An obstacle I might face is having to stop watching Netflix before I go to sleep.

  28. 1. My first resolution is to try new things and be more adventurous. For example, I have always wanted to go skydiving and shark cage diving. An obstacle I might face is overthinking my decisions and seeing what could go wrong .
    2. My second resolution is to be more positive everyday. Instead of seeing the negative side of every situation I would like to try and find a greater good. An obstacle I might face is allowing people to bring my positive spirits down. 
    3. My third resolution is to go to bed earlier so I am well rested for school. I currently stay up every night until 12 or 1 am for no reason. An obstacle I might face is having to stop watching Netflix before I go to sleep.

  29. Resolutions & Obstacles:
    1. One resolution of mine would probably to stop worrying about everything and creating unsessary stress for myself. I’m the type of person that is incredibly hard on myself whenever I make a mistake or when I don’t do things to the best of my ability. Something that I don’t realize is that whenever I stress, I am more prone to make mistakes or do not achieve it the best of my ability. What I’m hoping to improve on is to not be upset or embarrassed whenever I make a mistake because in reality our mistakes makes us stronger individuals. The obstacle is that if I’m not nervous for a test or a choir concert for example, them I get worried for being worrried which creates more stress.
    2. One goal that I have, which is a goal I have every year is to improve myself as a person. At the end of every year, I look back at the past and reflect and wonder, “how can I become a better student?, how can I be a better friend?, how can I become a better son and brother?” I know I’m filled with flaws and it is always good to ask yourself, how can I be better?
    3. My last goal is to meet Beyoncé! I feel like 2018 will be the year I meet the incomparable Queen 🐝 . The obstacle for meeting my Queen is that she is not on tour and it’s not like I’m going to run into her at the supermarket or something like that. I just don’t know why but I think this year will be the year I meet her.

  30. Resolutions:
    1. I want to improve my time management. Last semester, I lost so much sleep over procrastination and I will NOT let myself do that again. Sleep is too good.
    2. I want to gain more self confidence. It’s so difficult to step out of my comfort zone, but every day I can feel myself growing and becoming more and more like the person I want to be!! Yes self love!!
    3. I want to be more positive. There’s no point in dwelling on past mistakes when I can be enjoying moments now with the people I love.

    1. As previously mentioned, sleep is too good. Sometimes I procrastinate BY sleeping (in the form of after school naps). However, I am determined to get my work done AND sleep a decent amount every day.
    2. Being comfortable with myself is suuuuper duuuuper difficult because I tend to overthink EVERYTHING. For instance, if my eyeliner is uneven one day, OH BOY I will legitimately think about it the entire day. Hopefully, as I try to increase my self confidence, I’ll also think and care less about petty things.
    3. Always staying positive and giving out good vibes is really hard, especially when stuff just sucks. I hope that this semester I remember that only I am in control of my emotions, and that if I truly want to be happy, I can make it happen 😀

    • I agree, being positive is easier than trying to hold a grudge and be unhappy. That is something that I also need to work on.

