Famous Musician Interview

Our fourth blog assignment is to tell us what musician, living or dead, you would want to interview.  You also need to write down three questions you would ask him or her.   To receive credit for this assignment you need to write a full paragraph (5-7 sentences).

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 19th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I can’t wait to see who you would like to talk to.  OK journalists…have at it.

I love you more than I love Sharpie markers!!

Mrs. R.

46 thoughts on “Famous Musician Interview

  1. This question is too easy. Nina Simone! Just being given the chance to talk to her would be so unbelievable! Firstly, I would ask her about her childhood. For instance, “As a child, did your parents push you to play piano, or did you force yourself to practice? Did you feel a drive inside of you from such a young age to make music?” Next, I’d probably ask about her time in college when she started singing. “Did you know you were a talented singer? Did you sing a lot as a child? Was it scary to make the jump from piano to vocals?” Lastly, I suppose I’d ask her about her time away from the spotlight when she was living in Liberia. Questions along the lines of, “While residing in Liberia, what did you think of the living conditions of the people you saw there? Did you find it refreshing living around people without as many material things as folks in the United States? What was daily life like? Did you visit other countries in Africa? What were they like?”
    If I felt the conversation was going well, I might bring up her stance on the United States. I’d ask her what she specifically felt was wrong with the U.S. and if it could ever be fixed.
    It’s kind of softball, but I’d still like to hear what her favorite songs to sing were and her favorite places she played.

  2. If I could interview any musician, I would love to talk to Amy Winehouse. I didn’t get a chance to be that much into her music before she died, and I honestly don’t know much about her (although I’m sure I could find anything I’d want to know on Wikipedia or something.) I would ask her when she started playing instruments/writing her own music and if she immediately fell in love with it or if it was a process for her. I would also ask where she got the inspiration for the style of music she performed. Her music has a very unique, yet classic sound to it, because she obviously took elements from things that inspired her and made them her own, and I’d love to know what those inspirations were. The last thing I would ask is if she felt that the pain she went through in her life made her music better or hindered it. I adore Amy and I wish I could go back in time and have a conversation with her.

    • YAS B!! 😉 She’s such a phenomenal musician, and it’s an absolute shame she passed. Her songs are beautiful, relaxing, and unsettling at the same time, and a musician in her ballpark could only wish to emulate her style.

  3. Oh boy if i were to interview someone it would be Bradley Nowell The lead singer of sublime.To me he seems like a great person to hang-out with. if it wasn’t for his heavy heroin addiction he would have released more albums and that would’ve been great. His music has helped me through some bad times. I would have asked him “What inspired you to form Sublime”?. I would also like to ask him “What is your favorite Sublime song to Play/Sing”?. My last and final question would be “When did you know music was your passion”?.
    I seriously wish he had never overdosed, his music would have inspire a new generation of people to play music, he will forever be my favorite artist and sublime as mu favorite group ever.

  4. If I could interview any celebrity in the world dead or alive I would interview Whitney Houston. First I would ask her about how it felt when she sang and moved so many people with her voice. Then I would ask about her singing in church with the choir and how it helped her voice and how she performed in front of people. Lastly I would ask how becoming famous changed her life for better or worse, like how did becoming famous change your views on the world and how you saw people Or just how it changed her. An extra question I would ask is how she was influenced to write her songs. Just because I loved Whitney

  5. If I could interview any musician living or dead, I would probably interview Kehlani. SHE’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALLS!
    The first question I would ask her would be, “What was it like not having you’re parents around?” When Kehlani was very little her Dad died and her Mom was a drug addict. So her Mom gave her to her Aunt, to raise her.

    The second question would be, “How was it like being in a music group at a young age?” “Did it help you, or did it make it harder to start a solo career?”

    The third question would be “How was it like having a knee injury and having to stop dancing and realizing that you also wanted to sing?” “Are you glad you had the knee injury?”

    My fourth question would be, “How was it like not having a home and having to go couch to couch, waiting for the call from Nick Cannon?”

    My last question would be, “How does it feel being in the studio and writing music for a living?”

