Kid Zeppelin

Our blog assignment this week is to watch this video and comment.  Do you enjoy this performance?  If you do what about it do you enjoy?  If you do not enjoy this performance, tell me specifically why you don’t?  What do you think about kids this age playing Led Zeppelin?  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday January 30th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love chilly weather!!

Mrs. R

41 thoughts on “Kid Zeppelin

  1. When I was elementary school, we had xylophones and would do percussion pieces for the parents, but we never did anything as cool as this. Zeppelin is not easy. I’m not sure how old these kids are but the way they stay in sync with each other, even while changing meter is quite remarkable. Also, it’s fun to see each of the kids being kids. Like the kid in the fedora or the girl in front. Kids make me chuckle.

  2. What an incredible group of kids! They were all focused and seemed to be enjoying what they had been playing. It is shoking how each one of them played so well! But the two boys drumming were AWESOME. So spot on and just fantastic like everyone else. Just had to give them a shout out. Kids playing Led Zeppelin like this is amazingly impressive, and this reminds me of how I started music. I was eight but I never played music like this. Kids are more capable then most people think, and people might not know that. I was one of those people until I saw this. Applause to this group and I am curious to know how much they’ll use there music knowledge to. 🙂

    • I agree with you Ashely! Kids all over the world should enjoy all kinds of music, because music is something that makes you feel alive.

    • When I started playing music, I was always playing stuff like led Zeppelin. I think it’s actually helped me learn a lot with drums and I hope it will for these kids too and that they continue playing stuff like that. Cause Bono is an amazingg percussionist.

  3. I love this so much!! They’re such cute kids and they can play really well. I love what they did with the song and I think this is so cool. I like how the kids can play the xylophone really well and how even if you can’t play you’re still included. I know if I was playing this I’d mess it up for everyone but they were all on point!! Especially the kids that are playing the drums. 10/10. I think kids this young should be playing Zeppelin or at least listening to it because I think kids should be exposed to all different types of music so they could see what they like and explore it.

    • I agree, kids should be exposed to all different types of music, especially now since they’ll be growing up probably only hearing trap music on the radio lol

  4. hehehe so I have mixed feelings about this. I like that fact that they’re learning how to like.. do music at this age and everyone play an instrument such as this one. It happens to be the instrument that Guatemalans love the most. I’m not entirely sure if the national instrument is this one (if such a thing exists lol) Now as to the part of me that doesn’t like because they all looked like they were *forced* to do it. and I don’t think the instrument choice was the best, it was like anticlimactic whenever it got to the good parts. Though I understand that playing this instrument isn’t that easy because I feel like i’d mess it up. I just don’t like think that marimba was the best choice.

  5. This performance was a bit….off-putting. I didn’t feel the “energy of music” that makes you feel happy; I felt like they were being forced to do something that they didn’t want to do. I felt that they didn’t enjoy themselves; if you really love music, you should feel the rush of excitement that flows in your body, and not be bored out of your mind. I get that they’re kids, and it’s great to see a group of people doing something like this so young but they should do something that makes them happy. Overall, they did a splendid performance, and the group of kids in the back doing little hand movements were so cute!

  6. I thought this was really awesome, considering the fact that I’m a percussionists and Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. It’s good that they’re being exposed to different types of music at a young age, especially if they’re going to pursue music, it’s good to know a broad selection of different types of music. They are all very very talented, switching from Kashmir, to Heartbreaker, to The Ocean, etc. was so sick. And they did it like perfectly too. I wish I could’ve been playing with them haha.

  7. I enjoyed the little cover for multiple reasons. Since the people playing this song by Zeppelin were children, it made me feel as if younger people still love older types of music and that makes me feel happy because as generations go on and on most people will start forgetting about these older types of bands and will die out with the older generations. Another thing that i really enjoyed about this was the sound of the xylophone. It gave the song a really good sound plus the background sounds.

  8. I ain’t never heard this song but I like it, very mellow listening! I don’t know who this led guy is but I feel like I would be a huge fan of his or her music. Clearly a big hit amongst the kiddies. They also were very on point for youngsters(timing, notes, etc.). I do say I must check out this mr. Zeppelin. Thanks Rolniak!!

