Mouse Madrigal – Critique

Our third blog assignment is to critique this performance of Mouse Madrigal by Steven Porter.  Do you enjoy this performance?  If you do what about it do you enjoy?  If you do not enjoy this performance, tell me specifically what you don’t like about it?  Think about intonation, rhythmic articulation, stylistic elements such as dynamics, phrasing, tempo.  Do you like the choices they made?  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 2nd at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love the coming of fall!!

Mrs. R

28 thoughts on “Mouse Madrigal – Critique

  1. That performance was wonderful but needs some critiques to it. I feel like the women shouldn’t have had their hands clasped together because it ruins their posture that we’re all taught in choir. Also, the tissues were unnecessary for the performance because they can block out the volume of their voice since they’re using it to cover their noses and mouths. Next, I feel like they didn’t need to turn their heads cuz they don’t have the time to turn and then face the the audience since the song has a fast rhythm. But overall it was a great performance. Well done. 👏

  2. Ok this performance, I thought it was fun and really good. Because as a choir we are singing this song, I think that some movement would be fun but not too much that it takes away from the performance. I thought they sounded really good but I believe if we keep working at it, we can sound better. I liked the tempo that it was in and I thought that it was really well put together. All in all, I am excited to sing this leice because it tells a story and is cool to watch. 🙂

  3. Alright… so there was good and bad in my opinion.
    I thought it sounded actually quite nice, of course everyone can always improve.
    I liked how it told a story! I liked the different dynamics it had.
    The one thing I personally didn’t love was the choreography.
    I think it could have been better.
    Overall I think it was a good!

  4. This prefomance was great even though there were some problems. One of the things that I would change about this preformance is that it seems like they moved on to movement before they were able to develop a full sound which is a shame because their sound was good just not completely full. Also, I feel that when they were turning their heads, it was making their voices muffled and sloppy, Lastly, I would not have done the comedy part, it was unecesary and distracted the audiences from the voices behind the act. All in all, this preformance was good but could have used some changes.

  5. There are a couple of things i have noticed with this video and would like to critige. The very first thing i noticed was that the singers all turned their heads to the part that was singing. This can make the audience confused about where to look and may distract them from the actual song. Secondly, i noticed that the singers had their hands near their waist and when they had to put their hands back down, it was not in unison. This can look really bad esspesially if they are being judged. Thirdly, i thought the could have had a little more diction and could have put more space into their singing. Other than what i have just critiqued, this was well preformed.

  6. Ok…
    i think the performance was good in some ways and bad otherwise. Yes, the choreography was funny and all, but clasping their hands together looked like they were townsfolk. yes in the “story” they were by a farm, but i feel as if they didn’t need to be as proper. the head turning was distracting, and looked like they didn’t know where to look next. the tissues i feel were unnecessary….choreography that goes with the minor part could easy just be looking sad and body language changing, and they covered up the sound. also, with all of the movement going on, the echo of the voices changed…they weren’t always projecting to the audience, which is important. lastly, i think they could have used more diction, and the tra las kind of overpowered the section telling the story. Otherwise, the voices and performance SOUNDED GREAT! 🙂 🙂

  7. Overall, I thought their performance was pretty good, but it was also a little too over the top in my opinion. Their movements and their choreography were funny, but it made me question whether or not they were looking to be taken seriously. The movements kind of took away from the sound and song itself which I feel is a big problem. After all, they are performing in a choir which focuses mainly on the singing aspect. They did have a nice sound, correct vowels, and the choir blended pretty nicely as a whole. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but I would have enjoyed it more without the choreography.

  8. Overall, I thought this choir’s performance of Mouse Madrigal was very good! However, there were a few things that I would correct. First of all, the choreography was very distracting. The use of the heads and tissues made it so that I focused more on what their bodies were doing v.s what they were singing. Also, I felt that, especially in the beginning, the tempo picked up and wasn’t consistent throughout the song. Despite these critiques, I still thought that the video was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

  9. The performance was great but I think it would’ve been better without the choreography because it was pretty extra.

  10. The performance was great and all but I think the choreography was a bit to extra and they kept moving their heads too much and it would’ve been better without all the choreography and head moving. But overall it was great

  11. the performance and song sounded beautiful, but like others i feel as if the choreography was a bit much. i spent a lot of time looking at the movements and not paying attention to the singing. it was distracting each time they turned they heads, and they did not have enough time to turn and face the audience. i did not like the fact that they clasped their hands together, it just seemed a bit weird to me. also, i think they should have had more diction and rounded their vowel a bit more.

