The Best Song Ever

Well, this one might be even harder than the last one…

Our third blog assignment is to tell us what the best song your have ever heard. To receive credit for this assignment you need to write a full paragraph (5-7 sentences) including the following information: Title, performer, genre and specifically why you love it. Talk about the elements of music in this critique.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 12th at 11:59 pm. The rubric for this assignment is found here. Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.  As always I will accept a written version of this assignment.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on. The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit. The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I can’t wait see what you love. I hope no one hates one of your favorite songs, but then again it will make for a good discussion.

I love you more than I love Draughts Pizza!!

Mrs. R.

63 thoughts on “The Best Song Ever

  1. I’m gonna take a different approach and say that no song I’ve heard has been the “best.” I’ve heard a lot of music, some of it good, some bad, some amazing, but I can’t classify anything as the “best song.” If you asked what my favorite song in a genre was, I might to be able to tell you, but this question is too broad for me to choose just one song. There’s also many songs out there that I haven’t heard, and maybe one of those would be my favorite. I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t heard them yet. Maybe if you asked me in 30 years I could answer, because I would have heard many more song than I have today, but asking me now is way too difficult. Basically lol nothing.

  2. The best song ever would have to be Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name” covered by Sonja Klusman. This song by itself is already beautiful and magical. Its just the way Sonja did it man. She was so hype and she got every note on point. I really liked how she added a few runs here and there. I really like it when a singer gets really into the music and that’s what she did. She

  3. Let me start off with the obligatory “taste is very subjective” statement. That being said, Fun.’s “Carry On” is irrefutably one of the best songs created. Nate Ruess incorporates the timeless theme of pushing on through struggles in different stages of life; it’s executed perfectly. Despite the generic chord progression and 4/4 timing, the band makes it sound original. The song begins sounding like an indie tune, then transitions into having a more Queen-esque rock tone. The song ends with the line “we are the shining stars, we are invincible, we are who we are,” wraps up the song with a feeling of unity throughout humanity.

  4. Like my last blog post, it’s incredibly hard for me to determine what the best song ever is, because I like a very large variety of music. I do have a few all time favorites, however, and one of those is “The Killing Type” by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. I love this song because it’s such a relatable feeling of frustration at someone who seems cold, distant, and won’t talk to you about what’s bothering them, but you really care about them. The genre of this song is a little hard to say, so I’ll just put it in the general category of alternative rock. However, it’s very weird and unconventional, as a lot of Amanda Palmer’s music is. You can feel her frustration build throughout the song, because the lyrics get more desperate and the strange music gets noisier and more chaotic, until the end where it turns out that her constant repetition of “I’m not the killing type, I’m not, I’m not” was just her trying to convince herself that she isn’t. (Of course, it’s just a song, so not really!)

  5. When I saw this assignment I honestly got really scared. This question will forever haunt me. There are a lot of songs that I enjoy listening to but, I wouldn’t really say they were “the best songs ever.” I honestly don’t think I have a favorite song but, I decided to pick a song that I really enjoy, relate too, and I think it has a good message behind it. “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé. I listened to the song multiple times before this assignment and picked out lyrics that spoke to me.
    1.) “Perfection is a disease of a nation!”
    Everybody strives to be perfect nowadays, me being one of them. Nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be perfect. It’s just about doing you and striving for greatest.
    2.) “Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far.”
    You can’t spend your whole life complaining about things you don’t like about yourself. At one point you’re going to have to accept all of your flaws.
    3.) “We shine the light on whatever’s worse.”
    I believe everybody points out the bad things about themselves instead of the good things. People point out the negative things in life instead of the positive.
    4.) “Vogue says, thinner is better.”
    I feel like everybody strives for that perfect body. Flat stomach maybe even abs. God makes everybody the way they are for a reason. Sure, if you want that perfect body you have to work for it but, don’t just think that if you’re born with curves or you’re a little bit more heavy then the other girls, it doesn’t make you any less of a person. Personality shines brighter than looks.

