The Worst Song Ever

Here we go again!!

Our second blog assignment is to tell us what the worst song your have ever heard.  To receive credit for this assignment you need to write a full paragraph (5-7 sentences) including the following information: Title, performer, genre and specifically why you don’t like it.  Talk about the elements of music in this critique.

This assignment is worth 10 points and is due Monday September 5th at 11:59 pm.  The rubric for this assignment is found here.  Remember please use only your first name and last initial and put what class you are in under your name.

You will receive 2 extra credit points for each post that you comment on.  The comment must be at least 2 sentences to receive the full credit.  The most you can receive in extra credit is 6 points.

I can’t wait to hear all about you.  I hope no one hates one of your favorite songs, but then again it will make for a good discussion.

I love you more than I love snickerdoodle iced coffee.

Mrs. R.

61 thoughts on “The Worst Song Ever

  1. “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. Enough said.

    Okay, but it’s the worst song. It has this dissonance between the “beat,” lyrics, and tune — what a generic tune, too. This kid is talking about this girl he likes wearing his sweatshirt, and he’s like, what, 12? The music video and lyrics are so cliche to the point where it’s PAINFUL. It sounds like every other s***** pop song by an Internet sensation. He has such a cheesy public precsence, and I feel bad for him, honestly.

  2. Boyfriend by Justin Beiber

    This song is sooo bad. I think it’s the worst song ever because he says the word “swag” and throughout the whole song it sounds like he’s not breathing. The melody of the song just gets annoying. The song shouldn’t be considered a song becasue of how weird the melody and lyrics are. This song makes him sound desperate and creppy. Now I’m not saying all of his music sucks, but this song in partcular just makes me cringe.

  3. I have to say one of the worst songs ever is “Ilusm” by Gnash. The lyrics are ok, but the tune and melody STAY THE SAME THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SONG. I am not joking; if you go online and listen to this song, you will hear the same sound over and over. Yes, Gnash has created some great songs, but this has got to be one of the worst. This song’s message is also confusing- first the guy is thinking about giving up on relationship with a girl and then in the end of the song, he decides he wants to stay with her. The message in a song should be clear, and I feel that the message in this song wasn’t that explained.

  4. By far the worst song of all time is “Happy Birthday”. This song is way basic, sticking to only a major scale, and doesn’t have any sort of order(verse,chorus,etc). This peice of 💩 Manages to be super short while still being ear bleeding repetitious(happy birthday to you x4). Lastly it happens to also be the most over played song for decades. -Thanks

  5. The worst song ive ever heard so far has to be “The Leanover” by Life Without Buildings. The song is just pain out the box, weird. Its a type of song where you just wonder who the f*** made it and why the f*** did someone approve of this song to be released for the public. The repetition throughout the whole song makes me insane. It also holds no order to it (as Sam stated about the song he hated). Unfortunately, words cannot explain my hatred for this song

  6. In my opinion I think the worst song ever is “What Does The Fox Say.” It’s such stupid song. Honestly I haven’t even thought about foxes until this annoying song came out let alone thinking about what it is that foxes say. What makes me mad and sad is the fact that this song has a little over 618 million views. There are some many talented people on the earth dying to just get 1,000 people to view them and then this song comes out with a man who has no talented whatsoever and gets 618 million views. Maybe I shouldn’t have said 0 talented because this person could be REALLY talented but, not in this industry. Half of this song this guy is singing the sounds that these certain animals make. WHAT EVEN IS THIS! This guy also put in soon much effort into this video! Not to mention his name is Ylvis. I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny and just take the E away from Elvis and add Y or if that’s his real name? I just pray that music gets better and not worse from this point on.

  7. The worst song I have ever heard has to be call it whatever by Bella Thorne. It’s absolutely horrid. Her voice is so nasally and pitchy and annoying and I feel like she hurt her voice just to sing that terrible song. I also don’t understand what she means by calling it whatever. WHAT ARE WE CALLING WHATEVER BELLA. The song makes no sense to me. Her and her 💩 songs make no sense to me

  8. The worst song I’ve ever heard in my opinion is don’t mind by Kent jones, I used to like it but it got over played now it’s not as good as it use to be.

