Random Facts About YOU!!

Well Hello!!

Our first blog assignment is a getting to know you assignment.  Please tell us 5 things about you.  This could be anything from your favorite band to the fact you have 2 belly buttons.  This doesn’t have to be in paragraph form and can simply be a numbered list.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Tuesday September 5th at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I can’t wait to hear all about you.  I hope you find others with your same interests.

I love you more than I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Mrs. R.

478 thoughts on “Random Facts About YOU!!

  1. 1. I like cold weather
    2. I watch the show Lost
    3. My favorite card game is Monopoly Deal
    4. I can solve a rubiks cube in about a minute
    5. I play piano, guitar, and ukulele

  2. 1. I have a bear that I’ve slept with every night since i was two!
    2. My favorite animal is an Elephant
    3. I have toe thumbs
    4. I eat an unhealthy amount of string cheese
    5. I had braces for 6 years

    • lol i suck at online stuff and i couldn’t figure this out (asked ali for help and she fell asleep right when I needed her), SO I’m going to do my assignment here!!!
      1. I have 1 brother with an age difference of 15 years
      2. I had a fish for 24 hours before he died
      3. I thoroughly enjoy cheese on any given day
      4. I have a blanky I’ve had ince before i was born
      5. my family’s birthdays are consecutive months (mom: nov, cruz: dec, dad: jan, dog: feb, me: march)

      • My sister is 14 younger than I am…it is really cool now that we are older. I was vegan for two years but I missed cheese too much…my families birthdays are different months but consecutive days…25, 26, 27, 28.

  3. 1) My family owns a small chocolate Business
    2) I am a stage manager for Victoria Sayeg at Hilcrest a center for the Arts
    3) I love English, but I can’t math (I still use my fingers)
    4) My favorite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh
    5) I was born in Texas in 2002, moved to Colorado in 2003, Orange County in 2007, and finally westlake in 2010

  4. 1) My favorite food is ramen
    2) I love cooking, especially japanese
    3) My favorite cartoon characters are Snoopy and Stitch
    4) I enjoy playing/refereeing airsoft
    5) My favorite game to play is Dungeons and Dragons with friends

  5. 1) I love books by Stephen King
    2) My favorite color is purple
    3) My favorite animals are sharks and orca whales
    4) My full name (first, middle, and last) is as long as the alphabelt
    5) I’m learning how to play the ukulele

  6. 1) I am obsessed with the band twenty one pilots.
    2) My favorite tv show is Glee.
    3) My birthday is the same day Kwanzaa starts
    4) I can’t snap or whistle
    5) My favorite food of all time would have to be the salted caramel cheesecake from the cheesecake factory;)

  7. I play the ukulele
    I watch a ton of youtube!
    My favorite colors are pastel pink and fef65b (it’s a shade of yellow)
    Singing and dancing are my favorite things to do
    I’m a virgo

  8. 1) I love musical theater
    2) Haim is my favorite band
    3) I have been at 6 different schools
    4) I have a twin sister
    5) Social studies is my favorite subject besides chior

  9. 1. My favorite place to be is the beach
    2. My favorite show is Supernatural
    3. My favorite artist is SZA
    4. I’m a Sagittarius
    5. My favorite chocolate is Reese’s

  10. 1. My last name means bunny in Russian (I’m Russian)
    2. I’m in Advanced Anatomy
    3. Boba and donuts are a must
    4. Always down for a Harry Potter marathon
    5. I have to finish my fries before I can start my burger

  11. 1. I love the beach and swimming in the ocean
    2. I love JB
    3. I’m afraid of Snow White. Not the princess but the movie
    4. I love eating lemons at restaurant because I’m not allowed to at home since they’re bad for teeth
    5. I love summer!!! Summer vibes only

  12. 1. I have had 33 hamsters
    2. My two favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast and Mulan
    3. I love hugs
    4. I have gone bunjee humping
    5. I have worn glasses for 8 years.