  6. The best song ever (in my opinion) is “Self Righteous” by Bryson Tiller aka my husband. I believe the genre is like an R&B Hip-Hop type. The reason why this song is the ISH is because if you’re feeling sad over a certain someone YOU CAN SIMP TO THIS SONG AND BE IN YOUR FEELINGS…well basically it’s the best song to listen to when you’re in your feelings, come on now. Also, his song is sampled from Janet Jackson’s “Would You Mind”. I also like that because, even though it’s a sampled from her song, Bryson made it into his own. Plus the song really speaks to me!! Makes me cry a little but it’s a great song. If you haven’t heard it LISTEN TO IT!

  7. I can’t say what the best song ever is, because that’s a matter of opinion but I can give you a song I that I really really really enjoy listening too. It’s called Wordless Chorus by My Morning Jacket. I guess the song may be considered a kind of ‘alternative’ genre. But it’s so good. Especially the ending when the lead singer/guitarist, Jim James starts yelling in a really high pitched voice. It sounds weird now but if you listen to the song it’ll sound so sick, trust me. The song also has a calming and chill kind of beat.. just listen to it !!

  8. The best song ever in my opinion would have to be “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes. The genre of this song is considered swing music, jazz or pop. It has such a smooth and silky feeling to it. The harmonies and background vocals are super pretty. Everything about this song is dreamy. The song is so simple yet very appealing to listen too. It reminds me of Tootsie Pops lollipops and the howl on the commercial. It’s a song I can listen to on repeat and sing along to all the time.

    • TAIA SAM EVELYN CLAUDIA AND I SANG THIS FOR MUSIC THEORY LAST YEAR!! it’s so good, i agree that it sounds like it should be in a tootsie pop commercial.

  9. There are many terrible songs that exist. Although I choose to think there are way more amazing songs. Because there are so many great songs it’s hard to choose just one. The best song ever is my favorite song right now. It is “Sinking deep” by Hillsong Young and Free. I really like this song because of how the piano sounds combined with the male voice. It’s very beautiful and uplifting. It’s filled with hope and captivates God’s love. I like to dance contemporary to this song and watching others dance too. But it is also a great song to sing as well. It sounds awesome as an acustic version when I played it on the guitar.

  10. Well this question certainly kept me up and I’m not really sure on what the best song I’ve ever heard is or at least I don’t remember much. I think I’d have to take it back to the oldies and choose “I wanna be your man” by Zapp and Roger because that song along with many by the artist and others is all I heard while growing up and remind me of my dad a lot. Just straight off the bat when that song starts you get a sense of the beat and there’s like twinkle noises in the back and it’s just amazing and I love it.

  11. This is a lot harder than the last question because there are so many great songs out there but the best song I’ve ever heard, or at least one of them, would have to be Thinking About You by Frank Ocean. The genre of the song is pop, very easy listening and romantic. But again that’s only one of the songs out of hundreds I love.

  12. My favorite song is “Bluestone Alley by Congfei Wei. Even though the song doesn’t have any words the music tells the most beautiful story. It sounds like a love story. Well not a story but more like that one scene in the movies where the couple is a slow dancing or something but then the girl or guy has to leave. It has this kind of bittersweet ending. The song to me is just so calming and glorious. Its played on the piano and its so soft that when I imagine someone playing it, they’re just barely touching the keys. This song takes me to a land where they are no problems and its just a field of light pink rose as far as the eye can see and you are just forever running and dancing across this field. Or you are laying on your back and looking at the sky while this song plays on repeat. It’s just beautiful and it is one of the few songs that can truly take my mind off of the horrors of the world and any problems i may be facing that particular day. I very highly recommend it.

  13. I can’t really say I’ve ever heard or known of such a thing as “the best song ever”, because frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing. We all have our own opinions and our own likes and dislikes when it comes to everything. There’s not one thing we can all agree on. However, there is a song that I feel comes close, and that’s “Imagine” by John Lennon. It is one of those songs that I feel people should really listen to because 1: it’s an “easy to follow” type of song, 2: the lyrics are something that’ll make you think about our world today, 3: the lyrics “You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the world will live as one” , can really reflect on how we feel about our world now on the inside. When it comes to technical music stuff, this song very easy to follow/learn. The melody is repetitive. The song is on a range that most people can reach. Overall, it’s just the type of song people should/would want to listen to at around 3 am when they’re getting all deep and stuff.

