Worst Song Ever

Here we go again!!

Our second blog assignment is to tell us what the worst song you have ever heard is.  To receive credit for this assignment you need to write a full paragraph (5-7 sentences) including the following information: Title, performer, genre and specifically why you don’t like it.  Talk about the elements of music in this critique (rhythm, melody, harmony, lyrics, dynamics, texture, timbre, form).

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 16th at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I hope no one hates one of your favorite songs, but then again it will make for a good discussion.  Please remember to respectfully disagree!!

I love you more than I love snickerdoodle iced coffee.

Mrs. R.

211 thoughts on “Worst Song Ever

  1. Song: Friday
    Performer: Rebecca Black
    Genre: Pop

    The worst song I have ever heard is “Friday” by Rebecca Black. First of all she basically talk sings all the lyrics to her song. Her voice is so nasally and she sounds like she has a stuffy nose. There are basically 15 words in the song which include words like Friday, fun and party. She ends almost every other word with “in”. Examples include, “partyin”, “sittin”, “kickin” and many more. The song is very repetitive and the the use of words make no sense, she literally sounds like a six year old when she says the line “we so excited!”. It is a very catchy, annoying song that everyone jokingly sings on Friday but however most people would not actually play this sing on a regular basis because of how bad it sounds.

  2. In my opinion, the worst song ever is “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. This song has a headache inducing high pitch scream as vocals. The lyrics are very derivative of females with lyrics such as “undress me everywhere”. The lyrics are also a small amount of basic words that basically play on repeat for 3 minutes. This song leaves you with an annoyed feel and is very repetitive and annoying. The link to this terrible song is: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A

  3. My least favorite song in the entire world hands down has to be the pop song “Whip Nae Nae”. First, the video itself is very discombobulated, switching from one thing to another every five seconds, and it’s just mostly little kids doing the dance. Second, there’s absolutely no point to the song! It’s so repetitive and the dance it’s trying to explain isn’t even a real dance, it’s three moves over and over and over. Also, the voice is SO AUTOTUNED. I get a little auto tune but the singer doesn’t actually sing it’s just a sort of reverberating talk that he does. The song itself is way too hyped up, mainstream, and overall dumb. A song needs a message, or at least a catchy tune, not just the lyrics to a dance. If I wanna dance I’m gonna do my “Hoedown Throwdown”. I don’t know why the dance is still a thing, or why it ever was in the first place. Here’s the YouTube link for it in which the process of watching it I lost brain cells:

  4. Ok so the worst song to me Somebody that I used to know by Gotye. Honestly am scared that I put this now because people are gonna be singing this to me 24/7😂😂 but when I was in Hawaii with the fam😂 My dad played it NON.STOP. I’m not even kidding, that’s how he woke me up, he had it on repeat in the gym there, he played it during our hike, sang it when we ate. It was everywhere!!!! Ugh I have hated it ever since and can’t stand it, although they kind of made fun of it on SNL and I loved that😂 Anyways that’s my story😂😂

  5. The worst song in the history of music is hands down It’s Everyday Bro by Jake Paul. Just calling this a song feels disrespectful to music. If I was forced to give it a genre I would say rap but it is honestly in its own genre of garbage. It is a prime example of why YouTubers should not be allowed to touch music with a ten foot pole. For starters the background music is just repetitive over produced garbage that grates at the ears. Then the lyrics. If I were to quote all of the embarrassingly horrible lyrics I would be quoting the entire song so I’ll just put in the highlights. “I just dropped some new merch and it’s sellin like a god church.” That’s not a thing jake, not a thing. “England is my city.” I honestly have too many words about this line to the point where I don’t even know what to say. “Always plug merch link in bio.” I’m embarrassed for you. Lastly, the vocals. I understand that they nweren’t singing but even in rap there are standards for vocals. In conclusion, garbage, pure and utter trash.

  6. The worst song I have ever heard is probably What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis. The genres are dance/electric, pop. I dislike this song because the song is kinda repeative and what ever they say after “what does a fox say” is straight out annoying. Also I’m sure we now what most of these animals sound like. I in all kinda think the song is pointless. Last thing I wanna point out is that they gave a fish a sound. I have never heard a fish bulb.

    • I would agree this song is pretty terrible but I think for a younger audience this song is perfect. Also I agree some of the sounds the give the animals aren’t very realistic.

