Sure on this Shining Night

Our fifth blog assignment is to analyze Morten Lauridsen’s piece “Sure on this Shining Night”.  This will be in two parts and to receive credit for this assignment you need to fulfill the following parts.

Part One – Write down 5 adjectives that describe night.

Part Two – Pick one of those adjectives and describe how the music depicts that      adjective.  (This should be at least 3 sentences)

We listened to this in class, but I encourage you to listen again with your eyes closed and focus on the elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, Tempo, Dynamics, Harmony, Form, Texture, and Timbre.  Focusing on rhythm, melody, tempo, and dynamics for this assignment.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 26th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I hope you enjoy this piece of music.

I love you more than I love maple scones!!

Mrs. R

36 thoughts on “Sure on this Shining Night

  1. Dark, Curious, Aloof, Calm, Tedious.
    I think this song depicts the word tedious. Tedious means long or slow. This song is long and slow.

  2. Five adjectives that describe night would be moonlit, dark, starlit, silent, and peaceful. Analyzing this song by Morten Lauridsen’s piece “Sure On This Shinning Night” out of the adjectives I chose I would have to go with peaceful. The music depicts this adjective because peaceful would give the message away too quickly so it makes you really look at the words the song it is expressing. The song repeats the words sure, high, and hearts. Those words being repeated throughout the song is making a point of how faithful and calming night time can be particularly in the summer as the song repeats over and over.

  3. Dark,Quiet ,Mysterious,Curious,and Peaceful.

    I believe that this song depicts the word Quiet. The night is quiet because everything is still and asleep. This song is Quiet because the dynamics go from soft, or quiet, to loud.

  4. Some words that describe the night are quiet, peaceful, calm, dark, sometimes scary. Of those adjectives, I think the one that would accurately describe this song would be calm. It is slow and steady, and the singers’ voices are soft. The melody is also repetitive, and it makes the song soothing and lulling.

  5. Some adjectives that describe night are: dark, nocturnal, calm, mysterious, and frightening.

    The adjective that I picked is calm that I think best depicts the song. When I listened to it I felt very calm and at ease. When I closed my eyes, I felt like they were singing me a lullaby. I loved how it got really intense at one point but it calmed down towards the end. I also loved how this was a peaceful song yet they still made it intense. This song is magical.

  6. Five adjectives that can describe night are starry, beautiful, moonlit, eventful, opening. Analysing Morten Lauridsen’s peice “Sure of this Shinning Night” the adjective that would describe more accurately would be, beautiful. It’s the way the song is sung and written. I had enjoyed the dynamics during the song. At some parts it’s softer then when everyone is singing to there it sounds much fuller. Very well done and pleasing to hear.

  7. The night is dark, quiet, beautiful, peaceful, and starry.

    I think this song was quite dark. I mean in the form. It was dark but also beautiful so yeah. The dynamics were very nice as well.

  8. 1) Calm
    2) Quiet
    3) Peaceful
    4) Dark
    5) Mysterious

    Out of all of these adjectives, I’d say this song best represents calm. Yes, the volume may increase and decrease, but it’s never harsh or aggressive. Their voices and the song in general just sounds calming, whether it’s loud or soft.

  9. I would choose the adjectives quiet, dark, long, still, and lonely.

    The song brings to mind emotions of loneliness. It is quiet and calm at the beginning, but builds up into a polyphonic, louder sound, like a desperate cry. The quieter parts feel sad, in a way. It feels like a song that might play in a movie while a character is walking through a dark forest alone. It is also very long. You keep expecting the song to end, but it doesn’t. I find that, especially if I’ve been awake for too long, the night takes forever to end.

  10. 1.shineing
    In this song quietness takes over a large factor. The tempo speeds up at times, then immediately slows down which I feel representing stillness and quietness taking over. Dynamics is also very important as well. The song goes louder at more eccentric moments, then comes back to a quiet almost humming sound.

  11. 1) quiet
    2) still
    3) lonely
    4) starry
    5) mysterious

    This song most depicts quietness because of the dynamics and all the s words that pop up in the song. Also very starry in a way and a lil bit lonely because of the quietness that the song has.

  12. Calm, peaceful, long, quiet, and tranquility.

    This song really depicts the word calm because in certain parts of this song, the theme would eventually slow down. There are some parts in this song that would get calm as well which is an important factor in this song. This song in general really depicts the word calm.

  13. Five words I would use to describe the night are: calm, dark, quiet, peaceful, starry. This song mostly depicts the word starry. The voices and harmonies cutting in and out constantly throughout the song remind me out how the bright stars glisten in the dark sky almost as if they are flashing lights.

  14. 1. instinctive
    2. spirited
    3. tranquil
    4. steady
    5. profound

    Steady is an adjective that not only describes night but it describes the way the piece above is sung. Before going to bed we are busy and tired but right before actually falling asleep our heartbeat slows down and finds a steady pace. The same way the song starts off slow and gradually speeds up and builds into a composed piece of music with a steady melody.

  15. Five adjectives that describe night would be quiet , calm, mysterious, dark and dreamy. Dark is the adjective that describes this piece. When I listen to it with my eyes closed I can’t help but think of walking in slow motion in a big dark field of grass. I got a lot of dark and at the same time quiet thoughts running through my head while listening to this, if that makes any sense. The rhythm of the song made me sleepy.

