Over the Rainbow – Critique

Our third blog assignment is to critique this performance of Over the Rainbow by E.Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen.  Do you enjoy this performance?  If you do what about it do you enjoy?  If you do not enjoy this performance, tell me specifically what you don’t like about it?  Think about intonation, rhythmic articulation, stylistic elements such as dynamics, phrasing, tempo.  Do you like the choices they made?  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 2nd at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love the coming of fall!!

Mrs. R

65 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow – Critique

  1. Over all I thought they sounded okay. I really liked the oo, ______ hoo’s throughout the song, mostly in the beginning. I didn’t like how the group was swaying back and forth, it distracted me i think because they were all moving different directions. I also notice that at some parts the weren’t that blended. You could hear individual voices throughout the song .

      • I totally agree, but I think that the only reason that individual voices were hear was because of the size of the choir. Considering that aspect, I would say that their ability to blend as the choir as a whole was fairly decent.

  2. I thought that they sounded pretty meh. They harmonized pretty well most of the song. I hated how they swayed the whole time, i thought it looked unprofessional and distracting. I also couldn’t find the soloist because he was in there hiding in the choir somewhere and i couldn’t hear him very well. I could also notice that they were not blending very well and i could hear individual voices. I also thought that the girls were singing too loud and the guys were singing too quiet.

    • I agree, I thought the swaying made the group look unprofessional and I felt distracted too. I think the girls were much stronger than the guys and kind of overpowered them. I feel like the soloists should have walked to the front of the stage instead of staying mixed up on the risers.

    • I definitely agree with the blending part. It really didn’t sound good, and I think it’s something our choir really has to strive NOT to do.

  3. Overall I liked the group and I thought they sounded pretty good. The men definitely were over powered by the female voices, but not to the point where they could not be heard. The swaying didn’t bother me as much as it might do to others, however, when they itched their face it caught my attention and was a little bit distracting. The group as a whole had some really great dynamic changes definitely getting louder toward the middle and then more quiet towards the end which I think fits the song. The worst part that really sticks out to me which wasn’t even that bad was the groups sound becoming too quiet during the guys solo. For the group I think picking this song was a good choice.

    • I really don’t think that overpowered is really the right word choice. They were prevalent, but, personally I thought that the balance of the male voices created a rounded sound that was quite pleasing.

    • I thought this was a good song choice for this particular group also. I felt like they were very strong with their dynamics and had an overall good sound. It was pretty obvious how quiet the group became during the first solo, which seemed sort of strange.

    • I have to agree with you on “Over the Rainbow” being an excellent song selection for this choir. I also agree with you on the singers’ actions that were distracting, from the swaying (although not for you, lucky duck) to the alleviating of itches.

  4. I thought the group sounded decent. They harmonized throughout most of the song but i could still hear some voices sticking out.The soloist was hidden within the whole group meaning i didn’t really hear him, i think that they should have brought the small groups and the soloist upfront to sing. The sound level was ok but when the soloist came on they became quieter which is a reason why they should put the soloist in front. They swaying bothered me and at the end when to guy playing the ukulele stood up it some of the group clapped and some didn’t making it look a little unprofessional.

    • Yes I agree with your ukulele soloist comment. If the ukulele soloist decides to stand at the end the whole group should applaud him. It show bad team work. I also didn’t mind the swaying.

  5. The group sounded pretty good, however, I noticed that there were times where I could only really hear one individual’s voice instead of the nice blended sound of the entire choir.This resulted in some parts sounding like a solo, even though the entire group was singing. I also did not like the way that the whole group kept moving, it made them look very unprofessional. I also noticed that some girls looked like they were slouching and not standing up straight. Overall, I think the group sounded nice, but I think they need to work on blending and their posture in order to look and sound like a strong, professional choir..

    • I also noticed that some girls looked very slouched and it made the group look unprofessional, especially with the odd amount of swaying already. I think if the group worked on their posture and keeping a more uniformed movement then they would look even more professional. There were a few times where I could hear individual voices stick out, which kind of ruined the blend of the group.

  6. I have mutual feelings about this performance of “Over the Rainbow”. Like some people have commented above, I felt that it was both distracting and unprofessional that they were all swaying at different times. I think that if they had all swayed tide tossed in time, it wold have been more ascetically pleasing. Furthermore, the fact that the solos were muffled with the 20 other people that were singing, made me disappointed because the sound was less impactful. I did, however, enjoy their very focused attention to rhythms throughout the song. We have been struggling with the syncopation of “high above the chimney tops”, but this choir nailed this and did it as a uniform voice. The very resonant low voices among the choir created a blend of both soprano and bass voices. Despite the fact that there were some individual voices you could pick out, I felt that the blend of the registers was spot on.