  6. A famous musician I would probably interview would have to be Drake because he has been so busy with his new album he dropped, the tours he’s on right now, and the songs he has been featuring from our musicians lately. The questions I would ask him would be “Where did your more musician qualities come from? Your mothers side or your fathers?” ” Who inspires you in the lyrics of your songs on this new album? “Do you think your going to become a legend possibly?” ” Who’s song was your favorite to feature in and why?” ” How has your relationship with Rhinna been especially since you admitted being in love with her on the VMA’s?”

  7. So after a while of thinking I was finally able to decide on a musician with the help from my mom. The person I would choose to interview would be The king, Elvis Presley! He was one of the most significant cultural icons of his time and changed the face of music. One of the questions I would start out with would be “Out of your own songs which one would be your favorite and why?” because I know that it is nearly impossible for me to choose my favorite Elvis song. The second song would be “How did you feel being seen as an advocate of the devil because of your music and dance moves being too “sexual”?” and my last question “If you knew the timer to your death had started when you started using drugs would you have stopped or continue and try to do as much as possible with the time you had left?”

  8. Okay so this took me a while but I’d say that I would interview Beyoncé just purely bc she’s queen. Sooo I’d ask her:

    1. When did you start singing and what inspired you to keep on going??
    2. When was the moment where you realized that singing and making music is what you want to do as a career?
    3. What is your biggest inspiration as of right now for the music that you write?

  9. I would want to interview Amy Winehouse because she is an amazing singer and has a large amount of experience. First I might ask what made her get into singing? My second question would be did you have any other talents or interests than just being a singer? And third, what was the best thing about being a singer that made you want it sing everyday and not stop? I think Amy has amazing songs and her voice is phenomenal! Defiantly someone I would love to hear from.

  10. I would love to sit down and interview Andrew McMahon because he’s one of my biggest musical inspirations. He has a TON of experience — including having leukemia, almost killing his mother in a car crash, and traveling around the globe. Firstly, I’d ask him about his musical inspirations in depth to see how they have affected his artistic choices. I’d then ask how it feels to know he’s changed the lives of so many people and inspired the entire Alternative Rock community, and how the weight of that affects his daily life. Lastly, I’d ask how traveling and spreading his art throughout the world has changed himself as a person and musician. I’d love to follow in his footsteps someday, and be the best musician I can be.

  11. I would interview Whitney Huston
    1:why do you do drugs
    2:was it hard to make an album
    3:why did u make the song stars spangle banner
    I would interview her because she is an amazing singer and want to be just like her

  12. I would want to interview Kurt Cobain ! I want to talk to him about his entire life from when he was young right up until when he died.
    1.) What did your lyrics mean?
    2.) How did you die?
    3.) What was your relationship like with Courtney Love?

  13. I would like to interview Elvis Presley because I feel like the world never had a closure as to why he died also because his music was a very big influence to a lot of our parents especially with his music genre 1) Was there ever a time in your life where you were happy with your career? 2) What inspired you to make music? 3) Did you ever think/feel that your music would appeal to many generations?

  14. I would interview Michael Jackson because there has been a certain amount of issues with his life recently.
    1) Was there ever a time were you felt doubt with your music?
    2) Do you feel like the genre of your music and the lyrics that you choose is a message of who you are and what you’re trying to convey
    3) Who or what inspired you to go solo and continue your music career?

  15. The artist I would like to interview would be Rachmaninoff. I would ask some simple questions, in relation to, inspiration, relation, and many more. I would love to hear about his inspiration for the Rach 3 and his famous condenza. Another good question would apply the relation withing his own family. How he got into music would be a fantastic question, as well. For Rachmaninoff, there are few personal questions I would throw at him, but I would most likely ask about his music and relations to music.

  16. If I could interview anyone I’d probably interview Prince. He was such a big influence on the music industry and I just wanted to know how he felt about everything.
    1. Did you ever know you were going to get as famous as you were?
    2. How do you release 5 albums over the course of 3 years?
    3. Would you have done anything differently?

  17. I would interview Micheal Jackson because even as a small child I always wanted to meet him.
    I would ask him:
    – What was it like the have the title of “King of Pop”?
    – Was the pressure overwhelming?
    – Was your father truly super harsh and abusive and if so,in your opinion did that help or hurt you?
    – What was it like to have that skin disease? Were you pretty sad about it or indifferent?
    – Do you wish you could change anything about your career and if so, what?
    – How did you die?

