What are you Hiding?

Our first blog assignment of the new semester is to watch this Ted Talk.  Then please tell me a time in your life that you were hiding something.  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday January 18 at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love winter break!

Mrs. R

48 thoughts on “What are you Hiding?

  1. Coming out of a closet. Wow, such a hard topic to talk about. I’ve experienced many coming out of the closet experiences, some which are too personal and deep to talk about, some silly reasons, but some definitely hard. I would like to share one of my experiences of coming out of a closet. Singing has been something I enjoyed for a long time. It was fun to be able to sing along to my favorite songs I’ve heard on the radio, and the feeling of wanting to sing in a choir would grow. As you may know, in middle school I played the clarinet. I have for 8 years already. It is something I love to do, but I also wanted to do choir. I couldn’t do choir for two reasons. 1) My schools would never allow me to be in the band and in a choir, just one music class. 2) I guess I would have been ashamed for doing so. A lot of my friends and family told me that usually girls join Choir, and if a guy did it would say that they were “gay” and Choir is a “gay” class for guys. This really made me self-conscience about myself. How could something I really want to do be considered “gay”? Does that mean I’m gay? Would my friends and ashamed of me? These questions would go rolling around in my head, haunting me. When high school came, I was told: The requirements to be in Music Academy instrumental, you have to take 2 years of piano/music theory and 2 years of vocal techniques. This really made me happy. I was able to play my instrument and sing at the same time! My parents and friends were not happy. They started complaining that I would turn gay and I can’t sing and this and that. How can you turn someone gay? Like someone please explain that to me I would love to know, and yeah I know I couldn’t sing but maybe with some practice I can learn. After battling with my parents, telling them ” I don’t care about choir it’s dumb anyways,” I started learning that in doing so, it was making me less and less happy. This stayed with me throughout the first semester of 9th grade till I decided it was time to tell everyone that I enjoyed choir very much. Turns out my parents didn’t care, though reminded me that I can’t sing, and my friends didn’t mind. That had to be one of the easiest hard conversations I had to do. Doing so made me feel so much safer in my enviornment and much more comfortable in singing in front of others. I’m glad I was able to tell my friends and family, making my life so much easier and took so much stress of my back. Now, I’m really happy in advanced choir with people I love dearly and have grown to as a family. I am even Vice President of Choir Council! I hope other people don’t have to go through what I have been through, so I hope to changed that for our younger newer guys in the music academy who are just too scared to admit that they also enjoy singing.

  2. Mine’s probably not as big as everybody else’s, but I often have to hide my distaste for certain people. Often, I meet people that I don’t like, but have to pretend to like them, because I know someone who’s friends with them, or a number of other reasons. Often they’re a teacher or a friend of a friend. Usually, I just never speak to them, but sometimes they try to be friends with me, and I can’t just tell them “nah,” so I have to act like I’m fine with them. There’s a few people like that at CHAMPS, but none in choir really.

  3. As someone who was, and is still very conscious about myself, I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself the way that I want to, only because I was/am so scared of what other people might say. I’ve always kept my opinions to myself and had a very strict filter on (Not anymore). When I started my freshman year at CHAMPS I realized that this school wasn’t only for the Arts, but it’s also place where you are given a chance to find your own voice. I had such a hard time at first (sharing my opinions in class),but towards the end of the day when we were all in choir, I started to slowly feel comfortable speaking and that’s where I started to find the voice I have now. After finally being comfortable being in choir with so many unique people that all have an opinion, I started speaking more outside of choir. I had a voice in church, in my other classes, and everywhere else. Now, I am currently learning how to put a filter on it again, the type of filter that’s good, the one that will keep everything calm and not too crazy (which is everything I say at the moment).

  4. Growing up, i had (and still do) have a lot of trouble making friends and keeping them. Not because i can’t keep secrets but because i always tend to just distance myself. My parents never really understood my because American culture was like a whole new thing for them and they didn’t really like it so they stuck to what they knew; which was the vietnamese culture. The thing that I’ve “hid” from people was myself. My personality, my hobbies, my interests, etc. I thought that people wouldn’t want to be myself if i was myself and not who they wanted me to be. When i entered CHAMPS, i was so terrified of people not liking me so i kept to myself but thankfully, i made a group of friends who love and support me in (almost) everything that i do and i couldn’t be more thankful.