    • I’d like to politely disagree with your statement of the solos were muffled with the 20 other individuals singing. I think the solo’s sound was more impactful by having more than one soloist, but I do think the chorus’ sound was lost with the loss of vocals singing it.

    • I agree with everthing you said! Having the group sway in the same direction would look alot better and the blending of sounds between the different section definitely added alot.

  7. After watching this performance of “Over the Rainbow,” I have some mixed reviews, but I overall really did enjoy this performance. I thought the group had a pretty good sound as a whole and I really enjoyed the harmonies. I did not like how the soloists did not come down to the front of the stage, since it was kind of difficult to figure out who was singing the solo. Also, the swaying was quite distracting at times, for only some of the group was doing it. I thought there were some great dynamics shown throughout the song and the group had a good tone. I loved the oo’s in the beginning and thought it sounded really pretty. The ukulele really added a lot to the song and made it sound much better then it would without. I think this group has very talented individual singers, which makes the overall group have a strong solid sound.

    • I agree with all the points you have made! It took me several moments to figure who the soloists were- not only because they did not walk to the stage but also the distracting swaying. I loved the “ooh’s” as well; I believe having an entire section perform it allowed to be as powerful as it was.

  8. Like all performances, there exists area for further development in this choir’s “Over the Rainbow.” The successes of this piece were the well blended, uniform sound and vehement volume produced (especially by a group of such size) while shortcomings included poor dynamics and aesthetic conduct. I truly admire how full and powerful the resonance of singers was when they sang in unison; however, they do not crescendo into the large sound. Therefore, the song suddenly fluctuates from quiet to loud, which is a rather forceful and unpleasant surprise. Additionally, the chorale does not decrescendo, resulting in the opposite but equally unsatisfactory oscillation during the solos; the “doo doon doo’s” are hardly audible at these times. Although some singers are more prevalent than others, they do create one voice, which is a feat for a choir of 24. This may also be a personal pet peeve, but the swaying in multiple directions did draw attention away from the vocals. All in all, WRHS’ “Over the Rainbow” contains elements to be admired and utilized by Mixed but does not lack opportunities for improvement either.

    • I totally agree with you! Watching this choir sing the same song we will be performing soon helps us see what we need to work on to make our performance clean.

  9. Overall, I think this group did a pretty decent job singing this song. As a whole they had great dynamic changes. Throughout the song there was some places were certain voices were sticking out. The swaying and the itching was very distracting. It takes the audience attention from the song.

  10. I think this group did an ok job. One factor they could’ve improved on was balancing out the volume of the girls and guys. They should definitely work on getting the guys to sing louder and the girls to sing softer. Also they kept on swaying and itching their faces which distracted me from the song. But other than that, I think they did a great job.

  11. I think that overall this performance was solid. The different dynamics added a lot to the performance and I think that we should try to include some in ours. The swaying did look messy, and I would have preferred to have the soloist come down so that he or she was visible. They definitely focused more on the melody than the “doo’s”. Overall, the sound was strong and confident, and as a much larger group I think we have the potential to sound even better.

  12. I liked their overall sound. Their voices sounded mature and I liked how they sang each vowel well. I did hear some voices stand out though. Each voice was beautiful, except some individuals need to sing quieter and blend better. I didn’t like how the soloists stayed on the risers because I couldn’t tell who was singing a solo.

    • I have to agree with everything you said! I also liked the way they sung the song and it would have been better if the soloists came down for there solos because it was hard to tell who was singing.

  13. Honestly, I think it was really good! I couldn’t hear ‘doo doon do’s very clearly when the soloists sang and I guess I think that group didn’t have very strong voices, but I might just be saying this because our group is much bigger (and louder). I loved how the ukulele sounded though, it really made the performance better than it would’ve been!

  14. The altos were flat in this song and so were the sopranos. The solos were out of tune and the soloists weren’t trying as much. The group didn’t look happy to be singing either. The group also stood very still like statues.

    • The group did sway at some points, but not too much because that would distract the audience from their voices.

    • I thought they actually really liked the song and were happy singing it. I just think they got a bit carried away with that.

  15. I thought that this choir sang the song very well! Each of the parts sang well and blended nicely, such as the intricate “doon doon doo”s that come after the second group part. I liked how the sopranos hit the high notes easily and smoothly. The solo and group parts that we have (different arrangement for them) were executed very nicely and uniform. The choir overall had great dynamics and rhythms; I hope we can be as good as them, or even better.