  13. 1. I have perfect pitch.
    2. I really like birds and go birdwatching a lot.
    3. I love to sing while I play the piano.
    4. I don’t have a favorite genre of music because I listen to literally everything.
    5. My favorite soccer team is Manchester United.

  14. Let’s see..
    1. I like to play the drums
    2. I’m an only child 🤙🏽
    3. The four cheese pasta at Cheesecake Factory is MY all time favorite pasta!!!!
    4. I love math (it’s a pretty cool subject)
    5. My favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas :))

  15. 1. I’m always on my phone but rarely text back asap
    2. I’ve lived in the same house my whole life
    3. I’m one of those girls who wants to be on the cheer team but is not flexible at all
    4. My lucky number is 14
    5. I rarely listen to any music in English, my playlist consists of Bachata, Cumbias, Reaggeton, Banda, Anything in Spanish, I listen to it

  16. 1) I have a dog named Mr. Cuddles (No I did not name him that)
    2) Chocolate dipped strawberries hold the key to my heart
    3) I love musicals more than cookie dough ice cream (Bye Bye Birdie is my favorite)
    4) I am the 5th of seven children
    5) I love The Beach Boys

  17. 5 Facts about me:)
    1. I am half Chinese and half Mexican (my mom was born in Shanghai and my dad was born in Mexico City)
    2. I am a triplet! (we are fraternal)
    3. My favorite band is Queen
    4. I have 3 dogs!
    5. My favorite song is Santeria by Sublime 🙂

  18. 1.I love drawing
    2.Ive never taken a sefie before
    3.I’m a die hard Marvel’s fan
    4.My favorite game is a Chinese game based off Japanese history with Japanese characters and Japanese voice actors called “Onmyouji”,its also not available in Japan.
    5.I have a pair of Iron Man and Captain America Build a Bear Workshop stuffed animals named “Tony and Steve” who sit on my nightstand and ward off demons.

  19. A few things about me :)……
    1) I am a middle child
    2) I have played water polo for 5 years
    3) I am a burn survivor
    4) The beach is one of my favorite places
    5) My family travels a lot

  20. Hi everybody! My 5 cool facts are:
    1. I have 3 cats named Furrari, Bentley Finnegan, and Madison.
    2. I have ridden (and jumped) horses since the age of 6.
    3. My favorite band is The 1975.
    4. My favorite animal is a beluga whale. (It’s the white one like in the movie Finding Dory)
    5. I want to live in New York or England one day.

  21. 1. I love sushi burritos and ate them almost every week during the summer.
    2. I am gluten free and I found out about a year ago.
    3. I go to the Jersey Shore and New York every year for the past ten years.
    3. I play beach Volleyball
    4. I love the beach especially the one in Ventura.
    5. I make the best homemade strawberry ice cream.

  22. 1) I have moved 6 times
    2) I’ve been hit by a car
    3) My favorite animal is a Mantis Shrimp (Look it up it’s pretty cool)
    4) I like to watch a lot of movies
    5) My favorite drink is a good iced coffee

  23. 1. I wear glasses
    2. My favorite color is yellow
    3. I play the ukulele
    4. I have 2 dogs
    5. My aunt, dad, and older sister are all alumni of Westlake

  24. 1. I have 2 older sisters (one was in choir and was in ACA)
    2. I can play the piano
    3. I have played soccer for 10 years
    4. I go to Utah twice every year to ski
    5. My biggest fear is being alone

  25. 1. I have 5 siblings
    2. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    3. I am a figure skater
    4. I hate tomatoes
    5. I am a skier

  26. 1. I have duel citizenship with England.
    2. My favorite type of ice cream is cookies and cream.
    3. I’m a dog and a cat person.
    4. I love photography and doing photoshoots and I hope to get some new lenses!
    5. I’ve been in choir since 3rd grade.