  31. My resolutions and obstacles are:
    1) Really reduce my use of plastic. Plastic is horrible for our planet and I really want to start being more conscious about how much I am using to hopefully make a difference. I have a ton of reusable items, the problem is remembering to use them. An obstacle for me will be remembering to bring my reusable grocery and produce bags into the grocery store when I go food shopping. I always plan to bring these and then forget, so I need to be more serious about that. Same with reusable coffee cups, lunch containers, and more. I just need to make it a priority to use them over plastic.
    2) Focus more on music. With everything going on in my life in 2017, I have kind of drifted away from music, but I want to go back to it being my #1. To do this, I am making it a priority to find time everyday to practice guitar, singing, or song writing. An obstacle will be always finding time for music even on hectic school days, but I know that if I have time to watch YouTube for 2 hours, I definitely have time for music.
    3) My last resolution is all my personal health goals. I am already a pretty healthy person with eating 100% vegan, drinking a good amount of water, and working out 5-6 days a week, but there are areas I would like to improve on. First, I want to start doing yoga again. I used to do yoga almost daily, but in the past year I have been really into high intensity workouts like HIIT, running, and strength training. I love how it feels to workup a sweat and get all my frustrations out, but I have injured myself a number of times and think I need to chill out a little. That is why I think incorporating more yoga into my fitness routine will be very beneficial because the stretching will help prevent injuries and it will be great for my mental health. Speaking of mental health, I also want to start meditating. Right now, I am going to aim for at least once a week, but hopefully I will slowly build that up to almost everyday. I tend to get really stressed out and in my head easily, so I want to meditate more. Lastly, I want to improve my running. I know it kind of contradicts the yoga and less intense workouts I just talked about, but I love running and one of my goals is to run a half marathon this year. I have already started training and my only obstacles are not getting injured (which I already have… thanks hip flexor) and staying motivated. My obstacles for this resolution category are not having enough time and simply being lazy, but I know I can find time and I need to motivate myself.

  32. This new semester I want to:
    1. Not use my phone while doing homework.
    2. Always look on the positive.
    3. Try to say hello to 1 new person a day.
    Things that will stand in my way:
    1. The distractions that my phone causes while sitting next to me such as social media, texting etc.
    2. The negativity people around me say makes me think about all the not so good stuff in my life.
    3. The fear that someone won’t like who I am is an extreme barrier that stops me from making friends. By saying hello each day to one new person, I might be able to make new friends!!

  33. So my resolutions for this semester and year are to be less anxious, I’ve been super anxious about the future lately and just need to understand that I can’t control everything. The next is to be healthier, so like exercise, eat healthier, and be mentally healthy. An obstacle for this is I’m usually unmotivated and want to take a nap instead of going to the gym. And last but not least I want to read more. I never really liked reading growing up and have recently started enjoying it more, so I think I want to find a good book. An obstacle for this is I’m super busy with school and choir so I’m not sure when I will find the time for this. Also any suggestions for a good book??

  34. Well my resolutions this year is to have my timing organized since sometimes I do my homework late. Another is being more out there since I rarely raise my hand. Also, I need to actually start studying, even if I get good grades without studying I think I could be better. Some things that could get away are Family things like going out to eat or party, my procrastination, and getting distracted while doing homework with music or texting.

  35. 1.) I would like to continue buliding up my confidence. It’s really important to have in life and I have always struggled with it.
    2.) I should also work on studying for test and quizzes because my grades are super important to keep up.
    3.) I want to start hangout more with friends whenever I’m free. I always end of watching Netflix instead of hanging out with them on friday nights and I should stop.

  36. This semester I want to stop being so lazy and start doing my homework at home instead of waiting to do it the class period before it’s due. I need to stop dedicating my time on so many tv shows. I watched 8 seasons of how I met you mother in two weeks. I need to change my habits.

  37. 1. My first resolution is to start eating healthier. At the beginning of senior year I was so overwhelmed with work and college applications. As a result, I noticed that I started eating a lot of fast food because it was quick and cheap. Additionally, I realized I no longer was eating breakfast because I didn’t give myself enough time in the mornings and began drinking coffee every morning. One obstacle I will face is that I will need to force myself to go to bed earlier, wake up earlier for school, and make time for breakfast. Furthermore, I will need to work on managing my time better so that Im not eating fast food everyday.
    2. My second resolution is to start working out more and running again. Because of work, trying to balance my time with my friends and family, college applications/visits, my mission trip and finishing off senior year with good grades I came to the realization that I simply didn’t have enough time to run track this year. Track practice forced me to make time to workout however, now I am very unmotivated to make time for exercise now that I have very little free time and when I do I am always exhausted. The major obstacles I will face are getting all my applications done this week and quitting my job. By doing these things not only will I not be so exhausted all the time but I will have time to workout. Additionally, I will be able to spend more time with my friends and family and be able to sleep more often.
    3. My final resolution is to get my sleep schedule back on track. Most nights during the week I stay up very late watching Netflix and on the weekends I sleep in so late that it makes it even harder for me to wake up early during the week for school in the morning. Clearly, the major obstacle I face is forcing myself to shut down my technology at a reasonable hour and going to bed.