    • Definitely! The way the music slows down and speeds up really mimics the feeling of experiencing night out in nowhere.

  16. Beautiful, peaceful, light, positive, and quiet. I choose peaceful because when I listened to it, I’ve closed my eyes and imagined the sky at dawn. Made me feel safe and at home. It made me feel very good inside.

  17. SOOOOO, five words to describe night would be dark, calm, mysterious, dangerous, and tranquil. the word I would use to describe the piece would be mysterious bc of the attacks and releases executed in the performance. when I’m listening to the song, I feel like I’m in an episode Ghost Whisperer. I never know what’s gonna happen next. the song makes me lowkey sleepy bc of all the memories from middle school when i sang a song very similar to this piece.

  18. dark
    I would use the word moody because the way the song is played has a very harmonic mood so to say along with the pauses and jumps can make you feel moody wether it’s a good mood or a bad mood. the song is very centered around the jumps and the sound of the letter S so I found that pretty cool. this concludes my blog assignment.

  19. This song perfectly depicts A mellowing and calming feel through many different ways. Applying very few discord/dissonance, the listener gets a very peaceful experience. The level and volume of the piece also envokes a mellow nighttime feel just as the sun sets.

  20. Dark, Anticipating, Cold, Starry, Isolating. The dynamics and other factors in this song really contribute to the feel of isolation it gives. When it’s quiet, you feel alone. When it gets louder, you’re getting closer to escaping that isolation. Other factors contribute to the feeling, but it’s mostly the dynamics for me.

    • Wow, I didn’t think of it like that! You’re right, the quiet pieces in the music make you feel isolated and alone, but when it gets loud you feel different.

  21. To describe the night I would use the words unpredictable, calm, luminous, dark, and isolated. Out of these words I would say this song depicts luminous. You can feel the brightness in their words and vowels. The song has this light, luminous feel like the moonlight shining down on you. The phrases stretch out long and bright like the moons rays on the earth at night. When you listen to the song you can picture and almost feel a tranquil scene of a grassy field or something with the moonlight shining. It’s calm and bright in the darkness. (picture like an old Disney movie like Bambi with this song of all the sleepy animals in the moonlight)

  22. 1) Soulful 2) awe-inspiring 3)powerful 4)distant 5) sad

    I thought it was soulful, because of the vocals. They were strong yet silent. Moving and made me feel like taking a leap over a cliff

    • LOL! I agree, the music was soulful. The way it flowed from strong sounds to softness was beautiful. Don’t know if it made me feel like jumping off a cliff though! xD

  23. 1) Slow
    2) Calm
    3) Soothing
    4) Flowing
    5) Melodic

    One of the biggest traits that describes this piece is flowing. The way the singers speed up and then slow down the rhythm mimics the wind the blows softly in the night. To me, night is quiet and calm, and sounds seem to flow through the air.

  24. Oh Frick this is good. Anyway, six words: dark, calm, swelling, floating, balance, peaceful.

    While I thought it was floating, I think the best word to describe this song is peace. Calm would work too, but peace in particular speaks to me. The song is something you would her a maiden sing above a Scottish bluff while her tribe is at war. The night is a return to peace. While things occur during the day, the night is quiet. It is a rejuvenation of life and purity. No matter what’s going on during the day, that does not matter here. Night is another world.

  25. 1. Beautiful
    2. Bright
    3. Gentle
    4. Calm
    5. Sweet
    This song really portray’s the beauty of the night through the piece itself. It gives out positive vibes because the song is in a Major key. The way they express the lyrics is very bright. The way they say “Shining” references the “twinkle” of the stars. The different timings of the different sections shows the dynamics. Overall this song itself is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  26. Pure

    I think pure is the best way to describe how this song depicts night. The melody with a small arc is extremely pure. The purity of the vocals combined with the piano brings out the purist form of any emotions, and feelings of peace. While the melody is not still, it gives off the idea of a still state of mind yet the movement of emotions within your heart as your day is coming to its end.

  27. Crisp, light, fluid, angelic, and ardent. The dynamics and how easily this flows is amazing. They are passionate and annunciate their words for a crisp beautiful sound. Their fluid transitions keep it sounding whole through the entire song.

  28. Dark, loud, sikent, cold, lonely.
    I believe loud describes night in this particular piece. I don’t mean loud to be taken literally like cars going by, but loud in silence. The silence screams at everyone one of us and this song really showed it. It went from something really loud to complete silence where it hit you, and you were waiting on what to come next.

  29. Emotional, peaceful, calming, dreamy,relaxing.

    This piece is dreamy in the way that it is so relaxing you can close your eyes and picture whatever you want. The way their voices blend together and have smooth transitions creates a rhythm that is so soothing. It is such a beautiful piece and relaxes you so much I found myself sleepy and at peace after listening to it

  30. -serene
    – bright
    – passionate

    i think it sounds passionate because of the melody of it. but also because you can tell they are singing it with emotion. and if you really think about the words and put it together with the melody can be so inspiring. i think its also because of how the melody moves around throughout the song.

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