The Rose that Grew From Concrete

Our sixth blog assignment is to watch this commercial.  Then please tell me about someone who you know or know of that is a rose that grew from concrete.  This could be a relative, a role model, or just a friend.  Please don’t mention the person by name unless you get permission first.  This assignment must be a 5-7 sentence paragraph to get full credit.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday October 3rd at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

“Don’t ask me why…ask me how” – Tupac Shakur

I love you more than I love roses!!

Mrs. R

55 thoughts on “The Rose that Grew From Concrete

  1. I had a friend who grew up with divorced parents, it’s a tough situation that many of my friends and family have to deal with. This particular friend’s life has gotten exponentially more difficult in the past couple years. His mother had remarried and as far as I knew they were happy, however then a situation arose where they had to move to San Francisco. They had an apartment offer from a friend that fell through and they were living borderline homeless for a few months. Then, coming back to the valley my friend was in his mom’s car with her and his grandmother. A motorcyclist hit the side of their SUV and was killed on impact, their court case was just resolved a couple months ago and his mother was assigned over 1,000 hours over community service. On top of this my friend’s second husband has now divorced her and has a new girlfriend. My family have been just kind of watching this all go down, giving support when they can, but if anyone I know is growing from the concrete right now, it’s my friend here.

    • Wow…that is so tragic. I think of how many young people are dealing with stuff that is out of their control. It must seem so unfair. Thanks for being a source of support for that family, even a little bit here and there helps.

  2. A close friend of mine has really blossomed into a rose. She was homeless for about 8 years. Through that time she was would still go to school with a smile on her face. She’d study as hard as she could. She would create loving relationships with her friends. after a long time she finally got an apartment. Now she is starting another school year thankful that it happened and still smiling

      • Stories like this make me appreciate what I have. I could never imagine being homeless and being such an amazing and cheerful person at the same time.

    • That’s really tough I know some people with the same situation. That’s really good that she is doing good now.

  3. A relative of mine is a rose that grew from concrete. He has been abused all his childhood life by his mom and stepdad. He had nine brothers and sisters and had to take care of them all since he was the oldest out of all of them. His parents would never take care of them. The one thing that saved him from all this was music. Music helped him become who he wanted to be and it helped him express himself. Because of music he got the opportunity to travel to Europe and escape is abusive life.

  4. One of my biggest inspirations and artistic heroes began to rise out of the concrete of his depression around the same age as I currently am. His mind was debilitating, and he still struggles, but from a new, fresher perspective. He began writin and creating to push through his mental illness, which is something I’m trying really hard to emulate. He now travels around the world with his best friends, and performs for those who adore him. He gets to spread his art across the planet and inspire a plethora of young, and even older people.

  5. Before I tell this story, I want to say that I think we can all agree that people go through tough times. My friend has problems at home, because his family doesn’t have much money. It’s hard for them, and because of this issue, he might leave school soon and go somewhere else. It also breaks my heart to have heard this, because I have seen people on the street, homeless, and I’m worried for him. I’m going to stand by him, because he is one of my best friends, and help him out in any way I can. He is a red bud still in the ground, but I know that he will sprout into something beautiful.

  6. When I was around six years old we took on some foster kids in my family. They were two teenagers that were also my neighbors. They had an abusive adoptive mother. They were adopted in Russia and brought back to the United States. It was a boy and a girl and one night th police came to their house and took them away and asked my family to take care of them. We ended up taking care of them for five months and they had a lot of hardships. One was a girl two years younger than the boy. The teenage boy had a lot more hardships than the girl because he ran away a lot and got bullied a lot at his school because he was the only white kid at and all Hispanic school. One time he was walking home from school to our house, and these kids just followed him talking bad about him, and hitting him. My mom actually had to come out and tell them to go away and they started cussing at her. My dad would chase him all the way down to the bus station to bring him back home because he’d try to run away. He wasn’t the best influence on my brother and I either and my brother was only around two years old at the time. He taught us a lot of cuss words and just didn’t act properly around us. The girl was always very sweet to us and I was incredibly sad when they left us because she had really grown on me like a big sister. After they left our house they went to many other foster homes together and apart. Now the girl is back with her adoptive mother who is better and the boy is in jail and has been in jail multiple times before. In between being in jail he had come over to our house and asked to shower and stay there for the night. It was very uncomfortable for me and I asked him to leave. He was also trying to hold a job then but he was homeless so it was very hard for him. He is also now 22. He does send us letters from jail and we do respond and talk to him and occasionally send him money. He has told us that we were the only real family he ever had and that’s very important to my family. He is definitely trying to build a new mindset while he is in jail and he’s doing very well. My foster brother and sister are definitely people who rose through concrete.

