New Semester Resolutions

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” – Carl Bard

“Never stop trying to become better than the you of yesterday” – Amy Rolniak

I have never been a fan of New Year Resolutions, but I am a fan of striving to be better.  Name three things you want to do better this semester.  Also include some obstacles that might get in your way.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday January 29 at 11:59 pm. To get full credit you will need three “resolutions” and three potential obstacles. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name. I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than new beginnings!!

Mrs. R.

188 thoughts on “New Semester Resolutions

  1. I’ve always been a fan of setting goals for the new year even though they are sometimes difficult to achieve. Some of the goals I have set for myself this is year are to not procrastinate, get my drivers license, and be my true self around everyone and not just the very few I know I can trust. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that there are many things that are distracting in the world,such as social media and extracurricular activities, that prevent me from doing my work when I first receive it. These same distractions (plus my fear of driving alongside all those people with serious road rage) might continue to prevent me from taking drivers ed and getting my license. I’m determined though! I will get it… sometime this year. I want to try to be more myself in front of others but the fear of rejection is what has, and probably will, prevent me from doing it. Being different is scary and people thinking you are weird is too. The reality is not everyone is going to like you but there are people out there who will. I can’t find them unless I’m my true self so why not start now!

  2. One of my resolutions for this year is to be a little less willing to please everyone. My family always tells me that I am “too nice” and that people will walk over me if I do not stick up for myself which is why it is something I hope to improve this year. This has been difficult for me because I am super self conscious and generally enjoy being liked by people, but I tend to reach too far in that direction. Another goal for 2018 is to improve my agility and quickness on the soccer field. Its usually hard for me to get better because I cannot find the time to practice, but I hope to make room for it in my schedule this year. My last goal for this coming year is to keep up my grades in all of my classes. I strive to end high school with a clean slate of all A’s and a solid GPA that will allow me to go to a great college. This is going to be the most difficult because of how mentally and physically draining it will be, but I hope to follow in my sister’s footsteps and work just as hard as they did in high school.

    • I feel the same way. One of my goals is to have a great GPA too and do my best in school. I as well really want to go to a great college and know that comes with a lot of hard work.

  3. 1. My first resolution is to try new things and be more adventurous. For example, I have always wanted to go skydiving and shark cage diving. An obstacle I might face is overthinking my decisions and seeing what could go wrong.

    2. My second resolution is to be more positive everyday. Instead of seeing the negative side of every situation I would like to try and find a greater good. An obstacle I might face is allowing people to bring my positive spirits down.

    3. My third resolution is to go to bed earlier so I am well rested for school. I currently stay up every night until 12 or 1 am for no reason. An obstacle I might face is having to stop watching Netflix before I go to sleep.

  4. My first goal is to be step out of my comfort zone more. I feel I am always trying to stick with what I am comfortable at and not reaching out too often to try new things I have never done before. Some obstacles that may get in the way of this, is constantly second guessing myself instead of just doing it. My second goal is to hopefully become a great driver. I have my permit right now and have been practicing when i can on the weekends. I really want to obtain my drivers license as soon as i am able to. An obstacle that can get in the way of this is not making enough time for practice. My last goal is to do the best I can in school. I always try my best and school and realize college will be here faster than I think. I really hope to keep my GPA high. Some obstacles would be procrastinating and letting myself be distracted from my studying and homework.

  5. 1) My first goal is to practice piano every single day. I recently got one for christmas and I’ve been enjoying learning how to play songs. I ultimately want to be able to play songs by ear but I am not skilled enough yet and being able to to cite cite read would be crazy helpful. It isnt always easy though I love playing piano there are I’m super unmotivated to even move.
    2) GET BETTER AT DRIVING. It is very frustrating not being able to drive yet I’m almost done with high school and I’m decent at driving right now but I need the freedom that comes with being able to drive. Its really lame having to depend on other people to do stuff I wanna do.
    3) Form a strong friendship. This has been my goal ever since i started school at Westlake and I haven’t been able to achieve it yet. I do think I’m buds with some people but I don’t really get invited anywhere or go to people’s houses and get to enjoy their company. I wish i could be more extroverted but I usually isolate myself from others because I feel like I am a burden to them and non one wants me around. I don’t feel like i’ve connected with anyone since I’ve switched to Westlake. I hope I can change that this year and find some strand of confidence in myself to talk and connect with more people.