  38. Some things that I would like to improve about myself for this next semester would have to be attentiveness to practice music at home to be better prepared even though I am constantly tired when I get home, especially for the up coming choreography. Paying more attention in class, even though having laughs with friends is so fun. As well as completing assignments with more time in between me completing it and the due time even though I am a really bad procrastinator.

    • Preach, me too though. Finding time to sleep with all the classes piling up is a struggle. Learn now so you have a system for later in life haha.

  39. One of my resolutions would be to stop toe dipping into the songs. I should start being confident in the notes im singing even if I don’t get them right because afternoon I know my mistakes I know what not to do. An obstacle would be just being shy about it. Another resolution would be to stop being so lazy once I get home. I should start studying more for my tests and quizzes because of know I can get good grades I just don’t study enough. And my last would be just to be a nicer person and not get as mad over criticism and just use that to be a better me.

    • Yes Nathalie!!! Don’t toe dip you are my queen and your voice should be heard!! And I totally relate on the procrastination thing, but hopefully the reward/feeling of getting a really good grade will be motivation not to procrastinate in the future!

  40. 1) start practicing more at home
    -I might forget or not be motivated enough to do it
    2) be more confident when I sing
    -not knowing the material and messing up
    3) stop talking inbetween songs
    -my friends stand right next to me

  41. I want to keep practicing my music daily, focusing on non manuals like facial expression and body movement, and working on vowels. Something that i can work on is being more focused during class, and fully memorizing my music

  42. My first resolution is to be the best friend I can be and to love and serve others to the best of my abilities. Obstacle: Sometimes it can be hard to love and serve those who have caused destruction and sorrow.
    My second resolution is to meet Grant Gustin and be on the Flash. Obstacle: The casting lady probably won’t cast me in the show…not yet at least;)
    My third obstacle is to visit every Disney Park on Earth, and collect every Disney hat and pin. Obstacle: I haven’t earned a million dollars…yet.
    My fourth resolution is to ace all of my second semester classes. Obstacle: I have to manage my more efficiently, and minimize the amount of time I spend on my phone.
    My fifth resolution is to become the best driver on the streets. Obstacle: There are too many terrible drivers on the roads.

    • This year I am also going to focus on being a better friend and forgiving those who have caused issues in my life. Also, I agree that this may be difficult especially if these people have broken your trust or betrayed you.

  43. My first resolution is to be the best friend I can be and to love and serve others to the best of my abilities. Obstacle: Sometimes it can be hard to love and serve those who have caused destruction and sorrow.
    My second resolution is to meet Grant Gustin and be on the Flash. Obstacle: The casting lady probably won’t cast me in the show…not yet at least;)
    My third obstacle is to visit every Disney Park on Earth, and collect every Disney hat and pin. Obstacle: I haven’t earned a million dollars…yet.
    My fourth resolution is to ace all of my second semester classes. Obstacle: I have to manage my more efficiently, and minimize the amount of time I spend on my phone.
    My fifth resolution is to become the best driver on the streets. Obstacle: There are too many terrible drivers on the roads.
    My sixth resolution is to become the best musician I can be whether it be singing, dancing, or playing guitar or piano. Obstacle: I need to make time to practice to further improve my skills.

    • I love your third resolution, and I am also a huge Disney fan. Even though you might not be able to complete the entire goal, I am sure you will be able to make progress this year!