  7. The song that I believe is the worst is Taylor Swift’s Look what You Made Me Do. I liked it when she was a country singer, but now she is a pop singer and i don’t like it at all. She even says in the song, ” I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…Why? Oh, cause she’s dead!” It just made me wanna cry. I think she utterly ruined her perfect image of being a country singer, and to just watch the music video……😭

    • I agree with you, Krista. I use to love Taylor Swift’s songs and her image but this song completely changed my opinion of her.

    • I agree hundred percent agree with you. I use to love Taylor Swift’s songs and her image but this song completely changed my opinion of her.

    • I have to disagree, she hasn’t been known as a country singer for a long time. She has moved more into the pop style which this song fits. Just because she has changed the way she dresses or the content of her songs doesn’t mean her images is damaged.

  8. Song:Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
    Performed by JAHM on X Factor Autitions

    Oh my golly goodness this performance was one that I will never forget in my entire life. Somehow these three people managed to make an amazing song sound as if baby elephants were dying. It went from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. Everyone was off-beat, out of tune, and none of them cared about blending because they obviously didn’t sound like they were. They didn’t sound like they had much prior experience in music and singing and did not look like they had ever danced before. At the end of the performance, the audience and the judges were utterly silent at a loss for words. It was quite an atrocious moment, for they had never heard anything worse than Bad Romance by JAHM. If they really wanted to be on X Factor, they could have had singing and dancing lessons along with credible experience in performing for people on stage. I feel bad that they basically humiliated themselves in front of the whole world, but hopefully they gained some knowledge from that performance.

  9. My least favorite song is Blue Tacoma. The artist of this song is Russell Dickerson. I dislike this song because it is very repetivtive and the lyrics are very sad. Overall I hate country music because almost all songs are sad and depressing Finally, country songs repeatedly express the same message over and over again.

    • Dang I like this song. This is the type of song i would listen to on a late night drive :). I don’t necessarily think it is very depressing, but more adventurous and a “living in the moment” meaning. I’m a sucker for this stuff. Don’t stereotype a genre by a couple songs, theirs a country song of your dreams somewhere! haha!

  10. I believe the worst song ever is “look what you made me do” by Taylor swift. Ok seriously she goes into hiding for a long time so she can focus on writing songs and this is what she comes up with?!?! Honestly I think everything taylor swift has put out in the past 5 is absolute garbage. But don’t get me I loved taylor when she was a country artist! Her songs were good and meaningful. Now it is the same old tune over and over again. And her lyrics have no depth no meaning. She is just throwing songs out there for money

    • Although it is not my absolute favorite song in the world, I’d have to disagree with you Austyn. I actually like it and there are many songs that are far worse.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I posted that too, and honestly, what was she thinking making this song? She used to be the best country singer, and then she threw it all away for money

  11. I think that the worst song in the world is Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious. He is a person on Musical.ly who is really popular. He decided to come up with his own song called Sweatshirt. This song is SO CRINGEWORTHY! He has so much Auto tune that he sounds like a dying robot. He tries to act to cool and as a result he got hate in return. He keeps making new songs and they get worst and worst and worst. LIKE IF YOU CAN’T SING THEN DONT SING AT ALL!!!!!!

  12. I think that the worst song in the world is Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious. He is a person on Musical.ly who is really popular. He decided to come up with his own song called Sweatshirt. This song is SO CRINGEWORTHY! He has so much Auto tune that he sounds like a dying robot. He tries to act to cool and as a result he got hate in return. He keeps making new songs and they get worst and worst and worst. LIKE IF YOU CAN’T SING THEN DONT SING AT ALL!!!!!!

    • The worst song is truly sweatshirt by Jacob satorious.Frist of the amount of auto tune,wrong notes and the music video weirdness is enough to annoy the heck out of me.But when people start singing the that song it’s like what happened to this generation to make you think that this song is good.i had a friend who learned it on th guitar and would annoy me so much I can’t even listen to the beginning of the song.but I completely agree that Jacob satorious sweatshirt is the worst song.

  13. I would say that my least favorite song of all time would have to be “Baby” performed by Justin Bieber and it is in the style of “Pop”. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kffacxfA7G4. This song is the definition of garbage because almost through the entire song he uses Auto Tune. “Baby” has no soul or thoughtful meaning. This song repeats the chorus countless times and after the first it gets plain annoying. They try a pathetic attempt to save the song by bringing in “Little City Band”, a.k.a the guys in fast and furious, but the damage is already done. In the beginning of the video, he touches a young lady without her consent which is 100% not okay.