  7. So two years ago I volunteered at a halfway house. I worked in the free summer camp they offered to kids in the neighborhood, which was super fun. This one woman I met was incredible. She had lived in the house and would do childcare, but for the camp she acted as the head consular. As the summer went on I got to know her better and I learned a lot about her background. When she was young she was in a gang, she had some funny stories about this, and she had trouble with the law. Anyway, she has two kids, an 8 year old boy and a 5 year old girl, now they would be 10 and 7, but she was like a super mom. They had already had financial trouble, what with living in the house in the first place , but she always had a ton of energy and would go out of her way to give her kids all the benefits she could give them. She took them to taekwondo and dance classes and tutoring and they went to a cool progressive-ish charter school in Santa Monica. By the end of the summer she and her kids were finally able to move to an apartment outside of the house, which was pretty awesome.

  8. I see my mom as a rose that grew from concrete. Ever since my dad passed away she took on so many different responsibilities that she had no idea how to do because she wasn’t the one responsible for doing those things things in the past. She didn’t really have time to recover because there was so much for her to do right after what happened. It was something really hard to process. She’s still continuing to grow from concrete. She inspires me to continue to try and do my best no matter what obstacle comes because that’s what matters. I know that taking care of a teenager, 2 seniors, and a grown adult by herself is never gonna be easy and I’m proud of her because she continues to do what she can everyday.

  9. I had a friend of mine back in elementary school who was very nice and quite, a little awkward looking everyone would say about her but I personally saw potential in her. As she grew up she became so beautiful and starting modeling for this agency. To think she was just a normal girl who grew into this beautiful inspiration today. She’s one of the most genuinely gorgeous girls I’ve meet growing up with. She definitely was a rose that grew from concrete from my perspective.

  10. My older cousin is a rose that grew from concrete. My older cousin Danielle struggled with alcohol and cigarettes majority of her life. Danielle never really saw herself quitting until she got pregnant with her first child Preston. Obviously when someone has an addiction it’s hard to just quit, it takes time but Danielle had no time so the only thing that she could do was quit. Throughout her pregnancy I could see how much she was struggling, especially having her other friends and family drinking and smoking around her. 6 months into the pregnancy she went into labor. Preston was premature and was braindead. When Danielle went into labor the doctors were taking their time while Preston had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was chocking him for nearly 2-3 minutes. Immediately the doctors were negative and saying that Preston wouldn’t make it and if he did he wouldn’t be as alert or I guess normal. Obviously Danielle didn’t care and was doing everything she possibly could to save her baby. Sadly a couple months later Preston passed. Nearly each weekend I would spend the night at Danielle’s house because my family had told me that she was questioning suicide. I hate to see anyone especially my family suffering. With this horrible experience Danielle got closer to God. Danielle hasn’t had a drink or cigarettes in around 2 years. She is my motivation everyday to get closer to God and to just keep my head up at all times!♡

  11. I have a friend who suffers from ADD/ADHD and he had been on pills and different medications all throughout his life. He had been adopted by a family and he loves them. Unfortunately they are planning to move to Australia but he wants to stay here so he’s been going around crashing at different friends houses. He had a job where he had to wake up at 5 take the bus for an hour and skate a mile and a half to get to his work and would work until late at night just so he can get some money to get his own place. He recently had to quit because it was too long of a journey to work and is trying to look for work now. Through all of this he still manages to spare time to visit me when I’m upset just to make me smile. He’s one of the most unselfish people I’ve met and is always positive and confident in any situation.

