Gate Gate – Critique

Our third blog assignment is to critique this performance of Gate Gate by Brian Tate.  Do you enjoy this performance?  If you do what about it do you enjoy?  If you do not enjoy this performance, tell me specifically what you don’t like about it?  Think about intonation, rhythmic articulation, stylistic elements such as dynamics, phrasing, tempo.  Do you like the choices they made?  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 2nd at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  I will also accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love the coming of fall!!

Mrs. R

64 thoughts on “Gate Gate – Critique

  1. Overall the performance of “Gate Gate” was good, however, there are a few critics that could make the song sound even better. For example, the intro did not entice the listener, it sounded very monotone to me and if they had added some excitement into their words it would have created a shock when it goes from pianissimo to forte. In addition, there were moments when the soprano II could not be heard because they were overpowered by the altos and sopranos I. Another part that actually annoyed me was that the choir sang “pair” instead of par and it did not fit well and sometimes it sounded if they had a British accent (it could just be me hearing that). Certain low notes could not be heard and I think that if the sopranos blended then all three parts could be heard. Finally, the sopranos did not go on top of their high notes and as a result, caused some to be flat or strained.

    • I Agree!!! This choir seemed to be very monotone and have no life and energy to what they were singing. I also agree that the soprano 1s seemed to smack the high notes right in the head, rather than go over them and hit them right. This mistake caused a lot of the notes to sound flat or held back.

    • Thats what I said! The way they said ‘paragate’ was weird and I didn’t like how it sounded with the song. And I also agree with you about how at times some sections overpowered others. It made it strange because you can hear the voices and you know they are supposed to be there, but they are slowly fading out.

      • The beginning of the performance was a lot quiter than it should be, there was no intensity leading up to the song. Also the vowels were a little distracting because they pronounced every word right except paragate. The singers had the same relative volume throughout the whole song which lost meaning to it. It had a good sound, it just could have been a lot more interesting if they had worked on their vowels and sound.

  2. In my opinion the performance was good, but it could of be of been so much better if they would of made certain words cleaner and heightened the volume in certain parts of the piece. For example, when they were saying the word “walking and talking”, I felt like it didn’t sound mature and it lost the musical touch in that part. Also, in the opening when they sing “paragate, it did’t blend well with the other voices taking away from the almost haunting piece. In addition, the opening in my opinion should of been louder in order to pull in the audience and show the full voice of the choir to establish skill. They also towards the end get lazy and don’t deliver the lyrics quite as gracefully giving an almost rushed tome to the ending. Thus, if they were to gain a more mature sound and louder sound, they would of immediately grabbed me and I would of not been listening for things to critique.

    • I agree, their transitions were not strong and they lacked excitement in their voices. If they had started off more intense, I would have immediately been interested. They need to improve on their blending of the vowel because the sound did not mix well. Their emotion was lost through the song and at times sounded bland.

    • I completely agree. The choir seemed to become lazy with what they were singing. It seemed like the choir just wanted to finish the piece, and so they rushed the lyrics.

    • I mentioned the same thing. The pronunciation was not always the cleanest. And I agree with you that they should have been louder in the beginning to make it sound more like a chant like how we practice it.

    • Yes, I agree completely with this comment as their sound was not a mature sound and it felted breathy and too light. I also agree that it could’ve grabbed me more in the opening and it did sound rushed at the end.

  3. This performance of ‘Gate Gate’ was a great example of a choir who has many strong components with their singing, such as breath support and good and pronunciation. However there was some parts of the piece that could have been better. For example, the voices were beautiful, but were not on the same tempo as the piano, causing a weird sounding beginning and end to some notes. Another thing that should have been better, was not sounding so monotone. They didn’t have an exciting appeal to their music, they were just simply singing a song. My last critique woul have to be the blending. All the voices were amazing, but it sounded like each person was trying to be heard, rather than just have one collected voice for each section. This caused some parts of the song to not sound as great as they should, because of different noticible voices being heard.

    • i agree 100 percent, they were off tempo resulting in the notes sounding off key or pitch. The singers were not listening for each other and only wanted to be heard and consequently their vowels were not the same. They could have been louder and sounded more full if they had blended with each other working off their group members

    • I didn’t really think of that before, but now that you mention it, I’m noticing those details as well. The voices were pretty, but the problem is, you can tell there are different types of voices singing the same part.