  18. If i could interview anyone dead or alive it would definitely be Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots. He inspires me so much and I have looked up to him for a while now. I would ask him:
    -What inspired you to start writing music?
    -How does it feel to have come so far with your music?
    -Would you do anything differently?
    -How do you feel at every show?
    -How do you and Josh always have so much energy?
    -What does the name “twenty one pilots” mean to you?

  19. The first person I thought of when i heard this question was Marina Diamandis. I really admire her and I would love to interview her because she is very intelligent and always answers questions beautifully. I would ask her how she decided on picking fruits and neon lights to be the theme for her last album, because it is very clever that she assigned each song an individual fruit that seemed to perfectly match. I would ask her how writing the album Electra Heart was different from writing FROOT. She wrote all of FROOT by herself and she did not write Electra Heart by herself. I would ask her if she thinks her music resembles the way she has changed as a person throughout the years, and finally I would ask her how long it would be until we got new music (because I miss her a lot).

  20. If I could interview any musician, I would want to interview Sia. Sia is one of the most famous musical artists today, and has had so many hit songs in the past few years! If I could sit down and talk with her, I would ask her:

    1) A lot of the your older music and even some of your music today reflects your experiences with depression, which led you to getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now that you’ve overcome that dark part of your life, how does it feel to write all that you felt down on paper?

    2) Aside from being a very famous musical artist yourself, you’re well known in the music industry as an amazing song writer and lyricist, and have written for huge artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Celine Dion. How does it feel to not only make music for others, but for yourself?

    3) You wrote the song “Diamonds” for Rihanna in 14 minutes… HOW THE HECK ARE YOU A GODDESS OF SONG WRITING?!?!

    • Sia is incredibly talented! I really like your second question because I think it would be interesting to hear what thoughts were going through her head while writing about all of the experiences she had gone through.

    • These are really good questions, and such an amazing artist! I love Sia and would love for her to answer these questions!!

  21. If I could interview any musician I would chose Jerry Lee Lewis. I was first really introduced to him when I saw the movie based on his life. He really had a way with the piano. He turned the piano into a rock ‘n roll instrument. I would ask him how he was able to cope with the scandle that came with marrying his cousins 13 year old daughter.And why he chose to be with her, he could have had any other girl and spared himself the trouble
    I would also ask him how many pianos he broke during the duration of his career, he really went crazy on the keys while playing.
    And lastly I would ask him why he chose the piano as his instrument, when there are so many others out there.

  22. If I were to interview any musical artist, I would interview Kari Jobe. She has an amazing voice!! Her tone is on point and she has a unique voice as well. The first question I would ask her, “How long have you been singing?” Second question, “Do you play any instruments?” Then my third question would be, “Have you always wanted to be a singer?”

  23. If I could interview any artist I would choose The Weeknd. I chose this artist because I find I’m different than most pop artist these days and I find his voice pretty amazing. I would ask him:

    -Why did you chose the hairstyle that you have?
    -Who inspires you to write songs?
    -As an artist, which musician do you look up to the most?
    – Did you take any vocal lessons as a child?

  24. I would interview my Grandfather, Billy Eckstine. I never got to meet him, since he passed away before I was born, but I feel like it would be a very interesting interview. I would ask:
    What was it like to be as famous as you were back then?
    What’s the most difficult thing you went through during your life?
    What were your favorite songs?
    I’d also ask more questions as they came to mind, of course, but those are the first I’d ask.

  25. I would interview Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin. Not only is Led Zeppelin my favorite band, but Robert Plant is also one of my favorite rock and roll singers. My first question would be how did all of the band members meet? My second question would be, what was it like to be the number one band in the world, (beating the Beatles in the 1960s/70s). My third question would be, how did you discover your passion for singing, and how did you get your voice to be so dynamic and have so much range.

  26. i would interview my grandpa smokey robinson, ive met him a few times in my life but our relationship isn’t the best, but he is a great singer I love his music its very soothing.

  27. I would interview The Beatles. Aside from having an appreciate for their music, I would love to know what goes on in between the time they’re not recording or performing. One of the many questions that I would have in mind is, “When writing music, what emotion do you find yourself most commonly writing about?” Followed by, “Why? Are a lot of those emotions based off personal experiences?” I would also ask, “If you could take back any decision you ever made during your career, what would it be?” Lastly, I would want to know, “If you were not in the music industry, where do you believe you’d find yourself?”