  14. My favorite song is probably A Little Too Much by Shawn Mendes (shocker right?). I just love the lyrics and meaning behind the song bc I can really relate to them. I used this song for my project freshman year as a song that I would like everyone to hear. When I listen to it, I remember that even though im going through alot of shit, there are people who have it much worse and that I shouldn’t take things in life for granted. (I might’ve cried the first time I ever heard this song but no one needs to know that).

  15. Unlike the “Worst Song Ever” assignment… this is 100 times harder! Instead of having to answer the meaning of the universe that is trying to figure out your favorite song… I’m going to pick my favorite song that I’ve heard recently. If I had to choose any song I’ve heard recently I would definitely choose “The Greatest” by Sia. It just came out a few days ago but I’m obsessed. There’s something about the beat of the song mixed with the power of the lyrics that makes it so addicting. “The Greatest” was written by Sia as a tribute to the Orlando Shooting victims. I don’t want to spoil a lot, so if you haven’t listened to the song or seen the music video… please.. watch/ listen to it now!

  16. I’m not sure what the best song ever is or what it should sound like, but one song I have learned to appreciate is Be Like You by Ed Sheeran. The song is told through the perspective of loving someone so much to the point that you wish you could physically and emotionally become that person, in order to understand their emotions. This person isn’t perfect, not even close, but Ed sings that even after seeing life in the point of view of their significant other and seeing their bitterness, he still loves them. The lyrics are a reminder that learning to accept who you are as an individual is the first step to loving yourself, and that comes before allowing others to love you.

  17. One of my favorite songs would have to be September by Earth, Wind, and Fire and Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. I love this song because they’re songs my parents played when I was little. I also grew up listening to these songs before my parents divorced. September has a great groove and is super catchy. Isn’t She Lovely makes you feel a certain way. Another favorite song of mine at the moment is Summer Friends by Chance the Rapper. I love the beginning of the song and I love how he uses a choir of some kind in the back of his raps. The song begins with oooooosss and get louder and louder as the song progresses and then goes into his rap. I like this song because every thing goes very smoothly together.

  18. As soon as you read this assignment to us in class one song popped in my head immediately. Heroes by David Bowie is a song that makes me feel a way that I can’t quite put into words. This song makes me want to cry and laugh and sing, so many emotions at once. It has this cinematic feeling that just puts life into perspective. The lyrics are beautiful and poetic and the instrumental is just amazing. The guitars pitched feedback mixed with Bowie’s vocals that become more and more passionate conveys so much emotion. The line “We can be heroes, just for one day” makes you feel invincible like Bowie. When recording this song the microphone was moved further and further away from Bowie whilst he sang so he had to shout louder and really sing with as much passion as he could. I just love this song so much and the meaning behind it is beautiful.

    (Also Peter Gabriel’s cover of Heroes plays at the end of episode 3 of Stranger Things and its an AMAZING cover. Cried at the end of that episode no gonna lie)

  19. Currently the best song I’ve ever heard is Nunca Mas by La Santa Cecilia. I absolutely can’t get enough of this song! The accordion and her voice are just w0w! I think this song goes under Latin Pop for the genre. She sounds so so passionate when she sings. It’s like she ACTUALLY means what she’s singing.

  20. I have a lot of favorite songs but I think one of the best would be Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz. This song was huge on the radio so it’s probably hated by a lot of people now but it wasn’t spoiled for me and I still find it to be a great song. What makes me call this one of the best is that it has such an original feel and rhythm that I’ve never heard from another song. Also the crazy laughing added into the song between the versus and choruses really is a testament to the the originality feeling.

  21. It took me a really long time to pick a song, but I finally chose a song that is from my childhood. It’s in Spanish and it’s called Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto by Onda Vaselina. I don’t really know any of this band’s other music, but I know this song because it used to be on a telenovela in 1998. The lyrics title basically translates to, “I love you so much” and my favorite lyrics translate to “If only you could understand, that I love you more and more every day” and I really love it because my mom said it reminded her of me while she was expecting me. She used to play it all the time when I was little and I always sang the chorus because the verses had words that I didn’t understand. I really love this song because the lyrics and instrumental are simple and childish but very emotional.