    • I agree that this choir did not have good tempo and that they sounded very monotone. However, I did not think their blending was all that bad. It definitely could have been better towards the end of the song, but I though it started out pretty strong.

    • I fully agree. They do have lots of potential and talent in their example performance. However, again, they really do need some cleaning up and more work to make the song better.

  4. I enjoyed listening to this version of “Gate Gate.” I noticed that the choir was all together with the tempo and notes. The harmonies sounded really good together. However, I also noticed that the tempo was very fast. I think that the fast speed of the song didn’t give the audience enough time to really enjoy the piece. The beautiful harmonies don’t have a chance to ring out. I also noticed that the choir pronounced the word “paragate” differently. But it still sounded good. Overall, I enjoyed the piece, but I think I would be able to enjoy it more of it were slowed down a bit.

    • Oh my goodness i realized that they pronounced “paragate” differently and it bothered me because we had learned it a different way. Also i agree that the harmonies sounded pretty, but some sections were rushed and it didn’t sound as good as it could be.

    • I completely agree with you! The tempo was the biggest thing I noticed. It didn’t sound like they were enjoying singing this, rather they were trying to get it over with.

    • I don’t think that the choir was very together, but their harmonies were probably the best part. I wish they slowed it down too because it sounded like the choir really needed a slower tempo.

  5. This choir was interesting to listen to because it was so different from how we were taught to sing it. One thing I did not like was the fact that they rushed the song in general. The cutoffs for the most part were definitely not held out a quarter beat, they sounded more like an eighth note. The part that bothered me the most though was the “pair-ah”. They might have been right but it definitely made the song feel different as a whole. I like how we say “Par-ah” better personally. One last thing I noticed was that it was completely monotone. The beginning sounded boring to me due to the lack of dynamics. Overall, I liked their voices but it definitely could have been better.

    • I agree, their intro could have been more dynamic leading their audience to be captivated by their singing rather than bored. The cutoffs were really short and you could hear different voices finishing the word and others cutting off too soon. They were very monotone and while their voices were beautiful, adding character would have made the performance a million times better.

    • I agree that this version of “Gate Gate” lacked dynamics and energy. The “pair-ah” bothered me too and made the vowel sound less tall.

    • I agree I found the song very monotone also. The choir had no energy is their singing and if they did, it came and went. They needed to keep the energy the whole time and make the song more bright.

  6. Overall, the song had no energy, no focus, and just did not have any dynamics at all. Their clapping looked unenthusiastic, and many girls were playing with their hair or fidgeting with their dresses. The most important thing though, is to look at their director while singing. Many lost focus and were looking around as if they went on auto. The FUNNIEST part was the soloist😂 She had all this additive right before and after her part, as if she was better than the rest

    • I did not see them fidgeting with their dresses and hair until you mentioned it. Overall, the whole performance was messy and unfocused.

  7. I thought this performance of “Gate Gate” had many strengths, as well as many weaknesses. Some strengths I noticed were that they all blended very well, for the most part, and the harmony sounded gorgeous. Some weaknesses I noticed were their lack of energy and bad cut offs at certain points during the song. Something about their singing just sounded really bored and monotone. In my opinion, they needed to have a brighter sound and add some energy to the performance. They all sounded like they did not really want to be there and they were forced to sing a sing they did not like. I think this could have been a really good performance if the choir just worked on their cut offs and added some “pizzazz” to their singing.

    • Yes I completely agree they did not have energy throughout the piece! I agree that they did not cutoff fast enough in certain parts.

    • I agree that their cutoffs were not together and this goes under the category of blending. If they had listened to each other and agreed when to cutoff, the cutoffs would have sounded much better.

  8. The performance of “Gate Gate” wasn’t bad. There was some things in this performance that I personally thought they could have worked on. For example, they could have blended more, multiple voices were sticking out. What really took my attention was that at one point I only heard two parts, I didn’t know where the soprano II went! They also need to work on vowels because they kind of had a baby sound at times. They need to sound more mature in my opinion. They could also control dynamics a little better, but clapping was on point. I thought the only dynamic they did well on was transitioning from staccato to legato. Over all I did enjoy the performance but there were areas that I think they could have worked on more.

    • I agree with the fact that many individual voices stood out and took away from the blending. I agree with the clapping because it was crisp and together.

    • I agree that they had to pronunciate more! The Second Sopranos were not loud enough, and the First Sopranos were too loud!