    • Baby is a classic bop and you can never go wrong putting on that song. As soon as it comes on everyone is in a great mood.

  14. The worst song I have ever heard is Cars Are Cars by Paul Simon. The genre is pop. The first time I heard this song I thought it was for children, but it was actually on his album. It is so repetitive and one of the most pointless songs. It literally says the same two lines every other verse, truly not a fan at all. It has an okay beat and such, but the fact that it is about cars and is repetitive kills me.

  15. I think the worst song is “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The genre is pop. First of all, Bieber sounds like a 5 year old in this song even though he is 16. I don’t understand how this song made him famous and was number one on the charts. Also, this song is very generic and is all about a little boy’s first love and break up. Its very repetitive and says “baby” about a million times throughout the song. The best part of the song is actually the rapping by Ludacris but other than that the song is terrible and his voice is very auto tuned.

    • I do agree that Baby is not the most thought out and intelligent song, but I do find it very fun and it reminds of me of those dreaded middle school years where my walls were completely plastered with pictures of the biebs. Although it can get annoying, it will always be a go to karaoke and 2 am food run song for me and my friends.

    • My worst song too. The verses are tolerable but that repetition of “baby baby baby” is grating. Definitely pop at it’s worst.

  16. The worst song I have ever hear is “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba. So first of all, it is in the rock genre. I’m not so sure I would consider it “rock”. Further, it is almost literally the same 6 lines being sung over and over again. It repeats the lines “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down” 24 times throughout the song. There are no dynamics or harmonies whatsoever. However, I still enjoy listening to it, despite being the worst music I have ever heard.

  17. In my opinion any song not performed or sung by Beyoncé wouldn’t be given that much of my time. That being said the worst song ever in the history of this world that I live in is probably “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars. Before I get into explicit detail, here is some background on this particular artist. The artist in question, Peter Gene Hernandez formally known as Bruno Mars was born on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii where he was born and raised and then move to LA to pursue his musical career. He used to incorporate pain and meaning into his songs like “I would catch a grenade for you” or “And when you smile the whole world stop and stare for awhile.” Now, that my folks is the Bruno that I love and adore. Since recently, he completely changed his demeanor into this young man who is all about the materialistic things and dresses in gold chains and always has three guys in jumpsuits right behind him for no reason. Now back to the song, Why in the world would some jump into a Cadaliac with strawberry champaigne on ice and promise the world to a girl he probably has only met a couple of hours ago. Not to mention that there are more important in this world then silk sheets and lobster tail for dinner. And what is with this song always on the radio, IT IS SO OVER PLAYED no wonder I can’t stand it. This song is not the only bad one, all of his new songs are the same, it’s like bland soup that no one has put any salt or saltine crackers in yet.

    • I have to disagree with you here Joe-Yoncé. Bruno Mars’ new album brings funk/jazz to an era of techno pop AND he performs that song differently every time live. I get what you are saying about his image and such, but ever since he went Hollywood that’s what he has become, the guy who wears shades indoors. However, I do agree with you it’s overplayed and the songs on his album are very similar but PERM IS A BOP!

    • I have to disagree with you on this one because I think it’s an extremely catchy and fun song. Bruno Mars is so talented and can do no wrong, although it is overplayed

    • I disagree with this. “That’s What I Like” is such a bop and Bruno Mars is killing it right now. It could never be overplayed!!

  18. In my opinion, the worst song is “ex’s and oh’s” when performed LIVE by Elle King. Heres a link: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjv8KLoj_bVAhUBXWMKHWHjC2IQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediamatters.org%2Fblog%2F2013%2F04%2F05%2Ffox-news-newest-dishonest-chart-immigration-enf%2F193507&psig=AFQjCNH0FDm_3-CEYVGQzcjmlfbkXDimVg&ust=1503877171363967

    I think this is the worst song because of three main reasons. First of all, Elle King’s voice sounds fun and trendy when she is being recorded in a professional studio but when she sings live, all I can hear is her constantly growling. This song could be so good, because it does have a cool beat, if she simply sung it instead of growling the words. Secondly, the lyrics in the song make Elle seem like a player who doesn’t care about a man’s feelings and only cares that she has them chasing her for her love. Personally, I think being a player or leading somebody on is extremely not okay. Love is a very complicated subject and letting somebody waste it on a place or person where it is not wanted is honestly on of the worst things a person can do. If anybody would like to hear a really really good version of this song, check out Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens’s collaboration on youtube!