    • I can imagine that having two cultures to navigate might cause a lot of hard conversations. I am proud of who you are and what you bring to our group.

      Mrs. R.

  5. I personally have always been a very open person and I feel like I deal with all my problems by talking about them,even if jokingly, funny enough. I pride myself with trying to be an open book and most of the time it works out extremely well. People find it very hard to criticize/make fun of someone who states things firmly and is very confident with what they are are doing, such as choir,music, harmonica, ukulele or American idiot<even though many many many many people try sadly :(. Also I feel way better as a person not having to carry any burdens and being who I am. That being said I can totally relate with how coming out of ones "closet" is such a great feeling and freeing. However this also makes it very hard to recall a time where I've felt trapped in a closet. All I remember in my life is saying exactly what I feel and stating what I want. This is probably due to a rarely occuring blessing though through having an extremely an entire understanding/forgiving family.
    I truly feel ive been lucky enough to not have any problems with any closets. BUT DONT GET ME STARTED on Drawers and cabinets though! oH mY lord my life's a mess there
    -love Sam
    (P.s I Didn't really fully get the assignment 😆)
    (P.s.s I will definetly be doin the extra credit on this one haha)

  6. My mom used to be a helicopter parent with me. She didn’t allow me to do much anything on my own, but I always wanted to be independent on my own. So I went behind her back. Of course nothing too serious. I started by cooking on my own. I was about eleven or twelve years old. I made breakfast for my cousin and I. My mom didn’t let me cook because she said I would burn myself. It was a bit inane to me because you have learn at one point. And I wouldn’t want to be an adult and not know how to do anything. She went to work early one day and I was with my cousin, she is the same age as me. I told her I’ll make us breakfast and she agreed. It was surprisingly good. And I was pretty happy. My mom asked what I ate for breakfast and I told her I had cereal. I felt safer if she didn’t know. That was my closet. It was hard to tell her that I cooked without her permission while she wasn’t there. At one point I told her, but she was not angry. Just spoke in a concerned tone to me. But scince then she has allowed me to be more independent.

  7. I don’t really have anything that I have kept hidden, but I did know a gentleman who has. This particular person does not attend champs, he was my neighbor. This person has, i am not sure if this person still does, depression. He has only told me and his, however they do not take it seriously and claims it is bullshit. This person thinks they are not what his parents want him to be. Im sure this person is still struggling with this. He wasn’t necessarily hiding the fact that they had depression, but this is the best thing that I could recall that is relatable.

    • This is a perfect example. Depression is often a hard conversation for people. Now you know that it is always a possibility in people who you deal with.

      Thanks for your input.
      Mrs. R

  8. I think as people we tend to hide more things than we realize. Whether it be big or small. Most of the time I like to think of myself as the type of person that has nothing to hide. Like everyone around me I realized that I do have something to hide and it’s my emotions. Now I’m not talking about my anger or happiness because I show those two emotions almost every day. I’m talking about deep depression. I actually am one the saddest most insecure people you will ever meet. I like to present myself as the kind of person that doesn’t care what other people think because that’s who I want to be. I wish I was a confident outspoken gal but I’m just not. I’m actually sort of shy and sad a lot. I just feel like I have to keep up my image because 1.) it’s cool and 2.) because I’ve done it for so long I don’t know what else or who else to show. I also feel like I’ll annoy people if I talk about my problems too much so I think that’y why I try to keep to myself as well. Being vulnerable is a hard thing for anyone but I’m just another level. I don’t know I’m trying to work at being happy and find positives but I have my tough days. I guess you could keep tryin.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I am fairly certain that your story will help people realize that they might be dealing with these same issues. I wish you could see you like I see you. You show people that sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and get through each day. You are a light in my life and that might just have to be enough for now.

      Mrs. R.