  28. There are so many artists I would love to sit down with an have a chat with (Marina Diamandis, Matty Healy, Bowie, etc.) but If I could interview a musician I would really like to get to know Thom Yorke, the lead singer from Radiohead. I’ve been a fan of Radiohead since elementary school and I’ve always found Thom Yorke such an artistic and expressive man. He is also just very mysterious and reclusive. I would like to ask Thom
    1. What is the writing process like for songs on your albums? Does the whole band sit down and write together or do you all write individually and then share your work?
    2. Out of all of your songs which is the most personal to you and why?
    3. How did you get into music? Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?
    4. What current artists do you enjoy listening to? Any suggestions? (cause I really want to know what Thom Yorke is listening to nowadays)

  29. I would interview jon bellion and i would ask him. 1.What inspierd you to become a musition. 2. Did you ever have the fear of failing or someone telling you you were not good. 3.How is your music so good i just cant comprehend. That is what i would ask him

  30. If I had to interview one musician it would definitely have Demi Lovato because i absolutely adore her. I idolize her because she’s been through a lot and she’s the best person ever. I’d probably ask her 1. How do you warm up before a concert, 2. What artist do you look up to and 3. If you weren’t a singer, what career do you think you would have now

  31. I would interview Michael Jackson. The questions I would ask Michael Jackson are: what is it like to be such an icon to the music world, what was your life like as a child,

  32. I would interview Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots. The first question I would ask him is, “How are you always writing songs that more often than usually possible make it to the radio?” The second question would then be, “What types of emotions and feeling go into your song writing?” because there is a lot of poetry and untold meanings to a lot of the songs Tyler Joseph writes. The final question I would ask would be, “What is the meaning or character represented by the skeleton jacket that is so often used in the band’s concerts and videos?” These are all questions I don’t think Tyler Joseph has been open enough to answer publicly to other people so it’d be really enlightening to understand the answers to these questions.

  33. If I could interview anyone, I would interview Michael Jackson!!! Jackson has inspired me in so many ways, such as…to be different…to be yourself…and to be kind. If Michael was still alive and I was able to interview him, I would ask him number 1: what was your favorite song. Number 2: why did you write Thriller. And number 3: what was your favorite performance.

  34. I would want to interview Sia. She is an incredible singer but I also love the songs that she writes.
    I would ask her….
    1. How long does it usually take you to write a song?
    2. What is your favorite song to sing?
    3. Who is your inspiration?

  35. This is a really hard question, considering how many amazingly talented artists there are…. I’d have to go with Michael Jackson, because I grew up listening to his music! Interviewing him is something I dreamt of as a kid. I would ask Michael questions like:
    1. “When you were just starting out as a singer, did you expect to get such an overwhelming reaction from the audience at that time? How did you handle it?”
    2. “Throughout all the challenges you faced, what helped you push through?”
    3. “If you could give your past self any advice, what would you say?”
    4. “What are some songs you wrote that didn’t make the cut, but you wished would’ve?”
    5. “Is there anything you’d like to say to the young people wanted to become a part of the music industry?”
    Those are just a few of the questions I would ask to the amazing MJ, I would also tell him how much I miss him.

  36. A musician I would want to interview… that’s tough! If there is one person netherworld I would want go speak too, it would be the one and only J.S.Bach. His classical music is a true masterpiece! I love it so much!! Now, questions to ask him:
    1) How do you do it? Like what is your creative process?
    2) Did you ever think your music would be this popular now?
    3) How long does it take you to write such beautiful music?
    These questions will haunt me forever since my boi is dead sadly, but I would’ve liked to know.

  37. i know this sounds kind of like old school and silly but honestly i would love to interview Taylor swift. shes the whole reason i decided to start learning guitar. and because i think most teenagers like me could most likely relate to the lyrics of most of her songs. i know personally i relate to it a lot. and i love country. i would ask her if she actually experienced some of the things she talks about in her songs or if she does it to inspire people and make them feel better. i would ask her about her first love too because everytime i listen to her old songs i wonder who each one of them is about.

  38. I would intervew Ed Sheren and i would ask him. what got you into music. Do you like the music indistry, and If you could change what you do would you

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