I Need New Music

Our blog assignment this week is to celebrate music made by African American artists.  So this assignment is sharing a song by an African American artist.  This can be an all time favorite song or one you have just discovered. Use your 5 – 7 sentences to tell me why you chose this song, a little bit about the performer, and describe the song a bit.  You can also link to youtube so we can all enjoy this song.

This assignment must be 5-7 sentences paragraph to get full credit.  This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday February 13th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love my hot peppermint tea!!

Mrs. R

47 thoughts on “I Need New Music

  1. MM hot peppermint tea sounds good right now! Lately all I’ve been listening to is either Hamilton or just instrumentals to help me study. But they do have really good playlists on spotify so sometimes I play those! They even have black history month playlists, so you kNOW ya girl listened to that! One song I love so far is Hang on in There by John Legend. John’s name says it all! His music is beautiful, especially his latest song, Love Me Now, which the music video was AWESOME! Okay back to the song I chose: Hang on in There. This is a funky song that you would want to listen to during a long drive. This song came out back in 2010. It’s John Legend and The Roots’ cover of Mike James Kirkland’s song. They won a Grammy for it! “Whenever things seem hard to bare. Don’t give up. Hang on in there.” I love that the song is telling you not to give in. With such motivational lyrics and a great melody I’m not surprised it won a Grammy! Here’s a link for John Legend singing it live with The Roots: https://youtu.be/D5wvYViM74w

  2. The song that I have chosen is “Another day ” by Sam Cooke. I’ve only ever listened to this song by Sam Cooke but I absolutely fell in love with the song. The genre of his music is gospel,soul, and R&B. The song is really nice and slow and I feel like I could slow dance to it all day . I’ve decided to look Sam Cooke up and I was pretty surprised about what I found. First a little backstory on Sam Cooke . Sam Cooke, also known as Dale Cooke was born January 22, 1931 in Clarksdale Mississippi. He is commonly known as the king of soul for his distinctive vocals and importance within popular music . Cook was also among the first modern black performers and composers to attend the business side of this musical career. He founded both a record label and a publishing company as an extension of his careers of the singer and composer. He also took an active part in the civil rights movement. I read more about Sam’s life to find out that he was shot and killed by a woman named Bertha Franklin at the age of 33. It really sucks that Sam died at a young age.But Sam is a great singer and a legend.

  3. The song I chose is Chandelier by The Seratones!!

    The Seratones are a band from Shreveport, Louisiana. Their lead singer is a black woman named AJ Haynes (who also happens to be gorgeous.) She takes inspiration from her time as a church singer and influences such as Billie Holiday and Tom Waits to add an edgy, blues-y flair to her music. I chose this song because I noticed that I generally don’t listen to genres such as R&B and hip hop and I wanted to choose an interesting artist who is relatively unknown and who performs things that are more aligned to my music taste. There don’t seem to be many POC artists in the music genres I listen to unfortunately and I always love seeing diversity, personal flair, and new twists. Chandelier is a song that just makes you want to dance, with awesome guitar riffs and Haynes’ powerful voice guiding the song along.
    I ALSO LOVE THAT IT INCLUDES GUITAR SOLOS! My dad and I were just talking about how a lot of music has forfeited the guitar solo and I’m sooooo happy to see a band bringing that back.

    • So true about the guitar solo…In fact a country song came on one of my suggested playlists and it had a very lengthy guitar solo and the end and I remember thinking that really doesn’t happen anymore in popular music!!

