Remember Critique

Our eighth blog assignment is to critique this performance of Remember by Stephen Chatman.  Do you enjoy this performance?  If you do what about it do you enjoy?  If you do not enjoy this performance, tell me specifically why you don’t?  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 24th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I love you more than I love chilly weather!!

Mrs. R

31 thoughts on “Remember Critique

  1. I liked their performance but, I think they could have done a lot better. As I was watching the video I could tell I was getting bored and I just wasn’t feeling it. Even though this song is a very calm song in my opinion I think they could have made it a little bit more intense and exciting. Now I know understand what you mean when you say some people just look like they don’t want to be there. I do understand that this isn’t an upbeat song but, it would have been nice if they would look like their alive. I think it would have been cool if they like swayed with the music. That would show the emotion that’s in the song. Overall, I think it was a BEAUTIFUL performance!1!1!1

  2. This performance was incredible. I believe they all worked extremely hard to achieve this, but there are things I didn’t like. I didn’t like the ending. There was no power at all. I didn’t feel myself at the end of my bed cause it was the same dynamic phrase all throughout! They could’ve switched it up and made it more dramatic and had more “umph” in it. But I did feel the mood of this piece. For sure high school choir, this simply had to be a 1st place trophy no doubt. Overall yeah outstanding piece!

    • I agree. The ending was not what I expected and throughout the performance there definitely could have been more expression.

  3. In the beginning I liked it because it was sorta soft and it was nice. Towards the end I did get bored. They sounded like they wanted it to end and that made me want it to end. It’s a beautiful song though. I just wish they had more power in some parts.

  4. Well first of all, you have me completely aboard the Christina Rosetti train, Mrs. Rolniak. As for this performance, 8 love they way they swell their phrases. It sounds like someone’s ashes being carried away by the wind. It’s a little hard to understand what they’re saying but I honestly prefer it that way. It’s like a voice from another world trying to reach you but you are just too far away to understand them. But all you can hear really is “remember me.” Which is contradictory to the message of the poem. Maybe it represents the desire of the dead to be forgotten so the alive can live happily, but all the alive can hear is “remember me.” Maybe this is a commentary on the cruel nature of loss, but also the beauty of death.

    • “The desire of the dead to be forgotten so the alive can live happily…” that’s a line that I like in the poem, because it’s about moving on from your past.

  5. I felt as if they tried their best and I’m proud of that idea of trying, because I believe that even if you don’t feel like you accomplished something; the best thing you can do is try your best. There were some parts that were breathy, but I could hear some of their words. (The people in the audience were talking; I don’t know if you heard tor if it was just me but that was extremely rude. Plus, they showed NO EMOTION. You NEED to show the people in the crowd that YOU want to be there.) I also didn’t like how they had their binders out and were looking at the words; you have to be prepared for anything, especially if you’re doing a performance. Overall, I felt like they cow;d do better, but I still think that they tried hard, and that counts for something.

  6. I did like the performance but I think they could have done a much better job. I liked the blends from each section and the lower tones to make the song have a soft echoing tone to the piece. I got bored within the first minute, it sounded all the same throughout the song. It would have caught my attention more if there were higher more louder notes added to the piece. I thought the binders were very distracting, some of the people’s faces were constantly looking down towards the binder. It would have been more impressive without the binder, memorize the piece on their own and to see their faces while they sing the piece.

  7. stephanie s
    Although I did slightly enjoy the performance, I felt that this one was lacking in many aspects. To me, it sounded a bit too bland and boring so it made me want to end the song already. Of course the vocals were good but the performance was lacking tone and variation. Stronger voices could have also given the song a better boost but without it, it didn’t sound as good. This also made the song sound rushed and incomplete.

  8. Although this performance sounded very pretty, there’s a lot of room for improvement in the choir’s delivery of the song. I feel like the choir wasn’t doing enough to convey the emotions the song is trying to get across. I didn’t like that they were looking down at their music and flipping through the pages, because it made them seem uninterested in actually performing. I couldn’t really tell what they were singing other than “remember.” Generally they didn’t do much to change their dynamics throughout the whole song and it sounded boring, which sucks because it’s a really nice song and the audience didn’t get to experience the actual emotion that goes with it.

  9. I think watching this performance is quite boring because they’re all looking down at their books, but I do enjoy the piece that they’re singing. I enjoy how they’re all in unison and how they blended. The dynamics of the song is still; there aren’t any tempo changes. Overall I think this choir sang it beautifully.

    • I agree. Performing as a choir consists of not only learning your part but learning the overall piece. Including the lyrics.