  9. In this version of “Gate Gate,” there were some parts of it that I enjoyed but I have many critiques about their performance of the piece. The one part I liked was the “Gate Gate” clap clap clap “Paragate” clap clap clap because they all sounded together and cut off at the right time. This leaves a powerful impact and they all sound blended. I had a big issue with the part from measure 91- 106 because I felt the soprano ones lacked energy and volume while the other voices overpowered. During the “no more tears” part I could barely understand what they were saying and it sounded like they didn’t really mean what they were singing. During the “everybody singing, everybody laughing” parts, I got bored because there was a lack of dynamics and the volume did not change.Also, individual voices stood out which is not good in a choir. This version of “Gate Gate” was okay but they needed a lot more energy and dynamics to make the piece more interesting as a lot of words are repeated a lot and need to sound different than every other time they’re sung.

    • I completely agree! I do believe they had energized claps, but did not feel or show any emotion throughout the performance.

    • I agree that their claps were really good and precise! They definitely added energy to their performance which they lacked a lot of!

  10. I did enjoy listening to this version of “Gate Gate”, however the very beginning was not as loud, did not have energy, and was very sped up. I realized that they were ahead of the piano for the beginning and most of the song sounds forced instead of exciting. I did notice that they pronounce “paragate” differently, which did not allow them to blend for certain parts. To add, the First Sopranos were too loud and overpowered the Second Sopranos. However, I believe overall they did well. For most notes, they stayed in tune and were together. I did really like how they clapped and then stomped at the very end!

    • I agree with how precisely they clapped. It definitely increased my enjoyment of the piece and made them sound better.

    • YESSS! I loved how their claps were so clean and precise because it added an energy to the song in the end whereas the energy was `lost/not there in the beginning chant (where it is very important). Instead of the first sopranos quieting down, I feel like the soprano 2’s should be louder because the sop 1s and altos seemed to blend and match each other pretty well. But overall, i do agree that they did well but could use some improvements.

  11. The beginning chant did not have a warm feeling, it was very monotone. The intro would have sounded a lot better if they had smiled their vowels and brought the chant to life instead of the chant having no energy and sounding depressing. The choir did not blend well in the section with the soprano 1’s doing the whole notes and the soprano 2’s singing the melody. Both of the sections sang loudly in that part and did not listen to the other section so it did not blend or sound good together. The ending was sped up and it would have sounded better collectively if the choir slowed down and blended together. Overall, the piece was good, but they needed to blend together and not rush the song.

    • I agree that there was very little energy in the song and that their vowels weren’t very smiley. Also I 100% think that they were only listening to their part and not the choir as a whole

      • I’m with you on the point of low energy. When I was listening to it, I could almost picture them without facial expressions just by how they sounded.

  12. I think that the beginning was not very together and it sounded weak and deflated. The tempo would have been fine, but it sounded like they were rushing to catch up the entire time. I could definitely pick out a few voices that were not blending and not everyone was singing the same vowels. On the long notes, the had a tendency to press them too much and they often went under pitch and sounded heavy because of it. Also, they sang the short notes accented and staccato instead of simply cutting off as eighth notes, adding to the rushed feeling and sound. They did have strong consonants but their vowel sounds could have been significantly better. Even at the times when a section was singing together, the choir as a whole was not working together or listening for the other parts. They were fine but have room for improvement.

    • I totally agree that they seemed to be rushing to keep up. Gate Gate is a fast song but they always appeared to be behind. I also disliked the vowel sounds because words like “pear” instead of “par” made the singers appear to have an accent. The blending problem that stuck out the most to me was that the second soprano got lost and covered up by the more full and loud soprano 1 and altos.

  13. This version of “Gate Gate” was crisp and precise. The notes were all accurate and the blend was overall good. The staccato sections were very concise and sounded great. That being said, the contrast between staccato and legato was not very big, making the piece become dull after the repetitive sections started. Also, the blend was good, but that made certain parts feel less important than they actually were; for instance, the “crossing the river” Alto 2 melodic line was not pronounced enough for the listener to realize that the Alto 2s had an important part. In addition, the tempo was very fast and while it was meant to be quick and upbeat, I felt rushed just listening to it. The dynamics were mediocre because the crescendos and decrescendos were not executed to the full extent. The vowels could have been more mature, especially when they were singing English words. At times, I felt as if the piano was taking over the spotlight of the singers; the voices seemed to be outplayed by the piano. On the other hand, the claps were extremely clean, making the entire piece sound well-rehearsed.