  9. I don’t have much to talk about… maybe it’s because I’m so reserved and I don’t tell anyone much of anything, so it is really a matter of where do i begin.
    I guess ill talk about music. Now music ,if you know me, is practically my life but no one truly knows why… people ask me “why do you play music so much?” or “why did you start playing guitar” ill just say “because i was bored one day”. but it’s really because i use to suffer from a lot of social anxiety, that may not be the case anymore; I’ve gown a lot since i started playing. so some of my reasons have changed, some have not… but one that has always stuck with me is, it’s the only thing that truly makes me happy in this world, otherwise I’m just an extremely depressed and awkward human being. I’ve suffered from depression as long as i can remember. It use to be ill just go and play video games, but when i started playing music i could feel joy like i never have before, i had a way of communicating without saying a word and for the longest time i could never communicate to anyone about anything. I could be myself.
    So i guess you could say music is really a way of me coping with depression, bad thoughts, etcetera… it makes me feel like i have a purpose in this world. The reason i haven’t told anyone this is because i don’t want people knowing I’m constantly depressed or that its the only thing that makes me happy because some people can take it the wrong way and say to me “don’t i make you happy?” or something like that, i just feel people wouldn’t understand what i mean by this whole thing.
    p.s I’m sorry Mrs Rolniak for this being late, it took me a long time to think about anything that i was comfortable writing about.

    • Please don’t worry about this being late. I appreciate your insight to this very common issue. I am glad that music has aided you in this way. It is good to find ways to be happy without depending on others. It can seem lonely at times but if it gets you through the tough times that will just have to be enough for the time being. I think more people will understand than you think, and now people who struggle with this will know they have an ally in you.

      Mrs. R.

  10. Hmmmm well it’s really hard for me to express my feelings when it comes to certain situations. The only one that I can think of was with my father. My father has been an alcoholic for around 12 years, ever since his mother died. It didn’t really start effecting me until maybe around 8 years old. While I was living in Sacramento my father got a DUI with me in the car. It was a moment I will never forget. Ever since then its been really bad. Another story, when I was in sixth grade my dad went to my neighbors house because he’s really good friends them and he wanted to hang out I guess. They were all drinking that night and my father ended up falling asleep at their house. At around 12 o’ clock I woke up out of my sleep for reason. So, I got up and looked around my house and I couldn’t find my dad. So, I tried calling him several times and he wouldn’t answer. I was so scared that something bad had happened so, I stayed ALL night hoping that he would come into the door. It was an eye opener for me. My family knows that I have a problem with him drinking because I tend to rant about it. They always tell me to say something but, I never could. I knew that I would get all emotional talking about and I honestly didn’t know what I would say. I had been dealing with it for awhile and it was just something that I was used to. A lot of my family members stopped drinking because my family members have addictive personalities to drinking, drugs, and smoking and they knew it was best for them. I was hoping that, that would give him motivation or even inspiration to stop drinking but, that didn’t work either. Around 2 years had passed and he kind of cooled down on drinking but, around 3 months ago my dad had lost his job so he started drinking more. It came to the point where I would come home and cry for hours because it bothered me so much. My grandpa later on go involved and searched for help. We ended up sending my dad to a rehab. I believe that my dad is maybe 2 months sober and I’m really proud of him. I think we have definitely bonded more because of it. I guess I didn’t really answer the question because in this situation I didn’t really have a hard conversation. I’m lucky enough to have family members that have my back and know what I’m feeling without me telling them. The moral of my situation is that some things in life are really hard to talk about and you might feel as if no one will understand but, you’re not the only one going through tough things like this. IT WILL GET BETTER, I PROMISE!

    • It is especially hard to watch someone you love do destructive things let alone having that hard conversation with them. You have given all who read this hope that things will get better. I promise that you are correct about that one. Thanks for sharing and I am sure all who read this will realize that they have someone who truly understands their hard times.

      Mrs. R.

  11. coming out of the closet was expressed in such a good way in this video, it shows so much value in the words coming out the closet because the meaning behind it like she says is very true. coming out of the closet is a meaning of hard times or a hard conversation or even topic to talk about with other people, and I have friends who have experienced this in the past with various topics.

  12. When I was in 9th grade Sean Reilly and I decided that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was only 14 and I wasn’t allowed to date yet. Since I have always told my mom everything about my life at school it was hard for me to keep this a secret from her, so I didn’t tell her for the first two whole weeks of me and Sean’s relationship. Finally, after thinking about all the lessons she has taught me about the consequences of lying and after recounting all of the times that lying has backfired in my face I decided to tell her about my secret boyfriend. Ew it feels so weird saying that he was my boyfriend, okay sorry I had to mention that. I was incredibly nervous and felt extremely guilty. Although she was more upset than she needed to be, I was glad that I told her and that I got it off of my chest. I’ve always been pretty candid in my life so this story is pretty childish and probably not as meaningful as everyone else’s, but like Ash says, there is no comparing the closets we step out of.