  12. I did not enjoy this performance of Mouse Madrigal. First, They had a more sharp pitchy sound instead of a round, pretty sound. Also, I thought the choreography, head turning, crying, and other theatrics were quite over dramatic. They also distracted me from listening to the singers’ actual voices, and instead i as focused on their movement the entire time. The dynamics were very odd too. In parts where you would expect it to be quiet it was loud, and vice versa. Furthermore, the tralala’s at times were louder than the actual story line which was also very distracting.

  13. I think this performance of Mouse Madrigal was ok, they tried but I also thought it was a bit weird because of the way they had put their hands, it didn’t seem to me that it really matched what they were singing. What also seemed off was when they looked at each other on different areas, it looked like some of them knew the part and some forgot. It’s good to show interaction with each other but in this song you’re telling a story make the people in the audience feel this story.

  14. This performance has some good and some bad things. The singers in the chior were great their voices blended very nicely. The song also had a nice tempo, also you could tell what the chior was saying (diction was awesome!) On the flip side the movement was a little over the top and was almost distracting from the song and the singers. It was unique way to peform the peice but I am not sure if I liked it. All in all the sound was great but the movement was a little over the top.

    • Overall I think that this choir sounded very good with their vowels but there is always room for improvement. The movement in the background, moving props ECT., took away from the performance. The choreography was entertaining but made it a little cheesy and I didn’t know if they wanted to be taken seriously.

    • Whoops I didn’t mean to reply I was trying to post mine but I do agree with you about the movements being distracting and the performance being interesting 🙂

  15. I thought the performance of Mouse Madrigal had some good things and bad things. The singers had beautiful voices, but the way their hands were clasped together ruined the way they were standing and that kind of made their sound a little off. They hade more of a cute and playful story telling voice, rather than telling the story of a rough and beautiful sound. The choreography was a bit too dramatic. As they were fake crying, I felt they lost their posture and either started to sing too loud or too soft. All in all the performance was great, but I think the performance would’ve been better without all the dramatics and they need to tell the story in a better mood, so the audience has a connection with the story.

  16. This was a quite interesting interpretation of mouse Madrigal. While I felt the heads in the beginning worked well, the choreography soon became too much. Also, the tra la las sometimes overtook the story part, and the soprano ones were often louder than the other parts. Finally, there were a few parts where their pitch did not sound correct.

  17. In this performance, I enjoyed the amount of character they added to the piece. It made the piece much more interesting when they were really committing to it. On the other hand, the “tra las” were much too loud and began to divert our attention from the actual storyline. In addition, I found that the many movements were distracting and took away from the story of the piece. However, some of the movements added to the story and made it even better and more entertaining. Overall, the performance was definitely entertaining and pretty funny.

  18. I thought the overall vocals of their performance was pretty good, but the movements definitely distracted me from their actual voices. The constant turning of the heads, the walking, and the props were all taking away from the overall performance. I also think that their posture could have changed their voices and quality of the song. There was also a comedic aspect that they added to their song that we don’t have. I prefer our version without all of the props and without the comedy, but i don’t mind their version either. Overall, Mouse Madrigal was a good performance with a little twist from what we are doing.

  19. Overall I think that this choir sounded very good with their vowels but there is always room for improvement. The movement in the background, moving props ECT., took away from the performance. The choreography was entertaining but made it a little cheesy and I didn’t know if they wanted to be taken seriously.

  20. This performance was quite enjoyable because of the energy each one of them put into the performance. Although I did not particularly enjoy the dancing that was put into it, it did encourage each singer to put their all into it and keep them focused on the task. The performance was quite comical and had the audience more focused on the choir’s actions rather than their singing. I did think they did well on the balance of the voices.

  21. this performance overall sounded good but it needs some small tweaks. first they did not have great diction and at some points i couldn’t tell what they were saying and it made some parts sound jumbled. i also think that the head turning in the choreography was affecting the singing too much because there sound wasn’t projecting towards the audience. lastly, the different parts when they split up weren’t makeing it appear enough as they were splitting up and the fact that the song is split up makes it unique 🙂

  22. This performance overall was very entertaining to watch, but the movement of turning their heads was just too extra and often screwed up their entrances for their parts in the song. I thought that when they were turning their heads to each other and singing the tra-la-la’s that it was a very cute and made it quieter so you could hear the main part being sung but it also distracted you from the main part and kinda made your head spin. Another thing is you could hear each part very clearly which was wonderful, until they sang into the unneeded tissues, then you could barely hear them. They did a god job but I know we can probably do better!

  23. The performance was great! It sounded nice, but I feel like it would have even a bit less distracting if they hadn’t turned their heads so much, the comedy was nice and it complimented the story but it was also hard to tell who was singing and the voices would sound muffled when they moved. Overall it was a nice performance but there is a lot of room to improve

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