    • Yes, I agree. The piano was much louder and was taking over the singers voices, you could barely hear the singers at some points.

      • I aswell did not like how fast the tempo was as it was too fast and hard to enjoy the song.

  14. This piece is very impressive on its own and I think this group nicely executed the rhythm articulation and conciseness that this fast pace song requires. Also, the individual parts seemed to complement one another, especially in measure 47 to 59, and I hope our performance will follow the cohesiveness of the four parts that this group achieved. Although being quite similar to our rendition of the song, there was a couple of differences. For instance, instead of saying “par-agate” they said “pear-agate” which I personally did not like, because it made the word sound more like a diphthong instead of presenting pure “ah” vowels. This pronunciation of the word made their tone more sophomoric instead of elegant and mature. Another difference in their performance was the beginning, where instead of making the lines full-sounding and loud like what we are doing, their opening is quite quiet in comparison. I believe our striking opening is a great way to begin the song, since it attracts the audience’s attention and makes them more compelled to hear the rest of the song, so I did not particularly like how this group chose to perform it.

  15. This performance of Gate Gate was overall good but there are at least 3 changes I would like to make. First, the choir pronounced the word “pear” instead of “par” and this stuck out to me because it sounded like the wrong vowel sound for the song. It felt very fancy and almost as if they had an accent which I personally did not like. Second, I felt as if they were too fast; yes, i know the song is supposed to be at a quick pace but it sounded as if they were rushing to me. Third, the opening seemed weak and lacked the flavor that a listener needs in order to get get pulled into a piece. In contrast to these points, some things I really liked in the song were that the alto part and little interjections throughout the piece seemed to stick out (in a good way) and they kept the repetition of the song very interesting and fresh. I also liked how precise and clean their claps in the ending section were because it kept the rhythm nicely and made the piece sound very profession and put together. It was overall very enjoyable but it did not live up to its full potential.

  16. Eudora High School’s combined Women’s Choir’s performance of Gate Gate by Brian Tate contained short and sweet staccato notes, but fell off immediately at the beginning due to the quiet and unexciting dynamics, which never built up in the end.The group’s intonation struggled due to the lack of energy and fell flat as a result of holding back, loss of universal vowels, and unclear words. Overall the rhythmic articulation suffered because their vowels and consonants got lazy in certain areas and although the tempo quick and lively, the excitement set the piece on the edge of dragging. Finally, the phrasing of most sections were chopped up and sounded too separate due to the long breaths in between and the issue of articulation. Despite the critiques, the choir holds potential if they build their music and excite the crowd.
    Britney E WC

  17. Although this rendition of “Gate Gate” was well sung, as someone else from another choir I recognized a few small adjustments that could have been made to better the way this choir performed. First, the opening measures could have been more powerful. Where this choir was quite light and airy, the dramatic nature of the song called for a more resounding call to bring listeners to attention at the beginning of the song, but the resonation was lacking. Another small adjustment I would make is retaining tempo as, with certain verses such as the one in which the claps began, I felt like the choir just kept speeding up exponentially as though someone had pressed a fast forward button. Finally, towards the end of the song with the swelling, “Yonder, yonder, cross the river…” I felt the rhythm felt awry and the sound of different vocal sections were lost as they no longer could keep up with the pace they set, and because of it some voices stuck out more while others were lost. All in all, I think the choir did well, but could have done better in these areas as they had a nice style, it just wasn’t right for the song in my opinion.

    • I agree! The opening was very weak,and it’s important to have a very powerful,building opening to a song

  18. This performance of “Gate Gate” overall was fine but I think it could have been better. The first thing I noticed was the pronunciation sounded a little funny to me. I’m not sure if they are saying it right or if we are but I personally didn’t like how they said it. The choir seemed to be struggling to find a good balance. Lots of altos were heard and no sopranos. The song also seemed to be very rushed causing them to slur over their words, producing poor enunciation.

    • I agreee with you. The pronunciation sounded very off as they were sluring their words and and moving too fast.

  19. This version of “Gate Gate” was good I liked their own touches on the song as well as dislike some, in the beginning it didn’t have the full sound, it was pretty quiet. It should be loud an strong and make you have goosebumps since we are together. Also the tempo was super fast, it’s suppose to be not super slow but at a pace where people can understand the feeling of the song, everybody singing, everybody laughing, happy song. I just feel like the song was super rushed. It could’ve also been that some parts seem to have overthrown others, so they could’ve been nervous and started speeding it up more than it was intended. Their clapping was great, sounded strong and I really liked it.