  4. AAHHHH this is so hard. Okay, so one of my favorite songs is by Corinne Bailey Rae it’s called “Put Your Records On.” This song is just a song that makes me feel good and I grew up listening to this song. https://youtu.be/7gPD7kY1amE
    The second song is “Wait a Minute” by Willow Smith. This is another feel good song. Willows album ARDIPITHCUS is just AMAZING! https://youtu.be/ZKh31vKbQig
    The third song is by Gary Clark Jr. and it’s called “Things Are Changin.” Actually this song reminds me a lot about you (Mrs.Rolniak.) Gary Clark Jr has just such a soothing voice that makes you feel calm and good inside and I luv it! https://youtu.be/l9dqtmgsmAg
    Okay I would say this is like my all time favorite song it’s called “Adore You ft. Abhi Dijon” by NYO! I remember listening this this song 24/7. It got me through the mile, finals, and long car rides. I could dance to this song for hours. NAO has the most unique voice that I’ve ever heard. IT’S MAGICAL! I really recommend listening to this song. IT WILL BLESS YOUR EARS! https://youtu.be/oCgQK2SUM3M
    OKAY THIS IS MY FINAL SONG. It’s “IVY” by Frank Ocean. I guess you can say I get inspired by Frank Ocean. I’ve never heard a more unique album in my life. It’s very rare for a celebrity to stay out of the limelight and actually enjoy life. The fact that he’s now a doctor and still released a powerful album is crazy. Frank Ocean just makes me a happy person. I couldn’t find a youtube of this song so I have a cover by Alessia Cara for you! https://youtu.be/Ah9ydcv6kJw

  5. So I chose the song Stuck In My Mind by Latasha Lee and the Blackties. She is a relatively underground artist which is ironic because she was on the X factor. She made it to the Top 50 people which was pretty cool. She was born in Texas and she always knew she would be doing something musical when she got older. She was discovered by Salih Williams which was pretty chill. I really like her sound because she has such a rich deep voice and I’m so in love. I discovered her by watching a short film. To me she really sounds like Amy Winehouse with her sound. Like a lot but it’s okay because she sounds cool. Well I think she’s great and has a god given gift so yeah.

  6. So I was gonna choose a song by prince or Michael Jackson but we all know most of their songs so I chose a song that I listened to on repeat since I was 2 and was also my father and daughter dance at my quince. The song is “I’m your puppet” by James & Bobby Purify which was a R&B duo. They released this song, which also became their hit song, in 1966. It reached #6 in the billboards and it’s just amazing and I love it so much. It’s definitely mine and my dads song we listen to it anytime we can and is like to share it with all of you 🙂

  7. One of my all time favorite songs has to be I wannna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston. She just has such a powerful voice and a beautiful range. This is one
    e of her most popular song can get anyone up and moving. This song won a grammy for best female pop vocal preformance as well as the AMA award for favorite pop/ rock single in 1988. She has long been one of my favorite artists because her musics ability to always put me in a better mood. Unfortunetly this music legend passed away many years ago but her music will live in infamy. https://youtu.be/eH3giaIzONA

  8. The artist is Ray Charles. This artist is an african American song writer and performer who was prime years ago. His song I found was interesting is hit the road, Jack. This song not only tells a tale, but has some interesting instrumentation along with some voices. I find this song to be very pleasing because of the music/instrumentation.

  9. Okay so this artist is so amazing I can talk about her for hours. I was fortunate enough to see Lianne La Havas last year. I’ve been to countless number of concerts and I can say she has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard live. Lianne is 27 years old born in England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother. She began singing at seven, and states that her parents’ diverse musical tastes is what had the biggest influence on her music. She has two albums, her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? and her second album Blood which focuses very heavily on her Jamaican roots. Lianne La Havas is one of those people who can sing anything and sound amazing (and she’s a great guitar player). Her music is amazing and I highly recommend other check her out.

    Fun Fact: Prince discovered Lianne’s music on Youtube one day and called her and asked her to work with him on his album so she pops up on his album Art Official Age. If Prince calls someone because he thinks they’re talented, they’re the real deal.

  10. I have two songs- “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson and “Who Runs the World” by Beyonce.

    Michael Jackson- It is one of my favorite songs by him, because I love the lyrics, the melody, and him honestly! It took me by suprise when I found out “Dirty Diana” wasn’t about a person but about groups of girls that tried to hang out with the band and get Michael’s attention (groupies). He was truly the “King of Pop” and a very talented man. I grew up with this song and it has been with me my whole life. He may be gone but long live his music.