  9. The worst song I have ever listened to so far would definitely have to be, Gangnam Style by PSY. PSY is a K – POP and/or “Hip Hop” artist. The lyrics translated to English make no sense and maybe it makes more sense sang in it’s original language but although most people had no idea what he was saying it became so overplayed. And like most overplayed songs, it is repetitive. Also, I am almost 100% sure, that he does not sound anything like he does on the radio, live. The rhythm is for the most part, the same all throughout the song except it’ll be sped up or slowed down. Sorry PSY.

  10. “On the floor” by IceJJfish, for sure. I mean, if you heard the song, I wouldn’t have to explain anything. I guess this is supposed to be an R&B song, but it just sounds like the horrid screeching sounds of nails on a chalkboard and a dial-up modem combined. I mean, this guy has literally done songs with famous artists because of how bad he is. And the recording quality is so bad, I could do better on a $17 Walmart microphone. After hearing this song, no amount of physical therapy or exorcism can bring my ears back from the hell that this song put me into.

  11. sweatshirt y jacob satorious
    I dont like it because his voice is very hard to listen to without pluging your ears. In the song he sings about this girl he likes wearing his sweatshirt and how old is he about 12 you say. It’s makes me just want to scratch my skin off and rip my ears off. Why cant he sing about his mom or something common kid really a girl wearing your sweatshirt REALLY REALLY REALLY. Im not trying to be man but can he just stop singing and stick to youtube and

  12. Anything by Ed Sheeran. Don’t judge..but I just think he is really annoying (like Omg). To me I feel like all his songs sound the same. They are all so come on man..give your music some happiness emotions. 😃😀😄😊 not 😕🙃😖

  13. There aren’t a lot of songs I’d say are bad but there is ONE and that is Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious. So basically he’s talking about some girl who isn’t ready to kiss him or something and he goes on to say she could wear his sweatshirt. As for the genre Idk to be honest it could be like pop. And the just the way it sounds, like the tune it sounds too familiar/generic. 0/10 would not recommend. 🙃

  14. I had a hard time with this, as I don’t necessarily think any song is the “worst” song ever, so I just decided to go with the one song that bugs me the most personally. I really hate the song “Break Free” by Ariana Grande ft. Zedd. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Ariana Grande. I like a lot of her other stuff and I think she’s a great singer. However, this song bothers me to no end. There is something about the beat when she says “the part when I say I don’t want ya” that feels so awkward and off to me, and it’s completely out of place in the chorus. The rhythm is very weird and inconsistent, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has to be very well done for it to be pulled off. Aside from that, which is my only real complaint, the song just feels very generic. The lyrics are nothing stellar, the backing track is not to my taste, and I don’t think Ariana’s voice sounds as good as it could.

    • I agree. I have nothing against Ariana Grande, but that song was just very… how do I say this… “Off-putting”, I suppose. Definitely not one of her better songs 😦

  15. The worst song I have ever heard by far is sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious, the genre is pop. I feel as though the song is very pitchy. It also sounds like to much auto tune has been added to the track. I honestly believe it could have been a good song if the track was worked on a little more by better producers and writers. All in all the song sounds rushed and the lyrics sound out of place.

  16. Taylor L., Choir Level 2

    One of the worst songs I have ever heard is probably Friday by Rebecca Black. The genre of the song I think is suppose to be pop? I hated this song because I remember people playing it all the time back in 2011 and I couldn’t stand the lyrics as well as her voice. The music video was even worst and more annoying to watch. I just would cringe whenever it came on.

  17. Madison M. Level 1, periods 5 and 7

    I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’d say that the worst song ever is “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. What can I say? It doesn’t even sound like he’s singing!!! It sounds like he spoke in a monotone voice and added tons upon tons of auto tune!!!! I suppose that it’d be considered part of the pop genre, but seeing as “pop” is short for “popular”, I don’t understand how it would fit into that category. It’s simply an awful and insanely cringey song, and I don’t get how people can find it enjoyable.