  44. My first resolution is to stop over thinking things, because it has been a huge problem for me and makes it hard to just relax and be social when I need to be. One obstacle that I think may prevent me from reaching this goal is the public view that people have on me because I find it almost impossible to not stress over what others think of me. I have been told multiple times to ignore what others opinions on me are and just be myself; however, the minuscule possibility of people hating me and spreading harsh rumors is still pretty daunting. Another resolution I would like to make is to widen my singing range, specifically in the higher registers. A problem that may occur is the fact that I don’t feel comfortable singing in front of my family (for whatever weird reason, I honestly don’t know) and that makes it hard to find time outside of choir to practice. The last resolution I would like to make for now is to find more hobbies. Besides drawing and singing (and studying) I pretty much don’t do anything. And it has come to my attention (maybe with the not so friendly encouragement in the form of 2 hour rants from my parents telling me to do new stuff) that I should probably find some new activities to try. A very big obstacle that may stand in the way is the fact that time is tight in highschool and finding new hobbies to invest my time in would ultimately shorten the small amount of time that have to spend on singing and most of the time: drawing. Since drawing is so important to me I don’t want to lessen the amount of time I have available to practice it, and that contradicts with my own strive to discover new things. I’ll stop with the sugar coating and just say I’m pretty lazy, too; so procrastination is definitely going to be a problem.

  45. My first resolution is to stop procrastinating. The obstacle in my way of this is that my phone presents many distractions to me that i can never refuse. My second resolution is to keep my grades up. The obstacle in my way of this is my laziness and lack of motivation to do my work. My last resolution is to eat healthier food. The obstacle in my way of doing this is that all of the food i want to eat is not good for me and most healthy food just isn’t quite as delicious.

    • I also want to stop procrastinating !! I hate having to do all the work at the last minute just because I didn’t feel like starting it earlier.

    • Try turning off your phone for the duration of how long you want to do homework, that helps me! Or maybe work in time limits and then take a quick phone break and then start working again

  46. My first resolution this year is to try harder in school and try to get all As instead of As and Bs. An obstacle that can get in the way of that is my phone and social life. My second resolution is get in better shape. I feel like i have not been working out as much as i should and an obstacle in the way is me being lazy. The last resolution i have is that i want to is to become a better friend to others. The obstacle is that i need to like them and be nicer to them.

  47. This semester I want to work on studying more. Some things that may stop me from this are my phone, sports, and keeping up with my homework. I also want to work on being more open to try new things. An obstacle may be that I don’t really know what the new thing is going to be like so I’m afraid to try it. Another thing that I was to work on is talking less in class. An obstacle of this is that I have many friends in my classes and I love to talk to them.

    • In regards to trying something new, let me tell you, when I was younger, I was the biggest opposition against that. I never wanted to learn to swim, or read, or bike because I was comfortable with what I had and didn’t know what I was missing. However, everything I didn’t want to do then, I love doing now, so if you just go in with optimism and a don’t-knock-it-before-you-try-it mindset, I’m sure you’ll find new things to love as long as you put yourself out there.

  48. My resolutions for the coming year involve being less anxious and unironically self-deprecating as well as dealing better with obstacles themselves and giving everything in school a constant 100% for as much of the time as I can. While being less anxious and self-deprecating seems like something simple in theory, it’s easier said than done and it means I have to work on not only becoming more comfortable with myself and my shortcomings but also being able to understand that not all situations will go in my favor and some are completely out of my control. Regarding overcoming obstacles, if I can do one of these other things without giving up, then I will succeed here too, the problem will be not folding at the first sign of hardship for me. I just have to find my niche for success and occupy it while understanding not everything can be perfect all the time. Giving my all is something I really hope to achieve as it’s my junior year and grades now are what colleges look at. That being said, it’s my junior year and good grades come from challenging classes so if I can overcome procrastination and put my pedal to the metal I think I can do well and be proud of my work in the semester to come.

    • I’m also striving to get good grades for college and am struggling with procrastination. I know I am still only a freshman but I believe that everything will help me onto the road to a great school. I know you will do great things this year!

  49. My new years revolutions are,
    1. Work out
    2. be nicer to my little bros
    3. work harder in school

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