  13. I have one more story that is much more recent about coming out of a closet. In my acting class we do an improv exercise where we improvise a scene based off of one scenario. In my scene, which I did with my mom, a girl named Emma, and a man named Victor, we were a new family. My “stepsister” (played by Emma) and I did not get along, and she did not get along with my mother either. Long story short, my stepsister tells my mom she wants us to leave, so my mom tells me to get my stuff and we walk out. I broke down in tears and ran off stage as soon as my mom told me to get my stuff (by the way this is all happening in the scene which we improvised), and I couldn’t really understand why I was crying. There was something about my mom saying “alright acacia, pack your bags let’s go,” that killed me inside. The scene ended after I walked out and we went back on stage for my teacher to give us his feedback and notes. Instead of giving notes, he looked at me, weeping in tears, and asked me why I was crying. He wanted to know what I was using as a trigger to have such a vulnerable moment on stage. I had no words for a good 45 seconds and everyone in class could only read my tears which told the story of a girl who had been through this before. I felt like I was opening a bandaged up wound and it took a lot out of me to rip off the bandaid, but I did it. I told 20+ familiar faces that I have watched my mother walk away from so many people for the sake of their own good, and for the sake of me and my siblings’ wellbeing. I’ve watched her walk away from my unfaithful and pathological liar dad, because she would rather she and her children be opened to a world of struggle for a life of prosperity, than to let her daughters grow up thinking that it is okay for men to be unfaithful and abusive, and for her son to believe that the way his dad acts is the way that a real man acts. I’ve watched her walk away from the only man she has ever been in love with because she wanted to be more focused on her children’s futures than on her own love life. He ended up showing his true colors after she ended things, so she is definitely happy that she let him go. Anyway, watching my mom be so selfless for so long and walk away from so many opportunities that seemed great at the moment has really impacted me. I have never talked about that before, and I have definitely never admitted to myself that I was hurting because of it. After telling my teacher that, in front of the whole class, everyone was really kind and my teacher praised me for being able to be so candid and bring my life experiences into my acting. That is the hardest door I have ever had to open. I thought maybe you would like this story Mrs. Rolniak, and anyone else who reads it. Hopefully it makes sense because it’s all a bunch of word vomit. Love you all!

  14. First of all I’d like to apologize for turning this in so late. I have debated as to whether I wanted to share this as I feel it is too heavy and I feel weird talking about myself without joking. However, I’ve been thinking about the video all week. I’m tired of telling little lies to cover for myself. Some people think I’m unreliable and it kills me because I feel trapped by myself. Anyway, enough stalling. I have generalized anxiety disorder. A lot of people have it, I think a lot more people don’t know they do. So it’s pretty common. I am incredibly indecisive and even little decisions give me headaches and make my chest hurt. I am bad at answering my phone because I get really easily overwhelmed. Even doing this assignment, I didn’t want to do it unless it was perfect, and I don’t think I have the capacity to make it exactly the way I want. I don’t really like what I’ve written now, but I have to challenge myself to do it. I feel like the shame of feeling anxious keeps people from being honest. Being honest makes me feel much lighter. I understand feeling stressed and overwhelmed and I think being honest about ones feelings is so undoubtably freeing.

  15. my coming out of a closet story is coming out of THE closet. So I don’t quite remember when I told my parents that I was gay. BUT I Do remember feelings utterly terrified because usually my mother is a very strict person who usually isn’t really open minded to things that aren’t exposed to her like ever. so me bring gay was like an entirely new concept for her. I remember her saying that she would take me out of Champs because she felt that the people I was hanging out with were influencing me and thought that it wasn’t safe for that reason. I remember her saying “you are NOT gay, you just aren’t stop lying to yourself” and I was destroyed. I was going to Skateland that night so the ride there was FULL of tension. The next day I was watching TV and she comes over to give me a massage and she was like “I was wrong about what I said yesterday, I am so sorry and I want you to know I fully support you and I love you no matter what. I’ll be honest I started to cry a little because it had made me SO happy she said that finally. AND it was a good thing she gave me that massage because my back was facing her and she couldn’t see me cry hahaha