  19. The worst song in my opinion is Shape of you by Ed Sheeran. The reason that this is the worst song ever is because he only loves this women for her appearance. For example, one of the lyrics is ” I’m in love with the shape of you …”, this goes to show that he disregarding the person’s feeling toward him and only keeping her around for her shapely body. For all we know he could be talking about a nicely shaped chair because he never mentions how he’s in love with her personality. In addition, Ed Sheeran goes on to use the same lyrics making the song repetitive, resulting in it only being used in terrible part music remixes. Thus, Ed Sheeran is a beautiful singer/ songwriter, but he really dropped the ball on this one.

  20. It was hard for me to chose a least favorite song because when the radio comes on, I basically hate every rap song. Rap is not singing and most of the time it is so inappropriate and annoying but if I had to chose one “rap” song, it would be “Rake it Up by Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj.” “Rake it Up” is a rap song but it is basically just a ton of different “artists” (they should not be considered that as anybody could do what they do) speaking inappropriate lines. These lyrics are so degrading to girls and self-centered as they rap about why they are so great. There is no vocal variety and even though it is rap, there can still be some sort of melody or singing. The lyrics keep repeating themselves which is annoying and proof that they could not come up with anything creative. The tempo of the song is awkward as it isn’t fast or upbeat. My final problem with this song is nobody can even listen to it because there are so many bad words that nobody under the age of 13 can listen to it. Nobody over the age of around 30 would want to hear it because it is so disgusting and not real music. This shows how our generation needs more raw talent and songs with real singing and less rap which is just talking to a beat. I have linked the clean version of this song and I highly recommend not listening to it because it will hurt your ears. Also, DO NOT listen to the actual version because that is even worse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUXUpSJMS_I

    • I completely agree with you!! This sing is so annoying to me because my brother loves it and plays it all the time with his friends.

  21. My least favorite songs at the moment is Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. The genre is considered “EDM” but whenever it comes on the radio I do not want to turn up, I just want to turn it off. All of the lyrics make me want to crawl into a hole and never come out because they’re so horrible. There is absolutely no meaning to the song and it is so basic. Also not to mention the fact that halsey has an extremely horrible voice. It is so overplayed on the radio and I hear it minimum of 3 times a day which just makes it so much worse. Therefore, this song was the worst song ever made on the entire face of the planet.

  22. During the summer, I came across a choir cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on YouTube. This rock classic, originally sung by Queen, is without question a difficult song to perform correctly. Even though I believe this is the worst song ever, I did enjoy when the choir came together in between the lead parts. The soloist, however, was not the right fit to sing the lead of this cover. From the start, his voice cracked, and you can tell by his face that he is straining his voice. Perhaps these mistakes were due to his nerves taking over, but I firmly believe that his vocal range kept him back from executing the song perfectly. For these reasons, I believe that this choir cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is in fact the worst song ever.
    You can listen for yourself(!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4CZNbldnOQ

    • No one can sing a song like Freddie Mercury, so I pity anybody that has the courage to try. If your choir doesn’t have a strong enough soloist to sing the lead part, then the piece should probably not be done at all.

  23. The worst song that I have heard is probably Careless Whisper by George Micheal. The reason I do not like this song at all is that the melody is straight up annoying. I guess it is supposed to be romantic and all but when I hear someone play that song I decide to not talk to them for probably the whole day. Before it became a song that everyone knew I didn’t really care for it but once it became a ‘must know’ song that everyone would play, it just became so annoying. Every vine I saw, Instagram video, snapchat, consisted of that song and at one point I started unadding and following everyone who was posting those videos. Yes, I agree, the saxophone skills are amazing, but the melody is just irritating and triggers me.

  24. The worst song that I can think of has to be “Saturday” by Rebecca Black. The song technically goes under “pop”, but I believe that it really doesn’t belong any where. As a sequel to her song “Friday” it decently shows she hasn’t learned anything about writing songs. “Saturday” has repetitive word through out the entire song with no rhythm changes. To go with her bad song, her music video didn’t make it any better. The video, I thought, had nothing to do with the song as a whole. Overall, “Saturday” is the worst song ever.

