Photo Friday

Clever huh??

Well, the birthday “party” was a success.  They loved the matching plates and the cold soda, so I think this is a win for me the B-Mama (bonus mama).

So…I decided that on Fridays I would share some photos.


My brother Greg’s wife Michelle is an amazing photographer.  She used to do it professionally until she realized that photographers needed to work a lot of weekends and holidays.  Go figure.  Now we get to have the exclusive rights to her expertise.  (She now works with special needs preschoolers, a whole other jewel in the crown sort of job)  Two weeks ago my mom, me, my brothers, my sisters and all of our kids rented condos on Lake Hamilton in Arkansas for a week.  My kids are the oldest and we now have a new baby Mason to love on.  Of course, all the kiddos in between were properly spoiled too.  We boated, jet skied, swam in the pool, ate, and other fun stuff, but most of all we just enjoyed being together.

I miss them.

So here are some pictures Michelle took on our last day at the lake.  Some things must be noted:

  • She forgot her tripod thingy that hooks the camera to the tripod so she magically figured out a way to make it work with a timer!!
  • I refused to wear makeup for the entire trip so I look au naturale and the diva in me is having a hard time posting these.
  • I have had trouble getting pictures to post to this blog so cross your fingers.
  • These are my most favorite people in the whole wide world.
  • I miss my dad.
  • I miss them all.

OK here they are:ry=480-2The whole gang.


My brother Greg, sister Kate, Mom, me, and my brother Ryan.


Me and my gang


Ryan’s family


Greg’s family


Kate’s family.

I looked forward to this trip all  year long and it didn’t disappoint.  I am so very blessed to have such an amazing family and hope to do it again soon.

More Later


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