  27. 1) I’m a total night owl and don’t really get tired until 1 am.
    2) I’m allergic to cats but i still love them.
    3) I have been in choir since 3rd grade.
    4) I have a dog named Angus, he is a German Shepard.
    5) My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.

  28. 1) I love the color burgundy
    2) I have an obsession with dogs
    3) I love pizza
    4) I love dr pepper
    5) I love to sleep

  29. 1. I love musical theatre and Broadway 2. I love pickles and they’re my favorite food. 3. I want to live in New York when I’m older. 4. I have two dogs, they are golden doodles. 5. I have been in choir since 1st grade

  30. 1. I love breakfast
    2. I run track
    3. I love to travel
    4. My favorite place to go is the beach
    5. I want to be a nurse

  31. 1) I have a cat who sleeps on my head
    2) I own over 1000 books and have read each one at least twice
    3) I can sing every Disney song ever created by heart
    4) I’m deathly afraid of spiders
    5) my favorite song is motzarts moonlight sonta

  32. 1) my favorite color is GREEN
    2)I love sunflowers
    3)I enjoy reading autobiographies
    4) I LOVE half popped pop corn
    5) my celebrity crush is Chris Evans

  33. 1) I’ve never moved
    2) I used to hate country music but now i love it
    3) when i was two I cracked my forehead open
    4) whenever someone makes me laugh I always laugh to loud
    5) I’ve never had Coca cola

  34. 1. I moved from New Mexico to California
    2. I’ve been doing competitive cheer for 7 years
    3. I’ve always loved singing
    4. I’ve bitten my nails for years & am currently trying to stop lol
    5. I have a 24 year old sister who looks just just like me

  35. 1.Love music
    2.Ben Affleck Batman is my idol
    3.i play ukulele and piano
    4.im a only child now 🤙🏽
    5.have two siblings

  36. 1.) i love to dance to hip hop and hispanic music
    2.) my favorite music genre is rap(logic,kendrick,eminem etc)
    3.) im interested in anything makeup
    4.) i love amusement parks
    5.) my favorite school subjects are english and history

  37. 1.) I have never watched something I didn’t like (movies or TV)
    2.) I genuinely know every single Disney song completely by heart
    3.) I have had my bunny for eleven years!!!!
    4.) I’m not really afraid of anything. Insects are fine, they’re just nasty
    5.) I love every genre of music, except country. I hate country. We are not friends if you listen to country

  38. 1. I’m a huge star wars fan.
    2. I enjoy listening to classic rock from the 80’s
    3. I always enjoy giving to others!
    4. I enjoy being close to nature
    5. I play video games in my spare time

  39. 1. I have been to a 7 week arts camp in Massachusetts since I was 9 which is my home away from home
    2. I love the show the flash even though it’s really nerdy
    3. My favorite food is açai
    4. I have an older sister named Nicole who is now in college
    5. I am awful at most sports especially running
    6. I have been dancing and singing almost my whole life

  40. 1) My favorite card game is uno :^)
    2) the color yellow is superior haha!
    3) i hope to become an animator and work in musical theater
    4) i have a wall where is stick doodles others give me, messages, and memories
    5) colorfully striped sweaters are my favorite :^)

  41. 1.I am in love with dogs
    2.I am a huge fan of the dodgers
    3.I love the boo wonder
    4.I am not the best in math but when it comes to history I am an expert
    5.I am a really short person

  42. I know I was supposed to do this a while ago, but i kept forgetting. here it is now.
    1. I am huge Star wars fan
    2. My favorite color combination is green and black
    3. I like to build Lego and me and my brother just recently built a Lego Saturn Five rocket
    4. I hope to be a chemist
    5. I am very clumsy

  43. This semester, one goal I have is to have better time management. Some obstacles that might get in the way of that are my procrastination and other activities I have going on. In addition, I would like to be way more organized. Some things that might get in the way of that are being lazy and forgetful. Finally, I want to start working out more often. Although, homework might get in the way of that as well as after school activities and laziness.

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