    • I know you are going to think I am lying but your #3 is also mine!! I totally get the burden thing. Keep at it because you would be a great asset to anyone’s life!!

  6. 1. I hope to sleep much earlier than I have been in the habit of, so that I can be more alert and energized throughout my day. School obligations and talking to my friends will be my main obstacles.
    2. I hope to do more things just for fun/to relax. Sometimes I forget to enjoy my time with my friends before we are all at different colleges, and I focus too much on school. So my main obstacle is letting go of my grades a little and just having fun.
    3. I hope to let go of past issues with others and focus more on the present. An obstacle is being able to trust someone after the trust has been broken.

    • I can totally to relate to all your goals and think there great ideas. Although some of them maybe hard I think you can definitely accomplish them!!

    • I go to bed early almost every night and I highly recommend sticking to that goal, it’ll help in the long run!!

    • I, also, stress out about school too much and grades that I don’t enjoy the time I have with my friends. You should enjoy high school and your friends before you graduate so you have no regrets.

  7. Each new year I look forward to set up goals that I know will make me a happier person. One of my goals for 2018 is to set aside time to relax. My phone, Netflix, and homework always get in the way when I try to cut out time in the day for myself. However, only two out of these are in my control. This leads to my second goal which is to cut down on electronic usage. However, whenever I receive an internet related homework assignment, I always find myself getting sidetracked. My last goal for the new year is to finish my gold award project for girl scouts. Even though this was a goal from last year, I really want to complete this project so that I can have one less thing on my plate. Since I was not able to finish it last year, I know that procrastination was the obstacle that prevented me from completing it, so I will not let that happen again!

  8. My first resolution has to do with the workload that I experienced this semester in classes. Sometimes all of the work can pile up and it gets to be extremely overwhelming. I need to be able to take a step back from the work to calm down and get back to it when I feel more relaxed. The obstacle that I could face is the amount of work and how badly I will want to just get it all finished. The next goal is to make time for the people in my life that are important. Wanting to fit in everything in my busy schedule could be the obstacle I could face for this goal. My last goal is to be better at whatever I am doing and not be afraid to ask for help. This includes volleyball, choir, driving and being a good big sister. The obstacle that could get in my way is my pride.

  9. I have many goals for this year but here are the three that I want to happen the most:
    1. My whole life I have been a people pleaser and I have always cared what people think of me. I want to work on not caring as much of what others think. I don’t know how i’m going to do that right now so if you have any suggestions please comment on this and tell me how!

    2. I want to be able to sing higher. I know I will never be able to be a soprano but I would like to be able to sing higher so I can have wider range.

    3. I want to be more comfortable around new people. When I meet someone new I can be really shy and awkward but I want to be able to talk to someone new like i’ve know them my whole life.

  10. My resolutions for this year is for me to be confident and a lot less anxious. One of my resolutions is to try and get as many A’s and B’s as I can. I’m not the typical student that gets all A’s. I have struggles in my classes and I tend to let those struggles chase me until I get run over by them and I end up failing in life. I procrastinate when I’m doing my homework or class work. I turn in work that was due a week ago. I daydream in class because the question is too hard or I don’t do the question. I dearest ask the teacher for help because I’m embarrassed to ask them. This year is going to be diffferent. I will participate and ask questions if I don’t understand the question. I will try my hardest to turn in work in time. My second resolution is too try and get some exercise in. I’m not a skinny girl that wears crop tops and short shorts. I love food. I am always afraid of playing sports or I would deny walking or running with my parents. I fear I will get too tired and not want to go far or I’m just really lazy. I just self conscious about my body since I’m not skinny. When I run I just feel like other kids will judge me because I am a slow runner.My weight did not stop me. I like to try things I’m not good at. I joined field hockey at Westlake, and ever since I joined field hockey I have not regret my choice. My final resolution is to at least try out for a solo in choir. Not to get one. But to at least try. This is my first year doing choir and I’ve never sang in front of a group of people or sang with other people. I would just sing in my bedroom alone where no one could here my voice and I loved it. I’m so shy and self conscious. I fear that if I tried out for a solo in front of other people. I will get too nervous, start to shake,get sweaty and my face will burn up and get red. I will try to try out for a solo this year and the other years that I am here at Westlake. I don’t want my shyness and the self consciousness of myself take over the rest of my life.