  20. The performance of “Gate Gate” was fine, however, since we all know the music and dynamics it was not very enjoyable because of the many differences they had. First of all, their opening was very weak. There whole performance was kinda weak, but mainly the opening. The didn’t have necessarily any “spark”. They were singing really soft and quiet versus being powerful and quiet. Second, I felt a lot of there lyrics were very staccato. They were almost just talk singing the lyrics throughout the song. Third, they were not really listening to each other. You could here all the parts, which is good, however they were not blending. It sounded like everyone was fighting to be heard. Also the pronunciation of the paragate was pronounced like pair-a-gate, when it is supposed to be para-gate. The tempo was very fast and was hard to enjoy the song and all of it harmonies and dynamics when the song was being rushed through so fast. Overall, the performance was okay if u don’t know the music and are just listening to it as an audience memeber, but it needs lots of work.

  21. Overall, Brian Tate’s, Gate Gate, performed by Eudora High School sounded complete with a few holes that could have been filled. For example, two of the major parts of the performance that stuck out the most was the predominant incomplete blend of voices, and the lack of utilizing accents. In fact, in measures 134-141, the altos were barely peeking through the thick clouds of the soprano voices. The altos were singing pa-ra-ga-te bod-hi-sva-ha very quietly, but the music states that at measures 134-141 the altos should be singing forte; strong and full of energy. Essentially, the dynamic levels wavered and dropped constantly throughout the piece, creating an incomplete section of the song.

    • I think that dynamics were also a huge issue in the song.They sang loudly and quietly in all the wrong places

  22. This performance of “Gate Gate” was overall alright. The beginning was a little weak and lacking intensity with the feeble gates. Also they went a little flat in the beginning. There were some part where it’s seemed nice and flowly and over parts where it sped up to the point where the piano was playing somewhat staccato. The accent of the singers sort of threw off the song for me, but they still sung the right notes most of the time. As for the dynamics they didn’t really change much and didn’t make it as exciting as it could’ve been.

  23. For the most part,I think the Gate Gate performance was good. There were obviously a few parts that seemed off,for example through out the song there was constantly voices sticking out,and not in a good way.It would have been better if the sound was more blended.Also,dynamics were very weak.There was hardly any crescendos or decrescendos, and for a majority of the song they sang piano/forte. As far as articulation goes,we obviously sing the song much different,but it was kind of cool to see how different choirs sing the same songs. Lastly,the song was extremely rushed and did not keep tempo with the piano.Despite these things,I think the choir did have nice voices,but would of sounded much better if they slowed the tempo down and focused on dynamics!

  24. I did not think highly of this version at all. I think the chant in the beginning was far too quiet and should have had much more energy than what was given. It was not a strong start. Also the song was very monotone and didn’t have much umph to it. The tempo was very offputing too, it sounded rushed and not quite angelic like i feel it’s supposed to. Finally i feel as though better pronunciation of the consonants might enhance the quality of the song.

  25. This overall performance of “Gate Gate” was alright. In the beginning I think they needed to have more power and dynamics towards it, it just sounded very dull. The way they said “pair-a” instead or “par-a” really bothered me it just didn’t sound right at all. It also sounded like they were rushing a whole bunch and it sounded like the piano was struggling to keep up. When you put something in a faster tempo like that with that many different parts it gets all jumbled together and it’s just sounds bad. In other parts one section would over power the others and one point it sounded like there were no 2nd sopranos and another where altos sounded like they weren’t in like 10 measures, and when the sections were over powering they went a little flat. They need a slower tempo, blending, and more dynamics.

  26. Honestly I read some of what people said and it seems that a lot of us think it was a great example. I thought it was kinda terrible 😂, but for good reason. A couple things that really stood out to me were the intro, their vowels, and their tempo. The intro was almost too quite and lacked the shock factor that it should have. It almost sounds as if they forgot about the beginning and weren’t sure what they were doing, so it was quiet. Their vowels at times were just horrible, and so wide that my ears were bleeding. It really took away from the song. Lastly, the tempo was WAY too fast. They were rushing so much you could hardly process what they were saying, let alone think of the meaning. Overall listening to this choir made me feel like I was on a rollercoaster that I wanted to get off of because i got whiplash from flying around corners.

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