  18. I haven’t heard many songs that are the “worst” but I guess the worst song I have ever heard is Panda by Desiigner. I guess it’s supposed to be like rap but I don’t know. The lyrics are VERY repetitive and makes no sense. I can’t see why people like or enjoy the song. I just don’t even know what to say for this song. I guess I can kind of see why people like to listen to it but not really. How do some people not get super annoyed with. The first time I ever heard it I got angry with how bad it was. I refuse to listen to it ever again.

  19. The worse song I ever heard is watch me by silentó. The song is really catchy everysingle time I hear the song, it gets stuck in my head for hours. My brother won’t stop singing the song eitherevry time I hear the song, I want to jump off a bridge. I would love to never hear that song again, but I know that won’t happen. I still wonder how people can listen to that song.

  20. The worst song ever in my opinion is a song called shaky shaky shaky buy a Latin rapper daddy Yankee. The reason I don’t like the song it’s just like it’s catchy but it’s like really annoying. It’s more messing around song.I feel like if you want to dance to the song it’s like has to be like funny dancing in my opinion. My dad actually likes the song but when he sings it its like oh my sister and my mom have the same opinion.

  21. The worst song ever has to be “No” by Meghan Trainor. Honestly her music is okay but this song just kind of makes me cringe every time I listen to it. No shade to Meghan or any of her fans but I don’t know if she wrote it but whoever did really didn’t know what they were doing. The songs lyrics are just so not catchy and its kind of repetitive also. Im all for female empowerment but she’s basically saying that any guy who talks to her or compliments her doesn’t have a chance at all. Repeating the word “no” over and over doesn’t make the song any better. Most of her music doesn’t really float my boat so I wasn’t surprised when this one was 10x worse.

  22. In my opinion, the worst song ever is a tie between “Friday” by Rebecca Black and “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Sartorious. First of all, neither singer can sing at all. If you look it up on YouTube, both Rebecca and Jacob sound like a dying whale. Because of their lack of vocal talent, both songs are auto-tuned to the point where they actually sound like a robot is singing. With “Friday”… the lyrics are just outright annoying. Yes we get it, YOU’RE EXCITED ABOUT IT BEING FRIDAY!!! Now, with “Sweatshirt”, the lyrics are just really weird. Here you have a kid who is younger than me talking about kissing a girl and having a “girlfriend.” Jacob, YOU LOOK LIKE A THIRD GRADER SO WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DATING WHEN YOU’RE STILL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!?!? Please let me know if you actually like either of these songs (which I highly doubt). I’m sure we’ll have some interesting discussions about the music we like… xD

  23. The worst song i have ever heard is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift which is a Pop song. Its so immature of her to write a song to call someone out instead of dealing with the stupid problem head on. Her voice is so annoying and its definitely one of those annoying catchy songs and hearing it on the radio all the time made me want to rip my eardrums out. Also the music video was so dumb like you’re not tough, I could break your skinny, flat chested, a** any day. Go back to country cause thats the only music you know how to sing, not pop/ electronic cause you just sound dumb. I hate you.

  24. I think the worse song ever is “on the floor” by Icejjfish. He’s voice sounds like a cat letting out a final dying shriek, even with autotune! The lyrics are not interesting at all. He’s talking about wanting to have intimate relations with some girl. It’s just like almost every other song but the singing is much worse.

  25. One of the worst songs I have heard would have to be Pretty boy swag by Soulja Boy. The genre is pop/ rap. I first heard this song around the time I was in middle school. The lyrics to this song are just bad. But the main reason I don’t like it is that its all too breathy, like he was running out of breath while recording this song. The sing is too repetitive, in my opinion this is not one of Soulja Boy’s best. P.s. i don’t like most of today’s rap/ pop.

  26. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
    I don’t know i’m just not fond of her voice and the song is annoying. Plus she’s scary, apparently she’s a clone Mrs. Rolniak so that’s a no no for me.