  11. Three goals of mine for the new year would be mainly my confidence, its been a struggle over the years to break that bubble around me, I’m shy and not very talkative if I don’t know you well enough or feel comfortable. I’ve been trying to break it for years, trying out for solos, trying out to be more outgoing but somehow I still end up being shy and quiet. Another goal would be to be a better sister, my sister is a freshman and she’s going to need my help, I need her to not be shy like I am and take risks and go out and have fun. She’s such a fun person and I don’t want her to shy away. Lastly I would want to complete all my work right when I get home, I’ve been good about it this year but sometimes I slip its because I get too distracted and can’t focus but I’ll try my best and hopefully it gets better!

  12. For this semester, I would like to:
    1. Be more open to my friends and family
    2. Spend more time with my close friends
    3. Be more appreciative to myself and my accomplishments

    Obstacles to get in the way of my goals include:
    1. My busy daily schedule
    2. My slight (okay maybe not so slight) social awkwardness 🙂
    3.My negative thoughts and self-deprecating nature

    All in all, I’m very excited for the new year and I can’t wait for the new experiences and memories.

  13. One of the things I would like to improve on this semester is my sleep schedule, but homework and extracurriculars may get in the way. I would also like to be a better officer, this could be difficult because of my hectic schedule. Lastly, I would like to make less noise while Mrs.Rolniak Is speaking. This is made difficult by the distractions around me.

  14. My resolution is definitely to not procrastinate and get all of my work done on the date that it is due. One thing that might stand in the way of that goal is that I am very lazy and don’t like to do my school work.

  15. 1. I would like to get more sleep
    But, large amounts of homework and practices can make me stay up later
    2. I want to try to procrastinate less
    Procrastination has gotten in my way for a long time, but I often prioritize other things causing me to put one assignment off until it is too late
    3. I would like to be overall, more prepared and ready for everything!
    I often get sidetracked by little things, especially my phone, and that causes me to procrastinate and stay up late. I need to work on just staying more focused so I can become more organized and ready for the week I have ahead of me.

  16. My first goal is to stop procrastinating. Although I I always try to improve my work ethic I never seem to improve it much. One obstacle I will likely face is laziness. It’s so easy to for me to put my work off to the last day because I can relax before the assignment is due. My next goal is to eat less sweets. A major obstacle I will face is my sweet tooth. I had a hard time resisting eating anything sweet even when I don’t need it. My last goal is enjoy my senior year!! I want to take advantage of my last year in Highschool and being a kid. One obstacle I will gave is my busy schedule. Often time thing like work, volunteering, and school work interfere with going out with my friends so I want to prioritize things that will make me happiest and make my last year most memorable.

  17. Three goals of mine this year: work harder, be healthier, and try to boost my self confidence.

    I can never concentrate on any of my homework, which is my first obstacle. I get distracted by my phone, my family, and a million other things going on. I need to start finding time to focus and complete everything.

    Secondly, I have horrible eating habits. I skip meals, only snack, and it’s always junk. I need to start taking care of my body more and that’s only going to work if I can do it consistently. I plan on starting to exercise and plan out healthy meals every week.

    Finally, my self confidence.. This is a really hard spot for me. Through years of hardships I’be come to a better place in my life but my confidence is still lacking. I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in my life and once i achieve that, I feel like discovering myself will come more naturally and hopefully I can do that soon.

    • Boosting your self confidence is so important!! It’s so good to love yourself and be proud of who you are! glad you’re working on that:)

  18. My first resolution is to stay motivated throughout my last semester, and obstacle is being lazy and senioritis! My second resolution is to spend more time with my extended family that lives locally before I move away, but an obstacle would be they annoy me sometimes so I don’t want to be around them for too long! And a third resolution is learn how to ride a bike, but I don’t have a bike so I can’t really learn!

    • Im with ya on staying motivated throughout our last semester of high school Olivia. YOU CAN DO ITT!!! 🙂

    • I agree family does get annoying sometimes but it is definitely worth getting to know them better. Also, I could teach you how to ride a bike, it is so much fun!

  19. The first thing i want to do is drum or piano lessons. The second thing i want to do better is focusing alot in statistics because i seem to just let things happen when I should be trying more. And the last thing is spending more time with my friends because I dont know what is going to happen in the future when we graduate people will all go move and go to different places and i want to make my senior year as memorable with them as possible.