    Beyonce- I could go on about how great she is but let’s just say that she is a huge inspiration to me. Her songs are amazing and full of girl-power. This song in particular is so bad-ass, because the message is truly incredible and about girls ruling this world too-not just boys. Beyonce is an inspiring singer (soon to be giving birth to two more beauties) and I like how she speaks her mind, and doesn’t shy away from confrontations.

    I’m sure everyone has probably heard these two songs, but I think they are truly beautiful pieces of music from two beautiful musicians.

  11. The song I chose is called “Hallelujah Money” by the band Gorillaz, featuring Benjamin Clementine. This is a new song by them, and when I first heard it I was really touched by it. They put it out the night before the inauguration, and it’s quite obvious that the lyrics are about how certain people in American society have made their way through with money. The whole song is basically alluding to things we have heard in our country’s current state, with trying to protect our tree’s fruits by building walls. I found it really interesting how the band chose a black man to sing the song, since many of the lyrics are meant to be from Trump’s point of view. Some lyrics that really stick out to me are “don’t worry, it’s not against our morals. It’s legal tender” and “thank you, my friend, for trusting me.” The images in the background of the video are also really interesting, when at the end the singer is singing “hallelujah money,” there are bells and American flags in the background, basically saying that what the U.S. has come to is manipulation through money. This song is a lot darker than what I usually listen to, but when I first heard this song the message really stayed with me, since I was and am still very upset with the way things are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDUrpPvU1_4

  12. As well as being one of the greatest interpreters of popular ballads, Nat King Cole also an excellent jazz pianist and singer. “Orange colored sky” written by Milton DeLugg and Willie Stein was recorded by Nat King Cole with Stan Keton’s orchestra on August 16, 1950 and realized by Capital Records. It peaked at #11 on the Billboard magazine Best Seller chart and lasted 13 weeks on the chart. This is not the genre of music I would choose to listen to regularly. But it definitely fantastic and if you haven’t heard it you really should.


  13. I chose to share this artist because she is relatively new. She is not signed to a big record label, and she makes all her own music. As an artist I find it so important to acknowledge problems in society and in the world that the everyday people experience through the gifts we were granted by life. This groove is about the inner monologue that the majority of black american males go through on a daily basis. Not only is this song important for society to hear but it’s also such a well done song and for her to be able to do what he has done with it without a label is so cool to me! (she wasn’t signed when she put this song out and made the music video) Another artist I’d love for people hear is Nao. She is relatively popular but more underground popular. I think you would definitely like her a lot, Mrs. Rolniak!

  14. I think a good artist would be anita baker because she in my opinion is a little authentic in some ways but she doses remind me of another singer, but I enjoy most of her songs especially “sweet love” that Is one of my favorites.

  15. I personally think that Frank ocean is amazing, I especially love his song “Bad Religion”. He’s music is really different from a lot of African Americans music and has a different mood and style. Everything his does is different and has alot of meaning to it. Another good song from him is “Forrest Gump”. Those two songs are one of my favorite songs to sing & listen to. https://youtu.be/FKLvJWnT0N8 https://youtu.be/CqnhoaxBxDk 🙂

  16. My favorite song is Unbreakable by Alicia Keys. It’s a great song with a great message. It makes me want to dance and sing along. I think Alicia is a great artist and her music is always meaningful and beautiful. She’s always been my favorite artist. My dad would always blast her music in the house when I was little so I grew up listening to her.

  17. oooh i really like Brenton Wood you should listen to gimme a little sign, i think you’ve got your fools mixed up, i like the way you love me, and the oogum boogum song. These songs are from the 60’s 70’s ish which is weird how i know music from waaayy back but i really like his music.

  18. So I thought about doing a Nina Simone song, but I thought i might talk about a song shown to me be my friend Henri, called “Shave ’em Dry” performed by the Blues singer Lucielle Bogan. Henri found it from a list of Keith Richard’s favorite songs and it is WILD. The lyrics sound like they could have been written during the riot grrl movement, but the song was recorded in 1933. The way Bogan owns her sexuality through “crass” language is really fricken fierce.

