Assignment #1 Pentatonix Interview

Please listen to the following interview and write a reaction paragraph.  Your paragraph should be 5 to 7 sentences.  The assignment is worth 10 points and is due on Wednesday October 7th at 11:59 pm.  If you comment on someone else’s comment you will get 5 extra credit points.

Pentatonix Interview

Love you more than my iced coffee.

Mrs. R.

23 thoughts on “Assignment #1 Pentatonix Interview

  1. I didn’t expect that from pentatanixs. Would love to hear there original stuff and covers as well.

    -Matthew Mancia

  2. I really love the whole idea of Pentatanixs. Unlike most pop singers in the world today, this group has a more well managed tune. Pentatanixs started out as different kids who were very well taught in choral singing. This acapella singing group, has a very unique sound in their independent vocals. The most part about Pentatanixs that I really found inspiring was the fact that they never gave up on their dreams. Pentatanixs stood together as a team and achieved what they’ve always loved to do, and that’s what also makes their goals shine.

  3. That was unexpecteing. I didn’t think they, were ever in Chior. I just assumed they took lessons. I will always love singing in chior. I see now, how much that part of choir in their life’s impacted the career they have.

  4. the interview was good but the setup was cheesy.. and i was surprised that all of them have had vocal lessons

    -jacob wilder

  5. That was amazing!! I didn’t know they were ever in a choir. I had assumed that they took lessons. This gives me one more reason to love chior. I see now how much all of them being in chior affected their careers in a tremendous way.

  6. I thought that the song wasn’t that high; it was low. I love how they do their melodies, and how they work together in a group. I love to sing and that is why I’m in choir. I admit that their song isn’t one of my favorites and their wasn’t a steady beat. The song made me want to think about walking on the sidewalk at school and look in the mirror.

  7. I thought it was a coincidence that their opening song was alleluia, the song we are singing. Also their harmonization was great during their song run to you. They sung the song with such peace and gentleness. It was also very interesting to hear the singing group they were listening to when they were our age. I was impressed by pentonixs voices but , I’m even more impressed with there kind and welcoming attitudes.

  8. The way the interview was setup could have been better but overall I thought the interview was interesting. I would have never guessed that Pentatonix was a part of a choir. I thought that they all knew each other and took voice lessons separately in order to be able to sing together the way they do. I enjoyed listening to them have such strong voices that were full of energy. All of their voices were in sync. I also really liked their transitions, they seemed to know exactly when to start and pause and when to start again. Whenever they did pause every time they started again they had the exact same amount of energy as before.

  9. I really thought it was cool that they all started out in regular choirs and have become who they are now. It gives me a lot of hope that not just me, but everyone has a chance at pursuing their dreams and making a career out of it like Penatonix. They are definitely an inspiring group of people. From being “choir nerds” to being well known singers and loved by so many is so amazing. It’s funny because all of us are ” choir nerds” so to spea. You never know who will sell out Madison Square Garden!! ((:

  10. I think this interview can be inspiring for striving artists. Pentatonix are such a powerful group, and with their vocals they have been so successful in their careers. They deserve all the credit for their hard work. This interview made me EVEN MORE excited to go to choir class now. I feel like I’m not that surprised to know that they took choir class, since their voices are so amazing and they know how to work together so well. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for what they have next!

  11. Pentatonix are a unique group who alway manage to make their songs sound very original. This song was more calm then, most of the other songs they tend to sing. This interview made me appreciate choir even more, and learn that choir is something you’ll take with you and cherish. I didn’t realize they had too, been in a choir.

  12. i really enjoyed listening to this interview. although the beginning was very cheesy. i was surprised to find out they were all in choirs and studied vocal technique since most artists dont. pentatonix sing very very good and the song that they sang at the end blew me away.

  13. I really enjoyed this interview.I thought it was very interesting . I mean, it was very nice to hear what Penatonix had to say about the questions they were asked.Although i thought this interview had a corny start the finish was gramazing. (gramazing: a mixture between great and amazing which means pretty fricken cool .) So my say on this is this was cool, i liked it alot.

  14. I never expected them o be in choir and it’d be super cool to hear them do an original and of course more covers

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