    • Idk I think it was an improvement from Friday. It is cheesy but i think its cute, catchy, and innocent. The beat is fun and gives a road trip vibe : P

  25. In my opinion the all time worst song would have to be Chained to The Rhythm by Katy Perry. It is a pop song that is extremely peppy and catchy in the worst way. It repeats itself so much and has the worst background music. The lyrics make no sense and have no importance. I usually like to connect songs in how it relates to me and my life but there is no way to do that for this song. To top it all of the music video makes no sense and its just people dressed in candy outfits. There is just someone about it that puts me in a bad mood and thats why I hate this song.

    • KATY PERRY IS MY GIRL. I loved this song ever since I first saw it at the 2017 Grammy Awards! The song basically refers to people who are so comfortable and far away from problems. They don’t care about the suffering and misery going on somewhere else and live in their own “bubble”. I will support my girl Katy for ever : ‘)

  26. The worst song ever, even worse than its everyday bro, is “I Love You Bro” by yours truly, Jake Paul featuring his brother Logan Paul. I’m kinda sad cause the background track actually sounds kinda nice, but the lyrics are way too simple and show no deep meaning at all.I drives me crazy cause the rhythm and melody had so much potential but they manipulated it to get views online. The song ended up having a harsh sound and such a bad concept. If someone would remake this song with actual lyrics that aren’t trying to create youtube drama, I would be at peace. WHY IS THE BACKGROUND TRACK SO NICE WHY?????,,,, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY LOL
    -Britney Euan WC

  27. In my opinion, the worst song in history is “Lean and Dabb” by iLoveMemphis. This is the worst song by far because for the first 16 lines and the entire chorus all they say is “Lean and Dabb”. The versus don’t make sense either. Like who is going to “wake up in the morning then I dab”. Whenever I get into the car my brother always plays it and I always scream at him to turn it off. Also, could they NOT have come up with at least one creative lyric. I mean honestly, who even comes up with a song like this. Whenever someone turns on this song it ALWAYS makes me cringe.

  28. In my opinion the worst song ever is 7 years by lukas graham the pace of the song is too slow for my liking and i dont like how repetitive the lyrics

    • . I mostly dont like the song vecause ive heard it soo many time i got tired of it. Especially when it comes on the radio and my friends start screaming the lyrics over and over again. The song is made to paint an image but for some reason it just makes me sad. I dont like that kind of mood for a song i like songs that are uplifting personally.

  29. In my opinion, a song that I strongly dislike right now is “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul, a rap/pop song that became tremendously popular on YouTube. I honestly don’t understand why the viral songs on YouTube get so much undeserving attention these days. I believe that this song is extremely annoying because of its lyrics and the vibe it gives off, in which he repeatedly shows off how rich and famous he is, along with his friends in the video. I find it very surprising that his video can get over a hundred million views with over a million likes (but also 2 million dislikes), and he still has millions of fans that support him and think highly of him. Being an influencer and role model to many young kids, I don’t find it smart how he uses his songs to focus on showing off a fancy car and house and how in order to be cool and liked by others, you must be as successful as him. His lyrics are arrogant and annoying since they only talk about how he is superior to others. In addition, I don’t think the people in the video singing are the greatest singers as they don’t sound the best and seem as hardworking as other singers/rappers. This song is very undeservingly popular and shouldn’t have gotten so much recognition that gives him more popularity to his name.

    • I 100% agree with this!! Sometimes it makes me upset that people like Jake Paul can get rich from spewing lyrics like “it’s selling like a Godchurch, while other people that actually have a lot of talent go unnoticed. 😦

  30. Listen, I love older music and I appreciate that certain styles were popular during different eras. But putting all of this aside, I truly hate disco music. The biggest example of this for me is “Boogie Oogie Oogie’ by A Taste Of Honey. Though, this may partially just be because of my mother singing this song all the time (She’s a terrible singer. Love you mom <3). It is a given that the lyrics are idiotic, but the musical components are also just a complete mess. Every time I hear even one second of this song, I feel the urge to put a flaming stick up my ear in order to go deaf. I'd rather get punched in the face repeatedly than listen to this song.

    Why do I feel like Mrs. Rolniak is going to use this information against us and make these the song-of-the-days…

  31. In my opinion the worst song ever made was “the ketchup song” or “Asereje” by las ketchup.this song is so pointless it blows my mind. My 5th grade teacher used to play this before class to torture us . It’s like a dollar store version of the Macarena . Just thinking about this song get me upset. Oh and did I mention their is an awful dance that goes with it. To conclude I will not leave a link to this song because I would not want to put you through 3:31 seconds of torture.