  27. After reading most of the comments I see that most people don’t like the same songs, which I can agree with. I can’t really say there is a “worst song ever” but there are some I dislike to the point where I find them funny, such as Sweatshirt, Friday, and more. I’d have to say that the song I dislike the most has to be “Shake It Off,” by Taylor Swift. It’s annoying, repetitive, and overplayed. That pop song is one of the most overplayed songs I know, and it’s just the same types of upbeat songs coming from her. I get very tired from hearing her say “shake” or “hate” so many times in the song, and her voice is kind of annoying too. And don’t get me started on the music video!

  28. The worst song ever is probably Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious because honestly, the kid can’t sing. He’s 13-ish and sings about wanting a girl to keep him warm at night like BOI. YOU HAVE A TEDDY BEAR FOR THAT. And then there’s also that his voice is HECKA autotuned and is so nasally that it’s worst than Tracy’s from Hannah Montana. The lyrics are so repetitive and the one of the major differences is the first and second verse. That’s it…. And the song is also repetative in the chords too so it’s hella annoying to listen to.

  29. “Achy Breaky Heart” By Billy Ray Cyrus

    This song is the absolute worst song I’ve ever heard because it’s so repetitive and boring. His voice is dragging throughout the whole song. You can barely understand what he’s saying. He uses the same chord over and over. I don’t even know what he’s saying. I just hate it and I wish it was never made.

  30. Okay. So I have so many options but if I have to choose one. JUST ONE. I suppose it would be “Hitler” by Slur. Slur is a Thai pop band, which could be a boy band but they have a female bassist I think. Now, “Hitler” is a pretty edgy title. Edgyness doesn’t make a song, the worst song. In this case, however, it 100% does. The song itself in its basic construction just sounds like a pop song. I can’t understand what they’re saying because I don’t speak Thai. The music video. Oh. My. Garlic Fries. From start to finish (actually I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get through the whole thing) is so bizzare. I don’t want to spoil too much so I’ll leave a link here.

    • To Sonja K. you majestic beast:
      I have a whole new respect for your existence. This song is so ducking genius I thought it was horrible. I couldn’t fathom its astronomical excellence. It is the epitome of sexy and just unadulterated grace and beauty. I also have a new appreciation for the Thai people. They got some serious nutter butters to put this juicy statement out on the Interwebs and such. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece. I now name you the hero of the universe along with these four adorable Hitlers (standing ovation).

  31. Without being extremely generic and hating on a Jacob Sartorious song or a song that got way too popular on the internet, I’m going to say what the worst song is by one of my favorite bands, Muse. I like almost every song Muse has ever made but there is one that just really bothers me and that song is Defender off the album Drones. There is nothing particularly gripping about the song, many major parts come off almost as annoying. One of my most hated parts of the song is the lyrics “your blood is blue, and your minds turned green, and your bellies are yellow” To me this sounds like a nursery rhyme trying to be cool, and by the way why isn’t the color red included in that? Seems pretty left out. My other most hated part comes soon after, “your throne is too high to be overthrown” it may not seem so bad in text but when sang out loud or in one’s head it is clearly seen to be one of the worst rhymes ever made in lyrics. Long story short, it’s a below average song with lame lyrics.

  32. The worst song ever I would say is anything Selena Gomez sings. I really don’t like her lyrics and there’s nothing unique or special about her voice. The melodys of her songs suck and get over played way to much. Her songs are super basic and once again not unique at all and all sound the same. I will skip anything Selena Gomez on the radio because they are just so annoying. She was better off being an actor.

  33. This was hard to choose because although I hate many songs I can’t easily point out one song as the WORST SONG EVER. So I just chose one of the many songs I hate which is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. This song basically just repeats the same thing over and over again. There isn’t a bridge that adds some color to the song or makes it different. The words and the melody are super annoying. Her voice throughout the entire song is incredibly whiny and high pitched. Not to mention the music video and message are just incredibly try hard and childish. I just hate this song so much lol

  34. Okay, well I can’t really think of THE worst song ever because there’s a lot of bad songs. But an artist that really just doesn’t sit well with me is Blink-182. I know a lot of people like them, so sorry if anyone is offended when I was younger i tried giving them a listen but the vocals in every song seem to have the same whiny annoying tone, and throughout most of their discography their instrumental sound remains the same, their lyrics continue to be about wanting to do inappropriate things with girls. But most of the time, if I’m at a concert and the song starts playing before the artist you can catch me singing along. lol