    1.) procrastination is a very big problem
    2.) I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to signing up for things
    3.) managing time

  20. My goal is to also not procrastinate and get things done when they need to be. I also want to get back into being more organized because I haven’t been lately and it’s been throwing me off. My last resolution is to try my best. Sometimes I’m just so tired and feel like I just need sleep which leads me to procrastinating, not being organized, and not doing my best. Hopefully I can change that for the new year!!

    • Being organized is so nice sometimes. I did a huge clean out of my room the other day and it felt so nice (afterwards)

  21. This semester, one goal I have is to have better time management. Some obstacles that might get in the way of that are my procrastination and other activities I have going on. In addition, I would like to be way more organized. Some things that might get in the way of that are being lazy and forgetful. Finally, I want to start working out more often. Although, homework might get in the way of that as well as after school activities and laziness.

  22. I would say the first thing I would really desire to get better at is sight reading. I feel this will be a very useful tool for me in the upcoming years of choir, so that I do not have to rely as much on my ear. Another resolution I have is to increase my upper range. With me being a base, there are higher notes which I desire to hit so that I may sing everything from bass to baritone. My last resolution would be to become a little more comfortable on stage. I feel a little tense sometimes and that’s due to confidence but also the scare of my voice breaking on a note hahaha:) The first obstacle that could be in my way is paying very close attention to minor details in the piece we are performing. Whether its moving down a half step or being completely on pointy with my attacks and my releases is something that could limit my progress. Another block in my path is the time I have for choir at this moment. Choir is something I want to focus more on, on the upcoming year, but at the moment with soccer, outside sports and academics it is hard to find time to practice. And the last obstacle I could think of is my lack of confidence in my voice. I really want to get over that feeling.

  23. My resolutions this semester are pretty varied. First, I want to get my 100 time down to 1:20 in swim. I’ve been trying to do this for a while, and my obstacle is that I can’t seem to push myself hard enough. Also, I want to stop procrastinating as much on my Euro study guides. This would really help my grades, but my extracurricular activities and Algebra tend to get in the way. Lastly, I want to project more when I sing, and learn to sing fuller. But, I’m afraid I’ll be on the wrong note and mess those around me up.

  24. One of my resolution this semester is to stop procrastinating.One obstacle is laziness. Another goal is to be more involved in choir activities. I Like to do more stuff for choir and attend more restaurants nights. One obstacle is my busy schedule and always have a lot of homework. My last goal is to have all A’s in my classes I believe I can achieve this goal because I was very close last semester. one of my obstacles can be my laziness.

  25. I ,as well, do not fully believe in New Year’s Resolutions. However, I do believe in the constant improvement of myself. Currently, I am working on a multitiude of things. The first being working on my breathe support. I lack the breathe support I need for the songs I hope to be able to sing. An obstacle against this may be my lack of practice. I do not practice enough to see the results I am hoping to attain. My second goal this year is to practice more. I hope to spend more time practicing singing whether it be just warming up or spending time working on the songs I’m learning. An obstacle for this would be procrastination. I have a tendency to procrastinate very often and make excuses as to why I have not practiced. My final resolution would be to learn more about Classical music. I know a small amount. However, I am partially classically trained ,yet I do not know many different Classical composers or singers. I hope to become familiar with a multitude of different operas to familiarize myself with the music. The thing that could prevent me from this is the struggle of finding time and focus to spend three hours watching an opera.

  26. 1) to get organized
    2) become better at time management
    3) to get a better swimming time
    Some of the obstacles that might get in my way are that getting a routine down…it is very hard to get a great routine down for organization. It is very hard to not put off things that you don’t want to do so doing my homework right when I get home Monday-Friday let’s me have a less stressful life and weekend. Swimming is a sport that you must stay in shape for so swimming often is very important to keep in shape and get a better time.

  27. 1. One resolution I have this year is not cheating on my diet and eating healthier. I’m allergic to gluten but is so hard when there is a delicious pastry in front of you or a warm piece of bread it is so tempting to eat. Also, I’m going to avoid eating fast food because it is both unhealthy and I don’t feel good after eating it. This is going to be difficult because the comfort food is so hard to resist when you are hungry after school and could quickly drive there pick it up.
    2. This year I want to be more efficient with my time . I don’t procrastinate with homework but I feel like it takes longer than it should . I am going to try to put my phone away to decrease the amount of distractions. This will be challenging because at the end of the day I am tired and it is hard to stay focused.
    3. I want to go to the gym more often this year. This is easier said than done because after a long day of school relaxing on the coach sounds more appealing than running on the treadmill. However, I will continue to push myself to workout because it will be rewarding in the end.