  32. I tried really hard to avoid writing about this song because I’m sure a lot of other people chose to write about it too, but there is literally no song I detest more right now more “It’s Everyday Bro” by Jake Paul and Team 10. First of all, the song musically progresses nowhere. It’s the same beat for a solid, painful 3 minutes and forty seconds. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever listened to the song all the way through without pausing it to give my ears a break. Never mind the fact the song is completely irrelevant and has no purpose but to show Team 10’s success(?) The lyrics make little to no sense, are grammatically incorrect, sexist, and crude. I can understand incorporating these aspects into the lyrics for artistic effect, except for the fact that this song has absolutely no artistry. The most sickening thing about the song and music video for me is that it clearly displays privilege and wealth to the extent that it is unhealthy. The money dumped into this song, its video, and its merch could have been used for something constructive, socially or politically relevant (well I guess it and the attention it has sparked unintentionally shows a lot about our social climate), or even just decent music. I’d link the music video, but whoever reads this probably has already seen it. If you haven’t, don’t do yourself a disservice and watch it; watching paint dry is a better use of your time.

  33. Title: Closer
    Performer: The Chainsmokers & Halsey
    Genre: Pop

    The worst song EVER, hands down, is “Closer” by the Chainsmokers. To begin with, “Closer” has an extremely basic chord progression that resembles that of many other Chainsmokers songs. Because of this, all of the Chainsmokers songs sound pretty much identical, with simple rhythms and melodies that get old REAL FAST. Furthermore, the song has oddly specific lyrics that definitely never even occurred… I seriously DOUBT that the Chainsmokers “moved to the city in a broke down car” and and bit “that tattoo on your shoulder”. Additionally, when the Chainsmokers and Halsey performed the song live at the 2016 VMAs, they were extremely off-key at many moments in the song. I have to say that I was disappointed in their performance and unimpressed by their lack of musical ability. In essence, the song “Closer” by the Chainsmokers is THE worst song ever because of its lame composition, terrible lyrics, and subpar performance.

  34. The worst song ever written in my opinion is “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5. This is because the entire song is slow and and the beat is boring. I feel like Adam Levine is putting no emotion into this song when he sings. Also, the repetitiveness of the words really grinds my gears. The whole chorus is just him repeating don’t, wanna, and know about five times each.Whenever I listen to this song it just gives me a headache and I feel angry after it finishes. Please do your self a favor and don’t torture yourself with this song.

  35. I think one of the worst songs ever is definitely “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorius. First of all, Jacob truly has no talent in music making or performing. The only reason he got famous is because of the app Musical.ly, which I hate so much but i can save that rant for another day. Somehow being a “muser” turned into him being a ‘recording artist’ for some pretty terrible songs, such as “Sweatshirt”. The melody is simply annoying, the accompaniment is boring and basic, and the singing itself is so immature and quite terrible. Also, there is a line that goes “chilling with her hair tied, no makeup with some sweatpants on” and it REALLY reminds me of a line from “Best I Ever Had” by Drake: “sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with not makeup on”. Every time I hear this part it makes me angry because I’m pretty positive that line came from that song. Yikes. In conclusion, “Sweatshirt” is a terrible song by a young kid that thinks he can sing/write music because he plays with an app that is popular with 12 year olds.

  36. The worst song that I have ever heard is Why Don’t We Do It In The Road, which was originally by the Beatles, but covered by the Grateful Dead. The genre of this song is rock, and it was originally released in 1968. This is the worst song I have ever heard because it has a great keyboard intro, that leads into the chorus, which is also the verse, where the vocals are a complete fail. First of all, they repeat the same lyrics through the entire song. The two people sining attempt to harmonize, or do something to that extended, but they sound cacophonously out of tune, to the point that you will their screechy voices resonating throughout your head. Given the fact that that the Beatles originally wrote this song, you are left with a feeling of great astonishment that a band to such a high caliber, like the Beatles, would with such a disappointing, agonizing song.

  37. The worst song ever, to me, is figures by Jessie Reyez. it is the worst song ever because of the singers vocal skill and the lyrics of the song. the vocalist makes the song sound like she’s always whining. another thing is it sounds like the singer adds an e to the end of each word. also, the lyricism isn’t well thought out. for one, the lyrics just sound like generic break up songs, and two, they kind of sound jumbled and don’t make sense when put together. heres the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxLUj1Mrars

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