  16. I had to hide that I struggled with depression from my parents and peers for a long time, and even now I still don’t think they completely understand. It started back when I was in middle school. I thought I was really interested in science so I joined a program at my school called the science academy (which may sound totally weird to people who know me now, considering I refused to take a science class this year because I hate it so much). This program was an advanced course that offered AP Biology to 7th graders, AP Physics and Chemistry to 8th graders, and advanced math courses/honors classes for the whole program in general. Being an overachiever at the time, I thought I could handle it, but I soon grew to hate it as a felt that I couldn’t handle all the stress and quickly fell into a loop where I would be so overwhelmed and anxious about finishing assignments and studying for exams for my science classes that I wouldn’t do any work for any of my other classes, bringing down my grades. Eventually I just stopped working entirely and became cynical, emotionless, and empty. I struggled through this for a long time and while I’m happy to say that I’m recovering and have not had a major depressive episode in a long time, I still struggle with dysthymia (or persistent depressive disorder), a less severe form of depression that still effects my ability to work efficiently and causes me to become very very upset, sad, and/or emotionless for no reason. It took me a long time to have a conversation about my problems with my parents and I think my mom still doesn’t take me seriously, but I’m proud of myself for coming as far as I have. I’m also proud of my generation for having a more openminded stance on mental illness and slowly working to get rid of the stigma that still sticks with ANY type of mental illness, not even just depression.

  17. I very often let things go that I shouldn’t let go so easily. I like to be friends with everyone or at least keep a cool relationship with people. Sometimes, someone will act out and do something that should probably end my friendship with them, however it hasn’t happened yet due to the fact that I believe it’ll blow over and I don’t want to ruin a relationship with someone on an impulse action. These things have happened in the past and I’ve come to the realization of the amount I’ve let slide only recently, so now by acting on it I’d just be digging up the past which I personally always want to avoid. If I ever have to confront someone it’s about the here and now, not something stupid that happened months ago that you’re digging up just to take another shot at the person you’re confronting. As of right now, I haven’t come out of this “closet” but I know what I have to do, its just a situation of hoping the people I surround myself with right now are good enough friends to where this doesn’t have to be an issue anymore.

  18. Sometimes I tend to hide my family and my beliefs for the the fear of being judged. My family is a mixture of religions and I’m often looked at differently or as dangerous when I express mine especially with everything going on right now. My family is mixed with Muslims, Catholics, apostolics, Christians and different types of African religions. Most people think my family is probably crazy and can’t be in a room together but I think that’s what makes us so special. The fact the we can come together despite our backgrounds.

  19. I am a very reserved person, I’m the type witch you’ll probably never see cry. It’s hard for me to open up to just that anyone, yet I’m the one most go to with their problems. I just don’t trust others easily. I also have a hard time feeling deep emotions. I’ve had quite an amount of things happen that I guess I’ve become immune to it. Like once my mom told me that I was “cold hearted” and I think she was right. Although I always cry when an animal dies in a movie. I love animals so much. In a way saying all this is my way of coming out of my “closet”.

  20. Mrs. Rolniak, I talked to you about what “closet” I came out of very recently. It’s been very hard dealing with it, even though I’ve had the knowledge of it my entire life. Repressed memories are such an inconvenience sometimes, especially at the most inopportune moment when you could’ve had a good time. I keep having panic attacks still, but if catharsis is my only way to get through it, I’ll deal with it. It’s affected my life in ways I didn’t even realize, and I’m slowly coming to terms with every aspect of the situation surrounding this.

  21. Ash Beckham says that a closet is just an uncomfortable conversation. I suppose I came out of a “closet” when I told my parents that I wanted to take out my dreadlocks. They thought I hated my hair because I wanted to straighten it. I had to convinced them it was just because I wanted a change. It took some time but they eventually respected my wishes. I’m really happy and comfortable with my hair now (even though it took some getting used to) and so are my parents! 🙂

  22. I usually hide my emotions, mainly stress. When I’m stressed out I usually hold back the tears which isn’t good for me because one random day BOOM they come flooding out. I’ll talk to some people about the stress I go through but even then I don’t let the tears come down unless I’ve had enough. And sometimes I just don’t talk about it at all to anyone because I don’t want to put that all on my friends or my mom. I know my mom is supposed to be there for me but she’s a hard working lady so just imagine the stress she goes through with work. Usually I go to her about my stress and it all works out. But sometimes I keep it all in which makes it 10x more stressful.