  16. I thought the performance was just decent, not extraordinary but not bad either. The swaying really bothered me though, they were all going different directions and doing different things so it was hard to focus on one specific person. Also, they didn’t use many dynamics other than what is written in the music. It would have been nice to hear the guys better but girls typically overpower men so I didn’t mind it too much. The soloist at the very beginning sounded off to me especially with the high notes, he sounded like it was very hard to reach, though it may be the accustics or quality of the video. I overall though it was okay, but the song I believe was made for a larger group to have more umph.

  17. I found that this group sounded pretty good. I personally couldn’t hear the boys voices as much as I did the girls. I found that the swaying was distracting most because they didn’t all go in the same direction! The soloist in the beginning did a good job, but I felt like something was off about it at the same time. Overall it was an okay performance, but I feel like with a bigger group it has more potential to sound better.

  18. After watching this groups performance of “Over the Rainbow,” I thought it was sung very well, but there were aspects that I didnt like. The ooo’s at the being were sounded really pretty because of the dynamics they added in. I also thought, throughout the most of the performance the group had a nice tone, but there were parts that particular voices stood out which took away from that. The group also did a great job harmonizing. However, the constant swaying or not standing still was very distracting and made them look unprofessionsal. I wish that during the first guys solo you could hear the harmony more because it makes the solo sound even better.

  19. The overall sound of the group was great. I like how they did not make the soloist come out during their solo. This made the group look more relaxed which complimented the song. The arrangement of course is different from ours. For example, the men in this group sang the same part as the altos in our group. Also in the beginning, the group did not sing the doos, but sang the solo together instead. I prefer our arrangement over theirs because it shows each sections’ unique part.

  20. The sound of the whole group overall sounded great. In the beginning however they didn’t really blend well. They swayed which kind of distracted me. I could also hear individual voices at some times, maybe because of the small group. On the part of “oh some day i’ll wish upon a star…” they blended really well.

  21. I think they were quite good but I do have a few critiques. First off, I do like how they had the ukulele and I love how they gave more of the melody to the choir in the beginning rather than having it be all soloists. In regards to the critiques, the swaying was unessecary and in my opinion, along with them itching their faces it made the group look sloppy. They also could have done a lot better of a job at blending and the soloists could have come down the risers as well. Now remember, those are just the little things that bothered me personally and they did do the song very well. For example, they did a fabulous job with dynamics and you got this feeling that their heart was in the words they were singing. Overall, the WRHS’s performance is an excellent learning tool for us as a choir because it shows us the kind of things we should strive for and the kind of things we definitely do not want to do.

  22. Overall I loved the groups sound and I thought they looked very professional and put together. However, (maybe it was just the audio not picking it up I’m not sure) It was a bit hard to hear the guys in the beginning of the song. The solos sounded great and I think they did a good job at choosing soloists. Anther thing I noticed was almost all of them were slouching and weren’t smiling. I think they would sound and look more confident if they had better posture and smiled. Also, I really liked the “One day ill wish…” part, I thought that sounded really cool especially since it was acapella.

  23. Personally I found the performance a little bit boring to sit and listen too. Despite that, I do think that they did a wonderful job with dynamics. the groups dynamics was one of the 3 aspects that I enjoyed about the performance. one of other things I liked was specific individuals facials and how engaged they were. I enjoyed the ukulele and I’m very glad we have Josh to play for us during the performance. lastly, another thing I did not care for very much was how overwhelmingly loud the small group sounded, I could barley hear the doo doo’s.

  24. I enjoyed the choir a lot I think overall they did a great job but there were times hen their voices didn’t blend very well. Also throughout the song the men’s voices stood out a lot more so you couldn’t really hear the women very well. In fact personally I couldn’t hear the alto part at all. In the beginning i couldn’t hear the do’s at all witch really through me off but it still sounded great. the ending of the song was amazing! the solos are really good and were sung amazingly well. It sounded very whole and light i really enjoyed the group a lot.

  25. Personally, I thought that it was a fairly decent performance, but the very first thing I noticed was their movement, and while some people were lively, it did not seem very cohesive. I get that they were probably trying to seem interesting and happy, but it came off as distracting and messy. Additionally, I think the guys’ voices were kind of lost and overpowered by the girls, especially at the beginning; I could only really hear them at some parts. However, I think that their volume was pretty impressive for a small choir, especially at the “someday I’ll wish upon a star…” part. They seemed to hit all of the notes pretty nicely. As a whole, they are a pretty strong group, but I wish they had blended better because at times, voices would definitely stick out.