  9. I ain’t never heard this song but I like it, very mellow listening! I don’t know who this led guy is but I feel like I would be a huge fan of his or her music. Clearly a big hit amongst the kiddies. They also were very on point for youngsters(timing, notes, etc.). I do say I must check out this mr. Zeppelin. Thank you Mrs Rolniak

      I tried posting this ^^like six times and each time it said “no no no. duplicate comment detected cannot post” before going through. Straaange

  10. I absolutely loved this song! At my elementary school we never had this. I feel like most of these kids are going to be pretty good with instruments in the future. I think that if I was in something like this when I was younger I would be better at music now. Also, it really amazed me how these kids remembered such a lengthy song. Yah know, sometimes I don’t even know how to clap a rhythm. I would definitely watch more of these videos!

  11. This is a really cool performance. It’s awesome seeing a school teach students songs like these. The choice of instruments to play the songs are totally original and out of the box when playing a Led Zeppelin. I personally like when people mix two pieces of the music world together that one would never expect to hear every now and then and this is one of those mixes. Creative ideas like these are what makes music so fun, even if you aren’t writing your own music you can find a way to put an interesting spin on an existing song no one has heard before.

  12. This performance gives me war flash backs to when I was in percussion in middle school. These kids are adorable and have spunk. They sound pretty good and play with energy. I did get a tad bored towards the middle/end cause it was a bit repetitive. If they changed the song up a bit and looked like they were enjoying themselves a bit more then their performance would be perfect. Overall though I liked the performance.

  13. This performance is amazing. The fact that these kids are in sync is absolutely great. In my elementary school, the kids in the music program would not have played that well in sync. I would not play close to how they did. I would probably be the one in the back screwing the band up. Regardless, the band was amazing and they should go on competitions and stuff.

  14. I love this performance! It gives the kids a new horizon to look to. I’m glad they expanded their knowledge with this genre instead of the repetitive versions of classical. Don’t get me wrong classical is great but it doesn’t hurt to mix things up once in a while. These kids have shown great rhythm and focus. They all made a great sound in such a creative way. All in all I think that it is marvelous that they are playing this genre. J

    • Exactly. I think it’s great that they are able to focus on learning a piece that can be challenging and different than what is usually expected of children this age.

    • Yes! I think it was a great idea to widen their knowledge on music. There’s such a wide range of music and we don’t always recognize just how great it is!

  15. I really liked this performance, and I think a big part of it is because they’re little kids and the sound of the instruments added to the cute delicate sound. When we watched this in class I was really impressed at how synchronized and focused they all look. I used to be in a choir in elementary school and I don’t think that after working the entire school year we would have been able to achieve such focus or accuracy. I think the song should have been cut shorter at some parts because it felt repetitive at times. The kids also looked kind of bored or sad at some times, despite the choreographed movements. Overall I am really impressed with the kids’ work and hope they’ll continue to grow musically.

  16. I personally enjoy this a ton. I love seeing kids perform songs that are almost exclusively performed by adults. It creates a sweet air of innocence to the classic rock song. It turns something seen as dark, and even satanic, into an activity even children can enjoy. The sound xylophones is pure and adds to the tone of the kids’ presence. It’s charming and adorable.

  17. I loved this performance! It was fun to watch because not only was it upbeat and fun to listen to, but the children also seemed like they were having a lot of fun and didn’t seem bored or nervous. They were so light and inviting that you couldn’t help but bob your head with them. However, their presentation wasn’t the only thing that made this a wonderful performance. It was a very creative idea for these children to play Led Zeppelin because no one would imagine children this age would even know Led Zeppelin, let alone, play his music on the xylophone! It was unexpected but not an unpleasant surprise.

    • I agree! It was kind of unexpected to do Led Zeppelin, when they could’ve done something that’s played on the radio these days. It was amazing nonetheless.

  18. I think this performance was really creative and really cute. I feel like it’s a good thing for kids to be able to have fun making music and playing music. The kids look like they’re enjoying the moment and I feel like they will always have a good memory of this when they’re older. It’s really incredible how they were able to play all that.

  19. I absolutely enjoyed this performance. Specifically because it was a group of talented children performing a song that is usually performed by adults or people who have a great amount of experience in music. As far as what is shown in the video, the children seem happy to finally be able to perform a piece that they have probably been working on for quite awhile. They all seemed so focused and in sync. Having an experience like this will certainly change each and every one of their lives because they have seen what exactly they are capable of doing. Whether it be music related or not.

  20. I love this performance. I can hear each instrument very clearly. It’s crazy how kids this young can understand music so well. The students smile and are into the songs which makes me enjoy it more. Sometimes you can tell if the performers aren’t interested and i don’t want to watch the performance as much. These kids clearly like what they’re doing.