  12. My sister died in 2012 and I grew from the concert is that I had to deal with knowing that she was gone and how that she is watching over me and my whole family.

  13. I know someone that suffers from depression and anxiety. They have three children and they use to suffer from it daily. Their suffering was very severe, to the point where they wanted to leave this Earth. But they pulled through for their family and they are getting better each day. They are the rose that grew from the concrete

  14. Definitely our homeboy Donald Trump. His father was one of the hugest real estate developers in New York. Can you imagine how hard it was for him growing up? He was born as a financial rose, and the concrete he had to break through was the one he made himself, mostly from being racist, sexist and generally out of touch. The biggest concrete he had to face was definitely his $916 million dollar loss. I mean, he still had billions of dollars of net worth and still never has to worry about being like the bourgeois, but what chance would he have of making another scam (such as a university, or something like that) now? I honestly have no idea what I’m writing at this point, is anyone even reading this? Thanks.

  15. I know someone who had to take care of their younger sibling after her parents divorced and went separate ways. She spent a lot of their teenage years growing up without support from her parents, and later immigrated to the U.S. to look for work. It was really scary to come to the United States without knowing how to speak English, but she managed to find work. Later she had a baby, so she continued to work despite being paid very little; It’s difficult to find a job if you are not a legal resident. She worked very hard to learn to speak English and learn to drive, she did it all for her baby. I really admire her perseverance and bravery that she continues to have.

  16. I see my dad as a rose that grew from concrete, its bit weird to think of a guy as a rose but yeah. When he was little his parents divorced and his mom decided to leave Guatemala and come to the U.S. and he had to decide whether to stay with his dad or go with his mom. He ended staying in Guatemala because that’s where the rest of his family was. His mom would send money to take care of the large family that she had left behind. My dad started working at a very young age to help sustain his bothers and sisters. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters so that was a lot of money he had to raise. Then one night a military vehicle was going around recruiting people that were 16 or 17+, one of those people was my dad so he got taken to a camp to train and serve in the military. When he got there one of the officials noticed that he was from the Capital and so was the official. So whenever they were treating my dad too harshly the official would say that my dad was in trouble and that they needed to take him and put him somewhere else but in reality he was only getting my dad out of the harsh treatment. My dad’s brother was also recruited and one night they found their way close to the fence and started to create a plan on how to leave the camp. So a week later they put their plan to action and managed to escape the camp. A year later he decided he wanted to come to the U.S and that meant days of travel and being cramped in a car along with several other people wanting to come to the U.S. He got here and went to his mom’s place and immediately started to work and help himself find a house. Now several years later he has a family, making a steady income and has enough money to send money to his family back in Guatemala. Most of his siblings also made their way North. Now we have family all over the U.S. like in Nebraska, Texas and New York.

  17. Someone that I know who didnt have it all but now does would be one of my friends. She used to be struggling and that’s normal because everyone does, but now she is better than ever she acts and sings and models and is great at it. She is someone I would say started from nothing and is now up there.

  18. A friend very close to my heart is a rose that grew from concrete. All throughout middle school they were bullied physically, emotionally, and mentally. We didn’t live near each other at all so it was hard to be there for them. I know what they went through and it was the hardest thing ever. Everyday they would call me crying and tell me that they didn’t want to live. I prayed all day and night for them to just find that happiness that they deserved. They self harmed and it was hard to help because I was going through the same thing. They would still pull out the happy, go lucky personality even though they were hurting inside. They did go to therapy and later got home schooled but it was still hard for them. They eventually did get a bit better. It took many years for them to get to where they are now. They truly are an inspiration, they have been through hell and back. they are in such a good place right now and I pray that they stay like this.

  19. My father is the person i know who didn’t really had anything when he was young. He had to work to even sustain his father. My grandfather was a heavy drinker when my dad lived with him. When my father came to America, he had nothing, but a few cents. fortunately, he was offered a job and he managed to build himself from there. Now i personally think he is one of the most successful person even with some damaged pedals.

  20. I’ve never really known any true concrete roses. A couple petunias and Audrey 2s sure, but roses… just not off the top of my head. So id like to shout out to all of these roses above^^^ truly inspirational and powerful. If these roses had guns they’d be one hell of a band that’s all I’m saying.