  35. I REALLY frickin hate that stupid a** song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae whatever her name is. ” Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe” I mean wtf is that. How does a song like this ever become popular. The lyrics sound like a sixth grader wrote them, and the whole song is SO repetitive. The fact that she literally says the same thing over and over is what I mainly don’t like about this song. I mean change it up a little, write about a topic that actually means something or AT LEAST songs good. Even the music in the song requires no skill to make. I just don’t think Carly did a good job with this one and I curse the day she ever ‘wrote’ this song.

  36. There are many bad songs, just by reading all these comments and so far with what I read, I agree. I would like to say the worst song ever is “Cheerleader” by Omi. At one point this somg was playing way too much. I’m glad it’s not like that anymore. There’s just this cringey thing I have when he says cheerleader during the song. I don’t know what it is. The song honestly has no real message. Just like most of the songs commented. The beats sound weird too. It’s a big mess. I feel they had a certain ideas but didn’t take enough time or thinking to make it an okay song. It’s not good.

  37. To me the anything by Ariana grande is just a no no. Like okay we understand you have a good voice and can sing high but she tries to show that off in every single song and it’s tiresome and really not as good as when she first did it. It just sounds very strained and not supported at all and she never pronounces any of the words she’s saying so it’s like she’s humming a mumbling and all of a sudden screaming as if she hit her toe on the table like no just no.

  38. The worst song ever is Hotel California by The Eagles. It’s 80’s rock. This song is long and annoying. It’s super repetitive and follows me whenever I’m in the car or with other people. They turn it up and play it on purpose.

  39. Although “sweatshirt” by jacob sartorius is super annoying, would have to say its a tie between any screamo song or hit or miss by the infamous jacob sartorius. i have no clue why he decided to make another song that sucks a**. T-Pain would cry over how much autotune this “song” has, i swear to god i feel like pouring pincher bugs in my ear when i hear this song,

  40. “Calcium” by Bones

    Honestly just listen to this. When it starts you are thinking, “hmm okay this might be good because the intro (without vocals) sounds pretty flame.” But then the song actually starts with the vocals and the melody and you just feel let down. That’s what makes this song so awful. It’s merely the fact that it gives you a dream to believe in and then crushes the sh*t out of it. Also what the damn hell is that title supposed to mean?! Honestly… AND WHAT THE DAMN HELL ARE THESE LYRICS SUPPOSED TO BE?!? It’s like they are trying to be so many things at once. Like He says he needs this girl and speaks like he isn’t enough for her and then the last line of the song he refers to her as “bi*ch”. I just wanna know what the intent behind this song was. I really– I just can’t hahaha.

  41. The worst song ever is Cheerleader by omi because the song itself is just so absolutely crusty. He talk about women as if they are meant to root for him and grant him every wish like they are “genies in a bottle”. The autotune used on his voice makes me cringe to the max. The lyrics don’t even make sense and they make the women look really bad. So thats why the song is the worst.

  42. the worst song i have ever herd is focus by ariana grande. it is so bad the first time i herd it i was like omg this is garbage.the beat just doesnt fit with the song. the lerics are pretty much nonexistant and bad.this song is just stright up bad and thet is that.

  43. The worst song I have ever heard was Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious. I hate everything about this song! The music is horrible! The lyrics are so cheesy….HE IS LITERALLY LIKE 12! His voice is awful even with auto-tune. This is song is cringe-worthy!

  44. The worst song to me has to be “Sweatshirt” by Jacob Satoruious. It is pure cancerous. I honestly really don’t understand why he would do that to himself;make a cheesy and horrible video about a swrstshirt. It simply just sucks. I cri every time.

  45. i think the worst song ive ever heard would be bad blood by taylor swift. i think its completely pointless and the melody is really like catchy annoying and no one really knows exactly who shes talking about. and also because i think its a really ugly change from who she used to be before and it just doesnt look good

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