  26. Well first off, wow! They are so much better than us! The only part I disliked was at 2 minutes and 21 seconds when the guy second to the left in the top row touches his face. This bothered me because I was in Hague’s choir for three years, so when people touch themselves on stage it annoys me. Besides that, they seemed as if they were on pitch the whole time, and I enjoyed the sound of their soloists. Also because I was a “Hagueling”, I do somewhat enjoy watching the performer having movement on stage flowing to the music. And in case it was just the right amount of movement. Also they seemed to blend well throughout the whole song, and when it came to the guys having the leading part, they didn’t overpower the girls from my oppinion. Lastly, I enjoyed the performance because it sounded as if they were singing at a faster tempo than what we sing the song at, and it made me like their performance more.

  27. Overall I think this was a good performance. Just that there were parts where they sounded way louder than the other ones and I think that’s what made it kind of weird. The swaying back and forth thing didn’t work. I also couldn’t spot the soloist so that was kind of bad too. I really liked how they were really Loud but they should have done that during the whole song and not just on certain parts. But as a small group like there’s It was really good.

    • I also thought the swaying thing didn’t really work. The small groups did well but I was a little underwhelmed by the soloist.

  28. I thought that they sounded pretty good overall, but the ukulele sounded really loud, and not as subtle and smooth. Also, when they got really loud at points, it sounded almost as if they were yelling. The individuals in the group tried to do too much vibrato in their voice, which at some points just made their pitch sound off. They also were shifting around a lot, which made them look uncomfortable on stage. I also thought that they sang the song a little too fast. But, overall, they sounded in tune and the parts blended decently well.

  29. I really enjoyed this groups performance of “Over the Rainbow”. I think they blended well and each part was very strong. The ukulele added a great touch to this small group but in some points you could hear individual voices. I also enjoyed how each section had their own solo while the others did the “oos”. Additionally the solos were very strong and confident in their part however they never came down from the risers, so the audience was not able to identify who the soloist was. Lastly, i think that the swinging did not look professional and was very distracting.

  30. I thought it was a preformance well done. One thing that I would fix is that at the beginning it’s hard to hear the doos. But they were all well blended and the solos were awesome as well. If MC preformed like this I would be very happy and proud.

    • i’d be proud of MC if we sung like this too! i’d love to have all of us blend as well as they did

  31. Overall all I thought the performance was decent. Even though it is a hawaiian song I liked the effect of having more formal clothing. Additionally, I loved how they incorporated ocapela singing. I also liked how they blended in the singing with the ukelele. Finally, I think that the performance would’ve been more interesting if they would’ve showed more emotion during the song.

  32. I thought that they did pretty well, but I did not enjoy the swaying. Also, the volume wasn’t very consistent. At times they where loud, and at others they where quite. I have to say though, I liked the ukulele. Overall, it was a decent performance, but it could have been better.

  33. I thought overall, the performance was well done. they blended well with each other and the rhythm stayed the same. they didn’t go faster or slower then the tempo. i liked the way they connected with each other while singing by looking at each other in a pleasant way. even though it was a small group, i admired that they sounded professional because of the way they projected their voices.

  34. I got sad when I didn’t hear the “doo doo’s” but that’s just because I’m so used to them. What I liked visually was the amount of people and how you could tell which part was coming from where. I liked the relaxed manner of the singers and their ability to sing freely instead of standing upright and staring off into space. I didn’t like how quickly the solo started nor did I like the sound of his voice It didn’t fit for me. But the tempo was consistent as it should be which sometimes isn’t the case in class. Overall, it was a nice performance and was executed marvelously.

  35. I feel like this performance probably would have sounded a lot better with the “doo doon”s added in. I liked how strong and loud the men were singing, and how everyone jumped on their note and didn’t hesitate. I think I would have preferred the performance with the solos and small groups in the front so you could see who was singing. I liked that they kept the ukelele in the song, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the performance that much if there were no ukelele. Overall, I think this performance sounded good, but it didn’t amaze me.

  36. Overall I thought that the song was ok. First of all the guys were not singing loud enough. They have an even number of girls to guys so I would assume that you would hear the guys more but that is not the case here. On the other hand, the harmonies did sound great as well as the soloist. The groups stage presence was good and everyone looked in proper uniform and the ukulele player was good but will not be better than Josh. Overall, the song was solid.

  37. The group did a great job. There where some parts that where weak like when they sang different parts. I couldn’t see who the soloist was since he could of sang louder. They were really loud when they sang at the time which I liked. They really did harmonize real well.

  38. The performance over all was fine. It seemed like they were rushing through the song which was irritating. I understand the song has a quicker pace but that was excessive. Additionally, the singers, specifically the front row, all looked like they were leaning forward as if to project their voices but it didn’t really change anything. Also the fact that they were all swaying in different directions and then turning to look at other people was beyond irratating for me.

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