El Vito

Our blog assignment this week is to analyze Joni Jensen’s arrangement of “El Vito”.

Here is some information about this piece:

The vito is a song and dance (St. Vitus is the patron saint of dance) from Andalusia. Its character is fierce and flashy…the piano takes on the role of the guitar accompaniment and the singers participate in the percussion by clapping (although this is quite simplified from true flamenco clapping). –Joni Jensen


With the vito it goes
I don’t want them to look at me for I blush.
Single ladies are of gold, married ladies are of silver.
The widows are of copper, and the old ones are of tin. Don’t look straight at my face for I blush.
I don’t want you to look at me for I’m going to fall in love.
A Malaguean lady went to Sevilla to see the bulls and in the middle of the way the Moors captured her.

Use this information to write 5-7 sentences on how Joni Jensen depicts this in her arrangement of this piece.

We listened to this in class, but I encourage you to listen again with your eyes closed and focus on the elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Tempo, Dynamics, Harmony, Form, Texture, and Timbre.  Focusing on rhythm, melody, tempo, and dynamics for this assignment.  You can also  put into your paragraph whether or not you enjoyed this piece and why.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday March 20th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I hope you enjoy this piece of music.

I love you more than I love warmer weather!!

Mrs. R

20 thoughts on “El Vito

  1. I absolutely loved this song. The choir did an amazing job of telling the story through music. As I was listening to this song I feel like I was watching a action/drama movie. I feel like this girl was on the run from someone. She seems very independent and very powerful. At times the tempo of the song sped up and it made it seem more dramatic. The song just flowed, there was never a dull moment. The was never really a moment where I wasn’t hearing someone sing. Having the clapping involved with the song made it more fun and it really just drawed your attention. Towards the end the rhythm started to get faster and it was a really great way of ending the song.

    • I agree that the tempo started to get faster, but it was still really good! They sang this song beautifully!

    • I wish I had the imagination to have pictured something like you did while listening/ watching this. I feel like it would’ve helped me get a feel for what they’re singing about. Good observations!

  2. I really liked this piece; it wasn’t just amazing but it was very well sung. There were clear dynamics, and their voices blended in a light but thick texture. The clapping was electrifying and the soloist really showed some sass (She sung really clear and loud which I liked). The melody and rhythm was good and consistent (there weren’t any pauses) and the tempo was good for the most part (they sped up at times but were still great). Overall, this choir did a fantastic job singing this story of shy love, beauty, and expressing this piece in a musical way.

    • I agree with the soloist being clear and loud. You could tell that she knew her part very well.

  3. I really liked this piece! I feel like Joni Jensen truly captured the complete essence of the piece. From the girls dancing and having that flamenco attitude to their dynamics and them hitting all of the right notes. The amount of girls in the choir truly helped their sound. They were all blended and each of their voices were strong and proud. I don’t speak whatever language they were singing in but they sounded pretty spot on. Also their vowels were definitely crisp. All in all this piece was fantastic.

  4. This was really good! I feel like they really captured the message that this song was trying to convey. The girl that had the one solo was giving it a little sass and a little zest and honestly I was living for it. This choir blended quite exquisitely. The clapping really got me into the song and I was clapping along. Also going back to the soloist, she made sure her vowels were crisp. I really loved this piece

    • ” a little zest” lmao. I thought it was funny how you said that you were clapping along, because I also found myself tapping my leg every time they started clapping. I think the percussion sound is important in this song.

  5. I really really liked this piece! They really captured the essence of what it was about. They vowels and dynamics were really on point. They were loud when needed and brought a lot of energy to the piece which made it really enjoyable. The girl that had the solo was incredibly sassy which I thought was really cool and I loved every moment of it.

  6. This piece is great as well as their performance. I have to say, the soloist did do a great job representing the confident ladies who would show dominance upon men. The choir felt natural as though they were ment to sing the song. This was very powerful and it was very enjoyable. There was a lot of energy In good use.

  7. This piece is great as well as their performance. I have to say, the soloist did do a great job representing the confident ladies who would show dominance upon men. The choir felt natural as though they were ment to sing the song. This was very powerful and it was very enjoyable. There was a lot of energy In good use..

  8. I found this performance very enjoyable. They start nice and strong and their claps are in sync. Their dynamics transition smoothly and noticeably and their vowels match. The soloist did an amazing job embodying the character she was portraying with her voice and facial expressions. These girls created this daring, sassy tone that made me imagine a woman in a red dress dancing and showing off her confidence and just owning it.

  9. I really enjoyed this piece! Joni Jensen captured the different aspects of the song’s power and dominance and accuentated them throughout the piece. They took detail to make it look more dramatic. As they sped up the tempo and clapped, it started to seem more dramatic which I really liked! The soloist took action when she came up! She was loud and used her vowels very well so it was understandable too! The dynamics of this performance were awesome, going back and forth from soft to loud showed how powerful the piece was.

  10. I liked this performance, especially their dynamics in the spots where they gradually got louder and began to clap. They were enthusiastic throughout the whole piece and didn’t sound like they were losing energy at all. One thing I didn’t like too much about the piece was that I wouldn’t have been able to tell what the soloist was singing if it weren’t for the lyrics you put up. I really liked that it was a large group of women who performed this piece. They all were confident and sounded strong.

  11. I enjoyed this performance a lot. They sang it very well. Their voices were blended and there was a heavy/warm texture. The singers did seem to speed up a little at times but I still found this amazing. The melody was fun and also steady. It’s so cool to see a whole group of girls with such loud and powerful voices as a group.

  12. I couldn’t really understand what the song was about, but I really enjoyed it. I found the entire piece to beautiful. I think the dynamic, diction, and clapping really brought the piece together. I think it’s crazy that a choir this big can sound so good and not be overpowering. Also the solo was amazing. And they were all very very confident and synchronized, which I think also makes the viewer feel comfortable.

  13. It’s not easy understanding songs when you don’t know the language even though the translation was there, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to follow along very well. However, the way that the dynamics were phrased helped me paint the picture and connect each line to where it went in the translation. I didn’t enjoy watching the performance, but I did enjoy listening to it! Vocally everything was there and the energy was very apparent- I’m sure it helped having like 70 girls on stage contributing their voices! My favorite line is “don’t look at me for I blush, I don’t want you to look at me for I’m going to fall in love” and I knew exactly where it was in the piece, not only because of the melody, but because of the phrasing that Ms. Jenson conducted with the singers I could feel the blush and flirty embarrassment of the lyrics. I did actually enjoy seeing the cleanliness of the clapping while I was watching.

  14. This song was very well done considering that it’s a really big choir and to see that all of them were clearly focused on the conductor and they all have knowledge of the piece helped them deliver a well done performance of the piece vocal wise. In the very beginning of the piece,they had a very fierce and bold tone. As the piece went on, it became more sweet and gently, but the fire of the piece was still there. The dynamics really helped me picture a story of a lady, in my head. The melody of the piece was present through the performance. I felt like th different tempos were kind of hard to carry considering there were many voices present. Overall, I enjoyed this piece.

  15. I lived this piece and this choir’s arrangement! Throughout the piece, they maintained the “latin feel” and that dramatic flair. The tempo was steady and fierce in the beginning, but became softer near the end. Also, the addition of the clapping really helped with the feel of the piece. This was definitely a great choral piece to hear!

  16. Honestly flamenco music is cool as heck! It feels so regal, especially with 70 voices. I gotta be honest, that flamenco sass is all to relateble. I just love all that fierceness. I like the way they build it, how the overall tone becomes thicker as more voices split off.

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