    • I feel you on the diet thing:// food is so good sometimes!! I don’t eat fast food either so going out with friends is hard sometimes but know it is possible!! Just takes some self control.. and maybe a snack before you leave the house haha

  28. Three of my new semester resolutions, or rather goals, include managing my time better, learning how to balance being open about emotions without wearing my heart on my sleeve, and work on vocal techniques. As seen by me currently completing this assignment about 20 minutes before the deadline, the greatest obstacle for improved time management is my addiction to my phone- those “I’ll start my homework in another 5 minutes” add up! Beginning to lessen the amount of time I spend on the pocket-sized apparatus, perhaps by downloading a VPN blocker or simply keeping out of sight, would be the first step in being a better time manager as well as student with good study habits and not-so-terrible of a prescription. Tied with poor time management would be my poor ability to distinguish being open about something and over sharing. An obstacle would be considering using social media as an outlet; instead, I should vent to someone who I trust with my more deep-rooted difficulties then share about my more mundane daily struggles like waking up with others to keep being a relatable individual but not one whose entire agenda is out for others to read and manipulate. Finally, while the last two resolutions have been academic and social based, this one is more personal. I’d like to work on honing my vocal skills, especially learning how to expand my currently limited vocal range, project my voice, and maintain proper technique while not looking “shook” doing so, since I’m not very happy with my singing voice and would like to be.

    • Wow I admire your self control with your phone which is so addicting. It’s really worth it though to put a limit on it because you live life through experiences and not a screen!

  29. Something I really want to change this year is my math grade. Math has always been a struggle for me and my family making my siblings and I not do good in math and it gets very stressful or embarrassing when you do not know what to do and just can’t understand what’s going on so that is what i plan to change. I also recently made the track team and I would like to be one of the top runners and hopefully move up up to varsity.

  30. I’ve always liked New Years resolutions because I feel like it’s a fresh start and an excuse to become a better you. One goal I have for this semester is to not get any Cs. I really want to get into a college that I love which requires me getting good grades. Learning new material might be hard, especially in math, but if I apply myself and study enough I can make it happen. Another goal is to move my body more. I recently started taking yoga classes and going to the gym and I love it! My body feels so much happier and I find myself in a better mood whenever I do. A minimum of 2 yoga classes a week and try to do at least a little something per day, even a walk. It gets difficult to get caught in the craziness of life but I realize it’s importanf to put your health first, whether that’s mental or physical. Thirdly, I want to go on more adventures and try new things. I’m pretty stingy when it comes to trying new foods so I would love to expand my horizons and venture out to new foods. I’m very excited for the new year.

    • My goals for 2018 are:
      1. To not procrastinate on any work I need to get done.
      2. To spend more time with my family.
      3. To get in shape and be healthier.

      Some obstacles are:
      1. My terrible laziness (which I will work on)
      2. My extremely busy schedule
      3. My sleep schedule

      Overall, I hope to be a much better person in 2018 and I can’t wait to see what will happen this year!

  31. 1)happiness
    2)more doors opening for my future
    3)stronger relationships and developing myself
    Things that would get in the way

  32. The first thing i would like to improve on is getting my homework done. Although i have pretty good grades, i tend to procrastinate a lot. Second, i would like to work on my singing and acting. I want to be the best performer possible so one day i can make a career out of it. Finally, i want to be kinder to people. I think im pretty nice for the most part, but i should be a lot less selfish and give back to the people that love and support me.

  33. 1. One of my goals that I’ve worked on this year was getting back into the groove of my workouts. Working out regularly and stretching. This was a goal of mine because I stopped cheerleading.
    2. To study and do extra studying because it always helps
    3. A New Years goal this year is to reconnect with my brother and sister because we had drifted apart after some events
    4. Be there for my mom more and to be more compassionate and understanding towards her because well, she’s my mom and the best thing I have
    5. To move on from things that are weighing me down. To be even more strong and willing than I have been.

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