  21. My older sister is definitely a rose that grew from concrete. Our entire family can fit this description with all we’ve been through but I have always admired my sister for pushing through all obstacles. Years ago when I was in elementary school, my older sister woke up one morning and could not move her legs and was in a wheelchair for months. She was struck with the inability to walk but was able to push through it. She forced herself to get better, relearned how to walk, and today she walks on her own two legs as though nothing happened. She has survived illness, being bullied in high school, etc. and is now a successful, beautiful woman working a job she loves. My older sister is my best friend and has always been someone I look up to. Looking at her and experiencing her amazing personality, would you never think of all the struggles she’s been through.

  22. Reading all these comments shows me that anyone is a rose, because we all grow in our own ways. I was once a rose. I went through a lot of problems at home during middle school. I suffered from anxiety and depression for a while. I felt stuck at the time, but I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today if I didn’t have amazing people by my side supporting me. I’m so greatful to be in a society where every rose is accepted for who they are, and that’s how I grew from the concrete. It makes me really happy to read all these inspiring stories 🙂

    • You’re right, we’re all roses growing through concrete. All the the way through elementary school and even into middle school I was bullied because I was a ballet dancer. Every night I would cry and not want to go to school the next day. I eventually learned to not care what others think of me, because who I see myself as is the most important of all.

  23. My incredible mother is most definitely a rose that grew from concrete. Somehow even as the daughter of a teen mom and the child of a broken home she has managed to raise three fantastic kids, while supporting them on her own since her second child (me) was born. My mom has always been an open book because she feels that her life story can relate to many others in the events which occurred and the lessons she learned from them. Her mother was a crack addict throughout her entire preteen life up until her mid twenties. She was a wreck less kid as she moved from state to state, fifteen different schools, and from one worthless man to the next. She met my father who was the first man to push her and believe in her to pursue her dreams. His support had shone light upon the tenacity and strength that she’s built due to her “broken” upbringing. My mom today is now able to hold up the title of Ms National Fitness, IFBB Pro in fitness, a 20 year long fitness competitions career and 3rd most fit woman out of 13 countries. Her greatest achievement is who she has become as a woman. She is the hardest working human being I have ever known to walk this planet and she gives my sister and me the perfect example of the woman we want to be, and she’s given us and our brother the knowledge of virtue and self-respect so that when we do look for love, we know where to find when it’s strong. As for her family relationships, her once absent father is now super close with her and us kids. She has found a best friend and the purest love in the mother who left her on her own at the age of thirteen. My mom is the rose in my life. She is my rock.

  24. First of all, I’m so sorry this is late!
    My rose that grew from concrete is my cousin Shannon. As a teenager, she was incredibly destructive and wild. She did drugs, smoked cigarettes, drunk drove, and shoplifted. On one occasion, she got arrested after stealing from a store and my dad who was in his thirties at the time bailed her out. When he did, Shannon’s friend who had been arrested with her, said “You know Shannon is a lesbian right?” She had been acting out because she couldn’t accept herself and thought her family would reject her. It took a lot of time and learning, but eventually her parents and sisters accepted her. She has now been in a relationship with the same woman, Michelle, for over 15 years, to the point where she feels like family to the rest of us. My dad told me that Michelle was a huge positive influence on Shannon when she was younger and really helped get her back into shape. They live happily together and are both huge inspirations to me.

  25. Someone in my family went through a hard time once. There mother had died from ovarian cancer. They were mentally going through a rough time, plus this happened at around Christmas and there that must have been hard on them. I could never imagine going through something like that. They came through and are now there happy selves again. 🙂

  26. A very close friend has grown up with divorced parents who both definitely do not have the best personalities and have the same ideas she does. These people would always put her down and silence her from the things she has to say and often blame their own failure on her and call her a disappointment. I personally thought that that would be just enough to drag almost anyone down but after getting to know her better, I saw how unaffected she was by it all. Because of how her parents treat her, outside of her house, she never lets anyone silence her ideas or tell her that she can never achieve something. Her struggles seemed to have a reverse effect on her and created a drive to work harder and to put more efforts into everything she does. I thought she was definitely like a rose grown from concrete because, like the rose, she had to confront a solid wall of struggles and harsh experiences but was able to grow past that and bloomed from her experiences.