  19. One of the songs that I have recently added to my All Time Favorite Songs list is Lovely Day By Bill Withers. This is the one song that I can play right when I wake up in the morning that will just put me in such a good mood right before I go to school. I can listen to it whenever and it will instantly change my mood. I like to blast this song in my room when I’m home alone or just doing something really boring. It just one of those songs that I can dance to without having a care in the world. This song just puts me in such a nice place.

  20. Hands down my favorite African American singer is a tie between John Legend and Aretha Franklin. They both have distinct sounds and are filled with talent. Though these two are my favorite artists, I would have to say that a “Must Have” for any good playlist mix is “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. I don’t know why, but I always find myself listening to this song over and over again because it’s just that good! Her raw vocals and the jazzy tune makes it both an upbeat and inspiring song that makes you just want to sing along every time!

  21. my favorite african american artist is: Charles Mingus. my favorite song by him is “moanin’ ”

    He in my opinion is one of the best jazz artists back then. he has many amazing songs but one that stands the most out to me is his song, moanin’ he incorporates everything into his jazz pieces with it still making musical sense. as a soloist he is one of the best and i also feel like he was a chill dude.

  22. I’d say my favorite black artist is Childish Gambino. As a person, Donald Glover is creative, talented, well-rounded, intelligent, and overall seemingly understanding. His style of music is inventive and mixes genres (i.e. rap, hip hop, pop), and sometimes features up and coming rap artists. Any of his songs could be hit singles. He’s very respectful of music as a whole and his fanbase, and loves interacting with them. He even had a weekend long camping trip for his fans for his new music out in Joshua Tree!

  23. I chose Beyoncé freedom featuring Kendrick lamar. They both are African American artists and sing and rap about a lot of probelms going on in the world right now, such as poverty racism and the songs represents them wanting freedom. Freedom from judgment freedom to be themselves . A lyric in the song is “freedom freedom I can’t move freedom please cut me loose” and I think it really represents how we have all fought for our beliefs and should stand for something great such as equality in every form . But this song is one of my favorites go listen.

  24. So I had a hard time thinking of who to do this on, but recently my sister showed me a song called redbone by Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). I’m sure you all know who he is by now. An amazing actor, comedian, producer, singer/song writer. He does it all. This song has more of a jazzy funk feel to it, which is what i really enjoy. It’s a lot different from his older albums. It’s a really smooth chill song, I could listen to it whenever. https://youtu.be/Kp7eSUU9oy8

  25. I have to choose Nightshift by The Commodores, I remember hearing this song when I went to London and I was instantly obsessed with it. It kind of has a groovy sound to it and it brings back to when I saw my family that summer. It always puts me in a better mood and I love it for that. It mentions a song by Marvin Gaye and another by Jackie Wilson.

  26. One of my favorite songs right now is Self Control by Frank Ocean. I chose this song because i love Frank Ocean and his album Blonde is just so good. The first time i heard it i cried because it was just so intense. The song starts with a rapper with no backtrack then guitar comes in and fits so well. When Frank starts singing its like actual gold and his voice is just so pure and raw. Another reason why i chose it is because another one of my favorite artist is in the song which makes it better. The song ends with intense vocals from Frank and the harmony feels like magic.

  27. I appreciate John Legend as a musician because he has such an amazing voice and creates music that is unique and passionate. One of my favorite songs by John Legend is Dreams from his album Love in the Future. The song is about love and the process of falling in love despite whatever difficulties may come along. Dreaming and hoping that everything will work itself out in the favor of true love. Although John Legend may have most likely written this song for someone he loves, dreams are capable of coming true regardless. Whether the goal is to steal someone’s heart or to get into the school of your choice. I enjoy this song because the piano is powerful and the lyrics are hopeful.

  28. “Thin line between love and hate” by the Persuaders a 70s r&b group, this song makes me reminiscent of when my uncle use to reside with my family and I. I was about 9 then in the midst of enjoying childhood. This song is so pure and distinct to what we hear today. This song paints you a story with an underlying message, to not take your lady for granted. Their other music is so romantic and tender. Every lyric they sing is so heartfelt and genuine. You could tell that they are so passionate when performing, that you are moved.

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