  22. The best song ever, for me, is the piano concerto #2 in c minor 2nd mivement by Rachmaninoff. I love this particular piece because it gives me the memory of being with my old piano teacher. This piece was played by my old piano teacher and I fell in love with it as well as the other movements. My piano teacher played the end on the piano at my home a long while ago and I still listen to it today and forever will. Everything about the piece is perfect, in my opinion.

  23. As many people have written already, I don’t really think there is a ‘Best Song Ever’ because it’s all based on opinion, not to mention the millions of songs and genres of music there are in the world to choose from. I have such a huge range of music that I listen to depending on my mood, but the one song I wouldn’t mind listening to all day long has to be Lego House by Ed Sheeran. I’ve been singing and listening this song since seventh grade, and I never get tired of how beautiful Ed’s voice is. The lyrics spoke to me back then when I was going through a lot, and they still speak to me today. He sings about picking someone up when they’re down, even if he’s not there. And a line from the song, “And it’s so hard to say it, but I’ve been there before. Now I’ll surrender up my heart and swap it for yours” is one I fell in love with. The song is so “chill” and full of feeling, I love the drums in the background along with the guitar, it just suits the song very well. I can’t begin to explain how much I respect Ed as an artist and love his music with all my heart.

  24. For me, the best song ever would have to be “Dream Catcher” by Set It Off. Set It Off is not a very well-known band, but their music is beyond amazing and it really speaks to you on a personal level. The song is somewhat of a punk-pop song, and I love it because it motivates me to never give up and to always strive to make yourself and others happy. I actually saw this band in concert and when they performed this song, it nearly brought me to tears, and I’m usually not one to cry. This song and just the band in general just spoke to me, and it’s such a shame that they’re not a well-known band. Still, I will always love and support them, and I will never give up because of their amazing music.

  25. Okay, my favorite song is Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low. I can honestly talk about how much I love this band so much. They are a punk-rock kind of band and I love them to death. The main reason I love this song so much is because it gives me so much hope and joy every time I listen to it. The instruments, the lyrics, the vocals, just EVERYTHING about the song is amazing to me. I love so many of their songs but this one stands out the most for me. It wasn’t the first song I ever heard by them but it is my favorite and what made me get so into them. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. For now.

  26. The best song ever for me is very hard. Right now it would have to be New Soul by Yael Naim. The genre is Noefolk. I really love this song because it has a happy beat to it but very deep meanings behind it. It is very catchy. It is also more of a softly sang song.

  27. The best song ever is Ask the Lonely by Journey. This was one of the best times in music history. I can always get excited when it comes on and jam. The rock that was produced at this time is some of the best in all music in my opinion!

  28. The best song in my opinion is “Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean. This song has been one of my all time favorite songs by Frank ever since Channel Orange came out. The song is something you can listen to no matter what you’re feeling because it has sort of a slow romantic vibe and also some parts where the beat really gets you going The lyrics are really beautiful in ways that only Frank can pull off because he is just so talented. Many people think that this song is the most known song and im a “fake fan” if this is my favorite but though i love all of his music this one just captivates me the most. Ever since his new album, Blonde, came out i have fallen in love with many more of his songs but this one will always have to be one i will always find myself coming back to.

  29. I wish there was such a thing as the best song ever. Then there would be no need for other music to exist and everyone could listen to the same, one song, everyday only on repeat. Sadly we don’t live in such a society and variety both blesses and poisons the world. This being said, there are many great song but varying personal bests just depends on which sonically and tonally appeal to that person. However the “best” or favorite song of a particular person rarely to never stays in that position for a large extended period. This has been my rant on the conceptual idea of a best song. -I also just realized this never posted -_-

  30. This question….ugh. Are you trying to drive me insane? Just one?! Well, instead of copping out like most of the dudes on here and saying there is no “best” song, I’ll just say Nina Simone’s “I Love You, Porgy.” This song is so timeless, and while it’s not my favorite song at the moment, it is one of the best of all time. My favorite right now is probably “Too Good to Last” by Kandace Springs, and I need to get a track for it because I want to sing it! Anyway, back to Porgy. Nina’s Porgy is so timeless because you can hear the love and desire in her voice conflicting with the fear and sadness. The song itself to me is one of the best love songs in the face of all odds. Just a great song. Also, it may be a little sacrilegious to say but I also really like the Christina Aguilera cover she did at the grammy’s a little while back. She is underrated when it comes to jazz.