    • Wow, this was beautifully said! I always find it interesting when I see people who take the challenges that try to bring them down, but reverse the outcome.

  27. My relative is a rose who grew through concrete. She loved her dad and they had a special connection. Unfortunetly her father died and that impacted all of us. Through the hard times I was there for her if she ever needed anything though she never asked for help. His legacy lives on in a thriving small town restaurant that is busier than ever.

  28. My Great Aunt Selma truly was a rose that grew through concrete. She spent the majority of her adult life battling with cancer. Everytime she thought she was about to break through the concrete, a new layer blocked her. But my Aunt Selma didn’t let these challenges stop her. She took her experiences and created the organization Vital Options (now Vital Options International) to help all those that battle with cancer, just like she did. Sadly, my Aunt Selma passed away 2 1/2 years ago from complications with her ovarian cancer. I believe that in the moment before she passed, she knew she had finally broken through the concrete, and surpassed all of the challenges that life had put in front of her.

  29. The person who I’m going to be talking about is my mom. My mom has been through so much and she keeps her head up and stays positive.just going forward and has not looked back. She tries her hardest to do everything she can to be the best mom that she could be.she loves everybody unconditionally.

  30. Grew from concrete you say? That simply has to be my mom. She had she very very rough childhood. She did things she didn’t want to do, had wrong groups of friends. She ruined her life in her childhood, but then she had us. We really helped her to her feet. We gave her the pull she needed. Now, life is going so well for my mom. She always tells me that the coast is tye past, and to forget about it, but she also says that you can’t escape the past. It still haunts my mom, but she knows whats better now. She truly is a better person.

  31. I see my mom as the rose that grew from concrete. she was born in vietnam during the Vietnam war and basically grew up in poverty her whole life. She was the only girl in the family and in Vietnamese culture, girls are the people who make money and cook and clean; the men are just there to be the head of the house. She basically took care of her 5 brothers who are all older than her and never helped her w anything. now, she is the only person in her family who has a stable marriage and 3 kids who actually care about her. my mom is definately someone who I admire and look up to 100%

  32. I see my best friend as a rose that grew through concrete. She was bullied when she was younger and always very quite. She was always very insecure and was depressed for a while. Now she is a totally different person and finally learned that no matter what she is her own person and nobody can bring her down. I am very proud of her and look up to her as as someone who is strong. She reminds me that no matter how tough things get, you will always be able to push through it and get better.

  33. my uncle was going through a really difficult time a couple months ago. He stopped going to church and became a drug user, not addict but close to becoming one. and no one really knew about it until my dad discovered that he had been using because he tried to commit suicide by over dose but my other uncle lived in the same apartment as him so they were able to save him in time. and with time, he completely recovered. And its been hard for him to stay away from drugs but hes trying and he continued to go to church.

  34. A rose that grew from the concrete is a friend of mine who lost her mom when she was about eight or nine years old. She went to school and lived with her grandma because her dad left her family. She was crossing the street with her mom and a car was coming at them with full speed, and the mom pushed the girl forward so she wouldn’t get hit. Unfortunately she didn’t survive the car crash. I would have never imagined something so tragic happened to her because of the way she acted. She would always be smiling and seem very joyful. I don’t think I could be happy without my mom or dad. I find that as a strong personality, and truly a rose.

  35. My uncle was a drug addict and he had the hardest time in the world to stop doing drugs but luckley he had a son named parker who changed his whole life i don’t honestly know how my uncle is alive today but i am very glad my cousin was born because if he wasn’t i know my uncle would no longer be with us

  36. The person I choose is my mom. My mom was born in the city of Baltimore which is not easy for a young girl. She was told many times that she would never achieve anything or that she needs to aim small. However my mom exceeded their expectations and grew to be the person she always wanted to be. Eventhough she still has obstacles she still continues to exceed everyone’s expectations.

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