  21. i think this performance was really good and very cute. It looks really hard to learn this song, so i would b very proud if i were them! It’s great to think that children this young could do something so well!

  22. I love this performance so much. These kids are so frickin talented and it makes me so happy. They’re so in sync and just incredible. I think kids playing Led Zeppelin at this age is really good for them because it expands their music taste and really teaches them about music!

  23. I love the fact that at their age, they’re learning how to handle different types of instruments. Although, not a lot of them seemed to be very happy playing their instruments. I feel like a lot of them are contemplating whether they would like to continue in the field of music as they grow older, based on their faces. The percussion was on point. the timing of the xylo. players were well rehearsed. I noticed that many of them enjoyed playing the piece and also many of them looked dead. Overall, I enjoyed this pieced.

  24. I loved watching this! When watching a performance people always look at how the performers are reacting to what they’re doing. Like if they have a smile on their face or just seem bored. These children looked like they were very into what they were doing! They seemed focused on their own part, and it turned out really well. The look on my face while watching it was in utter shock because I fell in love with them. They all took the time to learn such intracite parts of a song and put it all together into one. I wanna be like those kids one day!

  25. Those kids objectively played well. Seems as if they practiced for awhile. Seems as if they started learning those instruments when they were very young. I liked the performance it was gratifyingly amazing, even better than what i could do to be honest. When the kids performed though it appeared like the kids were so still just like some robots playing for me. But overall the show was nice and i’d give it a solid 9/10.

  26. As much as I hate children, I thought their performance was very good. They obviously know a lot about the music they’re playing, and must have worked hard to sound so good. My one complaint is that the children all looked kinda dead inside. Nobody was smiling, or having fun at all. They just looked like they were going through the motions that were assigned to them. Then again, they’re kids, but it still makes the performance boring to look at. Overall, I give them a 7/10.

  27. I loved this video! The kids did an amazing job and even seemed like they genuinely liked playing this piece, even the kids in the background waving their hands ever so often seemed to enjoy themselves. I don’t see anything wrong with them doing a piece of Led Zepplin, they seem to like it and it’s a really good piece. It amazes me how good these kids are, they are in sync with one another and are staying on beat and the little kid on the drum kit is awesome! I just hope they each continue to do great things like this!

  28. i thought this music was amazing. every instrument had a beautiful melody i think and it all came together so nicely. everything just sounded really beautiful. and i also think its really great how the kids are learning not only to make music but to also understand it at an early age

  29. OH MY GOODNESS I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO!! I really enjoyed the video because I just love watching people coming together. It was especially great that they were all kiddos and just really living in the music; their instincts were impeccable with the way they stayed in sync effortlessly. I felt so giddy watching the entire video because these human beings are so young; it was like watching a baby having a conversation with an adult and like actually speaking and knowing what they’re talking about. Hopefully that makes sense, I am just trying to share the image of two things that no one would expect going together because that’s what I felt like watching these kids play together the way that they did!

  30. I have never known how to play a xylophone nor have I ever heard one be played in this manner, I think this performance was very good considering they are very young, I don’t think many people including other people would be able to pull this mashup off, I sounded very good and I enjoyed it a lot.

  31. I think that this is very cool in terms of, it’s kids playing led zeppelin. Now that being said I don’t think they should have chosen the marimbas/ vibes as the instrument. in my opinion they do not sound good ,especially, an ensemble of marimbas and vibes, i liked the drums though.

  32. I found this to be entertaining, the kids looked focused and happy to be playing the song. I was a bit surprised by the song choice, I hadn’t even heard about Led Zeppelin until I started high school. Which is when I started dabbling in other genres of music. Being exposed to other types of music is important, and even better when it happens at a young age. You get to experiment and eventually find your own personal style.

  33. I actually really loved this! It was awesome to see such young kids passionate about music and really focusing on their instrument. I was definitely shocked to see them performing “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin! It’s so great to see kids already this talented with music. I wish I was doing something like this when I was their age! Their sync was incredible, but my only complaint is that I wish they would’ve added more instruments beside just drums and marimba to make it more thematic.

  34. I really enjoyed not only watching kids their age take an interest in playing an instrument that is usually not the most common, it was also impressive how well they sounded playing the marimba. These kids have a great opportunity to learn how to play an instrument at such a young age which will help them practice arithmetic. It’s amazing to see these kids having fun and putting so much effort into something important, that takes practice and determination. I wish they had more performing arts when I was younger, I would be more advanced. Its good that these kids are exposed to different genres of music and its important to not forget.

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