  10. I think this performance was good but I honestly got distracted by their books. In the beginning I was really enjoying it but towards the end, I honestly was just waiting for it to end bc it felt like the singers were waiting for it to end as well. Their dynamics and attacks/releases were really good also. Overall, it was a pretty good performance.

  11. I liked how in the beginning they were soft and had a crescendo. What mainly bothered me was that they were on book. It shows that they were lazy and unprepared for there concert. Plus, the harmonies could have been much better in my opinion. This was a good song choice overall, but if they had just put more dedication into there piece, the performance could have been far better.

  12. I did not like this performance at all. The dynamics were off, the harmonies were off, they didn’t come in at the same times, they had their books in front of them. I say all this because compared to the first performance that we listened to brought me to tears. Sometimes in between their sounds would crash. It just didn’t sound good. Also the performance was awfully boring. None of it was good in my opinion

  13. This performance was nice for the most part. Towards the middle, I have noticed that it would get a little boring and that is because it sounds just about the same throughout the song. There aren’t really any changes to make it interesting. To begin with was not bad. I found it quite hard to get throughthe end without being bored.

  14. the performance was nice it was slow and slow music is a little boring if you sing it the exact same way the entire time. some of the words I couldn’t understand but it was pretty good overall.

  15. I can definitely say that one thing I could take away from the overall performance is that, I like the piece. I wish there would have been more articulation because all I could really hear was “remember me.” As a group, the harmonies sounded blended. The dynamics, on the other hand, could have been improved. The song started sounding repetitive almost because there was not a change in tempo or volume. Aside from that, they did a great job.

  16. Overall I thought this performance was really nice, but throughout listening to it I just felt like something was missing. I found myself kind of dozing of in the middle because the song didn’t really change much in its tempo or volume. It seemed like the choir was pulling off a soft tone a little TOO well! I kept wishing that there would be a nice harmony part that showed differentiation between the different vocal ranges of the choir, but again, there wasn’t a big change in anything throughout the performance. Putting my nitpicking aside, I thought the choir did a pretty good job overall. It was a solid performance, especially for a high school choir!

  17. I honestly did not like this rendition. I thought the their performance lacked emotion and I found myself bored within 40 seconds in. They didn’t really change their dynamics at all. Also something about their sound didn’t “click.” It didn’t have that satisfying blend. And the way it ended was very lackluster.

  18. I like it because of the dynamics and the tempo. The tempo is really slow but I like it. The dynamics are really soft and hard at the same time if u know what I mean.

  19. This is not usually the type of music i would listen to. As soon as I heard this i felt extremely emotional. I love the dynamics and the harmonies. I looked up the words and read along as the song played and it made me cry! The only thing I wish was different was the pronunciation of the words. Other than that, the is a very beautiful piece!

  20. I did enjoy the piece performed. They had good dynamics and their diction was really good and understandable. I didn’t like how they had their music out because they were too focused on it. They were just reading it straight out and didn’t have any feeling to it and didn’t put their all into it. With the lack of emotion I lost interest and got bored.

  21. I like this performance because of the beautiful harmonies and just the singing overall. One thing I’d change is that they’re kinda boring to look at, and I can’t tell if they are enjoying themselves or not. I feel like if they showed more emotion it would liven up the song, audience, and their appearance. But I wouldn’t listen to this song regularly or care to do it in our own choir class.

  22. i thought this was a very good performance. I think it had a very beautiful melody and very good diction. I also like the feeling that i get just from listening to the song

  23. They are a good choir. What happens is that they don’t enough energy or focus into what they are singing about. The voices are really nice and then harmonies sounded great. The positions they stand in are not as engaged as the should be. Which is what I feel causes them to flatten out in some parts. Not in notes I mean not enough color to the voice.

  24. I didn’t really like their performance. I felt like they didn’t really feel the heart of the song and therefore did not add any feeling or emotion to their performance. I felt like they sounded monotone most of the time for some reason. It all just sounded very bland and too technical, less filling/feeling. The basses could have given more energy and power on their part. THEY SOUNDED LIKE THEY HAD NO ENERGY OR LIFE, in general.

  25. It was pretty good definetly could have been better it’s almost like they didn’t beleive in the song they needed more heart .

  26. The performance was okay but they could have done so much with this song. It was a little boring, they gave no expression and seemed to not understand what they are saying. They shouldn’t have had the sheet music. I personally see not have the music memorized as not truly understanding the music. All in all they sounded fine but their body language was horrible.

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