  31. In my opinion the best song ever would have to be “Sandcastles” by Beyoncé ok her new album lemonade. When I first heard the song it makes me cry. Literally. The song is so beautiful and full of emotion it’s amazing. The words and the music just for perfectly together. The words are full of hurt, love, passion, just every beautiful emotion you could think of. Even though this song isn’t her most popular I feel that it is one of her best. One of the best songs I heard. It just brings out so many emotions that you wouldn’t show just to anyone.

  32. oh boy. there is no best song ever for me her is only my favorites. IMO there shouldnt be a “best song ever”.anyways my top 3 would be
    1) Dont Push-Sublime (this song is crazy good plus its fun to sing ;)))
    2) Freaking Out The Neighborhood- Mac Demarco (i freaking love his song for many reasons)
    3) Answer- Tyler The Creator (Yeah Yeah its a rap song well who cares its music and its good so shut up)
    -Thank You

  33. I will never ever choose one “best song ever” unless I absolutely must make a choice for the sake of my life or my grade. Being that 13 Going On 30 is one of my favorite movies of all time and the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel is in it, then that is the song I will choose for many other reasons. The song makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I’m being reminded of my favorite childhood movie and sad because the melody brings to me a blue kind of feeling. At the same time however, I feel a comfort with the sadness because the lyrics kind of pick up the melody; they remind me of something that my mother would say. The fact that a song could move a person that much in so many different ways just comes to show that it has got to be a masterpiece. Some of my other favorite tunes are “That’s Life” (any rendition), “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root, “Have You Ever Been” by Jimi Hendrix, “Sugar Magnolia” by The Grateful Dead, “Brazil” by Decklan Mckenna, “Do It Again” by Pia Mia, “The Day the Music Died” by Don Mclean, literally anything by Bob Dylan, “Humdrum Blues” by The Growlers, “Rocket Man” by Elton John (and anything else by him), anything by Sia, and many many MANY more:)

  34. just like most the class, this was a very difficult question for me to answer. I don’t have a favorite anything, therefore its hard for me to say something is the beat. So after what seemed like hours of thinking I recalled a song by the name of “the sound of silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. It’s a peaceful song. I could listen to it anytime. This sing speaks the truth.and they have beautiful voices.

  35. This is a really hard question but if i had to pick it would probly be cry me a river by justin timberlake. this song means so much to me it has helped me through a lot of stuff. It is just a really mellow song and it always makes me feel better. It is also a song i can listen to nonstop and not get tierd of it. It just is something i love and i dont really care what anyone else thinks unless they like then we cool.

  36. One of the best songs ever to me would be Love On The Brain by Rihanna because I love the way she sings this song with so much passion. I would die if i saw her sing this song live!!! The genre of this song is Contemporary R&B. This is one of the songs that i have to listen to once i wake up, when i’m getting ready, and before i go to sleep it’s crazy. It’s really fun to sing this song although the speed of song is a little on the slow side. But I don’t know it just brings something out of me when i hear it and i just sing all out.

  37. My favorite song is “Dancing Queen” ABBA. the genre of ABBA’s music is POP. I have been devoted to ABBA since I was 7 years old. I would listen to Dancing Queen on repeat for hours. I am still in love with the song but when I play it in the house, my family don’t seem to be to fond of it. I guess i’ve played it 1 to many times.

  38. The best song ever is Who You Are by Jessie J. The lyrics are so beautiful and inspiring. I can really feel the emotion in this song. Her voice is absolutely amazing. This song gives me chills and makes me cry every time I listen to it. This will forever be my favorite song!!

  39. One can’t simply pick a favorite song of all time, but ill give you my current favorite song now. My currentvfavorite song is “Creole” by Charlie Hunter ft.Mos Det. I’ve never knew about this song until my buddy Sam Cohen helped me discovered Charlie Hunter. It falls under the jazz cateragory….Category 5 lmao, but yeah it’s just truly amazing. The licks on saxophone are to die for 😀

  40. never grow up by taylor swift

    i really love this song because she says exactly how i feel about my life, she just words a teenagers life perfectly, from when we are a baby, to when we have our own apartment in college. i also like the melody of it alot, and the the guitar and the harmony

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