  23. Sometimes even admitting to yourself that there is a problem is tough. Maybe not even a problem exactly but a difficult situation that we as people find ourselves in. I enjoyed what Ash Beckham had to say because it was not just about one topic and/or problem and how to overcome it. This person shared that sometimes we all have thoughts we are battling and that sooner or later we must face them and that we are not alone. Personally, I have noticed that I tend to care a lot about others but will not allow anyone to show that same amount of concern towards me. Mainly because caring for someone means getting to know them and allowing each other to be vulnerable and honest. Sometimes allowing someone into my life, even the part that I try so hard to hide, can be frightening. Anytime I have to be honest about myself, my feelings or simply have a conversation that revolves around me, that is a closet with a tightly shut door. Nobody wants to trust someone and learn to love as well as to be loved, only to be let down. Although, it is not easy it is something that with practice and a positive mindset, I can learn to overcome.

  24. Once I couldn’t tell anyone that my friend from middle school is gay. She only told me and she didn’t want anyone to know. I didn’t tell anyone but slowly we told people and she got more comfortable with the fact. She didnt want to tell anyone because she was scared of her friends reactions. Also, she still isn’t sure how her strict parents would react.

  25. I don’t think i hide many things so i’ll tell you about the time my friend came out to me that he was gay. He used to come to my house everyday and hang out for hours. He didn’t like going home because of his mom and how disgusting she was to him. One day it’s the norm and we’re walking to my house but it didn’t feel right. My friend was a loud boisterous person but he was really quiet that day which seemed odd. So i asked him what was wrong and he just ripped the band aid off and told me. I wasn’t shocked one bit. I told him i was really happy he told me and i was really happy for him and he was so relieved. We look back and that was such a small part of his life because everyone today accepts him. Even his evil mother.

  26. Okay so I know this is incredibly late to be turning this in, but I’ve been looking forward to commenting on this since I absolutely loved this video. I even showed it to my mom, and it made her cry. Throughout my life I have been through many personal and family problems that I’m not usually so open to talking about but this one isn’t really about me. If you already didn’t know, my mom had cancer when I was six years old (my brother was 4.) My memories are really vague about the years she was fighting them; I was rather young and didn’t understand what was going on. But ever since sixth grade I go to a sleepaway camp during the summer for children who’s parents have battled with cancer, which is the most amazing and comfortable environment I’ve ever been to. Anyways, during camp we have one day where we are able to tell our stories up on stage if we want to, and my brother likes to go up there and talk about his experience, but just ends up crying because it’s hard for him to talk about that. So I end up talking for him while he’s crying in my arms. Now, since I’m the oldest I always felt like I have to set an example, so at the time I always wanted to be the strong and supportive sister who never showed her emotions, becuase I was always scared to. I’ve always been quite shy with my feelings. After six years of camp, I learned that it was okay to be sad, and to express your feelings, otherwise it just builds up in you and you feel like you’re about to explode. I feel like I keep going off topic but anyways; my closet would have to be about my ability to express my feelings with others. Especially at home. I always felt like I had to be strong or else everyday would just be a sad one. As I grow older and experience new things in my life, I’m always doubting myself in different situations. And now that my mom has survived cancer, (don’t worry my mom is healthy now) I’ve been more open with her about my feelings and am changing little by little. I feel that I am slowly and surely becoming more of my own person who is okay with not being strong all the time! Whew, I wrote a lot!

  27. one time in 7th grade this girl spread rumors about me and those rumors werent true but i never spoke up about it or told my parents. i was really sad for several days because i had lost all of my “friends” because of this, and because she was constantly sort of like bullying me and just being really mean to me. and i hid from my parents. but one day i was just so fed up with it that i just had to tell my parents.

  28. When I was 12, my great-aunt who I was really close with passed away at 59 due to cancer. For weeks she’d been in the hospital trying to get the pain under control, but it just wasn’t going away. I remember the night where I woke up at midnight because I heard my mom downstairs preparing to leave. I asked her what she was doing and all she said was that she was going to the hospital to help my grandma. I thought nothing of it and went back to bed. The next day, Friday, I sensed something in my parents in the morning, but went about my normal school day. It wasn’t until that night that my parents sat my brother and I down and told us that she had passed away in her sleep. I was heartbroken and I remember I cried for hours. My mom explained how she wanted to keep from telling us about my aunt’s death so that we would have a normal day of school. In a way I understood her reasoning for waiting to tell us, because I wouldn’t want to have to get through a day with that kind of sadness lingering in my mind. It just goes to prove that sometimes it’s better to keep things in the closet to protect those around us.

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